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SBC's Top Fifty BEST EPISODES EVER... this year (2021)


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List submission is now CLOSED. This means you can no longer submit a list nor edit your list. Thank you to everyone who submitted a list - we DID crack 30 so I will NOT settle for 29! Great participation! Thanks to:

Now, as you can imagine, tallying 30 top 25 lists takes time. So please give me some time and I promise I'll have the first entry ready by America Day. Sound good? Great! Sit tight as our new Top 50 list awaits!

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Worm is just an amazing ride from front to back, and I’m glad to see it placed. It made my list mainly for being funny—the visual gags especially—but I also really dig Sandy and SpongeBob’s tense banter that somehow becomes a lot more relaxed once the worm is actually chasing them. 

I never thought Club SpongeBob could ever fall into the dreaded “Squid abuse” category since everything that goes wrong for Squidward in this episode is because of his own arrogance or incompetence. And that’s how it’s supposed to be—it’s funny as hell and managed to create one of the series’ most famous one-time characters.

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Neither made my list but both are solid.


SB, Sandy and the Worm was a fun ep that captured what I love about SpongeBob and Sandy's relationship. SpongeBob wanting to stop Sandy from a dangerous threat and Sandy wanting revenge on the worm were both good characterizations. Not my fav but still good.

My only issue with Club SpongeBob is that SpongeBob and Patrick are okay with starvation of Squidward but they are not intentionally being evil, so i can let it slide. It has a lot of funny moments and tons of entertainment. So I get why it's there.

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Sandy, Spongebob, And the Worm is a very funny episode but not top 50 worthy imo. but who knows, we'll see when I rewatch the show lmao

Club Spongebob definitely deserves top 50 though, really funny episode and the magic conch shell and everything that happens to Squidward is hilarious

idk if I'll post every time an episode is added to the list since I'm realizing while posting this that I won't have much to say except "its funny" lol

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48. "I'll bet if he had just one friend, he wouldn't be such a meanie."

F.U.N. Episode Screencap 1x21 - SpongeBob SquarePants Screenshot (8410)

F.U.N. - 66 points

6 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #9 - @Steel Sponge

2019 Ranking: N/A (+5 from HMs)

Season 1, written by Sherm Cohen, Aaron Springer, and Peter Burns

Plot: SpongeBob decides to try to befriend Plankton after he gets humiliated once again.

This episode is like the perfect blueprint for how to write a basic SpongeBob/Plankton episode, taking into account their conflicting personalities. The episode reaches its full comedic potential through the contrast. The first few moments where SpongeBob attempts to become Plankton's friend are hilarious with the communication issues. The F.U.N. song, as well as Plankton's reworking of it, are classic moments of SpongeBob that should alone guarantee it a spot on this list. Everyone who grew up with SpongeBob can sing along to both parts of the song with ease. It's interesting that this early into SpongeBob's run, they were already looking at how to play with character dynamics and try new things. SpongeBob becoming Plankton's friend feels like an episode that shouldn't have happened until at least the latter half of the season. But it did, and they pulled it off spectacularly, right up until the bait-and-switches at the end. It's also refreshing to see a Mr. Krabs in Season 1 that genuinely cares for his employee and isn't quite so money-obsessed. The three of them together make an excellent episode.




47. "SpongeBob? In art class? Wait! This is cooking! Come back!"

SpongeBob Season 2 Episode 18b Artist Unknown – Bubbles of Thoughts

Artist Unknown - 67 points

7 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #7 - @sbl

2019 Ranking: N/A (New!)

Season 2, written by Walt Dohrn, Paul Tibbitt, and Mark O'Hare

Plot: SpongeBob joins an art class and Squidward is the teacher.

Season 2 is so very good and does so many things right that sometimes the straight-up funny episodes get lost in the shuffle. That sometimes happens with Artist Unknown, which didn't even make the list last year and only barely squeaks in this year. And that's a shame, because this is an episode that does so much with its premise. By now, you would know the characters enough to accept that SpongeBob and Squidward together are a dynamite team. You would also know that Squidward's love of art and questionable talent at such are well-established parts of his character. With all the legwork out of the way, you have the foundation to create some very funny moments. And from the initial art lesson to SpongeBob's "reworking" of his masterpieces, it really delivers. Artist Unknown is an episode that really speaks to the strengths of the characters, particularly how Squidward's envy and pride get him in trouble. A truly bold and brash episode.



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FUN is a great follow-up to Plankton’s first episode in how it developed his role of just “villain guy” and allowed him to get bigger and badder. Glad to see it placed.

Artist Unknown is one of the show’s funniest episodes. Feels like something from Season 3 in just how blindingly cynical it manages to be. 

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F.U.N. isn't on my list but it's an episode that develops Plankton very well. It shows that Plankton can be good if he wants to but he chose to be evil. I think it's a good message that some people just want to be bad. Really good pick.

Artist Unknown isn't one of my favorites either but it's a pretty funny episode that explores SpongeBob and Squidward's dnyamic purely. Their back and forth interactions were so much fun.

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I Had an Accident isn't on my list but it is one of my favorites for sure. Every gag works, the plot is so bonkers and its randomness is priceless.

One Krabs Trash is plenty of fun. I loved how Mr. Krabs tried his ebst to get the hat only for him to realize it was worthless. The jokes land and the climax sequence is so much fun. Totally deserves to be on the list.

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44. "Six hundred. You need six hundred to pass. You got six."

Spongebob Clip No Free Rides - YouTube

No Free Rides - 70 points

5 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #2 - @Wumbo

2019 Ranking: #34 (-10)

Season 2, written by Aaron Springer, C.H. Greenblatt, and Doug Lawrence

Plot: Mrs. Puff passes SpongeBob so she doesn't have to deal with him anymore.

This is the most fun episode of SpongeBob to watch. It has it all; action, comedy, carjacking. I think what makes this episode work so well for me is the fact that Mrs. Puff is secretly my favourite character. The turmoil she goes through is amazingly dark, and you could argue her life, not Squidward's or Plankton's, is the one most negatively affected by SpongeBob. Why else would she want to pass him fraudulently? Now, the key to these episodes is that SpongeBob is a naïve participant in Mrs. Puff episodes. Particularly when driving, he's like a tropical storm - unaware of what he's doing, but nonetheless causing destruction wherever he goes. SpongeBob may never learn to drive properly. But as long as he's willing to learn, he will continue to torment his teacher until the end of time. Obviously the best part of this episode is the chase sequence (though a close second is the uncannily sensual scene previously where SpongeBob goes to check on Boaty). The "EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION" line is a classic, and might be one of the funniest lines in the show for me. This episode never gets stale upon rewatch; I always find something new to appreciate and it's because Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob make such a good pair. Not a typical choice for #2, as evidenced by its low placement on this list, but it's an underrated classic in my view and another example of why Season 2 is the best.




43. "You're right. If I was a mom, this would be kinda shocking. Just call me Daddy!"

trevør on Twitter: "Current stress level: when SpongeBob became a mother  and raised a baby oyster… "

Rock-a-Bye Bivalve - 72 points

6 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #8 - @ForgottenOne

2019 Ranking: #43 (=)

Season 3, written by Jay Lender, Sam Henderson, and Mark O'Hare

Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick take care of a baby scallop.

I've talked about character duos a lot in these write-ups thus far. It's something that's very important to me as we rank episodes, which you'll see when more of my picks inevitably end up on this list. Many character duos, obviously, involve the titular character, SpongeBob. This episode pairs him with Patrick. Now, obviously, these two work well together, being best friends and all. But when another character gets thrown into the mix, like Squidward or Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, you don't really see their character dynamic shine as much as they kind of become two halves of a whole idiot. Put them together alone, or with an incidental character like the scallop, and you get to really see what makes each of them tick and how they can get on each other's nerves, which is a lot more interesting. Like I said before, it's also a great way to highlight the differences in their personalities. SpongeBob, as we've said, is a bit dumb and naïve, but he's a hard worker and genuinely cares about people. Patrick has many more vices as as a character. He's lazy, ignorant, and even belligerent at times. This gives way to the dreaded "Patrick's a Prick" episode distinctions, and while I do think sometimes the characterization goes too far, it's kinda just who Patrick is at some points. Anyway, exploiting these character differences makes for a great episode, particularly one in which SpongeBob and Patrick (well, mostly SpongeBob) have to deal with being new parents. It's kind of hilarious to think about the backlash this episode got for promoting gay relationships or whatever. First off, so what if it was, and second, this is just a step above Ernie and Bert being gay in terms of actual viability. Take away the manufactured controversy, and you get a great episode with lots of good character moments and classic jokes. The previous seasons building to this is kind of like watching a baby grow, or a scallop fly.



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No Free Rides is one of the most entertaining episodes of the show, even if it is not on my list. And it is the best Mrs. Puff centric ep yet. I just enjoy Mrs. Puff doing her best to keep SpongeBob out of the boat and she fails. I love the chase sequence. It is very exciting and it is filled with a lot of great jokes. I love it.

Rock a Bye Bivalve isn't one of my favorites but it explores difficulty in family dynamics well. Ofc SB and Pat are stereotypical parents here but that's the joke. The fact that SpongeBob is a hardworking mom, whereas Patrick is a lazy dad is a great way to make jokes. I love the scallop here. He is so adorable and fun to watch.

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42. "Ah, notice the scavenger crab eating garbage, unaware he is being stalked by his natural predator, the puffer fish."

SpongeBob SquarePants Season 10 Episode 11 – Feral Friends / Don't Wake  Patrick | Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, English dub anime

Feral Friends - 75 points

5 of 30 lists. 1 #1 vote - @4EverGreen

2019 Ranking: #38 (-4)

Season 10, written by Mr. Lawrence

Plot: A strange moon turns all of Bikini Bottom into wild animals.

When your series gets to Season 10, no matter what it is or who it's for, you have to do things to shake it up. I admire the gumption of this episode to really play with our conceptions of the characters we know and love, by turning them all into more feral, animalistic versions of themselves. Look at that Squidward in the image. Just look at it. It's grotesque. But it's also kind of the point. You could call this episode many things, but things you couldn't call it are "boring" or "unambitious". Another boon to this episode is that after 10 seasons, it has the French narrator in his biggest role, which is another something that separates this episode from the pack. It's amazing how, regardless of perceived drops in quality, SpongeBob still has the ability to massively shake it up now and again, and in cases of episodes like these, it pays off.




41. "How could I possibly be angry when my taste buds are swimming in Christmas cheer?"

SpongeBob, Peanuts stop by Christmas Eve\

It's a SpongeBob Christmas! - 83 points

4 of 30 lists. 1 #1 vote - @Aquatic Konquest

2019 Ranking: #49 (+8)

Season 8, written by Luke Brookshier, Mark Ceccarelli, Derek Iversen, and Doug Lawrence

Plot: Plankton turns everyone into jerks before Christmas so he can comparatively get on Santa's nice list.

After eight seasons, regardless of whether you've had a Christmas episode or not, it's about time for a new one. While I vastly prefer the first Christmas episode, this one is certainly not without its charms. The stop-motion animation is a bold choice that really pays off and makes the episode stand out, as well as calling to mind those classic Rankin-Bass Christmas specials of of yore. The plot is pretty simplistic, but it's a kid's show, and it's a Christmas episode, so it works well enough. SpongeBob not being affected by the Jerktonium is certainly in line with his character and does good to bring about Christmas cheer (plus, if he was affected then you wouldn't have a resolution to the episode). All in all, a worthy successor to the first Christmas episode that does enough new things to keep it around in people's minds.



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FUN was really close to my list so I'm glad to see it still managed to make it. I really like the plot and how Spongebob and Plankton are in this ep, and the song is also very good

Glad to see Artist Unknown finally made the list, its a really funny episode that got a weird amount of hate years ago, which I assume is why its only now making it on.

I Had an Accident was pretty high on my list, it's a really funny and underrated episode. The ending is so random and so funny.

One Krab's Trash was also on my list, its underrated and I've never really understood why its so overlooked. It's really funny and a lot of those scenes are even very well known and quoted a lot.

Surprised to see Feral Friends still made it on, its one of the most unique episodes in a great way, the premise is awesome.

It's a Spongebob Christmas was very high on my list. The christmas atmosphere and stop motion animation are really good, its one of the most charming episodes. And the song at the end is really good. I had the other stop motion animation episode (bookini bottom) on my list too for similar reasons, but that probably won't make it unfortunately.

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Feral Friends is one of the best episodes of post-sequel era, whereas It's a SpongeBob Christmas is one of the best of post-movie era.

Feral Friends is just so unique to look at. It asks the question of what if our characters were legit acting like animals they were based on. It's a great premise that lives up to the expectations. Sandy here is the highlight. It shows how she struggles to keep her friends out of danger and her trying her best about it. The episode made her shine. And I love that this episode is pure entertaining to sit through. If this was in post-movie, the execution wouldn't be nearly as good but thankfully the episode is in the new era of SpongeBob and I love it.

It's a SpongeBob Christmas has a lot of heart and creativity put in it. It is a fun, cute and sweet stop-motion special that highlights how much of a good natured fella SpongeBob is. Sure there are a few flaws here but I don't mind them. The episode is that good.

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