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SBC's Top Fifty BEST EPISODES EVER... this year (2021)

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Hello my friends and foes. After a weird hiatus from a weird year, Uncle Wumbo is here to go on this ride once again. What SpongeBob episodes shall we not only deem the best of the series, but also endlessly fight over in the comments section? Will Cheap Walk Cycles finally reach that elusive victory? I can't wait.

Submit a Top 25 list of your best episodes, IN ORDER, preferably from 25 to 1 for consistency's sake. PM me either here or Discord. Feel free to edit your list after you send it, at any point before the deadline, which I am tentatively making June 29. That gives you pizza toppings a month to cobble 25 episodes together, that oughta be enough.

One quick rundown of how the scores will be tallied:

Episodes will be awarded points on an inverse scale. An episode ranked at 25 on someone's list will get 1 point, an episode at 24 will get two points, and so on until a #1 episode gets 25 points. Order matters!

After all lists are tallied, any tiebreakers will go through a 3-tier system:

First tier: The episode on more lists wins. If still tied...

Second tier: The episode with the highest individual ranking on a list wins. If still tied...

Third tier: I pick my favourite, because what are you gonna do about it

Get those lists in! Remember, it's about getting as many lists as possible to represent the best consensus possible. Lemme know if you have any questions. Happy listin'!

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