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  1. The show has proven time and time again they do have the juice to make a good special, maybe perhaps people didn't vibe with this episode and that's perfectly fine? Did you even read Carotte's review? I don't see why bash people for hating it, we all have different opinions and I think the attitude towards people hating this special shouldn't be an aggressive response like "OH LET'S SEE HOW YOU WRITE A SPECIAL, SEE HOW HARD IT IS". Truth or Square will always be a divisive ep of the show. Steel and Winter said their opinions on the episode just fine despite loving them, why not you do the same instead of going after people who dislike it? And I'm pretty sure it's gonna make it to the best list, so you have nothing else to lose. That's all
  2. Gonna review one episode of the week. Everyone should watch Face/Off-Model episode. It's such a creative ep with lots of great jokes. It's a hilarious way to mock off-model character designs in animation. I fucking died at Steven Universe off-model joke. I loved jokes about all the faces of Patrick in each timeline. Easter Bunny side plot was godly with tying into the ep's plot. It was funny to see the audience hate off-model Patrick and disregard him except Slappy. And I couldn't have seen the twist at the end coming with our Patrick and off-model Patrick actually switching places in time (it was even hinted with infinite number sign joke they did a few mins ago). This episode was really strong and shows how much creativity The Patrick Star Show has, especially in terms of meta commentary. Hats off to creators. They have done an outstanding job. Grade: A
  3. Plankton doing that to Krabs would have been hilarious cuz Plankton's the villain after all
  4. Summer Job is Boating Buddiies without the hilaribad aspects
  5. I kinda took it from you on discord cuz you were right
  6. BoJack Horseman (IT ENTERS ITS 10TH YEAR)
  7. i have been living with my mother and my brother for a while
  8. I cant believe Im excited for this movie. It's a musical and Lady Gaga is Harley Quinn, how can I say no
  9. we all have our favorite seasons, what's your favorite one? Vote If you want to as well as comment below.
  10. sliding one last time
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