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  • Bigoted language against a person or group of people (including sexism, ageism, racism, rape jokes, and discrimination of a person’s sexuality or gender identity) is not permitted. Immediate week suspension.
  • Spam is prohibited on the forums, except for in The Industrial Park, which requires 25 posts to access. Example of spam include: random strings of letters or numbers, irrelevant advertisements, and random images not pertaining to the discussion.
  • Doxing, or posting any personal information of an individual without permission, is not permitted. Examples of this are: social media account(s), physical address, and phone number. Immediate ban. Be smart: always ask for permission before you post other people’s information!
  • Only five images maximum in your signature. The rest must be in spoiler tags. If you are a Retired Employee, you can have as many as you want, but try not to go overboard with it.
  • Try not to multi-post. If you multi-post and it is accidental, please report it and bring it to a moderator’s attention. The only times it's allowed without issue are in a personal thread (such as a Sharing Time or music thread) or a fan-fiction of yours.
  • Bumping a thread, or necroposting, is allowed, but keep it within reason. For example, don’t bump a thread announcing the premiere date of a new SpongeBob episode when it premiered ages ago.
  • Bashing of opinions, fanfiction, user, or ship is not allowed.
  • More than one account (whether or not you’re ban-dodging) is an immediate ban. The only exception for a duplicate account is if you are locked out of your old one; in that case, please contact a staff member.
  • When using Private Messaging, all rules still apply. Do not abuse people through PMs or send them inappropriate material. If someone is harassing you via PM, report it.


  • Do not spam unless you are in #dapit.
  • Try to keep all 18+ content in #dapit, our NSFW channel. You’re free to say anything non-discriminatory as you want, but careful of how inappropriately you talk, especially around minors. If one says you’re making them uncomfortable in how you’re talking, put a stop to what you’re doing and reflect on yourself. Staff should also take control of the situation if needed. 
  • Please only keep one account on Discord. Much like the forums, if you lose access to your regular account, let staff know. Joke accounts are only permitted as long as staff is aware of who is controlling it in advance.
  • We encourage you to use bot commands in their respective channels (#robot-pirate-island) and/or (#music-bot). Outside of these channels, commands are allowed, as long as you are not spamming and filling them up during other conversations.
  • Above all, be a good person. If you harass on Discord, we don't want to get the banhammer. Be kind to one another.


  • Unless you are given prior permission or are doing a parody, posting copyrighted material as a fanfic qualifies as plagiarism and earns you a warning; the copyrighted material will be removed. If you are given permission, please post a link to the original story and the name of the author. If you cannot get in touch with the author, just do the same thing to credit them.
  • Please review a user’s creation respectfully. Don’t be harsh when reviewing, give constructive criticism.
  • Spin-offs should be SpongeBob themed. If you are not into SpongeBob ideas, you can do a Literature, which is what we call a non-SpongeBob related fanfiction. 
  • If your spin-off or literature contains inappropriate material, please use the PG-13 or Mature prefixes. You can add them when making a new topic or editing posts in those forums.
  • Joke spin-off and literatures (works that aren’t exactly seriously written) or trollfics are allowed, but only if it at least tells a form of story and is comprehensible. Any work that is incomprehensible, or flat out spammish writing, will be deleted.


  • Do not throw a tantrum if you don’t win a game in any event; you’re not always going to win.
  • Any user can be disqualified or booted from a game if they disrupt the event or cheat in it.
  • Users do not have to join a team if they do not want to, but do not get upset if you are put on a team you don’t want to be on.
  • A user cannot create a team; they are made only by SBC’s staff.
  • All other rules still apply with our teams events; failure to comply may get you kicked off a team or you will get a warning.
  • Staff have the right to remove users from a team if they are not active or contributing to the team in any meaningful way.
  • All basic rules still apply on SBC Music (aka turntable). Staff will be there to monitor behavior.
  • It is fine to have an opinion, but do not bash another member for their music taste.
  • No requests can be made that are longer than 15 minutes in length. Doing so will result in the video being skipped automatically by staff.
  • The sole purpose of SBC Music is for music. Unless an official event is occurring at turntable that allows for other types of videos to be requested, any non-music request by anyone is subject to the discretion of SBC staff. This includes “joke” videos. An exception will be made if you obtain prior permission from a staff member. For example, if JCM is on SBC Music and you ask to play a video and he says you can, then this rule does not apply for the mentioned video.
  • Porn is to not be played on SBC Music. Slight nudity is allowed if it’s tasteful and does not expose rated “R” content (e.g. “Bicycle Race”by Queen).
  • Just like SBC Music, all basic rules still apply in the Pictionary chat (sketchful.io) and Among Us chat.


If a user feels they have been wrongly accused or punished, they may report this to an administrator, at which time a jury of users unrelated to the incident can decide the user’s punishment.

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