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    That's right, Jjs is reopening his theater. For those unaware, I ran a semi-popular riffing series on this site from 2013 to 2018. In celebration of the original SBC Theater's 10th anniversary next month, I'm bringing it back for a special 12 part epilogue/spin-off miniseries where we riff some of the most notorious Nostalgia Critic reviews. We're going to riff him so you don't have to. We've already begun production and the first episode will be coming soon. I am so excited to be back together with the gang again (along with one new face to the riffing scene), and we hope the people enjoy it.
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    one of the worst tragedies in history
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    *blows off cobwebs and chokes to fucking death on them*
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    A new (tv.com style) Lit series from yours truly. Chris reunites 18 contestants old and new that have either performed poorly or have been dormant from the spotlight for a while,for a chance to win one million dollars in a series of challenges that requires for them to live the life of pirates, sailing across the sea to explore several different islands on a quest to retrieve certain artifacts for the host. Planned premiere date: February 21st, 2021
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    Here's our first event of 2021! (Credit to @Aquatic Konquest for the logo and to @WhoBob for coining the event's name) As the name suggests, this will be a cute event focusing on SpongeBob pets and animals in general. This will also act as an appropriate tie-in to American release of Sponge on the Run. The event will begin February 12th and conclude on February 27th. This will be a nice, wholesome relaxed lil' breather event for you all to dig your paws into. Here's a schedule of what activities to expect... Stop What You Are Doing: The 34th SWYAD will occur during this event, with the theme of animals. You can choose to be whatever kind of animal or animal character you want. You can reserve names in this thread or on Discord. The Great Pet Race: Enter your pets into this fast paced roleplaying game! May the best pet win! Arcade Tournaments: Thanks to JCM's work, we have found a way to keep our game page's functionality even after flash's death! There will be a game tournament every Friday night during the event at 7pm EST. SBC Music Parties: Every Friday night after the Arcade Tournaments, we will be holding a music party right on OWM's cytube! Come and relax with your pets. SpongeBob Pictionary: Every Saturday night during the event, Pictionary will have a game. One of them will be SpongeBob pets themed and another will be about drawing every animal in the world! Who will be up to the challenges? Animovie Screenings: Every Saturday night during the event, after Pictionary, OWM will host screenings on Discord. The schedule goes: February 13th: Madagascar, February 20th: Secret Life of Pets, and February 27th: a block of SpongeBob pet themed episodes. Animal Photoshopping Contest: Use your creative talents to doctor up funny and charming animal photos in this contest! Animal Trivia Quiz: Test your knowledge of animals in an insightful quiz! Cards Against Humanity: Play in a CAH game every Sunday during the event, with a brand new SBC pack! Minigames: There will be a few minigames for you to rack up doubloons, delicious animal snacks and toys from! There will also be two brand new skins to accompany the event, and 8 brand new iFish items (designed by sbl and Cha) for you to purchase. February is a time of love, and for this year's, we're letting you share that love for animals all over. Hopefully the animals you bring to play will be true pets and not pests. And I'm sure we've attracted a lot of furries' attention. SWYAD Reservations: Sbl —> Rocky WhoBob —> Lucky SpongeKid —> That Excited Snellie Dman —> Flower Shop Counter Doggie SOF —> Webby 4Ever —> Hong Kong Phooey OMJ —> Crash Bandicoot Jjs —> Puffy Fluffy Cha --> Hedgehog Katniss --> Marshal
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    98. Memeagascar Film: Madagascar At the Central Park Zoo, Omair the zebra celebrates his tenth birthday but has grown bored with his daily routine and longs to experience the wild. Omair's best friend is Rusty the lion, who enjoys showing off for the public and his celebrity status as "the king of New York". Rusty attempts to cheer Omair up, but Omair, still unsatisfied, learns that the zoo's penguins, jjs, Clappy, Trophy, and Storm, are trying to make a masterfully planned escape, and follows them out. Rusty, Dman the graph-ahem, giraffe, and Katie the hippopotamus pursue Omair and attempt to convince him to return. The four, along with the penguins and two chimpanzees named OWM and JCM in a cameo, converge at Grand Central Station, where the authorities sedate them using tranquilizer guns. Under pressure from anti-captivity activists, the zoo is forced to ship the escaped animals by sea to a Kenyan wildlife preserve. During their travels, the penguins escape and take over the ship, intent on taking it to Antarctica to establish their own country. Their antics on the bridge cause the crates containing Rusty, Omair, Dman, and Katie to fall overboard and wash ashore on the legendary island of Memeagascar. The animals come across a pack of lemurs led by King 4EverGreen XIII, along with his personal adviser Renegade and his biggest fan, the mouse lemur Appy. The predatory fossa attack the lemurs, but are scared off by Rusty's fearsome appearance. Rusty blames Omair for the group's predicament and attempts to signal for help to get back to civilization. Omair finds the wild to be exactly what he was looking for, and Katie and Dman soon join him in enjoying the island. Rusty eventually comes around, but without the raw steaks he was provided at the zoo, hunger sets in and his prey drive begins to show. King 4EverGreen has the lemurs befriend the zoo animals in the hope that Rusty's presence will keep the fossa at bay, despite Renegade's warnings about Rusty's predatory nature. When Rusty loses control and attacks Omair, 4EverGreen realizes that he is a threat and banishes him to the predator side of the island, where the fossa live. Seeing what has happened to Rusty, and how dangerous the wild can be, Omair begins to regret his decision to leave the zoo. The penguins, having been to Antarctica and found it inhospitable, land the ship at Memeagascar. Seeing the chance to return Rusty to New York, Omair crosses over to the predator side and attempts to convince the grizzled, starving Rusty to return, but Rusty refuses out of fear that he will attack Omair again. The fossa attack Omair, and though Katie, Dman, and the penguins come to the rescue, they are outnumbered. Rusty overcomes his predatory instincts, rescues his friends, and scares the fossa away from the lemur territory forever. The lemurs regain their respect for Rusty, and the penguins satisfy his hunger by feeding him sushi. As the lemurs throw a farewell celebration for the foursome, the penguins decide not to break the news that the ship has run out of fuel. We did it boys.
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    EPISODE X - CANTO BIGHT We close out Season 1 with an examination into one of the galaxy's seediest casinos, harboring some of the wealthiest and scummiest people you'll ever know. So what have they been up to? The Master Codebreaker The Master Codebreaker, or if you prefer to go by his real public alias, Zeff Lezos, continued to amass power and wealth over Canto Bight into the First Order-Resistance war. He went on to become the richest person in the galaxy with a wealth of over 182 billion credits. He would open a company called Cantazon, becoming a popular shipping service in the galaxy. His workers are forced to work in poor conditions but Lezos didn’t really care. This would lead him to taking on one of the poor workers as an apprentice, who would go under the moniker of The Master Strikebreaker. While Lezos continues to smugly soak in his wealth, someday, a revolt will be coming for him... Temiri Blagg, The Broom Boy Temiri, inspired by the alien racehorses that had just been freed, left his orphan friends in search of a greater fate than sweeping stables for a living. Inspired by his hero Luke Skywalker, he vowed to combat the corporatocracy that had ruled Cantonica for decades. These plutocrats would soon know his name: Temiri Blagg, Servant of the Force. The Racehorse Aliens That Finn and Rose Freed The horses, also scientifically known as the Fathier, continued to gallop around Cantonica, free as the winds. They went on a great philosophical journey, rediscovering themselves and their purpose in life. They would never forget the two brave revolutionary heroes that freed them from the capitalist tyranny of Canto Bight. This later ignited a spark in them, making them fight to end space capitalism. Now they are endorsing this guy called Burnee Sandurus. Dobbu Scay, The Leprechaun Gambler Who Assaulted BB-8 Dobbu Scay wasn’t evil, but desperate. He needed those coins to pay his child support and crippling debt from his deathstick addiction. But that failed casino robbery gave him a new perspective. What had his life become? He went home, quit drugs, and found a stable and fulfilling purpose in life. All it took was that chance encounter with a weird orb droid thing. DJ After betraying Rose and Finn to the First Order, DJ was paid quite handsomely for his services. He bought a fancy new ship and then went right back to Canto Bight to gamble, betting all of his remaining credits. Sadly, he lost them all, and was now back where he started. It’s like poetry, it rhymes. And that wraps Season 1 of our tales. Originally, OWM and I had planned for this just to be a miniseries, but seeing the positive reception to this so far, and the fact we have a few more ideas, we have decided we'll keep this going. We've already begun drafting Season 2 and we plan for that to drop around summer time. See you soon, space cowboy...
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    EPISODE IX – THE HOLIDAY SPECIAL The much maligned but never forgotten holiday special... is canon. (Yes, look it up.) This ancient piece of Star Wars history featured many one-timers, all of whom never appeared again after their glorious single moment on the screen. So what have they been up to? Chef Gormaanda Gormaanda continued her cooking show, often inviting her fellow four-armed lover Dexter Jettster on. However, this was not to last. While filming one of her episodes, she suddenly collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest. Turns out all that stirring and whipping isn’t so good for your health. Ackmena, The Singing Bartender Ackmena realized there was more to life than bartending, and quit her job to find success as a singer. She had some brief stints with Sy Snootles’ backup band and the Droopy McCool Experience, but soon realized that spending her days in Miami with a bunch of old widows was the only life for her. She thanks you for being a friend. Mermeia, The Grampa Wookiee VR Pornstar Mermeia, despite her lifelike charm that effortlessly allured horny old men, wasn’t real. She was a virtual pornstar with a body made of ones and zeroes. She still exists today, her AI stored in the same folder where they keep Cleverbot and Hatsune Miku. Jefferson Starship Jefferson Starship realized rock music just wasn’t meant for this galaxy, and tried again in the far future, in another galaxy far, far away. This move, of course, worked. I think they’re going on tour soon. Dromboid, The Guy from the Instructional Cassette Dromboid continued his film career for many years, playing such exciting roles like “Guy Who Falls Asleep” and “Dead Extra #16”. As you can see, there was never much of a place for him on the red carpet. Tomorrow we'll end our season by focusing on a certain place. In a casino? Yes. Filled with scum and villainy? Yes. In the desert? Not quite. Stay tuned.
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    EPISODE VIII - MAX REBO BAND Hailed by many as the galaxy's own Beatles, this group left quite a legacy on the space music industry. But following their big break at Jabba's palace, many have wondered where the gang is nowadays. So what have they been up to? Max Rebo Even though Jabba’s sail barge exploded, the Max Rebo Band miraculously survived, only to break up right afterward. When music stopped paying the bills, Max got a job shooting plastic butterflies out of his trunk for kids to catch with nets. Elefun®! In stores now. Sy Snootles After the band’s breakup, Sy tried to go solo, but had a difficult time becoming mainstream. Many people found her vocals “too weird” or “downright atrocious”. Her debut single, “Me and My Snooty Heart”, didn’t even crack the Galactic Billboard Hot 100, breaking her heart. In the end, she gave up on the music career and decided to make her own beauty store called Snooty’s Secret. Droopy McCool Many people know that Droopy vanished into Tatooine’s dunes, searching for his fellow anus-faced brethren. But few know of his fate afterward. His long journey eventually led him to what he was seeking: a colony of Kitonaks with little to no concept of music. Undeterred, Droopy pulled out his clarinet bassoon thing and played a beautiful melody. They cheered and whooped, and joined him in song. Today on Tatooine, sometimes you can hear the words “Salutations, my children! Are you ready for your daily dose of smooth jizz?” in Kitonak, followed by the sound of beautiful music. J'ywz'gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et'nrmdndlcvtbrx, aka Joh Yowza Also more easily known as Joh Yowza to his peers, J’ywz’gnk’s now dead music career led him to return to his ancestral homeland: the forest moon of Endor. Unfortunately, his visit back home didn’t last long―soon afterward, a piece of debris from the newly destroyed Death Star II crushed him like a bug. The Backup Dancers and Side Guys They all stayed behind when the sail barge left, so when they heard what happened, they had the palace all to themselves. It’s said to this day they are still living up in the background like kings. Tomorrow we'll be focusing on several characters from a certain infamous holiday special...
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    It's that time again, Mr. Krabs. Our spring season kicks off with the another March Madness! From March 1st to March 31st, 2021, the Krusty Krew, Chum Buddies and Solos will duke it out for their second March Madness across the site in this intense event. Every game will held throughout the month will count for the scoreboard. Here's a list of what games to expect... Jackbox: Every Monday night during the event, there will be a different Jackbox game hosted on Discord by dman! We'll finally be doing games other than Murder Trivia Party. Weekly Surprise: Every Tuesday during the event, there will be a unique game! One of them in particular will pay tribute to the passing of a certain game host. The Fry Cook Games X: This returns for the 10th edition, occurring every Wednesday night during the event. If you want to sign up in advance, let me know now. Quizzes: Every Thursday night during the event, there will be a quiz on a unique theme. See who can finish it first and correctly for their team! Arcade Tournaments: Every Thursday night during the event after the quiz, there will be a tournament for one of our flash SB games, which as a reminder, you no longer need a flash plugin for! Cards Against Humanity: Moving to a new night from here on out, every Friday night during the event, there will be a CAH game! SpongeBob Pictionary: Every Saturday night during the event, will be a Pictionary game! Among Us (NEW!): That's right, the hit game is coming to SBC! Every Saturday night after Pictionary, we will host an Among Us game. We will provide multiple ways for users to access it, so don't worry. Work together with your team to find out who is sus! Wiki Write-Offs: Moving to a new night, every Sunday night during the event, we'll hold a competition to see who can edit the most to our wiki! Whodunnit?: Whodunnit returns for the 18th edition. In this mystery, work together with your teammates to solve who stole Mr. Krabs' dime! Basketball Dunking: This minigame from the past two years will return. See which side can score the most points! An iFish contest will also be held, along with the return of the Easter Egg Hunt. There will be four brand new iFish items, created by Cha, along with returning Krew and Buddy gear from last year. For skins, your team spirit skins will come back, in addition to two holiday skins, St. Patrick and Egg-cellent Easter! Whichever side wins in the end, will receive a grand prize that is a bit more special than doubloons this time around. What will it be? You'll see March 31st. I'm looking forward to seeing who reigns victorious in the end. If you want to be on the Krew or Buddies, sign up here.
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    I would argue that resusing a good deal of audio assets and gameplay is sort of the point, since the remaster's main mission is to just make it look prettier than before judging by how much more refined and detailed everything in the game looks in general. Although I must say, that I'm still a wee bit sad that Mr. Krabs' line weren't re-recorded for this game, but I'm sure they had their reasons, probably your aforementoned timely release for SotR. The primary issue really lies not in how much it feels like an aged game in an industry that's moved on (for lack of a better way of putting it...I hope you get what I mean XD), but really in how I feel like it was just lackluster in promising us cut content being restored this time around. I don't think I'll ever not be pissed about Patrick's Dream not being restored. And putting it in Horde Mode isn't good enough for me...if you have the assets and the textures, and even a literal build of the level at the ready, I don't see why you can't implement it into the game; this could even be done through a patch at a later date if deadlines are an issue. And I don't think "preserving everything from the original game" is a good enough reason to keep the version of Patrick's dream that we get in both versions at the end...I'm pretty sure people would've loved to have that dream expanded. The assets were there for the original to have it, and yet was never used, and while there was an opportunity for Rehydrated to give us this...they did not. I mean, I don't know maybe that's just my personal feelings on that particular matter and I can respect if that wasn't a possibility even if I believe it could've been. It really just exemplifies how the "bonus/additional content" selling point wasn't really delivered as well as it could have been or maybe I expected a little more than I ought to have. Also they'll deadass put time and money into making a mobile port - why would you want that, I do not know for the life of me -and still not add the Dream? Okay, I see how it is... In thinking of ways the remake actually had additional content or major changes, because admittedly it's been a while since I played it and from what I remember it basically played the exact same as the original to a T, I came across this list which solely seems to point out aesthetic changes. Nothing about anything substantial added into the remake, just...the fact that its attempt at a glow-up has its pros and cons. Well, they do mention the multiplayer mode as the single worst change from the original, which I honestly agree with a lot. The multiplayer mode had potential, and was the only thing I recall being drastically different from the original game, and yet I find it quite an aggravating addition; time was spent on adding a multiplayer mode that could have been spent on adding new elements in the new game; add to the experience everyone already loves to give them more to go back to and more to do before actually adding anything that diverges from this experience. Quite frankly, I am a firm believer that the idea of a multiplayer could have been scrapped entirely and everything that was gonna sell it to players - the Robo-Squidward fight, additional characters (or maybe just Squidward) - could've been added into the main game. How many people are buying the remaster for an opportunity to play a separate multiplayer compared to those who actually want to play the game again? Not many, I'd wager. Mutliplayer was an odd decision, incorporating the few bits of actually substantial cut content from the original into something that isn't worth it. The game is still fun and enjoyable, definitely charming enough for me to replay whenever I wish (especially when my PS4 is readily accessible), and it's great that this game is available to kids today on consoles they'll have today. But all it is objectively is the same game, made up and repackaged in hopes of making a comeback on newer consoles. And that's all this game is at the end of the day; a polished version of the original. It shines; it's got a prettier face, gorgeous and pleasing to look at...but outside of that? Not much else.
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    His ears were set to W for Wumbo
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    For the event, we have two adorable pet themed skins! The first is the default, Pet or Pests Festival, created by @Aquatic Konquest! The mesmerizing gif banner is one way to get you searching for Gary! The second is a lovely skin, The Snellie Community, based off of said snail, created by @Cha! And while this is not a new skin, a reminder we have a Sponge on the Run based skin as well if you want to consider it part of the event! Enjoy the designs!
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    99. Wumbo Film: Dumbo In March 1941, a flock of storks deliver babies to circus animals within the "Winter Quarters" in Canada. All the mothers receive their parcels before departure except the elephant Mrs. Mumbo. During travel on a train, a lost stork brings her an elephant who, to the other elephants' surprise, is adorned with extraordinarily large ears and a keen study of Wumbology. He is made an object of ridicule and given the nickname "Wumbo". Mrs. Mumbo attempts to remain dignified and treats her child with all her maternal love, but when a group of rascals takes to making Wumbo, Mrs. Mumbo catches one of them with her trunk and spanks him. The circus ringmaster, sbl, deems Mrs. Mumbo mad and has her locked in a cage. The lone Wumbo is made a pariah amongst the rest of the circus troupe. A small mouse named SOF consoles Wumbo and vows to make him a star. After being secretly encouraged by SOF, the ringmaster makes Wumbo the top of an elephant pyramid stunt. The performance goes awry when Wumbo trips over his ears and misses his target, causing the other elephants to suffer various injuries, and bring down the big top. Wumbo is made into a clown as a result, to the shame of the other elephants, and plays the main role in an act that involves him falling into a vat of pie filling. Despite his newfound popularity and fame, Wumbo hates this job, and is now more miserable than ever. To cheer Wumbo up, SOF takes him to visit his imprisoned mother. The two are unable to see each other face to face, and can only entwine trunks. On the way back, Wumbo cries and then gets the hiccups, so SOF takes him for a drink of water from a bucket that, unknown to them, has accidentally had a bottle of champagne spilled into it by the clowns. As a result, Wumbo and SOF both get drunk and have surreal hallucinations of pink elephants and other trippy, whack things you wouldn’t believe. The next morning, Wumbo and SOF are awakened by a group of Canadian beavers (we at SBCinema will not be using the original racist crow caricatures) who are surprised to find an elephant sitting on the highest branches of a tree. As the initial astonishment passes, SOF surmises that Wumbo had managed to achieve flight using his large ears as wings. SOF persuades an insecure Wumbo to use this gift with the support of the beavers' leader, Carotte, who gives Wumbo one of his buck teeth and convinces him that it carries magic properties that will allow him to fly. Back at the circus, SOF proposes to Wumbo to transform his clown act into a flying performance. As Wumbo unfolds his ears during the plummet, he loses the tooth and panics. SOF quickly confesses that the tooth was never magical, and that he is still able to fly. Wumbo is able to pull out of the dive and flies around the circus, finally striking back at his tormentors as a stunned audience looks on in amazement. After this performance, Wumbo becomes a media sensation, SOF becomes his manager and the new owner of the circus, Wumbo and Mrs. Mumbo are given a private car on the circus train, and while the sentient tender engine, JCM in a cameo, travels to the next destination, Mrs. Mumbo, Wumbo and the beavers wave goodbye in the distance, with the little elephant's new friends wishing him good luck. It is said Wumbo later went on to start his own successful music career. Many years from now, this movie will also get a live-action remake, but nobody will care. ---- Stay tuned for the 100th episode and S5 finale, guest written by the original creator himself, Clappy!
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    https://tvweb.com/the-fairly-oddparents-live-action-tv-show-paramount-plus/ All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow No tomorrow, no tomorrow And I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad The dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take When people run in circles it's a very, very Mad world, mad world
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    You can't pick the team, but regardless, you have been drafted into the... Krusty Krew!
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    Two reveals from today: First, the long coveted Gen 4 remakes, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, will release in November 2021: And a new type of spin-off game, Legends: Arceus, will release in early 2022: This will be the Zelda style open world game everyone has wanted. It will also be set in the old Sinnoh era.
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    Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years: The first six episodes of SpongeBob's first spin-off, Kamp Koral, will drop March 4th (my birthday) on the streaming service Paramount+. 101A - The Jellyfish Kid: SpongeBob wants to catch his first jellyfish at camp. (SERIES PREMIERE) No info on the others yet. The movie Sponge on the Run will also officially drop the same day on Paramount+ for those who have not seen it already.
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    (We begin in Patchy's house in Encino, California.) Patchy: Hi, kids! It's me, Patchy the Pirate, president of the SpongeBob SquarePants fan club! I can't wait to show you all of the Mermaid Man figurines I've collected today! (Patchy looks both ways.) Patchy: Potty! What did you do with my Mermaid Man figurines! (Potty flies onscreen.) Potty: Squawk! I don't know what happened to your toys! Patchy: They're not toys! They're action figures! And I told you to look over them! Potty: You never do anything for me! Patchy: Potty, I don't have time for this! Potty: Squawk! I want to break up! (Potty flies into Patchy's room then flies back out with a treasure chest.) Potty: This is my half! Patchy: Get your filthy talons off my booty! (to audience) Hey, that reminds me of the time SpongeBob and the gang stopped Thanos from wiping out half of all life in the universe! Want to hear the story? Kids: No! Patchy: Well, you're going to hear it, anyway! (muttering) Ungrateful brats. (We are now in King Neptune's castle. Neptune is sitting on his throne with his squire standing beside him.) King Neptune: Squire, I haven't had a prisoner presented to me all day. Don't tell me we're getting soft on crime. Squire: I apologize, King Neptune. I'll have someone arrested right away. (As the squire leaves the castle, he sees a spaceship land in front of him.) Squire: Oh, Neptune. I've got to tell Neptune! (The squire runs back to Neptune's throne.) Neptune: Why haven't you brought me a prisoner? Squire: A strange ship has landed in front of the castle! Neptune: Did you see who was in it? Squire: Well, no. I... Neptune: (scoffs) What do I even not pay you for? (Suddenly, the sounds of fish screaming fill the palace.) Squire: That...that sounds like the guards! (Neptune grabs his trident.) Neptune: Whoever has breached my castle won't be coming out alive! (Thanos walks into the room with an infinity gauntlet covering one hand and blood covering the other.) Thanos: Won't I? (Neptune blasts Thanos with his trident. Thanos easily avoids the blast and uses the power stone in his infinity gauntlet to weaken Neptune.) Neptune: What...what have you done? (Neptune drops the trident, no longer strong enough to hold it.) Squire: You...you're not going to kill me, right? Thanos: No, I've already killed half of the people here. Squire: I'll take it! (The squire leaves the palace.) Neptune: Traitor! (Thanos approaches Neptune.) Neptune: What do you want? Thanos: Your trident. (Thanos picks up the trident Neptune dropped and snaps it in two, retrieving the space stone from it.) Neptune: No! (As Thanos adds the space stone to his gauntlet, a familiar face enters the room.) Neptune: Mindy? (Mindy, no longer wearing glasses or a bow and now wearing a black catsuit that starts at her neck and covers her tail, swims beside Thanos.) Thanos: Oh, have you met my right-hand woman? Mindy: I go by The Black Widow now, father. Neptune: Why would you associate yourself with this...monster? Is this your idea of a teenage rebellion? Mindy: You may think this is suffering, father, but no. It is salvation. Because of the sacrifice your guards have made, the universal scales tip toward balance. Neptune: My guards? Those were our guards. You...you've known them since childhood. Thanos: As touching as this reunion is, we must get going. Neptune: First you kill my guards, then you destroy my trident, and now I find out you've corrupted my daughter. You have no idea who you're dealing with! (Neptune overcomes the power stone's weakening and runs towards Thanos from behind.) Neptune: I am a GOD! (Thanos turns around and punches Neptune, sending him across the room. Neptune lands so hard on his throne that he destroys the throne, injuring himself in the process.) Thanos: Puny god. (A week later, fish in black suits and sunglasses walk into Shady Shoals Rest Home.) Receptionist: Who are you? (One of the fish reveal a badge.) Fish: We work for the Pacific Government. We're here to bring Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy back into our custody. (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy get into a black van with the fish.) Barnacle Boy: Who are you two? Fish: We work for a secret government agency that has been tracking your exploits for decades: S.H.E.L.L. Mermaid Man: Shell? Like the gas station? Fish: S.H.E.L.L. is short for the Strategic Headquarters for the Extermination of Lawless Lemons. We were created in the early 1940s as a response to all of the super-powered humans showing up underwater, some with noble goals like you two but others with more...nefarious goals. Barnacle Boy: So, what do you want with us now? Fish: Neptune, king of the Seven Seas, was attacked by an extraterrestrial being last week. He told us that this being, Thanos, is more powerful than any he had ever encountered before. He'll need a super squad to take him down, and that's why we're re-assembling the greatest super squad this world has ever known. Barnacle Boy: The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances? No, we're much too old for that. Fish: Don't worry. S.H.E.L.L. has a fix. (Hours later, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, and the S.H.E.L.L. agents walk into a government facility, where older versions of The Quickster, Elastic Waistband, Captain Magma, and Miss Appear are already waiting in the lobby.) Captain Magma: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy! Late at usual! Barnacle Boy: Captain Magma. Hotheaded as usual. Mermaid Man: (nervous) Hi, Miss Appear. Miss Appear: (chuckles) After everything we've been through, you can move past the formalities, Ernie. Mermaid Man: We're still riding that invisible boatmobile you got us. Still runs great. Miss Appear: (nods) That's good to hear. (The superheroes hear the elevator ding, and a gold-colored man wearing a hairnet over his head walks out.) Barnacle Boy: (gasps) Pi-Right? The Quickster: I thought you died! Pi-Right Ponderer: Officially, I am dead. Unofficially, I've been working for S.H.E.L.L. this whole time. Elastic Waistband: You haven't aged a bit. Pi-Right Ponderer: Oh, I have aged! But I was able to bring myself back to my physical prime using an invention I completed just last month, and based on recent events, the timing couldn't have been better! (The superheroes join Pi-Right Ponderer on an elevator.) Pi-Right Ponderer: Brace yourselves. This will be a bumpy ride. (The elevator quickly drops to the bottom floor, disturbing the older people on the elevator.) Captain Magma: What are you trying to do, kill us? The Quickster: I haven't gone that fast in over 30 years! Pi-Right Ponderer: Sorry about that, but it will all be worth it soon. (Pi-Right Ponderer leads the heroes to a large machine.) Pi-Right Ponderer: Here it is, my De-Aging Booth! You just walk inside it, and after I enter a few commands, it will restore your body to its peak condition! Barnacle Boy: So, I get to be a hunk again? Out of the way! (Barnacle Boy runs into the machine, and after Pi-Right Ponderer pushes some button on it, steam comes out, and the door opens up to reveal a younger-looking Barnacle Boy inside of it.) Barnacle Boy: My back...my knees...they aren't sore anymore! (flexes) I feel like a million bucks! (The rest of the superheroes go into the machine, and all of them come out looking younger.) Elastic Waistband: Alright, where's this Thanos fellow? I can't wait to kick his butt! Pi-Right Ponderer: Unfortunately, the seven of us might not be enough. With the power stone, Thanos was already the most powerful creature on the planet. With the space stone...we'll need more heroes. Miss Appear: Where are we supposed to find more heroes on such short notice? Pi-Right Ponderer: Your adventures have inspired many over the last several decades. I believe I've found a way to get in touch with them. (The next morning, SpongeBob bangs on Patrick's rock. The rock opens with Patrick stuck to it, and he yawns.) Patrick: What's going on? SpongeBob: Did you read the latest Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy newsletter? Patrick: You know I can't read! SpongeBob: Sorry, I forgot. Anyway, the IJLSA just sent out a call for heroes! Apparently, something big is threatening Earth, and they'll need all the help they can get to stop it! Patrick: What does that have to do with me? SpongeBob: I think it's time to bring Patrick-Man out of retirement! Patrick: Who's Patrick-Man? SpongeBob: You know, your superhero identity! (SpongeBob reveals an empty ice cream cone.) SpongeBob: He had this as a hat! Patrick: Oh...Patrick-Man! I still don't remember. Was that season 9a or 9b? SpongeBob: (sighs) Maybe Sandy can help. (SpongeBob and Patrick walk into Sandy's treedome.) Sandy: Howdy! SpongeBob: Hi, Sandy. Sandy: What brings y'all here? SpongeBob: I wanted to see if you had something that could help Patrick jog his memory about Patrick-Man. Sandy: Patrick-Man? SpongeBob: That's what Patrick called himself when he turned into a superhero. (SpongeBob gives Sandy the ice cream cone.) SpongeBob: He wore this on his head. Sandy: Sounds like Patrick. SpongeBob: We need Patrick-Man back, because there's something really evil out there, and Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy can't defeat it alone! Sandy: Y'all don't worry yourselves none! I'll be back in a jiff! (SpongeBob and Patrick are now asleep in the middle of the treedome. Sandy comes out of her tree with a metal cone.) Sandy: It's done! (SpongeBob and Patrick wake up, startled.) Sandy: Just put this on your buddy's head, and you'll have your superhero! (Sandy gives SpongeBob the metal cone, and he puts it on Patrick's head.) SpongeBob: Do you remember now? Patrick: Yes. I remember...everything. And that's not all I can do! (Suddenly, the cone expands to cover Patrick's entire body with metal.) SpongeBob: Wow, you're like an iron man! (Suddenly, a pair of Disney lawyers appear.) Patrick: I'll stick with Patrick-Man. (The Disney lawyers disappear.) Patrick: Look at what else I can do! (The bottom of Patrick's feet turn into rockets, and he flies around the treedome.) SpongeBob: How is he doing this? Sandy: The helmet I made for Patrick takes advantage of the parts of his brain he isn't using. There's even more of it than I thought! (Patrick lands beside SpongeBob, and his suit contracts back into a helmet.) Patrick: I'm ready to save the word! (SpongeBob and Patrick leave the treedome.) SpongeBob: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy said to meet them at the Bikini Bottom Convention Hall. That's where all the heroes will be. Patrick: You coming with? SpongeBob: I wish, but I've got to go to work. Patrick: I'll tell you how it goes! (After SpongeBob and Patrick go their separate ways, Patrick sees a building on fire. Fish hurry out of the building, but one woman stops.) Woman: Oh, no! I left Harry in there! (A worm sticks its head out of a window and pants.) Woman: Somebody help! Patrick: She could really use a superhero. (pauses) Wait! I'm a superhero! (Just as Patrick is about to spring into action, he notices a giant urchin crawling into the room the woman is in. A few seconds later, the urchin, which is actually a boy dressed as an urchin, jumps out of the building with the worm.) Woman: Thank you so much! Boy: No problem! (The boy gives the woman her worm, and she pets it.) Woman: Say...aren't you a little too young to be rescuing animals from burning buildings? Boy: Yes. Yes I am. Woman: What do I call you? Boy: Call me...Urchin Man! Patrick: Urchin Man? (As Urchin Man walks off, Patrick follows him.) Patrick: Hey, are you a superhero? Urchin Man: I guess you could call me that. Patrick: That's great! Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy just sent out a call for superheroes! We're all meeting at the Bikini Bottom Convention Hall! Urchin Man: (checks watch) I have class in five minutes...but I guess I can skip if it's really important. Patrick: It is! We're fighting something horrible! Like, a wedgie you can't get rid of no matter how hard you pull it down horrible! Urchin Man: (laughs) Hey, what's your superpower? Patrick: I can show you! (Patrick's helmet expands to cover his body in metal again.) Patrick: Hop on! Urchin Man: Hop on what? Patrick: On me, silly! (Urchin Man climbs onto Patrick's back, and Patrick generates rockets under his feet again, shooting himself and Urchin Man into the sky.) Urchin Man: Wow! Patrick: To the Convention Hall! (Patrick flies to the Bikini Bottom Convention Hall with Urchin Man on his back. When they walk inside, they find dozens of other fish dressed like superheroes around them.) Urchin Man: I didn't know there were this many of us. Patrick: Look! It's the IJLSA! (Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, The Quickster, Elastic Waistband, Captain Magma, Miss Appear, and Pi-Right Ponderer walk onto the stage.) Urchin Man: They look just like they do in the show. How is that possible? The show is over 50 years old now. Patrick: They must use really good skin cream. Pi-Right Ponderer: Thanks to all of you for coming here today! I'm sure you have many questions, but for now, I would like to focus on what we're going up against. (A poster of Thanos unravels behind the heroes on the stage.) Pi-Right Ponderer: Thanos, known by many as the Mad Titan, is a genocidal warlord from another planet who is currently on a quest to collect ancient artifacts known as Infinity Stones. It is said that when all six Infinity Stones that exist are collected, you will have the power to do anything you want throughout all of time and space. (Another poster showing the Infinity Stones unravels behind the heroes.) Pi-Right Ponderer: I believe that once he has all of the Infinity Stones, he will use their power to destroy half of all life in the universe! (Everybody in the crowd gasps.) Pi-Right Ponderer: The reality stone and soul stone are on different planets, but the time stone is in my possession, and the mind stone has been entrusted to a close ally. Thanos will be back, and we'll all need to be prepared to fight him. Many of you won't survive... Fish 1: Wait, what was that? Fish 2: Nobody said anything about dying! Fish 3: I just wanted Mermaid Man's autograph. Pi-Right Ponderer: Just wait a minute! (The fish in the crowd start loudly complaining.) Pi-Right Ponderer: If you aren't ready to lose your life for this mission, you can get out right now! (All of the costumed fish except Urchin Man and Patrick leave the building.) Pi-Right Ponderer: Well...that didn't go as I expected. Mermaid Man: Who are you two? Urchin Man: I...I'm Urchin Man. Patrick: And I'm Patrick-Man! Mermaid Man: Welcome to the IJLSA, Urchin Man and Patrick-Man! (On the planet of Vormir, Thanos and Mindy walk of out of their spaceship.) Thanos: The soul stone is here. I feel it. Mindy: Did you have to kill all of those creatures to get the reality stone from Knowhere? They weren't putting up a lot of resistance, and that talking racoon was actually pretty cute. Thanos: Remember what we're here for. (Thanos takes a knife out and balances it on his finger.) Thanos: Perfectly balanced. As all things should be. Mindy: That magic trick was a lot more impressive when you didn't have a reality-altering stone on your knuckles. Thanos: (laughs) This will all be over soon. And we will rule the universe as its saviors. (Thanos and Mindy approach Man Ray at the top of a mountain.) Man Ray: (to the audience) Yeah, I'm dead. Get over it. Thanos: Who are you? Man Ray: My name is Man Ray. In one final, desperate attempt to take over the seas, I tried to ambush King Neptune's castle, just like you did. However, I wasn't successful. Neptune killed me with his trident, and instead of sending me to the Great Beyond, the space stone sent me here to be the guardian of what I believe you're looking for: the soul stone. Thanos: How do I get it? Man Ray: The soul stone isn't something you just "get". It requires a soul. The soul of the person you love most. Once that person is sacrificed, you shall have the stone. (Thanos thinks about what Man Ray said for a long time. He then turns to Mindy.) Mindy: Well, it looks like we'll have to find some other way to balance the universe! Bye, creep with the weird mask! (Mindy starts to walk away, but Thanos grabs her.) Thanos: I'm sorry, Mindy, but I've come too far to abandon my quest now. Mindy: But...you said we were going to rule the universe together. Thanos: And I believed we would, but it seems...that can no longer happen. (Thanos picks Mindy up.) Mindy: No! Please don't do this! There must be another way! Thanos: (crying) There isn't. (Thanos throws Mindy off the mountain, and a few seconds later, the soul stone appears in his hand.) Man Ray: I am...free. (Man Ray floats into the Great Beyond as Thanos adds the space stone to his gauntlet.) Thanos: Only two more to go, and I know exactly where they are. (Back in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob is cooking patties in the Krusty Krab when he feels the ground shake.) SpongeBob: What's happening? (SpongeBob runs out of the Krusty Krab to find Squidward and Mr. Krabs looking up with their mouths agape. SpongeBob sees Plankton, now so massive that his antennae touch the sky, looking down at them.) Plankton: This is your last chance, Krabs! Give me the Krabby Patty secret formula or I'll crush you under my feet! Mr. Krabs: Never! Plankton: Okay! Don't say I didn't warn you! SpongeBob: Plankton, don't! (As Plankton raises a leg, he sees a spaceship crash in the distance.) Plankton: No...it can't be happening so soon. Mr. Krabs: What's happening? (Thanos appears in front of the Chum Bucket.) Squidward: Where did he come from? Plankton: Stop, Thanos! I know what you're here for! Thanos: Ah, Plankton. You're...bigger than I remember. Plankton: That's thanks to my newest invention! And if you do put a hand on my computer wife, I'll crush you like I'm about to crush my enemy! Thanos: I'll risk it. (Plankton runs towards Thanos, and Thanos raises a hand, causing Plankton to stop, slip, and fall backwards. Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and SpongeBob get out of the way as Plankton lands, leaving a large dent in the middle of the street.) Plankton: I have to call Pi-Right. (Plankton returns to his smaller form and takes out his cell phone.) SpongeBob: Wait, Pi-Right? You know Pi-Right Ponderer? Plankton: Yeah, he was a professor at the college I went to. We did some research together. As thanks, he gave me this thing called a mind stone, and I used it to create Karen. (Plankton runs to the Chum Bucket with the cell phone to his ear.) Plankton: Pi-RIght! Thanos is about to get the stone from Karen! No, it's too late to send help. Just make sure you protect yours no matter what! (Plankton enters the Chum Bucket to find Thanos holding Karen by her stand.) Thanos: Oh, hi! You're just in time to see the fireworks! Plankton: Don't! Karen: Plankton, I love y- (Thanos smashes Karen's monitor and pulls out the mind stone before throwing her to the side.) Plankton: You're not going to win. (Thanos adds the mind stone to his gauntlet.) Thanos: I know what it's like to lose somebody you love. Soon, many more people will know that feeling. (Thanos disappears.) Plankton: He isn't going to win. (Plankton stares at what remains of Karen.) Plankton: He can't. (In front of the Bikini Bottom Convention Hall, Patrick and Urchin-Man are eating nachos as the rest of the IJLSA are by their boatmobiles talking.) Captain Magma: What do we do? If Thanos already has five infinity stones, there's no way we stop him! Elastic Waistband: We may need...him. Captain Magma: No! There's no way! It's out of the question! The Quickster: Let's face it, Cap. A guy who shoots lava out of his head won't be enough. Not for this coming battle. Captain Magma: I...I can't control him. Miss Appear: What do you think, Pi-Right? Pi-Right Ponderer: (sighs) We'll see. But for now, we have one more reinforcement coming. (King Neptune pulls up in his chariot.) King Neptune: What is this? Where's my army? Mermaid Man: We have two more over there. (Mermaid Man points to Patrick and Urchin-Man, who wave with cheese-covered hands.) Neptune: We're going to die. (Thanos appears beside Patrick.) Patrick: How's it going, magic purple man? Want a nacho? Urchin Man: Mr. Star, I think that's the evil dude trying to kill everyone! Patrick: Really? (to Thanos) No nacho for you! (Neptune jumps out of his chariot.) Neptune: Where is my daughter, Thanos? Thanos: She died. I had to sacrifice her for the soul stone. (Neptune covers his face and grabs his chariot to keep his balance as he sobs at the news.) Thanos: If it matters to you at all, I did love her. (Pi-Right Ponderer turns to Captain Magma.) Pi-Right Ponderer: Okay. Do it. Bring him out. Captain Magma: You sure? Pi-Right Ponderer: I'll find some way to explain it to S.H.E.L.L. (Captain Magma closes his eyes, and then he transforms into a huge, fiery monster.) Urchin Man: What is that thing? Patrick: I've never seen that in the show before! Barnacle Boy: It's...Krakatoa. (Krakatoa runs to Thanos, roaring and shooting magma everywhere. Thanos raises a hand, which causes Krakatoa to stop for a moment and shake his head before charging at Thanos again.) Thanos: What? (Krakatoa punches Thanos with all his might. Patrick and Urchin-Man get out of the way as Thanos flies into the convention hall.) Pi-Right Ponderer: Now! Focus on nothing else but retrieving the infinity gauntlet! (The Quickster speeds into the hole Thanos left in the convention hall, finding Thanos on the ground unconscious.) The Quickster: Bingo. (The Quickster tries to pull the infinity gauntlet off Thanos' hand.) The Quickster: It's on pretty tight! I'll need help! (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy swim into the convention hall, while Elastic Waistband stretches himself inside. They help The Quickster pull at the infinity gauntlet, and it finally starts to move.) Elastic Waistband: We're making headway! (Thanos wakes up, and he immediately tightens the infinity gauntlet to his hand again and sends Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, The Quickster, and Elastic Waistband flying out of the convention hall.) Thanos: I tried to do this diplomatically... (Thanos climbs out of the convention hall, and he grabs Patrick by his neck.) Urchin Man: No! Leave Mr. Star alone! (Urchin Man jumps onto Thanos' face, and Thanos pulls him off and throws him into a pole. Urchin Man uses his sticky fingers to latch into the pole.) Urchin Man: Please! Stop! You'll kill him. Thanos: That's the plan. Unless Pi-Right Ponderer removes that mental cloud he's formed over the time stone, his newest friend will die, and I'll kill everybody else in the IJLSA until I get what I want. Pi-Right Ponderer: (sighs) Stop. (Pi-Right Ponderer opens a hand to reveal the time stone inside of it.) Pi-Right Ponderer: Here it is. The final piece to your puzzle. Now let the starfish go. (Thanos drops Patrick and takes the time stone from Pi-Right Ponderer.) Mermaid Man: What have you done? (Pi-Right Ponderer walks to Patrick and helps him up.) Pi-Right Ponderer: We're in the Endgame now. (Krakatoa runs to Thanos again, but Thanos easily avoids him as he adds the time stone to his gauntlet. The Quickster runs at him now, and Thanos uses the time stone to slow him down.) The Quickster: How...fast...do...you...think...this...will...go? Thanos: (snaps fingers) Just like that. (The Quickster's speed returns to normal, and he turns to dust before he reaches Thanos.) Miss Appear: The Quickster! (Miss Appear disappears. Urchin Man is with Patrick again, and he drops to his knees.) Urchin Man: Mr. Star? I don't feel so good... Patrick: It's probably those convention hall nachos. They wreak havoc on your insides. (Urchin Man vomits.) Patrick: Better? Urchin Man: Better. (Urchin Man fades to dust.) Patrick: I don't remember nachos doing that! (People disappear all around Bikini Bottom. In the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs comes out of the office just as half his customers turn to dust.) Mr. Krabs: Me money! (Squidward turns to dust.) Mr. Krabs: Me cashier! (Thanos is now inside of the Soul Stone. Mindy, who now looks like Mindy in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie again, swims up to him.) Mindy: Did you do it? Thanos: Yes. Mindy: What did it cost? Thanos: Hundreds of thousands of dollars of royalties. (The Disney lawyers are back now and laughing as they hold fistfuls of cash.) Thanos: Vultures. (To Be Concluded)
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    Congrats to WhoBob, who won!
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    I feel this game could've been better. Not to say I didn't enjoy it, but when I heard they were remaking Battle for Bikini Bottom, I was expecting something as good as Spyro Reignited. Then I heard that it would've been that good , but Nickelodeon wanted the game to be out at the same time Sponge on the Run was originally going to be released resulting in the developers having to reuse the same music, voice acting, and gameplay, as well as several bugs that had to be patched later.
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    I still can't believe I'm ready 4 spring? Like don't get me wrong I love the snow lately but I just want COVID to end?
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    34. Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Spanko (Greek detected word for 'Twine'): Valentine's Day under a dress! [Send your heart. He gave it to Skyward but gradually refused He gave it to Mrs. Puff, but her daughter came to the fire department. He gives Clinton his heart like a wet voice] [The spang is sandy] .../ Very helpful: .../ Hello Valentine's Day, hello boy bob Spanko: I live with you Very helpful: Obviously, strong chocolate dress is a favorite of your work .../ He turned to John. Spanko: Impossible [Chocolate Carnival Chocolate] Step 1: Patrick and I are eating meat [Chocolate for SpongeBob and Patrick coming in and out of the party] Step 2: Patrick and I got on the big truck Everyone is dancing on the train they are riding. Fireworks] Steps :: Get special controls to appear at the top [At the Paul Festival] Situation :: Patrick is happy with the job [The chocolate disappears and you see Patrick wearing a Valentine's T-shirt and throwing stones.] .../ .../ Hello, Patrick Patrick: Good luck to you! Spanko: Patrick, I'm a sponge Patrick: Friend, what do you want here? Spanko: The way to it! Patrick: Sorry for the inconvenience! Sponge ... this stone is still pressed! Stay with your friends, I will help you! .../ Questions about children? Questions about children? Spanko: Road to ... Patrick: Baby sponge .../ Kindness ... Spanko: Patrick, I'm after you! Patrick: Make it Valentine's Day! This is your gift Spanko: And I have your gift! Patrick: This is not a problem Spanko: The war ... [Patrick is very happy] ... Better ... [Happy Patrick] ... something very interesting ... [Patrick is very happy] ... this will not happen! [Happiness and first time] But this is not possible. [Patrick stops the car and protests] Patrick: Why you Spanko: Because it's not ready yet Patrick: You're ready Spanko: .O Patrick: Why now? Spanko: Did you have an accident? Patrick: There they are! Spanko: Atsind! Patrick: Great power is straightforward Spanko: Um ... no, I'm sorry Patrick: You must not know Spanko: I will not answer you! You have to wait! [SpongeBob is with Patrick] Patrick: Please, yes, thank you ... [At Ing's foot you see the straps running through the middle.] .../ .../ Thank you. Please Spanko: You're right, Patrick, I'm here Patrick: Do I organize parties regularly? Mia! It's me. Neria, Norea, Neria! Okay, somehow! This is my party! Spanko: This is not a moral message Patrick: Allaupapa Spanko: When I ... Patrick: Seven rooms! Most of the time I want to get to the room! Spanko: This is not a problem Patrick: Allaupapa Spanko: So let's buy a rope ... Patrick: Special results! I'm not sure! Special results! Dessert: Hi, I'm leaving! Sorry for the inconvenience! Very helpful: Written by Cindy Sponge Bob Terra, Sponge Bob Spanko: Click here for sand and kids Very helpful: There is a video about the process. Would you like to take it? Spanko: Or, Sandy Patrick is trying to understand his character Very helpful: List of infants used with sand ... [A set of flying balloons] .../ Open ... okay! Patrick: What does it mean besides a drop of sugar? I can't accept this! Spanko: You have to go Patrick: This store? Spanko: Nothing Patrick: Man Spanko: Nothing Patrick: Can this be changed? Spanko: Nothing Patrick: Hello everyone, Do you have any suggestions for improving WindowsPress? You can't go to the garden because you go up the mountain [He goes to the mountain and comes out into the light. ] .../ OK! Spanko: Right? [Up the hill, Cindy does something with a stream of mushrooms. ] .../ Kids with sand, you can find them now Very helpful: Oh, Sponge Bob, we have a problem if you have a bag of chocolates you can eat tomorrow in the balloon. Hi, do it! I'm late! Spanko: Time is running out, but what about Patrick? Very helpful: The kitchen! If you come to Paris by bicycle, you will find it there. Spanko: If one day Patrick doesn't get married ... Patrick: I'm sure you can't, Sponge Bob! Spanko: The way to it! It doesn't really work ... Patrick: Sign in! [In this episode, SpongeBob's bike slides again] .../ Perfect for a sponge, this is the greatest gift in the world Spanko: Now ... it's lost, I hope you'll get there .../ Connect with Baby Sandra, Baby Sandra, Sandy! [Sandy keeps looking for sugar] Very helpful: In the case of Sandy Little Bob, I dig a cow here to eat my trees! Hewu (Chinese detected phrase for 'He no')! [There is another sailor's bullet and the wind blows his brother to the ground.] .../ Atsind! In particular, sponge Bob! Change plan b Spanko: No, no, listen! sit down .../ Patrick, do you know how to make plans and make mistakes? Patrick: No ... really ... really! You're late! Is it hot? [Take off my clothes and tell me where I'm going first. Then attach the spaghetti to the arm and continue. ] Spanko: .../ Patrick arrived [Patrick looks at the mushroom's hand] Patrick: Therefore Spanko: Good hand ... weak Patrick: Is giving a gift a good gift? He has one hand Spanko: Valentine's Day Tomato Tomato! [Patrick raises his hand and looks at the wound. Ruby smiles and Patrick looks at her face as she plays at the club. Those who sat on the chair return to work.] Patrick: .../ I was thinking. At first it looks good, but it works ... [Woman with a bag full of chocolate] France: Hi Sponge Bob, thank you for the candy box Spanko: No, not France Patrick: And expect more from me ... [flower] Dave: Thank you for the flowers, happy valentine day. Spanko: And you, Dave Patrick: And we don't care how much ... [Cycling Saisen (Japanese detected phrase for 'Offer money')] Female fish: Hi Sponge Bob, thank you for the bike. Do you trust this person? I met you Patrick: Like I said ... Men's fish: Excuse me, do you have time? [When he saw her fishing and saw her coming off the screen, she ran screaming and crying.] Patrick: Patrick wants love with you! [Leo Music. Patrick is angry. No holes. He gets angry at the market, screams in his stomach, gets angry at the car and the anger breaks the rope and hurts him. Death of children playing with children at heart] .../ Yes the human heart! [Patrick cuts his hair and continues to abuse him] Paris Plan: Be careful, you have a big pink star on your head [They all come in and Patrick complains and is very angry at the big table. ] Patrick: This heart must be broken! [Attempt to work well, if everything goes upside down, you will not get tired. I did not eat the girl's heart and I looked at her sadly] .../ This heart must be broken! [Take it, cut it, put it in your mouth. The girl cried when Pat took the oil. ] Spanko: The way to it! [He was wounded and covered with anger and fear. Patrick Bruce] Patrick: Very good! [Everyone is scared. ] .../ Bring me a sponge bob! [SpongeBob falls in love with a group of citizens] .../ My heart is broken! Now I want to do something different! Spanko: Yes, Patrick, I know it works, but it's true Patrick: I have nothing to do with them, it's too late ... everyone! [Bring a gift from the room to the killer. Burgers return with a smooth bob] Very helpful: .../ Enforcement site! Wet the sea! Galen, white! [If you go to a flower party and leave it green, lick your nose] Spanko: There they are! Sandila! Seven! Patrick, you are here! Here it is! Behind him is the most popular day in the world Patrick: Kind of Spanko: Let me tell you about it! Malaga! Patrick: Yes, E. Spanko: Patrick, look back! Price: Malaga! Don't write! Inside you Patrick: You saw my conflict with me, didn't you? Price: There they are! Malaga! Patrick: Nothing Price: Malaga! Malaga! Patrick: I repeat, but be careful not to repeat, I repeat, for some reason I will not ... yes! Very helpful: That's right, Patrick! Patrick: No, get up! Spanko: Valentine's Day, Patrick! Patrick: There they are! We wish you a happy Valentina's Day ❤ ️ ! Hi, how strong is chocolate? Spanko: Patrick, no! [Patrick bites the balloon and chocolate explodes everywhere. SpongeBob and Patrick are in the mess] Patrick: Oh, sponge Bob ... I don't need you ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTES/TRIVIA: Google translate setup for "Valentine's Day:" Afrikaans-Basque-Catalan-Danish-Esperanto-Filipino-Galician-Haitian Creole-Icelandic-Japanese-Kannada-Lao-Macedonian-Nepali-Odia-Pashto-Romanian-Samoan-Tajik-Ukrainian-Vietnamese-Welsh-Xhosa-Yiddish-Zulu (Scene descriptions are done in the reverse order).
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    I feel attacked?
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    "Rolling in The Stench of Death" Aiko is still being transported to parts unknown when she feels the truck that she's in suddenly coming to a halt. Pinstripe and a few of his goons stop to make a brief drop off at the Cortex Power factory. They receive a cold reception from Cortex Power Chairwoman, Nixon Industrial, and her stoic entourage of specially designed "Yes Men", a newer model offshoot of Cortex's Lab Assistants . Pinstripe drops an iron crate off into her care, telling her that she knows what to do and to do it quick. Nixon confirms her orders from Cortex, commenting that she's glad Dr. Cortex is starting to turn around to her philosophy about the future of the Cortex Commandos. Pinstripe gives her a harsh reminder that it's only a "trial run". Crash finds himself having been transported to a different part of the jungle from where he was in the previous episode. There, he is greeted by the one who seemingly summoned him, a local witch doctor who introduces himself as Bukarau. He treats Crash's wounds with a concoction of herbs and Wumpa fruit, telling the bandicoot that he senses an immense amount of mojo in him, the good kind. Bukarau doesn't know why exactly that is, but at the moment, it is a good sign for his people. Bukarau explains to Crash that his tribal chief, Papu Papu, has fallen in with the shady invaders who have poisoned their island home and has banished him from the tribe for speaking out against the toxic alliance. With his spiritual influence absent from the tribe, most of its members have since been caught in the grip of really bad mojo. Bukarau points out that not all of his fellow tribespeople have been corrupted, and some have even managed to escape the village out of their own free will thanks to the help of a foreign emissary who the "false idol" sent to deal with the tribe on his behalf. Bukarau begs Crash to help the escapees, who have now found themselves being preyed upon by both the local plant and wild life. The shaman removes the wooden mask that adorns his face and offers its protection to Crash instead, since Bukarau can't tap into its full potential in the current rough shape that its in. He tells Crash to seek out other ones like it, claiming that they each hold a fragment of the mighty Aku Aku's power. Bukarau is too tired and worn to handle the sheer power, but Crash would be the ideal conduit due to all the good mojo that's inside him. He instructs Crash to continue forward down the path that they're currently on if he wants to find the escapees, making sure to warn Crash not to stray too far from the path, for bad mojo runs through the veins of the entire island chain now and its corrupt influence can prove most damaging to the best of men, much like his chief. Bukarau disappears into the woods as Crash heads out to save the village escapees with the Aku Aku mask in tow. Back in Cortex Castle, doctors Cortex and Brio are making final preparations for the Cortex Vortex so that Tawna can be the next subject to be put under its influence. Brio once again raises concerns about another more catastrophic failure after the powerful kickback that the machine received during the previous session with Crash. Cortex is intent on getting Bandicoot 1.0 back, and Bandicoot 1.5 will be the driving force that brings him back home to them. Cortex has Ota dragged into the lab to witness the miracle of science at work, however, the machine shuts down completely as a result of the mojo overload it received earlier from Crash. The machine overheats and explodes with Tawna still strapped in it. Cortex frantically orders Brio and his assistants to salvage the female bandicoot from the wreckage at once, but much to his surprise, they come up with no sign of her. Crash continues down the path that Bukarau sent him down, breaking any box he comes across, hoping that Cortex and his army were able to recover at least a few more masks during their excavations of the islands' various sacred sites. A lone, injured skunk crawls its way into Crash's path. Crash approaches it with caution. The skunk recounts to him how he and his pack were suddenly attacked by something that came up out of the ground. Recalling back to his encounter with the beach crabs, Crash wonders if Chithila might've survived his fall. The skunk says that he abandoned his brothers like a coward, but he can at least take solace in the fact that he can take another "two legs" down with him. Puzzled, Crash notices the skunk ignite a stick of dynamite with his nauseous fumes. Thinking as fast as he could, Crash spins the skunk away, exploding off into distance. Crash continues his search, eventually encountering two more skunks, possibly from the same party as the last one, running for dear life. As soon as they see Crash, they claim to know exactly who's been responsible for their current plight; the yellow midget with the bad hair trying to play god. They look to avenge their fallen comrades by dealing with Crash personally, but Crash easily dodges their attacks and dispatches them swiftly. Crash continues down the way that the skunks came running from, eventually encountering the true culprit behind their plight. A large, carnivorous plant emerges from the soil, blocking Crash's path, bearing its bloody fangs in full view for Crash to see. Crash makes his approach, causing the hostile plant to make its offensive move first. Crash narrowly avoid getting chomped at multiple times before pelting the plant with a few punches before finishing it off with a spin. The motionless plant recedes into the soil that it spawned from. With the path once again safe to trek, Crash continues on his way until encountering yet another obstacle in the form of rolling disk rocks, more than likely put in place as a defense mechanism by the local tribes. Crash is able to make it past the rolling rocks unscathed before recovering a second Aku Aku mask from one of the many Cortex Power crates lying around. This new mask becomes one with the first mask that Bukarau gave him. The combined masks start to emit a golden aura, the power that the shaman mentioned is finally starting to reveal itself. Crash uses some this power to truck through more enemies and obstacles, but something suddenly catches his eye within one of the boxes he breaks; a mask crafted in the image of Tawna's face. Crash decides to hold onto it, feeling another distinct power emanating from it. Crash soon finds himself in one the old Cortex Power excavation sites, and it is here where he finally meets up with the village escapees, as well as Cortex's middle man, Dr. Naivan Digenous. He mistakes Crash for one of Cortex's commandos and tries to explain his actions as best as he can, but Crash pays it no mind. Dr. Digenous says that he and the villagers had to seek refuge in the site due to all the hostiles and traps that now swarm jungle. The strongest of the villagers stayed behind to combat the threats and gave the others the opportunity to find this shelter. Digenous then goes on to reveal that the excommunicated doctor, Noxious Plant, has moved forward with his experiments on plant life since being kicked out of The N. Circle, the results of which are the man-eating plants that they are rapidly spreading throughout the jungle. Crash heads out to assist the warrior villagers before it's too late. Crash navigates his way through more rolling rocks and fights off more skunks and mutant plants before discovering another Tawna mask. The combined power of those two start to rival that of the Aku Aku's. Crash soon runs into a larger pack of skunks, who are going about using their toxic fumes to poison and neutralize the mutated plant life. These skunks also have the warrior villagers at their mercy, so Crash intervenes and takes the skunks out one by one, flowing with more power given to him by the masks. The warriors inform Crash that their best man, Aka Hata, went on his own to cut off the mutant plants at their source. Crash follows their directions until coming across a third Tawna mask along the way. The power of the three masks together leaks out to create portal. Crash allows himself to be taken by it. Crash finds himself transported into an entirely different, almost dreamlike, section of the Wumpa jungles. Located in the treetops high above the islands, untouched by Cortex's influence. A familiar voice calls out to him. Crash desperately tries tracking the voice to its source and in the distance, he can finally make out Tawna on the other side of the expanse that divides the trees they each are on. Crash traverses the crates leading to the other side, eventually coming within mere footsteps of his mate. She asks Crash if this is all real, but before they can truly reunite, they're torn apart as the powers that brought them together shorts out. Crash awakens, back on the path where he once was. The Tawna masks having since disappeared from his possession. Crash shakes it all off and continues his search for Aka Hata. Back in Cortex's Lab, Tawna rematerializes where the busted Cortex Vortex remains, in a flash of purple energy, similarly to that of Cortex Vortex's rays. Tawna cries out Crash's name, still believing that he nears. Cortex is in disbelief, surmising that Tawna had somehow "warped" to an entirely different location somehow, something he's been trying to master for a while now. With the Vortex in a sad state of disrepair, it'll take a while before it's back up in working order again. Brio uses a modified didgeridoo to lull the Bandicoot 1.5 into a hyper relaxed state, making her a lot safer to handle. Cortex has his Assistants take both Tawna and Ota away. Tawna catches a brief glimpse of the distressed boy, a plan starting to form in her head as she's dragged back to her cage. Crash eventually finds Aka Hata locked in a life or death battle not with the plants, but with the skunks and their leader, Fetor. Crash joins the great warrior in his struggle, but constantly gets rebuffed due to Aka thinking that Crash is with the enemy. Fetor takes especially great offense to Crash's presence, thinking that the bandicoot has been sent by Cortex to finish this job for them. Fetor laments that he and his kind are only tasked with bottom of the barrel of jobs, only being told to go back and forward and patrolling the same paths. Cortex hasn't even bothered mutating the skunks to the point where they're able to walk on only two legs. Fetor's sick of the gross mistreatment of his kind, thinking they can prove to be just as useful as the potoroos, and plans to take it all out on Crash. The fight rages until Dr. Digenous arrives with a couple of the other warriors as back up. They vouch for Crash as being on their side, by Aka is still wary about Cortex's creations. It is not until Crash locates a third Aku Aku mask in the thick of battle does Aka start having second thoughts. The combined Aku Aku masks join together atop Crash's face and fill him with power of the village's guardian spirit. Fetor uses this distraction to take Aka Hata out of play and focuses the entire pack's efforts on the stunned warrior. They all spam with their stink bombs, each making contact with their target, but when the fumes settle, they're all shocked to see Crash standing in front of Aka, having tanked the full brunt of their attack himself. Aka and the rest of his fellow warriors bow to the power the mighty Aku Aku. Dr. Digenous, having studied the local lore extensively throughout his years, recognizes the power of the spirit by getting down on his knees as well. Virtually unharmed, Crash launches an all out assault on the skunk pack, taking them all out almost simultaneously with the swiftest of ease. All that's left of them if Fetor, who's only option is to flee at this point. Fetor finds himself cornered in an abandoned mining shaft filled with leftover, undetonated TNT crates. He threatens Crash not to come closer or else he'll blow them both sky high. He then makes the mistake of challenging the bandicoot's newfound speed, insinuating that he won't reach him in time to stop the skunk from setting them off anyway. Crash, however, lands a blow while Fetor was busy listening to himself talk, knocking the skunk back into the TNT and detonating all of them anyway. Dr. Digenous and the warriors can only watch as smoke begins to erupt in the distance from the blast. They soon find relief as they see the welcome sight of Crash making his way back to them. The Aku Aku mask suddenly drops from his face, causing the bandicoot to collapse to the ground. Digenous tends to him, using the same wumpa fruit method that Bukarau used earlier. Aka Hata and his subordinates discuss the possibility of Crash helping them take their village back from the corrupt chief, Papu Papu. Back on the road with Aiko and her transporters, she can hear a commotion starting up outside her crate. Shots are fired and explosions are going off as yelling can be heard being hurled from both sides of this apparent conflict. Her crate starts tumbling over and she could hear Pinstripe shouting her name before feeling her crate drop completely from solid ground. Aiko screams as her crate appears to bounce off against a bunch of rocks before finally landing in some sort of body of water. She could feel the strong current washing her further away from the fighting as the gunshots quickly fade out, getting drowned out by the sound of rushing water. She feels the crate take another huge drop, falling in the air for what felt like an eternity in her tight confinement before finally crashing down hard into more water and rocks below. Aiko soon washes up on the shores of N. Sanity Island, where tribesmen armed with spears pry her out of what remains of her containment and surround her unconscious body. They decide to bring her back to their village so that the chief may decide her fate. Notes & Trivia - Character/Faction debuts: Chairwoman N. Dustrial, Bukarau, Aka Hata, Dr. N. Digenous, Fetor, Yes Men, Papu tribespeople, skunks, man-eating plants - Character death(s): Fetor, scores of skunks and man-eating plants - The events of this episode is a reimagining of the second Crash Bandicoot level, "Jungle Rollers" - Bukarau is based on the original concept for Aku Aku's character before he became a mere mask, as seen in the Crash Bandicoot Production Bible, which this reimagining takes plenty of inspiration from in general - Fetor is based on the iconic disgruntled skunk enemy from the beginning of Crash Twinsanity - Unlocking the hidden power of the Aku Aku masks by collecting three is a nod to the invincibility power up and the method to obtaining it in the original games - The Tawna masks are a re-tooling of the Tawna Tokens from the original game, in which you have to collect three in order to go to the bonus round, which is also represented in this episode during the mojo dream sequence between Crash and Tawna -The skunks and their power over their stink are a nod to the Stenches from the Titans series of games - Aka Hata and the other village warriors are based on Rau Utu and the Rakus, characters from the PS2 video games "The Mark of Kri" and "Rise of the Kasai" - Akahata means "supreme" in Maori - N. Dustrial mentions to Pinstripe that she is a former protégée of Dr. N. Gin, who she says is currently off island working on a top secret project for Cortex Next episode will be posted on February 12!
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    I don't mean to sound callous but people really need to let go of this. Yes, it's sad that it's very possible that Steve wouldn't have approved of Kamp Koral, and it's debatable if he even knew about it, but spin-offs were inevitable. For any entertainment property the size of Spongebob, getting milked is par the course. It's incredibly tragic Steve passed so young, but even if he had lived an extra 20 or 30 years we would've seen this scenario happen, it just would've been delayed. It's debatable if it would have even happened had he not passed. He clearly was stepping back and letting Paul, and later Vincent and Marc take the reigns. He let Sponge out of Water have a lot of CG and superheroes, something from interviews and anectodes, isn't something he would've let happen with the first movie. He let a completely (well, with the exception of Aaron Springer and a few old board artists) new crew direct an-all CGI movie with a bunch of pop songs and pop culture references. He let a broadway musical happen, something he'd been on record as being opposed to. I honestly feel like at a certain point he would've let spin-offs happen anyway, maybe not this one, but he was clearly letting other people take over the franchise. Vincent is very possibly telling a white lie or stretching the truth, it conflicts with what he told others about Steve's knowledge of the show a while back, but I just feel dirty about people continually pressing him about it. He's grieving from Steve (and his two friend's passings) and wasn't in the emotional state to pin down for sure. Other people on the crew didn't seem to know for sure either. The only person remaining who could give a definitive answer would be Paul, but if I were him I wouldn't want to step foot in this drama personally, and even then he's working on information Steve relayed to him years, if not decades ago. I don't think Pieguy's an asshole, or malicious, he's always level-headed in his videos, but I don't quite think he grasps the power he has with an audience of his size. Every bit of his own speculation he throws out is like attracting crabs to a bucket. His video was mostly accurate and lines up with what I've heard, but he also isn't considering that development on the biggest kid's show in history takes a while- a spin-off of this magnitude would not have been pitched and greenlit in the span of one meeting. There had to have been rumors of it around the office for months beforehand. No one greenlights a multi-million dollar project, especially one with an all-new CG pipeline, on a whim. I also don't get why he thinks Nick PR would have a more direct answer than Vincent's? If Vincent (who not only worked with Steve up to his passing), but several other crew members don't know for sure, why would a Nick PR person know?
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    For those of you who are active on Discord, I've reset the chat economy run by UnbeliavaBoat, and starting today, I'm implementing a system to turn UnbelivaBoat's money into cold hard cashdoubloons. At the end of every month, I'll give the top three on UnbeliavaBoat's leaderboard however much money they have in doubloons. There are three main ways make money in the chat, which are commands that work only in the #robot-pirate-island channel: $work - This is the safest option, where you do honest work to earn money, but the potential profit isn't as high as with the other options $slut - You can whore yourself out to get more money than you would doing regular work, but there's a 20% chance of getting caught and paying a hefty fine $crime - This is the riskiest option, where you do very illegal things to make money, but it also has the highest potential profit. There's a 40% chance of you getting caught, and if you are, you'll pay a steeper fine than you would for $slut, so be careful with this command The $work command can only be used once an hour, and the $slut and $crime commands can only be used once every two hours. You can also use $rob to steal money from other members, but the chance of a robbery being successful is lower the less cash that other member has on hand. The easiest way to keep yourself from being robbed is simply to use the $deposit command to deposit your money into your personal bank account (use $dep all if you want to deposit all of the cash you currently have on hand). Whenever you need money again to play games or feed your animals or whatever, you can do $withdraw with however much you want to take from your bank account. The leaderboard will be reset on the first of every month starting in March. Loyal Customers will get 50 gold a day from the bot. Each message you make in chat also gives you a chance of between 10 and 20 gold per message. If you aren't on track to finish in the top three at the end of the month or don't care about getting doubloons on here, you can use your money to buy an item from our store, play games like blackjack or roulette, or buy and feed animals. There are a lot of other things UnbelievaBoat can do, but I'm focusing on its economy commands because that's where I've made the biggest overhaul. If you have any questions about UnbelievaBoat or whenever Robot Jones is coming back (hint: the answer is never), let me know.
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    Oooooooh these are so good; I especially love the sad widdle padlock one, it's so cute! Nice to see you posting after so long, man! Keep up the good work!
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    Can not BELIEVE it's almost been a full year since the last time you posted art here, glad to see you do some new ones. Keep up the good work, and stay healthy!
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    EPISODE VII – MEME CHARACTERS They were never meant to be taken seriously. Even mentioning their name causes laughter among some fans. But they led lives and backstories just as complex and interesting as any other Star Wars character, which is nothing to laugh about. So what have they been up to? Favjo Manew, The Jeans Guy After being erased out of existence thanks to digital meddling the will of the Force, Favjo found himself in a strange, terrifying purgatory along with the original Yoda puppet from Phantom Menace and the Sebastian Shaw Anakin ghost. The three reportedly get along well. Dexter Jettster Dex kept running his old diner until the Empire seized his property to build an Amazon warehouse. Undeterred, he started Dex’s NEW Diner with his beloved girlfriend Chef Gormaanda and ran it until 34 ABY, when he was shot and killed in an armed robbery. Investigators never found his killer, and true crime documentaries continue to cover his death. Please, think of him and the legacy he built everytime you chomp into a nerf burger. Elan Sleazebaggano, The Deathsticks Guy Unfortunately for poor Elan, the death stick business ended up falling on hard times following the rise of the Empire. He tried several gigs to compensate: traveling salesmen, mining guild, shoe shiner, droid fixer, and more, but they never panned out. Frustrated and down on his luck, he eventually settled into the spice business around 10 BBY, which ended with him getting his face tragically blown off Breaking Bad style. Willrow Hood, The Ice Cream Maker Guy Contrary to popular belief, Willrow Hood wasn’t holding an ice cream maker—he was holding a container called a camtono, which was filled with precious ice cream. After evacuating Cloud City, Willrow fled to Mustafar in order to enjoy his frozen desserts, only to find that they had all melted. Boss Nass Boss Nass’ rule as Gungan leader didn’t last long under the Empire. Shortly after Padmé’s death, he was violently overthrown in an Empire-backed coup and replaced by Supreme Generalissimo Juan Juan Guaidó, Savior of the Gungan People. Nass’ last words before his beheading were as follows: “BLBLBLBLBLBLBLBL.” Tomorrow we'll be focusing on a much narrower group of characters—a group who liked to perform together in a certain band.
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    Even the designs on the poster look cheap. They're so sure they have a big hit on their hands that they're extending the episode order before the series has even premiered.
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    good evening theexplodingcommunity.com
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    Do you happen to know either Kenny the Shark or Jabberjaw?
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