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    https://ktla.com/news/local-news/black-panther-star-chadwick-boseman-dies-of-cancer-at-43/ Genuinely heartbroken and frozen up right now.
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    Longing for its master, it was quick to sprout once it got the snot-tear nourishment it so honestly craved, even making loud slurping noises to confirm it. What do you think? Inanimate object or living plant organism? Squidward’s house has been shown on many occasions coming to life, even having its security system take over it and a mrenter like disembodied voice coming out of it. Has this pineapple had longing feelings ever since its seed of the original pineapple that was sucked away by the nematodes still have feelings for him all these years later? If SpongeBob was to get another pineapple would the seed now fully grown into an Young Adult fruit get extremely jealous? Only time and 13 more seasons of the show will tell, I assume. wait No No... the replacement has already begun. I wonder how the seed felt.
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    @4EverGreen To fill you in, we're posting images that precede "unfortunate events" in the show. For example, OWM's picture is moments before SpongeBob gets emotionally destroyed by a customer, Steel's and Prez's are title cards of infamous eps (even if the latter isn't real), and OMJ's just about speaks for itself. I'm not against posting GIFs if they fit the theme of coming before some unfortunate scene or moment. But random GIFs, simply put, don't belong in this thread. Thanks.
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    tfw you're a 24 year old stalking spongebob sites
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    god i hate how toxic the cartoon fandoms are on twitter. nothing but scumbags or assholes fighting each other about how "these old cartoons are way better than calarts" when we should literally just be accepting of cartoon tastes and just make whatever creators want to make. It makes me want to create a rant video but it'll look cringe since I'm not good at doing commentaries. Animation is an artform. It evolves, you can make stuff inspried by the golden age, go for it. Don't force everyone else to do it or act better than everyone else with it though. I know not every fan is like that, but seeing back and forth from people around that John K respcter troll (are they a troll, i don't even know, it feels so legitimate not to be a troll due to how far it's gone, but I've heard it is, still very toxic) and their supporters and people who are into modern day animation. Animation is allowed to evolve into other styles outside of where it started. That's what art is supposed to do, evolve into different styles. It doesn't mean you can't keep doing older styles of an artform, you know. It just really annoys me and it's why I shouldn't even bother with it. It also makes me just not want to even pursue it since it just feels like an industry where everyone fucks the creator over, or you have to deal with a few weirdos or scumbags who didn't want to get mental help before it was too late and before pursuing their dream job.
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    So… it's come to this. We have finally reached the bottom of the barrel. The scum of the sea. The absolute, undeniable, WORST SONGS IN BILLBOARD YEAR-END HISTORY! I scoured through the 60-odd songs that I placed at the bottom of each of my Worst Lists for each Billboard Year-End chart. And after boatloads of memories came flooding back, I found the worst of that bunch. There is no place further for these songs to hide. They may have had their day in court, but now they will be subject to extra sentencing. Let's go! …But before we do, a couple of scattered shout-outs to specific songs and milestones: First, shout out to Captain and Tennille, who managed to top the worst list three separate times, yet were spared from the worst of the worst. Congratulations on being consistently, acceptably terrible. And RIP Daryl Dragon. Second, shout out to "You and Me" by Lifehouse, which is the only song to have repeated a top position on the worst list, appearing both in 2005 and 2006! Yet it does not make the list, because the nostalgia bug is just that potent. And finally, shout out to "It's Been Awhile" by Staind and "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix" by Joey Lawrence, which really aren't that bad and probably don't deserve to be mentioned here at all. But they grinded my gears at some point, so they sit at the "top" of this list regardless. Now! Let's get it started. Wumbo's Bottom 10 Billboard Year-End Hits of All Time Well, that was fun! Up next, of course, is the best list. Same rules, but in reverse. When will it come out? Who knows? I have a job now! You're lucky to get this! Stay tuned!
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    The pineapple seed—like all fruits-to-be—was a living being, yet I don't think it ever found true happiness. I imagine it was left to chase the high of being cummed on with icky sponge boogers for the rest of its lifespan, waiting patiently for episodes that could give it prominence again. And so it received another one years later, but this where I mark the start of the pineapple seed's crashing decline. The abuse it suffered under these three strange gay men would only worsen its painful identity crisis. Why are they mistreating me so? Are canned fruit homes the new norm? Do I need to spend the rest of its life competing with synthetically grown Ananas comosus? Never again would it feel the caress of living, rushing life through its roots—and it knew. It was just too much. It accepted its fate and chose to burn out rather than fade away, defying the future of false fruits wrapped in tin containers. But was it even worth it?
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    I visited Home Depot today, had a case of hiccups and also drank Dr. Pepper
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    or the day after we're operating on covid 19 time here you can't expect me to be perfect Okay! Yes, I am back. Here to tell you that this project is NOT over. At least, not yet. I still have some unfinished business that I'd like to get to, and it is as follows: I will begin by posting my Bottom 10 Songs in Billboard Year-End History. These will be the most insidious songs from my Bottom 10 lists that have truly earned their spots as being the most rancid songs I've ever had the displeasure of listening to while doing this project. All #1 worst songs from every year are eligible. Next, I will reverse the message by posting my Top 10 Songs in Billboard Year-End History! These will be the songs from my Top 10 lists that stick with me most to this day. All the #1 songs will be eligible (yes, even that one). Finally, as a cap-off to this project, I will reveal my Top 100 Artists of All Time, regardless of whether they made Billboard year-end charts or not. I'm not doing a Bottom Artists list because that's too much negativity, and I want to end this on the most positive note possible. Stay tuned for all of these in the coming weeks and months!
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    this dude was literally so ass at this game lmao
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    Hi, I am Ann and 23 years old. I recently registered in another spongebob forum and someone told me I should join here too, so I did Currently I am studying the teacher training programme for english and psychology+philosophy. My hobbies are meeting with friends, going out and watching television on my laptop (youtube). I hope I can meet new friends here and I am open to get to know people.
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    1968! A good year for music? Yes! I have done 60 of these now, I've ran out of ways to introduce 'em. So fuck it! Let's gooooo Wumbo's Top 10 Hits of 1968 Full List:
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    JCM Goes on a Wild Kev Hunt (JCM walks into jjs' office.) jjs: Hey, JCM! Great job teaching PE! None of the kids have broken any bones yet, so you're already doing better than drag usually does at this point of the school year! JCM: Thanks! jjs: Anyway, since you have no other classes today, I wanted you to do something for me. One of our students, kev, hasn't showed up in almost a week, and as you know, our state funding comes per student, so we can't have anyone going missing that long without an excuse. JCM: What do you want me to do about it? (jjs takes a rifle out from under his desk. JCM gasps.) jjs: Don't worry! This is just a tranquilizer gun. I need you to bring kev back to school, by force if necessary. If he isn't in Clappy's third period history class, we'll be forced to count him absent for the fifth straight day, which means we'll no longer be able to make money from him. JCM: Or expand his mind with the gift of education? jjs: Yeah, but mostly make money from him. Now, chop chop! Third period begins in an hour! JCM: You've got it! (JCM runs into the door and falls to the ground. When he gets back up, his lips are swollen.) jjs: You okay? JCM: Yeah, I'll be alwight. jjs: Uh, make sure that you remember how door handles work. JCM: Aye aye, sow! jjs: You mean "sir"? JCM: That's what I said, isn't it? (JCM leaves the office.) jjs: Why do I get the feeling this will be a clusterfuck? (JCM, wearing a hunter's hat and hunter's jacket, tiptoes into the mall. He turns to one of the vendors.) JCM: Shh. Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I'm hunting twuants. Vender: (looks both ways) Okay? (JCM notices kev walking into a comic book shop. He goes in after kev. After looking through the latest issue of Batman But He Kills People And Really Really Hates Muslims (written by Frank Miller), he lowers the comic book to find JCM pointing his tranquilizer gun at kev's face.) JCM: Now listen, you awe gonna come back with me to the SpongeBob Community School, or I'll dwag you there knocked out. kev: Fuck off, old man! JCM: Option 2, then. (kev ducks just as JCM shoots the tranquilizer dart, causing him to knock out the owner of the comic book shop instead.) kev: Cool! Now I don't have to pay for this! (kev jumps onto JCM's tranquilizer gun just as he shoots another dart, hops over JCM, and leaves the store holding the comic he was reading.) JCM: You come back hewe, and you pay for that book! (JCM chases kev through the mall, but kev loses him a few minutes later.) JCM: Whewe is that wascaly twuant? (kev taps JCM's shoulder from behind, and when JCM turns around, kev kisses him before punching him with a fist covered by a boxing glove.) kev: Best $12 I ever spent. (kev's punch sends JCM flying to the other side of the mall, and after he lands, he gets back up with tiny birds flying around his head.) JCM: You haven't seen the last of JCM: Twuant Huntew! (As kev walks out of the mall, laughing, JCM catches up with him again, pointing his tranquilizer gun at kev's face again with a furious expression on his own face.) JCM: You could have made this easy for me. You could have just come back to the school with me, but no! You had to make it hawd for me! And now...I'll make it hawd for you. kev: (nervous) B-be careful how you're pointing that. JCM: Shut up! (JCM shoves the tranquilizer gun into kev's face, and he falls to the ground dramatically.) JCM: K-kev? (JCM kneels beside kev, whose eyes are closed and whose tongue is sticking out of his mouth.) JCM: Oh, no! I killed him! I killed him for skipping school! What's wong with me? (JCM starts crying. kev opens one eye before closing it shut again.) JCM: I'm a monstew! I don't desewve to teach kids! All kev wanted to do was have some fun, and I muwdewed him for it! kev: (whispering) Come closer. JCM: kev? (JCM gets closer to him.) kev: Closer. (JCM gets even closer) kev: Closer. (JCM gets so close that his ear is right in front of kev's mouth.) kev: (screaming) I'M NOT DEAD YOU FUCKING IDIOT! (JCM is so startled that he drops his tranquilizer gun, and kev picks it up before pointing it at JCM.) kev: (in bad Austrian accent) Hasta la vista, baby. (kev shoots a dart into JCM's neck, and when JCM wakes up, he's in Clappy's third period history class.) Clappy: kev? JCM: (slurred) Here. Clappy: (shrugs) Good enough. (Clappy puts a check beside kev's name on the attendance sheet before moving on.) JCM: That's all, folks. (passes out again) (The End)
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    damn all the images died
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    tinypic is a pain in the a so I'm reposting this: Also consider this as me trying to revive this topic
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    Hi, welcome to Cartoon Opinions on Wheels, I'm your friendly neighborhood brony. How may I help you?
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    5 years have gone by - how the time flies! (BTW, I know this is a little off, but I guess this month still marks my 5th anniversary...) This month marks my 5th anniversary on SpongeBob forums - and I think it's been quite fun. From my humble beginnings as a lurker, to my eventual sign-up on SBM, I think I was quite excited to be a part of the SpongeBob forum community. Unlike other users - somehow, while lurking through old posts, something about the SBM culture of way-back-when spoke to me - the gay squids, Ice Bear, I'M CUTE LOL, Wander, llamas, etc. I knew that this was unlike everything I had ever imagined could come out of an Internet forum dedicated to that talking cheese and his Bikini Bottom friends. So it was quite stoked to join the forums finally. I remember that I wowed everybody with my knowledge of the SBM culture - as if I was stalking them. I think my early days at SBM could be seen as having their ups and downs. I think that parody I did of "Imitation Krabs" was perhaps one of my finest achievements on ANY SB forum. But I can't forget the downs, unfortunately. Trying to "meme" Elmyra - trying to become popular - I think I was so caught up in wanting attention so badly, and wanting to get "likes" so badly I forgot to just sorta be myself and just do my own thing. I mean, making jokes in the Salty Spittoon? How despicable. And making dozens of clickbait topics? Using reaction images in lieu of an actual response? Seriously? If I could, I would've given my 2015 self a big slap in the face for all of that. I remember Prez once sent me a YT link to the "Jungle Book" song "I Wanna Be Like You" in SBM Chat once - that's a more than accurate summing-up of me in my earliest days as part of SBM. I mean, Elmyra is a cute and funny character - she's a great example of a character who's sweet and cute and loveable - but also not sickingly saccharine - but it's just plain wrong to try and force somebody to like what you like. I almost want to compare myself to H**den, who tried to force people to like his shows. Still I managed to make a few friends in those days, Cha, SOF, Carotte, Prez, Illiniguy, Cake - all wonderful, fun people who I'd like to chat more with sometime on Discord - although my IRL friends will always be closer to me than you guys - I still love you all though. It's just a pity I've not conversed with most of you lately. I remember it was around September I decided to join SBC - but I never really used it too much, I think, except when SBM was down. But eventually I phased out of SBM and started going on SBC more and more - although I did still go on SBM sometimes. It was in 2016 when I think I met the person who became my best friend on either SBM or SBC - Renegade the Unicorn, who you may know as that guy who's into outsider music and the incredibly talented author of several lits, most notably "Power Rangers: Multiverse Force". Easily one of the best people I've met on this site - and it's great that he's into some of the stuff I'm into that not everybody here is. Somehow we've become a little more distant than we have, but I still value our wonderful conversations in our ongoing PMs and on Discord. The other thing I'm most proud of are my literary contributions to the site. I'm not afraid to brag a little: I don't think I'm too bad a writer. Sometimes I come up with really good ideas, and I think I've done some nice work with "The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy", although I've unfortunately neglected it of late. T'is a shame, really - me and Renegade have developed some really good, big plans for it in our PM and I'd really like to see all that stuff happen someday. There's actually a good reason why there's been such a big gap between updates of that topic - RTU started work on the latest-posted chapter, but I don't think it was finished. I literally had the patience of a saint there, until I accepted the fact he was probably too busy to finish it and wrote the latest chapter myself. So, although you probably weren't wondering, that's why there was a gap between posts there. But I digress. I wish I could go on - but to make it quick - it's been five wild, fun, sometimes cringey years with you guys. Thanks for everything.
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    This status is dedicated to Stephen Hillenburg, was born on this day in 1961. Rest in peace, Steve. Thanks for all you've done.
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    Patrick Starts a Talk Show Announcer: Welcome to The Patrick Star Show! Here's your host: Patrick Star! (The crowd cheers as Patrick walks into the stage.) Patrick: Thank you, thank you! We've got an amazing show for you tonight! Lincoln Loud is here! (The crowd goes wild.) Patrick: But first: a couple of jokes! (The crowd goes wild.) Patrick: I...haven't actually gotten to the jokes yet. (The crowd goes wild.) Patrick: Let me actually tell some jokes before you start laughing! (The crowd goes wild.) Patrick: That's it! (Patrick takes out a flamethrower and burns the entire audience to a crisp.) Patrick: Now that I can hear myself think... (Patrick takes a piece of paper out of his pocket.) Patrick: Knock knock! (Lincoln Loud, star of the hit Nickelodeon series The Loud House, walks onto the stage.) Lincoln: Who's there? (Patrick fries Lincoln with his flamethrower.) Patrick: Don't interrupt! (As Lincoln turns to ashes, Patrick turns his paper around.) Patrick: I forgot the punchline. (What a twist!)
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