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    - Basketball, y'all
    - Money
    - People buying my stuff
    - Circumcised swimming
    - Banging on a trashcan
    - Drumming on streetlights
    - Riffs! Yeah, right!
    - Pug trafficking
    - Grand Slams with extra Ham and a SIDE OF CARROT CAKE
    - FUUUCK
    - Throwin' down face-downs
    - Then ending my turns
    - Hey Ben.
    - Yeah?
    - See ya.
    - ...Yeah...
    - Puhhhhh
    - "Yo! Kai!"
    - "THAT'S MY NAME"
    - drinking up the gift of Jericho
    - I feel like I'm a bigger fan of Pokemon now than I was as a kid
    - Putting children's cartoon characters into adult situations
    - Honor
    - Family
    - Tradition
    - And donuts
    - Not Caring!
    - Covering wars, ya know
    - Getting it memorized
    - Making tombstones for stray dogs
    - This list is getting UPBEAT! UPBEAT!
    - Forklift racing
    - DENIM
    - Shaun White hoodies
    - Heading to the Tiki Lodge for some R&R
    - Breaking out the butter
    - Making toast
    - The George Lopez Show for like, the first 3 times
    - Same with My Wife and Kids
    - Standing unshaken amidst the clashing of worlds
    - Rodan.
    - Godzilla.
    - Bringing the darkness and the thunder
    - Coming from hell and pulling you under
    - Making you feel the wrath of my ways
    - Being the end of your days
    - When it's time to make the donuts
    - Dead Rising
    - DashieGames (pause?)
    - Being remembered as the July 2011 Employee of the Month
    - That's me!
    - That's MEEEEE! That's meee!
    - Employee of the MOOOOOONTH!
    - Mecha
    - Yes, Dear (somebody please syndicate this fucking show again! Put it on Netflix, Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle, something!)

    This is the life, you see. The devil tips his hat to me.
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  1. Hats off to the writer for making an SBC parody of this movie as nice, clear and concise as this was. Feels like a pretty daunting task, at least to me.
  2. Conflicted over whether or not I should attend a birthday get-together with a few friends and one of their families in a couple weeks. I suppose there'll only be 10 or less of us there, but these kinds of gatherings have been spelling disaster lately. Yet at the same time, cabin fever is settling in hard.
  3. Thank you sistah, appreciate it
  4. I think we're good, Oahu seems poised to avoid the worst of it. Hopefully it stays that way for Kauai. Appreciate the concern though
  5. Seems about timely to announce my first major attempt at a spinoff post-Skodwarde & Deathmatch
  6. It was a nice lil sorta inversion of Squid's Day Off. Felt like the closest we'll ever get to formally seeing how tight of a ship SpongeBob would run with The Krusty Krab 2.
  7. I thought TLC had the next hit series on their hands when first reading that title
  8. You and me both. Stay strong and safe, sistah Kat Sounds pretty keen, I wish you the best with that undertaking. And I'm diggin the new setup, I can't really complain
  9. Aight, I guess. Been better. Haven't really done anything worth mentioning. Hbu?
  10. I'd like to relive my track days
  11. Figured I'd drop this in here instead of making it it's own thread. It seems in line enough with what It's About Time's got going on sorta. https://youtu.be/KETsS3nkwBw The last time I bothered with mobile games was Pokemon Go, but this might just have my attention enough to give it a fair shake. I always appreciate some healthy expansion on the Crash lore.
  12. I went back and pulled some revisionist history shit just for you, daddy! Put you over strong. The mizarks will go wild, brother
  13. Possibly the last time I'll post in this thread? https://www.thesbcommunity.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7656-community-deathmatch/&do=findComment&comment=923308
  14. The following you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the creator's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual events or locales is not entirely coincidental. This program doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any person portrayed herein... Anyway, it's just posts!
  15. Isle of Armor Ghost of Tsushima
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