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  1. Abigail: It was a nice sorta return to form for Radio Silence after their last two Scream outings. Felt like a return to something more in line with Ready Or Not (which I love). This movie was fun and makes full use of that R-rating, so it wasn’t just some M3GAN lite. It adds some interesting layers onto the Universal vampire mythos. The cast was awesome, nice to see Kathryn Newton in something else that plays more to her strengths this soon after Lisa Frankenstein (plz give her anything to expunge the stank of Quantumania off her ty) The movie admittedly gets hampered down by its final act. It seemed cool on paper, but it was messy with its execution. Still a bloody fun good time to be had with a good crowd or group tho. Boy Kills World: Wanted to love it more than I ended up just liking it. It seemed to have a winning recipe going for it but idk, something just didn’t click as well it should’ve. Maybe it’s because I still have Monkey Man fresh in my mind and that movie went all in on its lore and world building and giving me such a good reason to care about its characters that it wants you to root for. Boy Kills World is mostly just played for laughs tho, so that’s probs on me. The Hunger Games-esque world it’s building seems hella interesting, but I guess it mostly operates as a parody of that rather than to be fleshed out in its own interesting ways. The action and brutality was on point tho. Helps scratch the John Wick itch. The final fight was one of the more visceral, cerebrally articulated fight scenes I’ve seen in any of these kine movies. Good shit. It’s fun to hear Bob’s Burgers/Archer/Coach McGuirk providing what is essentially color commentary for the entire movie, but it’s a gimmick I feel would get old quick for some. But it does lead to one of this movie’s funnier gags involving a guy whose lips Boy can’t reads Fun ass movie, but went in expecting a bit more than what I got. Fun to be had watching with other like-minded people who enjoy these joints as much as you do. My mystery movie crowd ate this shit up, so a good crowd helped a lot.
  2. Currently living with my dad and sister. Between supporting my mom when she was undergoing her cancer treatments, taking care of my grandma when her Alzheimer’s/dementia was getting real bad, watching out for my dad after his heart attacks and helping care for my sister who has Down’s syndrome, someone had to stick around. Especially with my other older siblings being off-island doing their own things. Not to mention the cost of living here in Hawaii. I’d never make it on my own without some help. And idk how I’d handle living with non-family roommates.
  3. This past Monday’s Regal Mystery Movie was the Spy x Family movie releasing tomorrow. I spoiled the surprise for myself before going in so I was expecting a lot of walkouts, but surprisingly only like one couple got up and left. Most everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so it was cool to see an anime getting some love from a crowd I’d assume wouldn’t be for it. The sour ass lemons on Reddit be damned. I still need to catch up with the series myself (as is the case with most every tv series I miraculously get so much as a start on), but since it’s still pretty fresh in its run, this movie’s given me some incentive to get back to it. Maybe. Watched Arcadian on Tuesday, which was pretty good. Like Shudder’s very own Quiet Place (if they haven’t already made one). It was pretty much mostly all I wanted It Comes At Night to be when I first watched that lol. I found it funny that this theater didn’t bother showing Dream Scenario (which I still have to watch btw), but this is the Nic Cage movie they went out of their way to play. I guess it has some sorta deal with Regal or something. And then I watched Interstellar last night since I’ve never watched it at all, so having that first experience in a theater is a cool thing to have. Idk why I didn’t watch it during its initial run since I was still doing my whole movie-watching thing back then. Guess I was frugal with my movie picks since I didn’t have Regal Unlimited back then and only went to the theater once or twice a week? The movie was good, but got kinda boring for me during the final stretch. Doesn’t help that a lot of it felt like ASMR the movie, so I was nodding off a lot at that point lol.
  4. Can’t really think of a good spot to talk wrasslin on the discord, so I’ll just say my piece here. It takes a really special kind of a fuck up to get the likes of Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo to all collectively agree that you really fucked up. You can literally see Tony Schiavone having war flashbacks to WCW’s worst days after that security camera footage segment with The Young Bucks ended. All that shit did was put over a guy who doesn’t even work for AEW anymore. It doesn’t necessarily do any favors for the perception of Jack Perry. It corroborates CM Punk’s side of the story that he told Ariel Helwani a lot more. Tony Khan makes himself look every bit like the clown that Punk says he is if that video truly captures the moment that he “felt afraid for his life”. Such a shame to see all the promise this company once had go right down the drain in the span of one night, and all because of a bruised ego. Khan’s been on a downward spiral for a good while now, but this past Dynamite was definitely him sinking to the lowest of the low. Never felt true fear for AEW’s future until this week. If they don’t get the kind of tv deal that they want out of WBD, hoo boy.
  5. SpongeBrawl celebrates Wrestlemania Weekend with a nowhere near as grand episode!
  6. Episode 3: Angel in the Goo The Toast Krusters are called upon to investigate Goo Lagoon, where a series of horrific drownings both in and out of the goo have been taking place. Local surf bums believe the cause of all the panic to be supernatural in nature. Some believe The Big One is back to wreak its brutal vengeance after it got shredded upon last surf season. The Toast Kusters rent out a dinghy for an overnight investigation out on water. Their cameras capture ghost orbs floating over the goo’s surface and onto land, but a freak wave accident cuts this investigation short. The next night, the Krusters launch an investigation on the beach itself, where Squidward comes face-to-face with the source of the haunting after disturbing its resting place with his specter detector (fashioned out of an old metal detector): Scooter the Surfer! After saving Squidward from a near-drowning on dry land, the memories all come flooding back to SpongeBob. He informs the others that Scooter passed away very untimely when the surfer asked him and his old pal, Bubble Buddy, to bury him in the sand. SpongeBob then left Bubble Buddy in charge of digging Scooter back out, but he hadn’t heard from Scooter again since. Krabs deduces that the bubble somehow failed his task and that Scooter now haunts the beach, tethered to the physical world by his anger and lust for vengeance. Squidward vividly recalls the ghost of Scooter having a pair of wings and a halo, as if he were visited by an angel. The surfer had no such appendages in life, so he must’ve acquired those sometime after death. They call it in to Sandy for her to further study on. Sandy doesn’t want to keep wasting valuable resources on their phony part time gig (especially without compensation), but a run in with Scooter the Angel himself inside her own Treedome is enough to convince Sandy to help put an end to his reign of terror. After ghost-proofing her dome, she gets back to The Krusters with more intel on “avenging angels”. Avenging angels were among the first angels created by God to dish out punishments that the big kahuna couldn’t bring himself to commit on his own. While mere mortals such as themselves are unable to become actual angels, she theorizes that Scooter’s well-documented religious upbringing mixed with his anger over his untimely death fueled a change in his spectral body after death, morphing him into the Angel of Vengeance they see now. And it seems as though he won’t rest until his vengeance has been deemed truly wreaked. Taking some of the ectoplasmic ooze she recovered from their previous Heart & Soul investigations and mixing it into a compound sample of goo from the lagoon, she creates a countermeasure made specially for Scooter that she calls “The Gooze”. She sends a bottle out to The Toast Krusters by drone to use at their own discretion. Krabs suggests using the Gooze to set up a trap for Scooter, and SpongeBob just so happens to have the perfect trap in mind. That night, the ghost of Scooter is drawn out by the presence of Bubble Buddy himself. His retribution finally at hand, Scooter uses his ghostly powers to finally pop the bubble, but unbeknownst to him, this perfect replica of Bubble Buddy was made by SpongeBob using the Gooze! Once popped, the Gooze splattered all over Scooter’s angelic form, burning him upon contact. Using his trusty bubble wand, SpongeBob blows Gooze bombs at Scooter, weakening him further. This leaves the angel of vengeance curable enough for Krabs and Squidward to lay siege with their new patented “Grief Blowers”. They handily suck up the ghost of Scooter the Surfer and send him back to Sandy for proper dispensement. With their investigation of Goo Lagoon officially coming to a close, the beach returns to relative normalcy. SpongeBob paddles out into the lagoon with all the beach bums to give Scooter a more dignified send off, out of respect for their fallen angel. Notes Featured ghost: Scooter the Angel Introduced anti-ghost devices: The Gooze and the newly patented Grief Blower
  7. Should’ve posted these in my last sharing time post, but it completely blanked out of my mind at the time. Just gonna post it here since I don’t necessarily feel like bumping my sharing time right now. My Kawaii Kon 2024 haul:
  8. Wrapped a late night recording sesh. The road to the Finale further heats up as Mermaid Man makes a shocking revelation! Two former Family Champions break up and collide! And a Wumbo Championship match to remember, or not!
  9. here’s to Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’s recent release Pilot: Part 2 Following both their respective run-ins with the other side, the Toast Krusters reconvene and formulate a counter-offensive as they find themselves fighting sinister specters on two fronts. Knowing that they must liberate two homes to prevent them from becoming perpetual houses of horror, they enlist Sandy’s services in order to “get a few upgrades” for their anti-ghost equipment. Using their newly modified gear, they are able to fight with the ghost haunting Squidward’s house on a much more even playing field. The struggle forces the ghost to manifest itself, revealing it to be a piece of SpongeBob’s own soul: the part of his soul that “died” when his vision for the Toast Krusters became a big sham thanks to Krabs. SpongeBob and Krabs reconcile just in time to save Squidward from another untimely demise, with SpongeBob employing his trusty reef blower to finally trap the ghost. They next head to the residence where Krabs’ disastrous solo ghost hunt took place. They’re able to draw the ghost out by tracking its whereabouts through random drops of temperature. The ghost manifests itself in the kitchen, revealing itself to be the corresponding part for SpongeBob’s passion that got poured into this project: his heart. They’re ultimately able to trap it after Krabs baits it in and surprises it out by having his shivering timbers braced. This enables Krabs to retain it long enough for SpongeBob to trap in his reef blower. Once the dust settles, they take the reef blower back to Sandy’s Treedome, where she can properly contain and, hopefully, dispose of them. SpongeBob’s faith in the team is restored as he draws up concept art for the Krusters’ uniforms going forward. Notes Featured ghosts: “Heart Man” and “Soul Man” Introduced gadgets: Reef Blower and Shivering Timber Braces
  10. The Krusty Krushers, BassWard and three-fourths of The Gal Pals are now canon to SpongeBrawl. What a time to be active here on SBC. Oh, Frank and Craig Mammalton are here too!
  11. Just gonna copy and paste what I posted on discord onto here to hit my monthly forum post quota. Pulled an Immaculate/Frozen Empire double feature on Thursday night. Immaculate sorta reminded me of Wrong Turn 2021, where I went in expecting the same formula as other movies that preceded it, but it does something just different enough to subvert some of my expectations in a way that I ended up enjoying more than I thought I would. And with The First Omen coming out in a few weeks, this movie needed something to stand out from that. And of course, there’s a lil somethin-somethin for the Sydney Sweeney Cinnamon Toast Crunch character-looking emote users out there. I consider this a W for Sydney since it sounded like quite the passion project for her. What a trilogy between this, Anyone But You and Madame Web. And Frozen Empire did enough to scratch dat itch for the GB fan in me. I appreciate them drawing more from the well of the animated series for this installment since this franchise definitely needs to tread some new ground. Still a pretty mid sequel, but I like seeing the effort to introduce new ghosts and elements instead of retreading Vigo or something. Came out of it thinking GB would be better suited as a show like Cobra Kai.
  12. rerunning this for the arcade anarchy occasion and jjs finally playing Tsushima for the first time. That and I’m just so proud of this lil one shot
  13. Experimenting with a string of 3-4 match shows to see if they fare better with the algorithm any. It’s anarchy at the arcade here on SpongeBrawl as we celebrate the joy of video games by simulating SpongeBob matches on a wrestling game
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