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    - Basketball, y'all
    - Money
    - People buying my stuff
    - Circumcised swimming
    - Banging on a trashcan
    - Drumming on streetlights
    - Riffs! Yeah, right!
    - Pug trafficking
    - Grand Slams with extra Ham and a SIDE OF CARROT CAKE
    - FUUUCK
    - Throwin' down face-downs
    - Then ending my turns
    - Hey Ben.
    - Yeah?
    - See ya.
    - ...Yeah...
    - Puhhhhh
    - "Yo! Kai!"
    - "THAT'S MY NAME"
    - drinking up the gift of Jericho
    - I feel like I'm a bigger fan of Pokemon now than I was as a kid
    - Putting children's cartoon characters into adult situations
    - Honor
    - Family
    - Tradition
    - And donuts
    - Not Caring!
    - Covering wars, ya know
    - Getting it memorized
    - Making tombstones for stray dogs
    - This list is getting UPBEAT! UPBEAT!
    - Forklift racing
    - DENIM
    - Shaun White hoodies
    - Heading to the Tiki Lodge for some R&R
    - Breaking out the butter
    - Making toast
    - The George Lopez Show for like, the first 3 times
    - Same with My Wife and Kids
    - Standing unshaken amidst the clashing of worlds
    - Rodan.
    - Godzilla.
    - Bringing the darkness and the thunder
    - Coming from hell and pulling you under
    - Making you feel the wrath of my ways
    - Being the end of your days
    - When it's time to make the donuts
    - Dead Rising
    - DashieGames (pause?)
    - Being remembered as the July 2011 Employee of the Month
    - That's me!
    - That's MEEEEE! That's meee!
    - Employee of the MOOOOOONTH!
    - Mecha
    - Yes, Dear (somebody please syndicate this fucking show again! Put it on Netflix, Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle, something!)
    - Sharks
    - Monster Hunter
    - Saving people
    - Hunting things
    - The family business
    - Kaiju No. 8
    - Lemons
    - Tangerines
    - Letting It Rip
    - Kissing your bot GOODBYE
    - Battling to be da man
    - Catching goblins on tape
    - collecting Universal Media Discs
    - Universal Media Discs
    - Just the PSP in general, mang
    - Baking pies without killing a dozen men! Ha ha ha

    This is the life, you see. The devil tips his hat to me.
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    Survival of the Idiots
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  1. Kilakilarney, Blarney Kilakilarney. The leprechaun who somehow had an entire Rankin-Bass Christmas special dedicated to himself and I never quite understood why. At least Nestor the long eared donkey carried Mary to Bethlehem and witnessed the birth of baby Jesus. All this guy has is supposed “Christmas gold”. all that said, I went with Jack Frost, and specifically the version of him that gets friendzoned hard in that other Rankin-Bass special.
  2. Another week, another nickel ”Wish”: I can’t even say this movie was mid. I thought Strange World was mid, and I found Strange World to be better than this mess. Wish just sucked. My only takeaways were Perrito’s voice actor having a (rather annoying) role and Disney acknowledging stuff like Treasure Planet and Dinosaur in the closing credits. Way to celebrate 100 years, guys. and the only other thing I watched this week was Thanksgiving again just to say that I saw Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. The new Hunger Games spinoff/prequel/whatever and Napoleon might be on the docket for this week, but those runtimes mang.
  3. Feeling like I have the worst luck, or at least the worst timing. I guess it’s just what I had coming.
  4. You’d think an Old Man Walker lore bomb episode would be enough to get me hype. It was nice to see the triumphant return of SpongeBob’s garage tho. i give this episode an oopsie hoops out of SpongeBob’s garage
  5. Holy crap, I showed up! Squid/Bass chemistry/tension was good too, I guess. I’ll steal it for SpongeBrawl. i’d give this episode 4 babies being sucked out of the window out of 5, but me showing up unannounced boosts it up to 5 babies being sucked out of the window out of 5!
  6. It’s the Anchovies’ time to shine, BAYBAY. It was nice to see Squidward solo tf out of this problem of the week even tho he didn’t get happy endings at the end. i give this episode an anchovy rumble out of holy crap, new stock anchovy design
  7. As someone who’s also trying to climb the hill that is health and wellness, this episode is pretty timely so I couldn’t pass it up. That Rocky shot of Krabs at the top of those steps looked very pretty, that free weights joke was such a haha Mr. Krabs moment and Krabs using the leg press machine the wrong way reminded me of me in 8th grade weight training class. i give Buff for Puff 3 and a half Shrimp cameos out of 5. Now I await this episode’s sequel, “Shrimp Puff”, where The Shrimp finally gets his revenge on Krabs by stealing his girl
  8. Another week, another nickel ”Waikiki”: A nice lil local indie film, well made and acted for its budget and it handles its subject matter (homelessness/mental illness) with tact. Take notes, Tim Chey. *shudders at 20 Minutes* ”Thanksgiving”: Bloody fun holiday thrill ride. Better than It’s A Wonderful Knife in comparison. Patrick Dempsey, he’s back.
  9. For the first time in a long time, somebody great seems to be interested in me for me and of course my self-sabotaging, Charlie Brown ass mind can’t fathom that and constantly thinks that she deserves better than a piece of nothing like me. I did some subconscious pushing away her away/putting distance between us because I’m a dipshit who doesn’t deserve happiness and I feel like dirt.
  10. Trying to get back on my weight loss tip after about 3-4 years of completely not giving a shit about my physical health and 5-6 years after initially giving up on trying to keep healthy. Weighed in at 174 earlier today. Returning back to my peak weight (180) recently kinda shook me since I promised myself I would never get back to that number when I first made the decision to get into better shape when I was 15. Like, how the hell did I let myself slip so far backward? My height is like 5’7/5’8 if you want a clearer picture, and possibly ruin any past perception you may have had about my height. On top of that, everything that happened with my dad’s heart in recent months has me more wary and conscious than ever about my own cardiac health. When my sister checked my blood pressure while she was here in September, it got pretty up there on multiple occasions. So hopefully I can get some of the results I had before without going too off the deep end. My lowest recorded weight was 116 a little over ten years ago, which my family thought was too low for me. And looking back now, yeah, 30-year old me is inclined to agree.
  11. Emu, cassowary ostrich. They’re all badass
  12. They look like they don’t get species shamed at the beach
  13. Funniest Member: Wumbo, OWM, JCM, jjs, dman Kindest Member: Ex, Who, SOF, SpongeKid, Meko Spongiest Member: Ember, Salmon, Winter, Carotte, 4EverGreen Best Gamer: jjs, Cha, Ex, Winter, Hawk Show Stopper: Storm, Kev, Cha, Katie, Who Geekiest Band Geek: Prez, Steel, SBManiac, Kat, Fred Most Artistic Member: Steel, Jane, Nuggets, Cha, Salmon Sportiest Member: Clappy, Kat, Prez, Trophy, Illiniguy Best Creation: JCMovies, A Bikini Bottom Dream, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Total Cartoon Island Best Miniseries: One-Time Power Rangers Characters, Riffing Theater: Tales from the Internet, Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness Best Episode: “Chapter Ten: Unite” - Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, “The Legend of King Arthur’s Lost Sword Of Excalibur!” - Total Cartoon Legends, “Squidward kills the SpongeBob Universe” - A Bikini Bottom Dream, “Heroes, Allies and Villains” - One-Time Power Rangers Characters, “Act V” - Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness Best Comedy: A Bikini Bottom Dream, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, JCMovies, Riffing Theater: Tales from the Internet, One-Time Power Rangers Characters Best Storyline: Total Cartoon Legends!, Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, A Bikini Bottom Dream, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force Best Character: Frostiles from Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, JCM from JCMovies, Yakkity Yak from Total Cartoon Legends, Squidward from A Bikini Bottom Dream, Lettuce from Power Rangers Multiverse Force Best Artwork: Spicy by Nuggets, Hell by RDSP, Squid Noir by Cha, What Can You Do? by Steel, Jellystone 3 Year Comparison by Patty Best Pictionary Drawing: Ghostbusters by Darkness, Feral Friends by Carotte, Turtle by Appy, Planet of the Jellyfish by dman Honorary Creation: Pirate Legends and The Light of SBC Honorary Staff Member: Termi, Hawk Honorary Member: Kev and Prez Honorary Skin: Stephen Hillenburg Community and V8 Orca (iykyk)
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