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Community Answers

  1. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    LOL we were carrying the ask me forums on our backs
  2. Wonderful work, Clap. Especially a certain cameo
  3. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Never tried it!
  4. Imagine still shitting on Twilight in 2022
  5. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Me too I’m sure he’s busy but I hope he’s doing well!
  6. Chrome if I’m on desktop, Apple Safari if I’m on my phone.
  7. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    I just hope both teams have fun
  8. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    of course I do!
  9. who’s ur fave euphoria character?
  10. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    i have a bunch of other shows to catch up on first though
  11. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    maybe I’ll check it out sometime
  12. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    well what do you want to recommend?
  13. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Adora for sure, but Bow, Mermista, Scorpia, Entrapta, Catra, and Sea Hawk were cool too You want to recommend me something to watch?
  14. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Agreed, the finale was great. Glad you enjoyed!
  15. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    LMAO why thank you miss Sauce I have such a crush on Chris Evans it isn’t even funny
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