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  1. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Oh no what did they give u
  2. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Aww that’s a great friend
  3. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    um that sounds AMAZING. I love fries
  4. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Food and drink >>>> people
  5. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    someone had fun
  6. All dog breeds are good but I have a special soft spot for corgis
  7. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    It’s so good omg, we just get a box of em from our local grocery store
  8. Katniss

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    not to be sexist but ice cream in a waffle cone is actually the best
  9. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    you got this bromair
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