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  1. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    uggggh hate when that happens
  2. congrats on getting summer employee my dude?
  3. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    DM me Love that for her omg
  4. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    1.) I love this man 2.) Jess is so great omg very relatable 3.) she’s so incredible!!! 4.) bro I’m thinking about it
  5. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Like I’m pretty sure you need your esophagus
  6. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    We don’t have gag pride in this house
  7. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    That sucks, I’m sorry dude
  8. Katniss

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    good luck, friend!
  9. Katniss

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    ooh museums are so fun! awww that’s so precious bromair
  10. Katniss

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    that’s SUCH a glow up
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