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  1. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    why are you shouting, Danny Devito? me when I think about watching a movie or a tv show sometimes Ben should’ve asked Ron
  2. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    happy vomit, that's a new one but I feel ya, it's very sweet and optimistic which is much needed right now
  3. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    That entire scene is comedic gold
  4. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    I totally forgot about this thread lmao so sorry April is such a savage
  5. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    omg can relate. Trash food just tastes so much better
  6. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Poor Ann. She tries her best
  7. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    That actually sounds like a good idea! Writing your feelings down can be very helpful
  8. “What’s Your Pleasure?” - Jessie Ware
  9. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    We love character growth Sounds pretty accurate Taylor Alison Swift
  10. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    that would be lit tbh
  11. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    nope it's Jane Levy from Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
  12. Katniss

    Ask Jeeves

    glad you're all right braddah?
  13. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    lmaoo ikr if the show actually went there it would totally make sense but just seeing their friendship is great!
  14. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    Ann is highkey underrated tbh
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