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  1. Nicest guy I've ever met, hope he's having a good evening
  2. Definitely V15 seahorse, I really like them all though!
  3. Easter egg hunting. Nowadays, I live next to a park, and about 7 years ago, they had an easter egg hunt for a bunch of kids and me and my mom went and collected all the eggs that were missed haha. These days, we just eat dinner.
  4. Definitely gen 6, mainly because that's what I grew up with.
  5. Definitely Kirby. I even buy Kirby products, I have a Kirby shirt, Kirby jacket, Kirby pen, two Kirby plushies, and a Kirby notebook lol.
  6. Pretty much every different level has been my favorite at different points of my life ( yes, even kelp forest! ), but right now I have to say that downtown bikini bottom is my favorite level right now.
  7. December was the best month for me. February was the worst.
  8. - Spongebob trivial pursuit - panda slippers - panda hand cream - candy -2 pairs of pajamas along with slippers - spongebob mystery chibi box ( I got mr krabs ) - lots of stim toys - four spongebob squishy keychains Etc. My birthday is on Christmas eve, so I included things I got that day too.
  9. I'm in Arizona for Christmas this year, it's going to be 70 degrees. I'm happily hiding from the ice and snow. My favorite winter holiday is Christmas and my birthday is actually Christmas Eve.
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