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  1. Honestly, that's very usful for this megathread. That way i can check which ones i missed and which one i already did.
  2. For some reasons, i don't like any of Glove World episodes so *shrugs*
  3. It's crazy when we had GF craze on SBC back in like 2012-2016. it's one of those shows that everyone was hooked into it. Years later, we're into TOH now xD
  4. what's your fave part of Easter?
  5. F = fairly U = underrrated N = Nonsense i got nothing
  6. i wish Katie was here to see this. All hail Plankton.
  7. You don't need that many dubloons!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bob Carotte

      Bob Carotte

      yes she does

    3. SpongeOddFan


      @Mr. Eugene Krabsno i ain't paying you, i would rather paying to Lola Loud or Amity

      so shut up mr cheapcake

    4. jjsthekid


      just so you know comrade I'm with you on your revolution, eat the rich ✊

  8. Anyone plans for rest of this week?
  9. wasn't expecting to have more episode in April.
  10. to me i felt Fairy Idol could've been better finale than JTPH3 i wasn't sure why this choice instead.
  11. I love how this episode title fits on jjs' b-day
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