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    how's your day so far?
  2. Members: Best Debater: @Clappy @Wumbo Funniest Member: @Katniss @Cha @Patty Rose @HawkbitAlpha Spongiest Member: @NegiSpongie @President Squidward Most Competitive Member: @dmandagiraffe @magic the veemon Most Mature Member: @jjs @JCM Most Creative Member: @Local @Cha @JCM Hall of Fame: Honorary Creator: @NegiSponge @Aquatic Nuggets Honorary Staff Award: 70s & Fred Honorary Member: Katniss and Katie, cause those two deserved to get this award imo.
  3. Now Season 13 is here (which is already premiered last week). I figured making Seasom 13 news and discussion. To start off, we just learned there will be an another SpongeBob holiday special that's coming next yer. We don't have much details what's gonna be, but we do know Kaz is writing a script for it as of now. Source: http://nickalive.blogspot.com/2020/10/nickelodeon-to-premiere-new-spongebob.html
  4. huh? well this is a surprise.
  5. It's kind of nice to see old SBCers are still around for past 11 years or so.
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