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  1. SpongeOddFan

    Ask the Kat

    what's your fave thing to do in summer?
  2. nice job for Sonic parody. loved it.
  3. did ya order ice cream at the time?
  4. here's my iFish to sumbit for the contest:
  5. Body Color: (required) Orange Headwear: Detective hat Face/Mask: Neck: Body/Top: Detective coat Bottom/Pants: Hand/Pet: wand (FOP) Pin: Background: what do you mean by backgrond like color?.
  6. why do you think it's Plankton did this?
  7. Happy 11 year anniversary of SBC. it sure is we had so much fun over the years. i'm glad i joined this community since 10 years ago! Honestly, everyone here was very friendly. can't wait for future SBC events.
  8. Body Color: (required) Orange Headwear: crown Face/Mask: Neck: Body/Top: suit (tbh i forgot what was it i'm wearing) Bottom/Pants: (probably same thing as top) Feet/Shoes: shoes? idk Hand/Pet: wand (FOP) Pin: Background: what do you mean by backgrond like color?.
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