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  1. we hedgin

    1. OWM


      fuck you stop hedging, or i will buy more gamestop stock 

    2. Cha


      how do u expect me to believe that u can buy stock, u live in a disease ridden kitchen of a creepy bearded man

    3. OWM


      but he brushes and shampoos me everyday

  2. disappointed in myself, missing last week/wishing this week would go faster
  3. good evening theexplodingcommunity.com

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wumbo


      and all who inhabit it!

    3. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      now what makes you think i'm the kind of person to just suddenly explo-

    4. 4EverGreen


      To quote Izzy: "Explosivo, is loco for BOOM-BOOM!!!!" (Pushes plunger, but nothing happens). Chris McLean: "Well folks, it seems as though we're experiencing some technical difficul--." (BOOM!!!!)

  4. this is so refreshing i missed some dreaded patrick art
  5. Cha

    Ask Jeeves

    why did this remind me of xaiver
  6. Cha

    Ask me anything

    Mike Man, im gonna ask you something, something a bit more serious, how do you feel about the current state of the world? in your own words and experience of course.
  7. Cha

    Ask me anything

    what makes the Mike Man an tech expert? what makes the Mike Man tick?
  8. everyone knows the story of kamp koral but does ANYONE find it questionable that these mini little guys share absolutely no dna with their other paternal parent????? we can only assume most of these juvenile fish are the result of the Great Ethic Cleansing of ‘22 of Bikini Bottom itself that forced every bottom dweller under the age of 35 to marry to prolong the city’s failing birth rates because of the oul spill AND only in their species. That’s why these children “SpongeBob” “Patrick” “Sandy” look so identical to their parents and further euthogenetics brought them all to appear in the same form as their respected species. However I do believe one couple defied those laws, and even farther, a gay Homosexual relationship perhaps. Despite of the children looking completely identical to said parent, and who were the two children? The two parents? SpongeBob Senior and Squidward Senior. Think about it. the lgbt man fashion? only by lgbt squid blood. Who wears frames just like this? that’s right, just like his produced by budding father also a rare photo given by a local rebellious individual whose identity is sealed has given the news network these two critical pieces of damning evidence I should be more absolutely appalled by this startling and life changing information about the sad reality of the future of this underwater utopia, however, eugenics has plagued the ocean dwelling which they thrived in. I hope whoever can watch this documentary about the downfall of a society by the hands of racism and ethic cleansing can truly leave this with a perspective to change the world around him/her/them/zem.
  9. For evermore.

    1. kev


      trust him like a Brother.

  10. Cha

    Ask Jeeves

    hows jenks holiday seasob going?
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