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    Ask Jeeves

    howard was DEF gay and they def were in a 90’s lavender marriage. should have said something like “it didn’t work out” with the implication that howard came out too. i know some ppl also say they could have made him the sperm donor but i like the first ver better but yeah they completely wiped him off the face of the planet along with kimi and dil still havent finished the episodes weeks later but this took me out https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/557963087270117377/849812606188781578/video0.mov
  3. is there some pysche reason in enshou’s little squirrel head why sunny is the only person who he treats as good if not better than himself
  4. Cha


  5. more entertaining and higher quality than the actual show, always live for ur art
  6. Swimming

    1. SpongeCob


      where did you learn to fly?

  7. sougos so reliant on saitou for emotional support he’ll probably have sex for the first time with someone and call him at 3 am sobbing that he did something bad
  8. we hedgin for a second time

  9. Cha


    thanks mang u too
  10. i should do this more with other tbc couples this is fun and shows their different personalities. quite obvious who these two are
  11. Cha


    trying to stay positive and not hurt myself, but the day is fine besides that
  12. I remember being like 12 or somethin and there was a lot of hype over the sexual build up with the shower scene of carly dragging freddie from it to his bed and i think sb-129 might have thrown himself out a winder being unable to compete w the numbers or smthin
  13. did you always think S wasn’t straight or are u like me and only 100% believed it in the past 3 months
  14. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/402748970037673987/849561033899376660/video0.mov patrick flop, carly and rugrats meetup event, DON’T call me Carls. -toddler music and stare end-
  15. would sougo’s mind even process if he was kissed
  16. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2GXuocDca78hzyWCKo9Fot?si=8XNi07WwSwaqb1yjD_XnKQ
  17. Cha

    Ask Jeeves

    omg u need to see the new rugrats reboot, HIPPY lou and betty are the best, but THIS SCENE ALONE took me out https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/402748970037673987/847903404005261412/LMFAOOO.mov
  18. how much you wanna bet nizou and kamiyama fucked
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    im sorry my melo
  20. Cha


    thumbs up sure jjs- i mean danny i mean poobah sure mang! sounds like a great trip down memory lane
  21. Cha

    Ask The Maniac (again)

  22. honestly what im thinking happened between the two of them is they bonded over neither of them at the time having parents nor older siblings alive and felt like there was for once someone who could relate to their isolation
  23. i dont know why this was the scenario that came to mind
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