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  1. phone on 1% while trying to type this, im blaming u if it dies out b4 i send it
  2. Cha


    thats so hard to choose, she literally steals every scene she’s in. Her rambling quotes sre always good, or the ones where she says something crazier than daffy even. Got her own money, she don't need no Sheff
  3. must i again bring up your lack of carly rae discography & ari bonus tracks knowledge
  4. why havent u graduated from the school of brokebacks
  5. why havent u watched seinfeld
  6. where is the title of this thread from
  7. Cha


    this lotion is great
  8. cant stop thinking of S thinking bansai is a legitimate threat to his 10-year plan & aggressively bumps to hey lover by ll cool j in his wairpods imagining its his own scenario
  9. you ruined an entire state for me forever all i can think of is pedo cheese now
  10. dancin in circles feels good to be horny
  11. This broken gif scares me almost as much as this man does
  12. kagura b like for those keeping score at home, hes been with a digital girlfriend who kept him on a leash, a sword’s scabbard-
  13. Cha


    hi who was the phone
  14. what if he showed up like this at the birthday party
  15. hot dog water & the back of earrings scent

  16. TW ; /// inam abuse, inam slavery As if stuffing poor belly button lint in big scary pink places wasn’t bad enough, the following video is GRAPHIC viewer’s discretion is advised. Then arcs later we see mr. Square Bob using yet another poor Rubber Band inam who was seperated from his newspaper lover and placed onto Square Bob’s body unconsensually. normally i dont post such hairraising videos however, this is a rare opportunity taken by a security hidden camera inside the suburban area finally showing the disgusting realities of what inams are forced to suffe ron a regular b
  17. Cha

    Ask Dark

    WHERE do i go to watch welch spongebob
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