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  1. she does this any time a customer yells at her for a refund the screenshots get worse the more i revisit it
  2. Cha

    lego cherry cheesecake

  3. You think enshou ever gets a slap on the wrist from Mama for all the smack done against the gay men there. Love to think of how many dancers quit weekly from emiko
  4. trying to think of what lucy would call seimei but dont have anything yet
  5. Seimei has Lucy strapped to their back 90% of their screentime talking to others, that is a fact.
  6. sougo being too afraid to hug hata for more than 10 seconds but sleeps with kamiyama the moment they’re both shitfaced will never not be funny to me https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/391822869807759361/908132781744336946/enshoushockedface.mov
  7. how do u think seimei and douman would be on family vacation, i feel like seimei is the really nature type, maybe even has a greenhouse at home to get in touch with auras and that stuff, but douman’s more a hussle and bussle concrete jungle kind of guy still would be fun to imagine
  8. while im geeking out again, i love the constant examples of “you don’t have to follow the path of what your born as” with dragonia, sunny, hata instead of just royals. heck, even douman decided for a career of theatre instead of a magical one like his family. and nobu is the truck driver/gay jailbird i guess
  9. douman’s domestic life voice in my head is the dad from the brak show and it won’t get out, much like seimei’s fat gay lisp I keep using multiple pronouns for seimei so I’m just gonna headcanon them like enshou, multiple pronouns & ambiguous gender identity
  10. https://twitter.com/Khadija469/status/1378786675220959233 u think he bakes fresh baguettes and throws them at his husband
  11. douman after forgetting his wedding anniversary
  12. also should be noted that douman regularly gets cabin fever, while seimei gets home sick. Douman had to convince seimei to join the kamakko so he’d go out for socialization. now seimei likes his performing and douman likes directing. so like tobbie said, very much like fire and ice
  13. AUTHOR GOES ON A MENTALLY DERRANGED RAMBLE BELOW?? I think Seimei is overly emotional all the time because he’s tapped into his aura and magic ability so much. Being really naturally gifted as the most powerful diviner in the country (and used by the Bafuku for omens and foretelling) it’s also his achilles heel. Instead of explaining his feelings verbally, he rather explode. Such as not telling Douman how he felt about him when they were kids, and later on Douman being in a relationship with his sister. Instead Seimei begrudgingly bottled it up and/or became furious, sorrowful and heartbroken. Like even in gintama canon he mentions he can do all the spells in the world but he can’t repair a friendship with an ex-friend. Whereas Douman knows and accepts he’s not the strongest diviner especially compared to Seimei (he admits this in canon too later on), and doesn’t deny it. Magic is still an important part of his heritage as an onmyoji but unlike Seimei who absolutely lives for it and loves studying it all day at home, Douman seems more interested in pursuits of an artistically and theaterical nature. They’re both crafting artists in their own rights and complement each other with their differences yet similarities. End of mentally unstable rant.
  14. what are your top favorite documentaries, if you have any
  15. i love how pretty much every single recurring gintama character is tbcified now
  16. Toying around with the idea that Gedomaru was originally spawned by RALRO, as a sort of personal project to try to create life from thin-air (though Jebediah would be the first to master life making in its purest form through Altana crystals with Sunny) and Gedomaru regarded him as her first master. And when he died and Billy was banished, Jazzy and Suave put the baby Gedomaru on his hell front door step so he would take responsibility for someone else for once. It would explain the complicated jabbing and teasing relationship Billy and Gedomaru have, along with how little respect she usually treats him with. But she was also so little that she barely remembers Billy murdering RALRO and therefore doesn’t completely resent him for it. so yes techinally, Billy really is a Uncle Bill
  17. tbc seimei definitely acted like a tsundere to douman growing up, esp if he knew douman liked his sister watching this video of this yter making stupid voices for a let’s play and immediately thought it would be his voice: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/391822869807759361/905023740050546708/RPReplay_Final1635844756.mov
  18. thinking that barkas returned to Oukoku after all those years because after him and enshou finished their original liberation army headquarters, enshou told barkas to go home and that enshou wished he had a family to return to and celebrate this with
  19. hc that sougo puts the picture of his sister on his nightstand he always talks to back on its shrine in the living room whenever hata spends the night over. and doesn’t kiss in the presence of “her”. “direct eye contact ..is okay. hand holding …might be pushing it.”
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