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  1. As 2023 reaches the end, SBC closes out the year with our winter holiday celebration. From December 11th to December 27th, Snowcember Ball 2023 will spread holiday cheer across the community. One change to this year’s is the Snowball Contest, where much like the Candy Contet at Octerror, each game and activity will reward you with snowballs. Whoever has the most snowballs by the end of the event will receive several magical gifts, but whoever comes in 2nd and 3rd overall will also receive prizes. If you come in last during a game or lose a minigame you can lose your snowballs, so watch out. Here’s a list of what activities to expect: Stop What You Are Doing - Holiday Edition: SWYAD returns for the 48th edition. Decorate your username with a holiday or cold theme. Reserve a name in this thread or via Discord if you haven't already. Whoever participates automatically gets 10 snowballs. Cards Against Humanity: Cards Against Humanity will be every Friday night during the event at 7pm EST! SBC Music Parties: Play your favorite holiday songs every Friday night at 8pm EST, and earn gifts via raffle! SpongeBob Pictionary: One Christmas Pictionary game will be held on December 16th. Discord Activities: Two Discord Activities will be held on December 16th and 27th respectively. SpongeCraft Frontiers: A chilly SpongeCraft Frontiers game will be held on December 23rd at 7pm EST. Jackbox: On Monday nights at 7pm EST during the event, there will be a Jackbox game on Discord. SBC Christmas Trivia Contest 2023: Our yearly trivia returns again, starting December 13th at 7pm EST with two rounds. The final round will also have a unique theme to it. Who will be the champion this year? SBC Secret Santa Program: Our yearly Secret Santa program returns, and like last year, there is a variety of gifts to give people now. Discord Christmas Party: A Discord party will be held on Christmas night, where you can participate in a raffle and chat with friends. Other Activities: You’ll be hunting for snowflakes in this year’s scavenger hunt and write a tale for the story contest. Snowcember Minigames: Past Snowcember minigames will return, and there will be a brand new one known as Reindeer Racing! There's another Christmas present awaiting to reveal itself on the 25th. There will be one new skin that's a winter themed version of our default, V15 Seahorse. We hope people enjoy this Snowcember Ball and that it’s a joyous note to conclude 2023 on. SWYAD Reservations: Jjs —> Big Chill SOF —> Santa Lola SpongeKid —> That Merry SpongeKid Rebel —> Rebel the Yulegirl 4Ever —> The Spirit of Christmas Past WhoBob —> Jesus Fred --> Snow Biden
  2. who's your favorite character in the christmas lore
  3. it's nice henry kissinger knew when to finally take a nap, I hope he's doing well with satan

  4. "I don't believe in Maroon 5, I just believe in me." - John Lennon

  5. Premieres: Thursday, November 23rd at 4pm ET/PT Plot: Squidward and Bubble Bass are forced to tolerate each other's company on a trip to Shell City.
  6. Premieres: Wednesday, November 22nd at 4pm ET/PT Plot: It's the invasion of faux-chovies when everyone in Bikini Bottom suddenly starts meeping.
  7. Premieres: Tuesday, November 21st at 4pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick discover that their favorite Kelpbed Kid is a familiar face.
  8. Premieres: Monday, November 20th at 4pm ET/PT Plot: Mr. Krabs steps out of his shell and into the gym after Larry shows him up at the beach.
  9. Monday, November 13th, 4:00pm: The Wrath of Shmandor (30A): The tiny futuristic city of Shmandor exacts revenge on Patrick. Tuesday, November 14th, 4:00pm: There Goes The Neighborhood (30B): Patrick and Squidina go on location to interview their neighbors. Wednesday, November 15th, 4:00pm: Movie Stars (31A): Patrick and SpongeBob work at the movie theater. Thursday, November 16th, 4:00pm: Dr. Smart Science (31B): With Sandy's guidance, Patrick hosts a science show.
  10. Ceiling, your Squidward is talking to me!

  11. Monday, November 6th, 4:00pm: Super Stars (28A): The Star family become superheroes. Tuesday, November 7th, 4:00pm: Now You Museum, Now You Don't (28B): Cecil works as a security guard at Lady Upturn's art museum. Wednesday, November 8th, 4:00pm: 10 and 1 Toilets (29A): The Stars' pet toilet Tinkle has puppies. Thursday, November 9th, 4:00pm: Family Plotz (29B): The Star family spends a day playing at the cemetery. Discuss the four episodes airing this week here.
  12. Members: Funniest Member: OMJ, JCM, Slug, Wumbo and dman Kindest Member: dman, Storm, SpongeKid, Ex and Yummylesecond Spongiest Member: Salmon, Carotte, Appetizer, 4EverGreen and Winter Best Gamer: Meko, Cha, OMJ, Ex and Winter Show Stopper: WhoBob, dbryde, Aya, OMJ and Katie Geekiest Band Geek: Prez, Katniss, SBManiac, Fred and Steel Most Artistic Member: Steel, Nuggets, Darkness, Salmon and RDSP Sportiest Member: Clappy, JCM, illiniguy, Trophy and Katniss Creative Arts: Best Creation: JCMovies, A Bikini Bottom Dream, SpongeBrawl, SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation and Toast Krusters Best Miniseries: Community Deathmatch 10th Anniversary Special, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness and MegaloMania Best Episode: Pau 'ana (Tiki Land), Mutually Assured Destruction (MegaloMania), JCM Hunts for Lost Media (JCMovies), Squidward Kills The SpongeBob Universe (A Bikini Bottom Dream) and Act V (Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness) Best Comedy: JCMovies, SpongeBrawl, Lost in Translation, Total Cartoon Island and 4Kids Edits Ace Attorney Best Storyline: Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, Toast Krusters, Tiki Land, MegaloMania and Power Rangers: Multiverse Force Best Character: JCM (JCMovies), Manny (MegaloMania), Lego Patrick (Multiverse of Madness), Sniz (Total Cartoon Legends) and Squidward (A Bikini Bottom Dream) Best Artwork: Catober Jiji (Steel), Spicy (Nuggets), Hell (RDSP), Amy (Patty) and Count Bleck (Cha) Best Pictionary Drawing: Ghostbusters (Darkness), Out of the Picture (Steel), House Worming (Salmon), Feral Friends (Carotte) and Turtle (Appy) Hall of Fame: Honorary Creation: MegaloMania and SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation Honorary Staff Member: OWM and terminoob Honorary Member: dman and Salmon Honorary Skin: The Stephen Hillenburg Community and V13 Sponge
  13. Congratulations to @Inanimate Carbon Rod, who is this year's King of Halloween with 160 pieces!
  14. The judges have decided and @Old Man Jenkins is the winner with his terrifying entry! Steel and Meko will also get candy for participating.
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