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  2. Welcome back to the final edition of Jjs Goodman's (or Jjs Cousineau's) theater. The original theater's 10th anniversary is June 16th, so we'll be doing one last special miniseries to celebrate and ride it off into the sunset. We'll be taking a look at ten random stories from around the web, each dedicated to a special interest of the community's. But there's a twist: I'll be looking at these as if we're searching for forbidden lost media and creepypastas, which is sure to send chills down your spine! The first riff will be posted exactly on June 16th, 2023. Mark your calendars.
  3. for anyone out there who still cares 20a - Helter Shelter: SpongeBob, Sandy and Patrick are split up in separate cabins. 20b - Reveille Revolution: Squidward has to earn back his "Reveille" duties. 21b - Prickly Pests: A mischievous camp prank goes terribly wrong. 22a - Are You Smarter Than a Smart Cabin?: In an effort to avoid doing chores, Sandy invents a "Smart Cabin." 22b - Deep Sea Despot: Mr. Krabs leaves Squidward in charge as Camp Master. 23a - Regi-Hilled: Narlene and Nobby teach Regigille all about backwoods living. 23b - The Perfect Camper: The Trawler cabin creates the perfect camper to compete in the Camp Summer Games. 24a - Eye of the Hotdog: Craig Mammalton learns what it's like to not be the best at something. 24b - Patrick Takes the Cake: Patrick and a cake hide out in the wilderness. 25a - The Taste of Defeat: Plankton discovers competition in Narlene's backwoods restaurant. 25b - Scaredy Squirrel: Sandy spends a night in the Trawler cabin. 26a - Hat's Off to Space: The Dinghies travel to outer space. 26b - In a Nut's Shell: After discovering his empty shell, Narlene and Nobby disguise themselves as Camp Master Krabs.
  4. Chapter Eight: Justice and Mercy Frostiles is recovering from his injuries on a Nordavia mountain, absorbing the snow around. This heals his burnt spots, as he takes a deep breath in. He then reads one of the books he took from the library and concentrates. He spiritually ascends and pictures himself on an astral plane, with silhouettes of the Super Titans at each corner. He then sees flashes of where every hero and villain is across the sea at this moment in time, connected by the spiritual plane due to their super powers. He sees Homesurfer flying through Nordavia, Blue Arrow at Hydroko’s shire, Emerald Enchantress at Grecian’s shrine, Man Ray and Dirty Bubble on the run, and Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Miss Appear in Nalabar. While he could strike the divided IJLSA members, he wants to give them a false sense of hope while his virus infects the titans. “The era of super powered beings is nearing its sunset.” Frostiles ominously declared, trying to taunt the titans. He then sees a vision of the villain Sportz Dude terrorizing the Bikini Bottom Gym. Sportz Dude is viewed as a D-list laughingstock to other villains and they refused his membership into EVIL. “Bow to me, fools, for I’m the king of anything sports associated! I’m claiming this gym as my kingdom! This will prove I can fight this villain killer and EVIL will finally accept me into their membership!” Sportz Dude boasted and laughed, longing for other villains’ acceptance. The gym patrons immediately laugh and throw equipment at him, knocking him down. Sportz Dude gets back up infuriated and uses his actual power to duplicate sports balls and shoot them everywhere. “You will respect me!” Sportz Dude demanded. Frostiles teleports outside the gym, making several passerby immediately run away terrified. Pan shot as Frostiles casually walks into the gym, but we do not see the inside. Ice attacks begin firing away, reflecting through the gym’s windows. Civilians inside panic, as a frosty mist encases the gym, preventing anyone from leaving. Frostiles and Sportz Dude are heard talking to each other. “Wait, the other villains don’t take me seriously, that means I should get a pass, right!?” Sportz Dude cowardly begged. “Joke or not, you still have a power that must be eradicated from the world. However, I’ll give you the death that the scales of justice and mercy see fit.” Frostiles said terrifyingly. The gym becomes dead silent after Frostiles’ fatal blow. He teleports away, leaving a frozen gym behind in his wake with the civilians trapped inside. During the fighting, several civilians were injured, acting as an ironic dark mirror to Silver Saint and Jelly Master’s battle long ago. In the end, Frostiles is no better than the people he despises when it comes to collateral damage. Mighty Max and Dark Ice later arrive at the aftermath of Frostiles’ assault on the Bikini Bottom Gym, looking on at the frozen building. Mighty Max uses his heat discs to begin melting the ice, allowing the trapped civilians inside to finally escape. Dark Ice and Mighty Max begin tending to the injured civilians, who thank them for their aid. A few asks for their autographs, but they politely decline, not wanting fame to distract them from their mission. “How do we outsmart a guy that knows where every super powered being will be?” Mighty Max pondered. “Let’s reach out to IJLSA allies for help in preparing for his every move. We need to stand united regardless of her ideals of how superheroes should operate.” Dark Ice said triumphantly. “Agreed. I’d ask Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy for help but I’ve heard they’re on a globetrotting adventure to discover how to defeat Frostiles. I wish them the best, as they may be our only hope.” Mighty Max pleaded. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s plane lands in Nalabar. Barnacle Boy looks through Leif’s father’s notes about the next titan. It’s named “Knighyura”, depicting a giant crab with metallic armor. It’s holding a sword and shield with both claws. The notes say it represents agility. “Agile with that hunky armor? Well everything written’s been true so far…” Barnacle Boy shrugged. “With weapons like those, it will take more than flight to take this beast on.” Mermaid Man noted. “Hopefully our next hero team up is Miss Appear, because Homesurfer would be…a lot to handle right now.” Barnacle Boy said. “I see the good in everyone, I’m sure we can reach an impasse with him too. He just needs the right guidance from elders to improve his leadership skills.” Mermaid Man said optimistically. The duo’s plane lands, as they leave the airport. Butcher carefully tails them again, but taking extra care to blend into crowds so he’s not spotted. Barnacle Boy briefly stops and looks around for him, but doesn’t spot him, so they move forward. The duo walk through the bustling city. Nalabar had a history of being ruled by dictators, hurting the wellbeing of the civilians and living conditions. Following the collapse of the previous regime a few years back, the people took over to steer the country toward a hopeful, prosperous new era. Mermaid Man admires the local art and architecture, pleased to see how it flourished through the country’s troubling times. As he told Emerald Enchantress, history should never be forgotten. They see a beautiful fountains standing in the center, with rainbow colored water pouring out of it. A plaque rests on the stone, talking about how the fountain is dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives for a better future. “Wonder how they got the water like that.” Mermaid Man pondered, fascinated. “Must have used a unique dye mix.” Barnacle Boy suggested, also fascinated. “Kyle, I wonder how history would remember us when we pass on.” Mermaid Man wondered, letting how Edgar is running IJLSA weigh on his mind again. “Not particularly in the mood for a morbid conversation, sorry. But if I had to wager, I’m sure we’d be honored and never forgotten. Doesn’t matter if one guy tries to erase you from IJLSA’s history, you’ll live on in the hearts and minds of everyone else.” Barnacle Boy responded. “You’re right, lad. We don’t need worldwide fame, I’ve been too caught up in it. We’ve touched the hearts of many like SpongeBob, his friends, all the people we’ve saved, and the current IJLSA. That’s what matters most.” Mermaid Man said hopefully. “Like you told me before, actions speak louder than words.” Barnacle Boy noted. Mermaid Man keeps staring at the rainbow water and then puts his head under a rush of water, letting it flow through his face. Barnacle Boy looks at him wondering if he’s lost it. While doing so, he has more flashes of his past. He then envisions a statue honoring the duo in a futuristic Bikini Bottom, long after they’ve passed. “Everything’s going to be okay.” Mermaid Man said, smiling and at peace, as if he’s been purified. “What did that water do to you?” Barnacle Boy wondered. Barnacle Boy shrugs and puts his head under as well. He experiences flashes of his past and has his own vision of the future, seeing the same one. He comes out of the water if he’s been purified too. “I oddly feel calmer too. Want to make a wish?” Barnacle Boy suggested, holding out a doubloon. The two then flip doubloons into the fountain and make their wishes. Several civilians nearby recognize the duo, cheering them on and wanting to take a photo with them. The duo happily oblige, posing for photos with excited Nalabarans. They are happy to see people still care about them amidst the current influx of superheroes. As Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy keep exploring the city, Miss Appear is also seen walking around the same city, looking for the duo. She knew about their adventures with Blue Arrow and Emerald Enchantress, and figured they’d be here any moment. Suddenly, several armed shady characters march into the area, scaring the civilians. These are members of the criminal syndicate Obsidian Axe. While Nalabar has been seeing recovery now that it’s freed from a dictatorship, the remnants of this criminal group still occasionally threatens to disrupt peace. The gang begins stealing food and supplies from the markets, angering the merchants. One grunt prevents a family from purchasing foods, standing in the way and intimidating them. “Leave them alone!” Miss Appear said defiantly, standing in the way and protecting the family. “Who are you, missy?” One grunt asked. “I’m Miss Appear. Now you see me, now you don’t.” Miss Appear boasted proudly, as she turns invisible, confusing him. She then punches him in the face while invisible. He tries to shoot his gun, but she kicks it out of his hand and punches him again, knocking him down to the ground. The family cheers for Miss Appear. The other Obsidian Axe grunts hone in on her, when Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy rush to her aid. “Hope we’re not too late for the fun! Time for our next bonding adventure!” Barnacle Boy said, standing by her side. “Working with Miss Appear, just like the good old days!” Mermaid Man reminisced. “Fighting evil side by side with you two, this is a lifelong dream come true! I’ll take the ones over there!” Miss Appear happily geeked out. Mermaid Man swings his cane at one grunt’s legs, knocking them off balance. Barnacle Boy grabs another grunt by the hand and makes him punch him in the face, then sends him away with a water blast. Miss Appear turns invisible, making the grunt miss their punch. She reappears behind and punches the grunt in the face, knocking him down to the ground hard. Barnacle Boy shoots his sulfur vision at a grunt’s gun, melting it. He then punches him in the face, knocking him down. Mermaid Man is confronted by two grunts, so he throws the Mermarang at one and grabs the other’s gun out of their hand with his cane. Miss Appear helps him knock out both. Barnacle Boy jumps and floats into the air using Skyvern’s power, avoiding gunshots. He sends an aqua wave down at the grunts, washing them away. Mermaid Man also lightly floats into the air, hovering over grunts, and knocking them down with aqua fists. He takes a moment to readjust himself after landing, knowing he can’t fly too much like he used to. Butcher is seen on a rooftop closely, with a sniper pointing at the area. He shoots at a grunt sneaking behind Mermaid Man, incapacitating him, as the trio wonder where the blast came from. Hughie then runs wild and attacks several incoming grunts from another direction. He viciously drags them into an alley, as they let out terrified screams. Miss Appear beats up three remaining grunts by herself. All of the grunts are scattered on the ground defeated. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy sweep up all the defeated grunts into a whirlpool, twirling them around. They are sent flying faraway from the city, as the civilians cheer for the heroes. “I knew you two still had it, that was incredible!” Miss Appear said, excited they did that together. “Once again, it appears Miss Cheeks made the right call picking you as the current Miss Appear.” Mermaid Man said. “I assume you’re on the same page about the titans at this stage, we have its location.” Barnacle Boy said, showing the map. “Indeed, I’ll take you there. I never believed for one second you two were trying to backstab the IJLSA. The IJLSA shouldn’t control every single hero’s actions anyways.” Miss Appear replied. “I hate to tell you this, but we believe that “Ragnar” guy was actually Frostiles messing with you. We don’t fault you for it though, you had no way of knowing and we all make mistakes.” Barnacle Boy revealed, unnerving Miss Appear. “That makes sense, but I won’t dwell on it. If Homesurfer knew the enemy was staring him right in the face, oh boy.” Miss Appear responded. As the trio begins walking off, Barnacle Boy spots Butcher again. He now knows whoever this guy is, he’s following them. Maybe he’s an assassin. No way does he appear in the same three countries by pure coincidence. “Alright, whoever that fellow is, he’s definitely stalking us. My hero instinct is 100% sure.” Barnacle Boy insisted. Barnacle Boy walks over to Butcher, making him nervous. Mermaid Man and Miss Appear are confused but follow suit. Butcher looks worried seeing Barnacle Boy get closer, as he pretends to be casual by reading his phone. “Who are you?” Barnacle Boy asked confrontationally. “Just a tourist. Hey, I recognize you, you’re Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Miss Appear! Pleasure to meet ya! Can I get your autographs?” Butcher kindly feigned. “You’ll have to do better than that, pal. Who do you work for. Are you an assassin?” Barnacle Boy asked suspiciously. “Whoa, calm down mate. What seems to be the issue?” Butcher asked, feigning innocence. Hughie begins growling, but Butcher tries to calm him down. “Easy fido, I promise we mean no harm. The young ward is just curious about your owner.” Mermaid Man said, trying to soothe the situation. “I’ve seen you in Hydroko, Grecian and now here. Why do you keep following us?” Barnacle Boy asked confrontationally. “I’m a big fan of sightseeing and superheroes. It’s a small world with many coincidences.” Butcher lied, putting on his best happy face. “That’s no coincidence. That mysterious gunshot earlier was from you, wasn’t it?” Miss Appear realized, believing Barnacle Boy. “I’m being paid to follow you, okay! It’s nothing personal but I owe a favor and it’s a handsome payment.” Butcher confessed under pressure. “Let me guess, Edgar ordered you? Scared we were plotting against him?” Barnacle Boy assumed. “…I cannot confirm or deny.” Butcher responded awkwardly. “Well stop it! We’re fine and most definitely not brainwashed! Blue Arrow, Emerald Enchantress and now Miss Appear can vouch for that.” Barnacle Boy insisted. “Yeah, they’re not doing anything suspicious. They’ve found the titans like they said they would and each of us is protecting them. Edgar, if you’re listening to this, please don’t send people to spy on us without our consent.” Miss Appear proclaimed, standing up to him. “I’ll be sure to relay that to him…theoretically if I was working for him, of course.” Butcher awkwardly responded. “Nice talk. Wasn’t so hard now, was it?” Barnacle Boy replied. The trio leave Butcher behind and head for the submarine cruiser. From a muted distance behind, Butcher calls Edgar on his bluetooth headset, explaining the situation. Edgar is not happy on the other end. “Okay, in my defense, we did kind of have a whole conversation about how I’ve never followed superheroes before and may not have been properly equipped for this assignment!” Butcher argued with Edgar on the other end. The trio heads for the submarine cruiser, going through a savannah path. While they walk, Miss Appear contemplates telling the duo something. “Lovely sights.” Mermaid Man said, sightseeing. “Yeah, this is truly a beautiful country. I’m glad it’s doing its best to pave a better future.” Miss Appear said. “It’s interesting when you think about how Hydroko, Grecian, Nalabar and Nordavia are the origins of all super powers, yet none of them have anything in common. The world works in mysterious ways like that sometimes.” Barnacle Boy mused. As they get closer to the cruiser, Miss Appear decides to reveal what she’s wanted to say. “There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. I’m not sure if you’d remember it, but I owe my life to you two.” Miss Appear revealed, surprising them. “What do you mean?” Barnacle Boy asked confused. “Many years ago, you attended a certain girl’s birthday party after saving her and her family.” Miss Appear alluded. Mermaid Man thinks and reminisces back to this day… One quaint day in 2008, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are taking a joy ride in the Invisible Boatmobile. “It’s nice to get out of Shady Shoals once in a while and absorb the fresh air.” Barnacle Boy said calmly. They go over a bridge. As they keep driving, Barnacle Boy immediately slams on the brakes when they see a scary sight ahead. A car crash occurred, and one of the cars is dangling over the bridge ledge. A girl and her parents are inside. The other driver in the crash is okay, outside of their vehicle and waving for help. “We have to help them!” Mermaid Man declared, jumping out of the vehicle. “I agree, but easy old timer, don’t give yourself a stroke.” Barnacle Boy warned. “No matter how old we are, we’ll always do what’s right!” Mermaid Man said, as they unite their fists together. They carefully rush toward the scene, and try grabbing onto the car. The family looks back surprised. “It’s Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, here to save us!” The father said ecstatically. Mermaid Man nearly gives out his back while trying to pull it up. Mermaid Man then uses his animal powers to summon nearby jellyfish, which flock together and push up the front. With their help, the car is safely brought back onto the road. The family gets out of the vehicle, shaking the duo’s hands. “Thank you so much for saving our girl Anne! You’re real heroes!” The mother said happily. “But now my 10th birthday is ruined!” Anne said sadly. “Sweetie, this is better than any present we could give you.” The father said. “Today’s your birthday? Happy birthday, Anne.” Barnacle Boy said. “Your birthday isn’t ruined lass, because we’re going to help give you the best one ever!” Mermaid Man decreed. “Yippie!” Anne cheered. “I have one request: Can you bring Miss Appear there? She’s Anne’s favorite hero.” The mother requested. “Of course, she’ll be delighted to join.” Barnacle Boy promised. Anne’s birthday party is held at Bunny Buns, as her energetic friends enjoy the games and food. Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and the original Miss Appear, now elderly, are there as special guests. “There I was, at the mercy of my arch nemesis Invisible Isopod. He created a device that jammed my suit's cloaking abilities, preventing me from turning invisible. But I wouldn’t let that stop me, because using my reflexes, I was able to defeat him!” Miss Appear explained to the kids. “Wow! When I grow up, I want to be like you!” Anne said, impressed. “I think you’d be a worthy Miss Appear someday.” Miss Appear said to Anne, who is inspired by these words. Anne continues to have a great birthday party with three superheroes. This day is what inspired her to eventually take up the Miss Appear mantle. “…That girl was you.” Mermaid Man realized. “Wow, really is a small world.” Barnacle Boy realized. “You two inspired me to become a hero after that. Had you not been there to save us from that one wrong turn, I’d never be here.” Miss Appear revealed. “We’re honored we had such an impact on you, lass.” Mermaid Man replied tearfully. Miss Appear is happy to hear that and get it off her mind. They get inside the submarine cruiser, which flies toward its destination. “How do you feel about the state of the IJLSA?” Barnacle Boy asked Miss Appear. “I get along with everyone mostly fine, but Homesurfer has an annoying desire to be right about everything which is partly what derailed us from investigating Frostiles. I don’t want to entirely throw him under the bus though, I know he’s under a lot of pressure and expectations.” Miss Appear lamented. “Criticism should be encouraged or there’s no team. I made mistakes as a leader too, and I would’ve never learned if my teammates hadn’t corrected me. Stand up for what you believe in.” Mermaid Man wisely said. Miss Appear feels more confident about making her voice heard and standing up to actions she disagrees with. “Are you ready to face this titan?” Mermaid Man asked. “I’m not sure if my powers will be of much use against it, but I’ll do my best for you.” Miss Appear responded. “I’m sure your powers will find a way to help us in ways you may not anticipate. We wouldn’t have stood a chance against the first two titans without Arrow and Enchantress’ assistance.” Barnacle Boy said. They come upon a volcanic plain ahead, which is where the shrine rests. The view blends into the night sky. “Captain Magma would’ve loved this heat.” Mermaid Man said, missing him. The trio reaches the shrine, noticing this one has purple symbols covering it. Barnacle Boy looks through the notes, which indicate in order to unleash Knighyura, you need to press certain tiles around the shrine in a set time without being spotted by a security system resting at the top. The security system is a crab statue with glowing purple eyes, as it spins around, carefully examining the area. “This looks like a job for me!” Miss Appear said confidently. Miss Appear gets to it, turning invisible and running around the shrine, pressing the necessary tiles. The crab statue is unable to spot her due to the cloak, but senses someone’s pressing tiles and is panicking to find who’s responsible. She successfully presses the last one, and turns visible again just in time. The duo are pleased with her skill. The shrine glows and the ground shakes just like the previous two did. Knighyura emerges from the shrine and uses its four crustacean legs to move around the area at intense speed. A cinematic shot of Knighyura overlooking the three heroes. Knighyura lets out a loud roar and holds up its shield, which has saw blades spinning around it. “Oh my.” Miss Appear said, gulping. From the distance, several traveling civilians and Butcher see the massive crab, looking in awe and terror. Hughie trembles at the size of the beast. This time, Butcher does not record for Edgar, who made it clear in their call he’s seen enough and his operation is compromised. “Biggest crab I ever did see. Go get ‘em.” Butcher said impressed and cheering on the trio. Knighyura throws the shield towards the trio, as the duo try to fly out of the way and Miss Appear turns invisible. The shield barely misses them, as it flies back into Knighyura’s claw like a boomerang. “So how exactly did you stand a chance against the other two?” Miss Appear asked in disbelief, as they feel the ground shakes from Knighyura’s movements. “These pillars grant a legendary power boost, but I’m not sure how to activate this set.” Barnacle Boy explained, noticing a set of pillars in a peculiar circle. Miss Appear notices another crab statue on top of a pillar, similar to the shrine. This gives her an idea, as she waves her hands in front of it, and it awakens. It begins shooting a laser around the pillar circle, as she turns invisible to avoid it. The laser hits all of the pillars, making them glow. The trio feel a powerful energy surge and their bodies start glowing purple. “I’m so much faster!” Miss Appear said, as she turns invisible and then reappears in a different part of the field thanks to a speed boost. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fly up, staring down the mighty beast. It slashes its sword, but the two dodge it. They send a whirlpool wave, but Knighyura swerves around the field fast using its legs, avoiding the attack. “This one’s faster than the other two.” Barnacle Boy noted. Miss Appear disappears, avoiding one of its footsteps. She reappears on top of the shield and throws multiple bombs right at its face, annoying it. It tries to shake her off by spinning again, but Miss Appear teleports away again, reappearing down below. Knighyura then strikes its sword at Mermaid Man, who blocks it using Gigantus’ strength and is knocked back. Barnacle Boy sends several tidal blasts at Knighyura. Knighyura throws the saw shield again right at Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Channeling Gigantus’s strength, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy together punch the shield back, and Miss Appear teleports on top of it, riding it in awe. It goes gashing into Knighyura’s armor, taking many hits, and Miss Appear throws more bombs. Knighyura begins to wear down, and begins shooting purple lasers out of its armor like the previous two. Miss Appear uses her invisibility to jump through the lasers unscathed. She throws bombs back at the lasers, destroying them. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy both pull the large sword out of Knighyura’s claw using their water powers and swing it back, knocking the saw shield out of its grip. The trio send a combined barrage of aqua punches and bombs at Knighyura, wearing it down to where it accepts defeat. Recognizing their worth, Knighyura gifts Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Miss Appear some of its power, making their bodies glow. They return to the ground. “That was amazing! If that’s the only time we work together, it was worth it. Glad I keep my speed boost too so Quickster's legacy lives on too.” Miss Appear said ecstatically, catching her breath. “One titan to go, hopefully our hearts don’t give out by then.” Barnacle Boy joked morbidly. “Your skills are on par with the original Miss Appear. You’re worthy of continuing her legacy, Anne.” Mermaid Man said to her, proud. Miss Appear transports them back to the airport in the cruiser. Before they depart, she shakes their hands, honored to have worked with the legendary duo. She waves farewell to them. She returns to the shrine to watch over it and admires the sights around. Before Knighyura turns back into the shrine, Frostiles shoots another ice spike into Knighyura’s body, making the same ominous icy glow cover its body. Meanwhile, Mighty Max and Dark Ice are outside the IJLSA headquarters, seeing a gathering of hero allies who are deliberating what to do about Frostiles. Two of the heroes present are Lighthouse Lass and Athena. The duo gain their attention, looking on curiously. “Everyone, please listen. I know we’re not official allies and you may resent us for that. But it’s time we put aside our differences of who’s an ally and who’s not. We’ve seen firsthand the wrath Frostiles can bring upon us, and if we stand against him together, we can defeat him.” Mighty Max spoke, rallying them together. “Hear, hear!” One hero cheered, as others follow suit. As the group of heroes come together, a mystic teleportation noise is heard behind. Frostiles shoots an ice blast at the group of allies, but Mighty Max senses it in time and blocks it with his heat discs. Mighty Max and Dark Ice stand in front of the united allies, taking a stand against him. Frostiles is annoyed to see this duo interfering with him again, caught off guard since he can’t sense them. “I know you think you can beat me, but if super powered beings had no chance, what makes you think mere people in costumes can defeat me?” Frostiles taunted. “It doesn’t matter if I’m a true superhero or not, I’m fighting because it’s the right thing to do.” Mighty Max proclaimed, flying upward and throwing another heat disc, but Frostiles slashes at it with his sword. Dark Ice, Mighty Max and all the other allies present bombard Frostiles with attacks, trying to overwhelm him. Frostiles counters them with his blade and ice attacks, creating a chaotic battlefield. Onlooking civilians all scram from the premises. Edgar and Charon look at the ensuing battle from a window above, worried for the allies. Lighthouse Lass flashes a light at Frostiles, which burns his skin and makes him flinch. Dark Ice punches at him and throws spikes, but Frostiles blasts him away. Frostiles creates several ice barriers in the area, separating the allies and confusing them. He sends an ice beam at Lighthouse Lass, freezing her body, and approaches for the kill. Seeing she’s in danger, Dark Ice jumps in the way to protect her. Frostiles stabs his ice blade right through Dark Ice, who accepts his fate and falls to the ground. Frostiles looks stunned and annoyed, as this is not a “real hero” in his perspective. Mighty Max’s heat discs going flying right into Frostiles’ body, burning him again and he cries out in pain. They explode, sending him onto the ground weakened. The ice barriers melt, as the allies surround him. Frostiles has had enough of this and musters up his remaining strength to teleport away again in a mystic frost. “We put up a good fight together, but…poor guy gave his life to save me.” Lighthouse Lass lamented, looking at Dark Ice. “He went out like a true hero. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy would be proud.” Mighty Max said emotionally. Dark Ice lays dead on the ground, but at peace knowing he saved the others. Mighty Max and the other IJLSA allies take a moment of silence to salute him for his noble sacrifice. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Knighyura and Sportz Dude -Deaths: Dark Ice and Sportz Dude -Flashback Timeline: 2008, years after the other flashbacks but before chapter five’s -Sportz Dude was a reimagined version of Sports Master from Brave and the Bold. -Nalabar is a country first seen in Pirate Legends. -The Obsidian Axe were first mentioned in Most Wanted. -Invisible Isopod from the SpongeBob comics is referenced.
  5. The remaining episodes of Kamp Koral Season 1 will drop on Paramount+ May 26th.
  6. Chapter Seven: Fight or Flight Man Ray and Dirty Bubble are at the abandoned factory where EVIL conducted its meetings. Man Ray tries to get the lights working again to no avail and sighs. “Sorry Man Ray Land didn’t work out.” Dirty Bubble said. “It’s okay, it was probably a dumb idea anyways, especially when I spent most of my budget on the advertisement. So why are we here again? You said it’s urgent.” Man Ray asked, confused. “Er…have you been paying attention to the news recently?” Dirty Bubble asked concerned. “No! We’ve known each for decades now, you know I don’t trust them. What’s going on?” Man Ray asked. “Well there’s a maniac on the loose who’s been killing both heroes AND villains. According to chatter around the block, it’s that new Frostiles guy who attacked us recently. The Moth, Kelp Thing and now Magneticus are in the dirt thanks to him.” Dirty Bubble revealed. “That’s what the old coots were blabbering about…” Man Ray realized, remembering what Barnacle Boy asked him during their fight. “That’s why I’ve brought us here, we can safely camp out until this drama blows over. I’ve brought snacks and board games. I’m sure the IJLSA will stop him. I know I can’t believe I just said that.” Dirty Bubble said awkwardly, showing the food and board games on a table. “But…he knows where this place is! We’re sitting ducks!” Man Ray panicked, about to run. “Whoa, hold on, it’s not safe out there either. He could appear anywhere and get ya! Look at it this way: there’s a lot of places he could be and he already attacked this place, so the probability of him returning here is very low. Maybe.” Dirty Bubble said, trying to look on the bright side. Man Ray nervously points his laser gun at the door in fear, awaiting Frostiles to appear at any moment. Elsewhere, Mighty Max and Dark Ice are patrolling Night City, now working together. After connecting Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy to the case, they felt it’s only right two independent heroes work together to cover more ground. They’ve heard of Frostiles’ name through sources and whispers, so they’re trying to prevent more heroes and villains from being killed by him. They arrive at an alley where the frozen body of superhero Courageous Crustacean lays, yet another Frostiles victim and registered IJLSA ally. “We’re too late again…” Dark Ice said, horrified. “Frostiles is one slippery winter ghost. How does he keep finding everybody?” Mighty Max wondered. “A source of mine mentioned he first appeared at EVIL’s lair. Let’s find where that is, maybe we can lure him there.” Dark Ice suggested. “I can help ya with that.” Big Moe spoke. He appears out of the shadows on his motorbike with two other bikers, surprising the two. “We’re not here to fight.” Mighty Max promised. “Nor are we. I know where their lair is thanks to a birdie, I’ve been keeping tabs after magnet head’s “genius” stunt in case another one of ‘em tries to pull that on us.” Big Moe said scornfully. “Why did you go along with Magneticus’ ruse?” Dark Ice asked. “I didn’t want to, but he kinda threatened us. It’s water under the bridge now though with him dead in prison. Can’t say I felt bad.” Big Moe replied, shrugging. “Not even villains deserve the fate Frostiles bestows upon them.” Mighty Max said, looking at Courageous Crustacean’s body with dread. “That’s who’s been responsible for all this chaos, huh? Only reason I’m helping you two is because this is causing stress for us common thugs too. Half the population thinks we’re hero killers, and depending how this guy defines a supervillain, maybe he’ll come for us too. I’d like to return to the normal status quo.” Big Moe replied, offering a truce. Meanwhile, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s plane is approaching Grecian. Butcher and Hughie are several seats behind them again. He calls Edgar on his bluetooth headset. “Did you see all that, mate? Those titans aren’t fairy tales after all. The geezers put up a noble fight at their age.” Butcher recapped. “I’ve seen, fascinating.” Edgar replied. “Man of many words. I also heard Mermaid Man blabbing in his sleep about how you betrayed his vision over a military bill and ally registration. I didn’t quite catch all the details, but figured I’d let you know.” Butcher added. “Thank you. Good work, keep tailing them.” Edgar replied, ending the call, and Butcher resumes reading his magazine. Edgar is shown in his office clearly taken aback by this. He never intentionally intended to betray Mermaid Man’s vision, but it’s also something that he didn’t express to him or cover in the fine print. He didn’t want to be his enemy and truly respected his impact on superheroes. Given how quickly superheroes are falling to Frostiles, Edgar contemplates and accepts the military wouldn’t be as helpful as he thought. Edgar receives an alert about Courageous Crustacean’s demise, angering him. He grabs another alcohol bottle from his cabinet and begins pouring, stressed out by everything lately. He puts out an alert at all official registered IJLSA allies about Frostiles, wanting to keep them in the loop and to prevent more losses. No need for military integration when you have all the heroes you need globally, even ones tat aren’t registered allies. He didn’t care about that status anymore and lets all the allies know they’re allowed to help. He knew now’s the time for all heroes to unite. Barnacle Boy reads through Leif’s father’s notes about Grecian’s titan named “Skyvern.” The sketch depicts a large sea dragon with armor and words underneath saying it represents flight. “Hopefully the shrine gives us that power boost again, because obviously we need flight to take this beast on.” Barnacle Boy said. “The power must be earned, you can’t remake the same lucky magic trick again.” Mermaid Man said wisely. “You always chose the strangest times for your mantras.” Barnacle Boys coffee. The plane lands and the duo take a stroll through a Grecian city, admiring the architecture and culture. They pass by several advertisements depicting one of the country’s star superheroes Athena, promoting the upcoming season of her Volk+ show. Butcher once again tries to follow them, as Hughie follows their scent. The duo passes by a fancy restaurant. “I’m sure hungry after these long flights. What do you say?” Mermaid Man asked, feeling his stomach growl. “I suppose one stop wouldn’t hurt. I could go for a nice meal too.” Barnacle Boy replied. “To the restaurant, away!” Mermaid Man declared. The duo decide to take a quick lunch break and dine at the fancy restaurant. The waiter asks for their order, and Mermaid Man takes a while to decide. They both order pasta meals which are eventually brought out. As they eat their meals, Barnacle Boy looks across the room and sees Butcher at a table. This puts him on edge, remembering seeing him on both of their flights, and wonders if he’s following them. “Do you remember seeing that guy on our flights?” Barnacle Boy asked Mermaid Man, pointing to Butcher. “Nope, I barely recall most faces nowadays.” Mermaid Man responded absentmindedly. “Why did I expect anything else? Just keep an eye in case he’s bad news, something’s off about him.” Barnacle Boy sighed. Butcher wonders if they’re onto him, so he acts casual. The duo finish their lunch and leave, but Butcher waits a little longer this time to follow them to avoid further suspicion. “How did you like your food? I thought it was lovely.” Mermaid Man asked Barnacle Boy. “I’ve had better, but serviceable.” Barnacle Boy replied. As the duo make their way down the street for the bus stop, they hear sirens go off. They see Poison Algae with a group of five bandits robbing a high class jewelry store. A cop approaches, but Poison Algae controls several nearby flowers, making them grab onto the cop and send him flying away. The duo arrives at the scene, confronting her team. “The dynamic duo is here, out of retirement? What fun luck for me. Careful not to break your bones. You darlings are out of your league taking me on, but it’ll be cute to see you try.” Poison Algae taunted. “You best believe we’re back madame, and this pair of old coots have learned a few new tricks.” Mermaid Man warned. “You must be Poison Algae, a pleasure to meet you. New villain, old villain, doesn’t matter to us, we’re still defenders of the deep. Is your goal to rule the seas with plants?” Barnacle Boy asked sarcastically. “No, that’s tired and obvious! I don’t exactly align with EVIL’s world domination vision anymore, it’s boring. I want to be the queen-pin of jewel distribution with a powerful, diverse crew that will protect me from Frostiles.” Poison Algae bragged, snapping her fingers. Poison Algae makes vines rise up and strikes them around. Mermaid Man whacks them with his cane. Barnacle Boy burns through one of the vines with his sulfur vision, making Poison Algae flinch. The duo both send water blasts at two bandits, knocking them out. The remaining three make runs for it with their jewels. Mermaid Man throws a water ball at one, knocking them out. Before the duo can attack the other two, Poison Algae strikes more vines from behind, which grab onto them tight. They struggle to break free and Barnacle Boy is unable to use his sulfur vision because it is recharging. “You should’ve stayed in retirement! You better hope Frostiles doesn’t get you!” Poison Algae laughed, but the duo refuse to let his name scare them. The vines then suddenly turn into hoses, confusing Poison Algae. Emerald Enchantress floats into the scene and punches her right in the face. “No way, I refuse to let a circus clown and two crusty old heroes defeat me!” Poison Algae said annoyed. “Are you two alright?” Emerald Enchantress asked the duo, as her hands glow green. “Never been better, excellent timing. Looks like we’re getting a bonding adventure with each IJLSA member.” Barnacle Boy responded joyfully. “I’ll be fine. There’s still a few thieves on the run with treasure.” Mermaid Man noted. “Gotcha covered.” Emerald Enchantress assured, spotting one running down a sidewalk. She floats into the air and chases after. She then turns a coin on the ground into a banana, causing the bandit to slip and fall. She levitates the jewel bag out of her hands. The last bandit tries to run down an alley, but Butcher stops him in his tracks. “‘Ello mate, lovely afternoon, innit?” Butcher casually said. Hughie growls and barks at the bandit, who nervously tries to run for it. Butcher lets Hughie off the leash, who jumps after the bandit and begins mauling him. Butcher then discreetly throws the bandit and the jewel bag near the fight scene, and walks out of sight. Poison Algae strikes another vine at Emerald Enchantress, who blocks it with a green magic shield. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy carefully avoid and counter more vine attacks using Sandy’s karate moves, while Emerald Enchantress keeps annoying her with magical transformations. The trio are able to defeat Poison Algae, who is taken away by the authorities along with her bandits. The jewels are safely returned to the store. “Please lock me somewhere secure. Alright, Enchantress definitely respectfully moved up on my arch nemesis list, guess she’s more than a circus clown.” Poison Algae said, admittedly impressed by her talent. “Thanks for the help, miss magic.” Mermaid Man said, giving applause for her stunts. “I assure you, despite whatever you may have heard, we’re definitely not brainwashed.” Barnacle Boy said. “No worries, I trust you. I didn’t really believe that claim either. I sensed something was off about that Ragnar guy, as if he was using magic himself…” Emerald Enchantress said curiously. “That’s really been boggling my mind because Leif insisted he came alone.” Mermaid Man said curiously. “I hate to say this, but I’m thinking perhaps you got toyed with by Frostiles in disguise.” Barnacle Boy theorized, and Emerald Enchantress nervously wonders if that’s the case. “It makes sense, he wanted to undermine the search and put us against each other. Oh boy though, Homesurfer would freak if he learned our enemy was literally in our home. For now, let’s move forward. I’ll take you to the next titan and help out, least I can do for you legends.” Emerald Enchantress offered. “Given how strong the first one was, we’ll definitely need and appreciate your help. Hopefully you’re also lax on working with technical unregistered allies.” Barnacle Boy responded. “You’re our founders and I don’t care about that when everyone’s in danger. We need to unite together to stop Frostiles, silly labels shouldn’t distract us from a global threat.” Emerald Enchantress said boldly, a sentiment the duo concurs with. The duo get into Emerald Enchantress’ cruiser like they did with Blue Arrow, and it flies off. “I love these newfangled transportation services.” Mermaid Man said, enjoying the ride and looking out the window. As the cruiser heads for their destination, Mermaid Man reminisces to when the IJLSA went on a globetrotting adventure to stop another jewel obsessed villain… The old IJLSA are seen outside a temple in the Mu Continent. They’ve received word that Catfishtress, a burglar villain, is after a powerful valuable jewel deep inside. “I’ve never been this faraway from Bikini Bottom before.” Miss Appear said, admiring the locale. “I know Catfishtress is a crafty one, but there’s no way she’s made it through all those traps, right?” Elastic Waistband doubted. “She’s made it through many alleged tough to crack security systems, so don’t underestimate her.” Mermaid Man warned. The team heads inside the temple, treading with caution. Few torches dimly light the dark path ahead. They go further down the hallway, when Captain Magma accidentally steps on a tile. “My bad.” Captain Magma apologized, sighing. Spears begin shooting from wall to wall across the hallway. Quickster immediately speeds across without harm and presses another tile which stops the spears. “Didn’t break a sweat. Wanna see me do it again?” Quickster bragged. They go through several rooms, each with their own unique trap. The first one has blades buzzing from each wall, and there are several tiles with symbols plastered around the room. Elastic Waistband uses his stretchy powers to press all the necessary tiles to disable the blades. The second room is a dead end with an ice ceiling, and quicksand starts to pour, but Captain Magma melts through the ceiling. They go up into the third room, which has several laser beams shooting across the room. Miss Appear turns invisible, successfully maneuvering through and turning them off. After that, they reach the central chamber, where a green jewel is resting on a pedestal. Catfishtress is carefully approaches, about to steal it. “Not so fast, thief!” Mermaid Man shouted, startling her. “How did you already make it here?” Barnacle Boy asked, surprised. “Ha, those traps were child’s play! Now come to mama!” Catfishtress scoffed. Catfishtress grabs the jewel, which causes the temple to shake and begin collapsing as a failsafe. The IJLSA charge for her while the temple continues to rumble. Catfishtress cracks her whip and strikes it, similar to how Poison Algae strikes her vines. The six combine their powers to beat Catfishtress and take the jewel back from her. They escape the collapsing temple with Catfishtress in their custody, who hisses. The rest of the temple sinks into the sand, as the Mu residents look at this in shock and confusion. “No worries, we have your artifact right here. I suggest storing it in a more secure place where she can’t find it.” Mermaid Man said to a resident, handing him the jewel. “Why would you not keep such a valuable beauty!?” Cafishtress asked, flabbergasted. “Because it has no worth to us, and sometimes, the real treasure is the journey with friends!” Mermaid Man said heroically, as the Mu residents cheer. At EVIL’s abandoned factory, Man Ray and Dirty Bubble are asleep. Someone is seen outside the meeting room door, with only their shadow shown. They hear the door rattling and jump awake, startled. Man Ray’s fight or flight kicks in, and he immediately fires two shots through the door. “Ha, take that, sucker!” Man Ray yelled, as he and Dirty Bubble run for it. It’s revealed that the person at the door wasn’t actually Frostiles, but Atomic Flounder. He’s fallen out of his mobile chair and lays on the floor, with a wound on his shoulder thanks to the blasts. He had come to check if anybody was here after hearing about the villain deaths and was worried for his acquaintances. In Grecian, the submarine cruiser continues flying toward the destination. “Since we had quality bonding time with Blue Arrow, it’s your turn. Anything you wanna break the ice with?” Barnacle Boy asked Emerald Enchantress. “I’m sorry we didn’t take Leif’s claims seriously at first. Magneticus taking credit for Ryan clouded our judgment, but I should’ve known he wasn’t capable. Only a complete monster would be capable of these atrocities. I can’t believe my magic didn’t catch onto Frostiles’ disguise either, how could we be so naive?” Emerald Enchantress lamented. “Don’t worry lass, all heroes make mistakes. We made so many back in the day I can’t even remember them all now. Without learning from those mistakes, you’ll never grow as a hero.” Mermaid Man said wisely. “You’re right, these little mistakes shouldn’t define or taint IJLSA’s work. It’s like when I first started practicing magic, it’s trial and error.” Emerald Enchantress replied, feeling better. “How do you honestly feel about the team? No need to be scared about us telling anyone since we’re not involved anymore.” Barnacle Boy promised, curious to hear how she feels about Homesurfer. “…Sometimes I feel like I have to wear a mask on the job, and not a heroic one. I want to be wacky and silly, but Homesurfer doesn’t really like it when I do that as he wants the IJLSA to be serious. It makes me feel ashamed when I do silly magic tricks, but I enjoy them.” Emerald Enchantress lamented, airing her anxiety. “Never feel ashamed by expressing who you truly are. Everyone makes what they want out of being a hero, even if that means having fun! Embrace your quirks and goofiness, lass.” Mermaid Man encouraged, and she is genuinely touched by those words. “So what’s the deal between you and Blue Arrow?” Barnacle Boy asked, not expecting a different response from how he answered. “I’m not sure what you mean. I didn’t know we had a deal.” Emerald Enchantress responded, leaving it unclear if she’s messing with him. They get closer to their destination, seeing an ancient hill path with unique architecture along the way. The shrine rests at the very top of the hill, nearing the heavens. The cruiser lands and the trio make their way for the shrine up the hill. Emerald Enchantress takes a moment to admire the sights and looks at the ruins in awe. “Wow, these must date back to the 11th century…” Emerald Enchantress geeked out. “Didn’t know you were a history buff.” Barnacle Boy said. “It’s good to see today’s youth remembers the past so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.” Mermaid Man said, impressed. The trio reaches the shrine, noticing this one has green symbols covering it. Barnacle Boy looks through the notes, which indicate in order to unleash Skyvern, you need to solve a slider puzzle on the front. “I don’t think we can move those pieces with our powers.” Barnacle Boy doubted. “I’ll handle it.” Emerald Enchantress volunteered, as she stretches, preparing herself. Emerald Enchantress uses her magic powers to levitate each piece, locking each into place. She successfully assembles the puzzle, forming a cloud. The shrine glows and the ground shakes. Skyvern emerges from the shrine and swirls around in the sky above. A cinematic shot of Skyvern overlooking the three heroes. Skyvern lets out a loud, screeching roar and spreads its metallic wings. Cannons open up from its body, which begin firing missiles. Emerald Enchantress casts a magic shield around the trio, protecting them from the incoming missile barrage. The shield breaks and they run around the field while Skyvern hovers over. “Alright, that power boost would be welcome right about now.” Barnacle Boy said, noticing the pillars. He shoots the Cosmic Ray at them, hoping this activates their power boost again, but it does not work this time. “Like I warned you lad, you can’t rely on the same trick.” Mermaid Man reminded. “Yeah, I see that now. I welcome the challenge.” Barnacle Boy responded, shrugging. “What are you trying to do?” Emerald Enchantress asked. “Those pillars gave us super forms of some kind which is the only way we stood a chance against the first titan. Not sure how to activate these ones.” Barnacle Boy explained. “Maybe my magic can, I sense their intense power.” Emerald Enchantress suggested, taking initiative. Emerald Enchantress concentrates and casts a powerful spell which make the pillars glow green. The trio feel a powerful energy surge and their bodies start glowing green as well. “Nice work, this is like consuming a powerful protein shake!” Mermaid Man said, getting pumped. “Wow, I’ve never felt a power like this before!” Emerald Enchantress said excitedly, as she floats into the air using her levitation spell. The trio flies into the sky to face Skyvern. Skyvern lets out a roar, as it begins to fly around the country skies. The trio look down at Grecian from above, not letting the height scare them. Butcher and several civilians spot this from a distance, looking in awe and horror. Butcher once again records the fight for Edgar. “I see it, but I still can’t believe it.” Butcher said. Using Gigantus’ strength, Mermaid Man kicks an incoming missile back at Skyvern’s body. Skyvern strikes a claw forward at Mermaid Man, but a green barrier blocks it, thanks to Emerald Enchantress’ help. Skyvern swings its tail around, striking Barnacle Boy and sending him flying to the ground. He is protected by the magic energy. “For a beast that just woke up, it sure is feisty.” Barnacle Boy noted, as he flies back up to the aerial fight. Skyvern trikes to strike its other claw at Emerald Enchantress, but she makes duplicates of herself, confusing it. The trio unleash multiple attacks while imploding or dodging missiles. They fire a combined magical water blast, sending Skyvern smashing straight into an ancient pillar. Skyvern is being worn down, so green lasers begin to shoot out of its body. The trio fly through the laser field like rockets and avoid more missiles. Emerald Enchantress makes several green mirror shields appear across the sky, which reflect the lasers back and destroy them. The trio send a combined barrage of aqua punches and various green spell attacks at Skyvern, wearing it down to where it accepts defeat. It stops flying and attacking, lowering itself. Recognizing their worth, Skyvern gifts Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Emerald Enchantress some of its power, making their bodies glow. Meanwhile, Mighty Max and Dark Ice, after following Big Moe’s tip, reach EVIL’s abandoned factory. They carefully tread down the dark hallway, and stop when they see Atomic Flounder on the floor outside the meeting room. “Ow, why I oughta…” Atomic Flounder rants to himself. “Easy there.” Mighty Max said, as the two help him back into his mobile chair. “Why thank you sonnies, I never expected heroes to help a former villain.” Atomic Flounder replied surprised. “Why are you here?” Dark Ice asked. “I heard from the news that a maniac is hunting villains, so I wanted to check in to see if anybody’s here. But I guess I spooked whoever was inside and got shot for it.” Atomic Flounder explained, mildly annoyed. “Will you be okay?” Mighty Max asked, tending to his shoulder would. “I’ve survived worse, but…thanks for the concern, sonny.” Atomic Flounder replied, surprised by their care. “We came here to see if the culprit would strike here, but it appears we’ve hit a dead end.” Dark Ice lamented. As the three leave the factory, they feel an ominous chill in the air. Frostiles appears without warning and immediately shoots ice beams at them, but Mighty Max throws several heat discs, making them collide. “Odd, I didn’t sense you two…” Frostiles said curiously to Mighty Max and Dark Ice, who don’t understand what he means. Atomic Flounder tries to shoot an atomic ray from his mouth, but he’s too old. Frostiles throws an ice attack which knocks him out of his chair. Atomic Flounder looks up terrified. “Leave him be, he’s just an old guy! He’s not even a villain anymore!” Mighty Max protested, surprised he’s sticking up for him. “Doesn’t matter, once a villain, always a villain.” Frostiles replied. Frostiles picks Atomic Flounder up and freezes him solid. He then shatters his body, making ice remains fall to the sand. Dark Ice and Mighty Max are both horrified, then attack Frostiles to the best of their ability. Frostiles throws several ice spikes, as one of them pierces through Dark Ice’s leg. Mighty Max throws several heat discs at Frostiles, which burn through his ice skin and smoke rises. “Not so tough are you now?” Mighty Max said, seeing Frostiles feel actual pain. This allows the two to get in a few hits on Frostiles, but he blows them back with an icy gust. Frostiles teleports away, not having time for this fight and knowing the next titan awaits his presence. Mighty Max helps patch Dark Ice’s wound, who's recovering. “I’ll be fine, but can’t say the same for flounder. Poor guy, even if we were on opposing sides, he didn’t deserve that.” Dark Ice said, looking at the ice shards. “What did he mean he didn’t sense us?” Dark Ice wondered, as Mighty Max ponders. “…Because we don’t have actual super powers, we’re only guys in costumes. I fly using a jetpack, not actual flight powers. That’s how he keeps finding everybody…” Mighty Max realized. “What about Riptide Rider?” Dark Ice asked, confused. “He had enhanced speed senses along with a super powered bike. I’m a nerd, I know. Somehow using dark magic he’s able to sense where any hero or villain is, no matter how faraway.” Mighty Max explained. “At least he can’t detect us but everyone else is not so fortunate. All heroes need to come together now to stop this menace.” Dark Ice said determined, willing to put aside his gripes with the current IJLSA, because he realizes the bigger threat. In Grecian, the trio are taking heavy breaths and celebrating their victory. Their powers go away, but thanks to Skyvern’s power, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy have a moderate amount of flight in them again. “Thank you great sky titan for restoring our flight.” Mermaid Man said gratefully, as he floats up for a bit. “We’re halfway there, just two titans to go.” Barnacle Boy said optimistically. “That was awesome! We’ve never done anything that crazy before. Thanks so much, you two showed me what it’s like to really be a hero again and not part of a brand. I can fly you to Nalabar if you want.” Emerald Enchantress offered. “We appreciate the kindness, but we’ll be fine. We don’t want to burden you and distract from your position.” Mermaid Man replied. “Plus the exercise is good for our calves and energy.” Barnacle Boy added. Emerald Enchantress transports them back to the airport in the cruiser. Before they deapart, she shakes their hands, honored to have worked with the legendary duo. She waves farewell to them. She returns to the shrine to watch over it and continues to admire the historic sights around. Before Skyvern turns back into the shrine, Frostiles shoots another ice spike into Skyvern’s body, making the same ominous icy glow cover its body. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Skyvern -Area Debuts: Grecian -Deaths: Atomic Flounder and Courageous Crustacean (mentioned) -Flashback Timeline: After the flashback in chapter six -Mu is from the DS version of Atlantis SquarePantis. -Catfishtress is from the SpongeBob comics.
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  9. Chapter Six: Search and Destroy Leif explains everything about Frostiles to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. They discuss the revelations over a nice cup of tea in the lounge. “So to recap: our real enemy is a folklore figure called Frostiles, who was originally a normal villager, and he hates all super powered beings. You tried warning the IJLSA but they didn’t take this seriously. Got it.” Barnacle Boy summarized, overwhelmed by the information. “Good, I kept your attention. According to whispers, the villager was always a selfish opportunist who hated our culture. One day, an old hero went out of line and wrecked the village. The villager stepped forward in protest, pretending to care about everyone, and grabbed a cursed blade that transformed him into Frostiles. This blade’s power only works on someone whose heart was already corrupted with hatred. He desperately wants to be seen as a savior and bring a “neutral order” to the world, but he’s so consumed by his ego he fails to see he is the evil one.” Leif continued. “Do you know this villager’s name?” Barnacle Boy asked curiously. “No, my father refused to speak his name in any of these texts, as if he were a forbidden word. I understand he did not want to dignify their old identity anymore, Frostiles destroyed whatever left of their old self. I believe he’s been wiping out these heroes and villains so far as a warm up. The next phase of the plan will be to search and destroy the Super Titans.” Leif continued troubled. “The what?” Mermaid Man asked. “The Super Titans are four divine legendary beings that are said to be the source of all superhero powers in the sea, including your very own. They are located in the following countries: Hydroko, Grecial, Nalabar and Nordavia. Nordavia’s is essentially worshipped as our god. If Frostiles destroys them, the effects would be catastrophic to the whole world’s ecosystem, at least that’s what my father wrote. I know it’s a lot to take in and may be hard to believe. Before my people saw Frostiles with their own eyes I wouldn’t have believed this myself. But it’s very much real.” Leif explained, showing them maps with locations of each titan’s supposed resting spot. “We believe you and are glad you came to us. I hope the IJLSA will come around and help us out too in protecting the titans. I guess we’re going on a mythical creature hunt.” Barnacle Boy replied. “I must warn you, it’s said when the titans wake up, they will challenge you to prove you’re worthy of their power. The titans are said to be huge and supremely powerful creatures, they won’t be easy battles. Are you sure you’re in the condition to handle them?” Leif warned. “Don’t worry lad, we’re still in decent fighting shape and I doubt they’re larger than past mighty beasts we’ve tussled with.” Mermaid Man said. “I think we can handle this, our fight against Hydro Blob demonstrated we can still take on larger enemies.” Barnacle Boy said half-confidently, admittedly unsure what they’re getting into with these titans. “Good luck, aquatic avengers. You may be our only hope to save the balance of superheroes and supervillains alike.” Leif said hopefully, who leaves the notes for them and leaves. “Where should we go first?” Barnacle Boy asked, wanting Mermaid Man to lead the charge. “Hmm…if my geography is right, Hydroko is the farthest away, so we’ll go there first! This “Frostiles" won’t see it coming.” Mermaid Man said, thinking he’s a genius with this idea. “Makes enough sense to me. Ready to save the world, partner?” Barnacle Boy asked heroically. “Always am!” Mermaid Man replied heroically, as they clash their fists together and unite their rings. The duo enters the Mermalair, gathering essentially every weapon on their wall, knowing they’ll need them against these titans and Frostiles. Outside Shady Shoals, Butcher is seen in an unsuspecting vehicle. Sitting by him in the passenger seat is his trusted pet worm Hughie, chewing on a toy. Butcher looks through binoculars, eyeing Leif as he walks out of the building. Butcher had planted a bug in Shady Shoals before the duo returned, so he had been listening to their entire conversation and relaying it to Edgar. “You get all that? Very fascinating.” Butcher asked to Edgar through a bluetooth headset. “Loud and clear. The IJLSA will be briefed with this knowledge.” Edgar replied. “I know I’ve performed a lot of daring feats at your behest, but uh, do you really think I’m capable of taking out two superheroes? I mean, it’s Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, they’re literal legends.” Butcher asked, admittedly unsure. “This is only in the scenario the duo are working against our interests, which I doubt is the case at the moment. But in the rare scenario they are, yes, I believe you are capable. You saved my life from a supervillain, this is no different.” Edgar replied, alluding to their history together. “I’ll take your endorsement to my dear heart. I’ll follow the coots to Hydroko and let ya know how it goes.” Butcher said, starting his boat’s ignition. The duo get into the Invisible Boatmobile and head off for the airport, as Butcher steadily tails them behind. Edgar is holding a press conference outside the IJLSA headquarters to address the continued hero killings. “We are aware about the continued rise of hero deaths, including valuable allies such as Coral Lad and Shell Gal, who will be dearly missed. It appears Magneticus falsely took credit for Riptide Rider’s death to boost his reputation, and his gamble ended in his own demise. We deeply apologize to everyone for jumping the gun, but we were working off of limited information. We all make mistakes. We won’t let you live in fear from this threat. Rest assured, the IJLSA is going to bring the right person responsible to justice. No more heroes will fall!” Edgar promised, receiving thunderous applause, with many impressed the IJLSA is willing to admit they made a mistake. “Do you have any clues on who’s responsible?” A reporter asked. “We now know who's responsible, but I’d prefer to not say publicly for safety reasons and so nothing intervenes in the IJLSA’s investigation. If you have any tips, you can gladly submit them to our hotline.” Edgar answered, not wanting to give Frostiles the attention he seeks. “Is it true the perpetrator is targeting supervillains as well? Kelp Thing and Magneticus both died in unclear circumstances and The Moth is missing.” Another reporter asked. “I cannot comment on speculation.” Edgar replied dismissively, as he didn’t want to complicate this by trying to sympathize with villains, which would be awful for business. The IJLSA are in their meeting room watching a recording of Leif’s conversation with Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Miss Appear is uncomfortable about them spying on civilians without their consent. “I’m not seeing anything suspicious about Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy here, they’re committed to taking down Frostiles.” Miss Appear said, further doubting Ragnar’s claim. “Regardless, they’re still working without our consent and we need to make sure they don’t undermine our efforts. Anyways, so four ancient creatures are the source of our powers? News to me. It’s amazing how much lore about us has been hidden away in Nordavia…” Homesurfer said curiously, feeling embarrassed again he didn’t know something. “That’s what we get for turning away Leif.” Blue Arrow snarked, and Homesurfer gives him an annoyed look. “That lore helps us a lot, now we know Frostiles will inevitably appear at any of those locations. Perfect chance to ambush him.” Emerald Enchantress replied. “I know we previously agreed not to split up, but I’m thinking that if Frostiles is going after all four, and there’s four of us, we should be there to protect each titan, right? Basic math.” Blue Arrow proposed. “I don’t know, splitting up when he’s hunting us would be playing right into his hands.” Homesurfer argued. “There’s many heroes and villains he’s after, the probability of when he’ll come for us is unclear, but we should make a move now before that happens.” Blue Arrow argued. “There’s no telling which titan he’ll go after first, so it makes sense we cover all our bases. Plus, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy can’t do this alone. Even if they’re acting without our permission, we never abandon any hero.” Miss Appear countered. “I just don’t want any of us to end up like Riptide Rider.” Homesurfer said worried, genuinely fearing Frostiles can defeat him. “If he comes after me, I’ll be sure to melt him.” Blue Arrow said boldly, holding an explosive arrow. “I’m scared too, even if I don’t show it through my bubbly demeanor. But that’s what Frostiles wants, we can’t let his fear control our destinies.” Emerald Enchantress argued, and Homesurfer relents. “Alright, you all make valid points. We can divide and conquer, but be smart about it. Keep your communicators close by at all times if Frostiles attacks. If an ally is nearby, ask for their help. I’ll call first dibs on Nordavia.” Homesurfer ordered. “I’ll go to Hydroko.” Blue Arrow volunteered immediately, as if he had unfinished business there. “I’ll take Grecial, the history there has always fascinated me.” Emerald Enchantress volunteered. “I don’t mind Nalabar. It’s a shame what a rough image that country has thanks to its lineage of dictators.” Miss Appear replied thoughtfully. “It’s settled then. Best of luck team. I know we can do this.” Homesurfer said. They unite their fists together, but the impact lacks the soul Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s pose has. They get into the Seabreeze Submarine, which flies off into the sky. They gather all heat related weapons they can find. Blue Arrow, Emerald Enchantress and Miss Appear get into miniature cruisers which detach from the main submarine, and head off for their destinations. Homesurfer makes course in the Seabreeze for Nordavia. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are on a plane for Hydroko, relaxing. Butcher is seen as a passenger several rows behind the duo, covering his face with a magazine. Hughie is in the seat next to him, still chewing on a toy. Barnacle Boy reads through the notes Leif left, and finds a page about Hydroko’s titan named “Gigantus.” It shows a sketch of a tall, large whale creature with armor and words underneath saying it represents strength. Barnacle Boy is somewhat nervous upon seeing this, not sure how they’d stand a chance against a creature of that size. They’ve never faced any enemy like this before. “Mermaid Man, are you sure we’re ready to fight literal ancient gods?” Barnacle Boy asked, confused at how he’s so calm. “I’ve learned to not let an enemy’s size scare me, lad. We’ve faced many threats over the years that it's the least of my worries. All of our friends are in danger and we’ll do whatever it takes to protect them because that’s what we do.” Mermaid Man encouraged triumphantly. “Wow, didn’t expect you to still have that wisdom at your age.” Barnacle Boy said, genuinely amazed and shocked. Mermaid Man reminisces back to a time when the IJLSA had to face off against a large enemy, one the team felt they weren’t prepared for… The old IJLSA are seen searching through the Kelp Forest. They’ve heard tips that Reflecto has a secret lair hidden somewhere deep in the forest, and he’s about to unleash a doomsday weapon. The six make their way through the thick jungle and come through a clearing. Captain Magma takes a quick break by sitting on a log. “It’s too hot out here, and I’m not saying that because of my hat.” Captain Magma said, feeling exhausted. “Don’t get lazy now Captain, we still have ways to go!” Miss Appear encouraged. “Yeah, I’m constantly sweating at my pace, but you don’t see me stopping like a quitter!” Quickster boasted, annoying Captain Magma who reluctantly gets up. The team goes down a secluded path and sees a large swamp lake up ahead. “Reflecto’s base is supposedly across that path of swamp muck.” Mermaid Man noted. As they approach the swamp lake, Mermaid Man senses something lurking and gestures for the team to stop. A giant shadow swims around in the lake, making the team uneasy. A jellyfish flies across the lake, when a giant brown frogfish jumps up and consumes it, shocking the team. It descends back into the lake and waits to pounce again. “Golly, that’s one of the biggest frogfish I’ve seen, and I haven’t seen many!” Barnacle Boy said, surprised. “We’re not ready to face a monster of that size!” Elastic Waistband protested. “Hmph, a little magma will send the beast fleeing, not sure what has you scared.” Captain Magma said unafraid. “Weren’t you just ready to take a nap because it’s hot earlier? Not sure if you’d be able to keep up.” Miss Appear snarked. “Alright then, if you’re so confident, then turn invisible and sneak past it!” Captain Magma challenged. “No worries, I’ll be over that lake before the monster knows what hit him.” Quickster boasted. “But how will the rest of us get across?” Elastic Waistband asked. “Of course Quickster takes the easy shortcut.” Captain Magma scoffed. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Quickster asked confrontationally. The team bickers amongst themselves about their abilities, with Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy off to the side as spectators. They aren’t happy the team’s synergy and harmony has been disrupted. “Enough of this squabbling! This division is exactly what our villains want! It doesn’t matter the size of our enemy, we’ll fight because that’s what heroes do!” Mermaid Man intervened, encouraging them. They self-reflect and realize how idiotic this argument is. “You’re right, we can’t let stupid debates divide us. We’re sorry, Mermaid Man.” Quickster apologized. “I’m sorry for slacking off, Miss Appear.” Captain Magma apologized. “I understand how you feel, the heat’s bothering me too, but I keep pushing forward.” Miss Appear admitted. “Now, let’s work together like a team and outsmart that frogfish!” Barnacle Boy added, rallying them together. The team begins slowly jumping across lily pads. The frogfish rises from the water like a behemoth, overlooking the team. It’s daunting, but they let their fears subside and are ready to make it past the beast. They fire several attacks to distract it, and keep frantically jumping across one lily pad to another. Mermaid Man tries to calm the beast with his animal senses, but its willpower is too resistant. The frogfish begins chasing them, making the lily pads sink into the lake. Elastic Waistband stretches and swings from kelp vines, barely dodging the frogfish’s mouth. As he swings, Elastic Waistband grabs onto Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, Captain Magma and Miss Appear with his stretchy powers. He then grabs onto Quickster, who dashes at light-speed across the rest of the lake, carrying the team with him. The frogfish chases after, diving in and out of the water. A giant shipwreck is seen up ahead, and Quickster quickly turns in time. The frogfish crashes into the shipwreck and sinks back into the swamp. The IJLSA makes it to land and sees Reflecto’s lair up ahead. They take a moment to let what they did sink in and cheer. “Amazing job team! See what you can accomplish when you put your differences aside?” Mermaid Man said, proud they turned this mission around. “I’m sorry for saying your powers are a shortcut, without them we would’ve been toast.” Captain Magma apologized to Quickster. “Once I was in my zone, I felt no fear!” Elastic Waistband said excited. They enter Reflecto’s lair. Reflecto is seen inside wearing a scientist outfit with mirrors attached. He’s controlling a giant laser beam, and turns to see the IJLSA. “Greetings IJLSA, you’re right on cue to see me fire my Reflectinator! When I push this button, it will reflect a beam off the ocean surface and trap everyone inside of its reflection!” Reflecto boasted. He presses the button, but nothing happens. During his boast, Quickster had already unplugged his weapon, who is seen spinning the cord around in a hand and whistling smugly. “Oh.” Reflecto said awkwardly. The team attacks him with fancy comic book effects, and he is defeated. The six members unite their fists together heroically. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are happy to see the team has grown stronger together after this experience, proving no obstacle no matter how large can tear them apart. Barnacle Boy looks out the plane window, seeing the wide glistening ocean beneath them. From the rumbling waves, a giant green leviathan serpent emerges and looks directly at him with its majestic eye. Barnacle Boy jumps in his seat and shakes Mermaid Man’s arm, waking him up. “Look at that!” Barnacle Boy gestured. Mermaid Man looks out the window confused, since the beast is gone by now. “See what?” Mermaid Man asked. “Never mind.” Barnacle Boy replied, shrugging. He didn’t know why, but Barnacle Boy felt that somehow, that legendary creature gave him the confidence he needed that everything would be okay and that they can challenge these titans. Their plane lands in Hydroko, as they get off and make haste. Butcher covertly follows them, trying to make it through the crowd. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy admire the sights, but don’t it distract them. They get onto a subway train, heading for a town closest to their destination. Butcher barely makes it on board in time, appearing several cars down. “How are two geezers faster than me?” Butcher wondered, taking a seat with Hughie. “Sir, no pets are allowed on board.” An employee warned to Butcher. Hughie ferociously growls at the employee, who backs away. The train eventually reaches the town, as the duo gets off. Butcher tries to follow, but he loses them in a crowd, so he takes another route. The duo makes their way into a shadier part of the town. Several suspicious figures begin to follow them. As the duo try to leave the town, they are stopped from progressing by the suspicious figures, who brandish knives. The duo immediately recognizes these are yakuza grunts. “This part of town isn’t for the elderly…especially two washed up superheroes!” A grunt threatened. “We’ll show you washed up, sonny!” Mermaid Man countered, getting into a fighting stance. The grunts begin attacking the duo, who send water attacks back, blasting two grunts away. Suddenly, a few arrows are fired into the area, releasing smoke bombs and obscuring the grunts’ vision. Several more arrows take out the grunts, and the rest duck. Blue Arrow jumps into the scene, taking Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s side. The grunts look at Blue Arrow furiously. “Whoa, what are you doing here?“ Barnacle Boy asked, while he punches a grunt. “Consider me your guardian angel.” Blue Arrow answered, firing several more arrows at the grunts. “These rabble-rousers are no problems or us, but we appreciate the assistance!” Mermaid Man replied, striking a grunt in the head with his cane, knocking them out. “Blue Arrow, you have some nerve showing your face here again!” Another grunt said angrily, alluding to a past together. Barnacle Boy throws a grunt against a boatmobile, smashing the windshield. One higher ranked grunt pulls out a sword and slashes it at Blue Arrow, who strikes his bow against the sword. He wraps his bow around it, and then punches the grunt in the face. He knocks the sword out of his hand and then ties him to an arrow. He fires the arrow at a building sign, making the grunt hang from it. Mermaid Man then holds out the Orb of Confusion and flicks the switch, messing with the minds of a few grunts. The trio takes out the remaining grunts with ease. “Not bad, you geezers really still have it.” Blue Arrow said, impressed and steps on a grunt. “You were pretty great too, you lived up to your stories. So again I ask, what are you doing here? Oh right, you’re probably not happy we’re doing this without being official allies or whatever.” Barnacle Boy said. “Yeah, but you’re our founders, so I don’t care much about that. The main reason I’m here is we know about your titan hunt. We should be on the same page, not working against each other. I’ll help you fight this titan.” Blue Arrow explained. “That’s great! As I wanted from its inception, the IJLSA needs to unite heroes, not divide them.” Mermaid Man said happily. “Also, some friend of Leif’s named Ragnar came to our headquarters and suggested you’ve been brainwashed by Frostiles. I didn’t believe it myself, but it probably has Homesurfer spooked.” Blue Arrow informed, baffling the duo. “That’s nonsense, my mind is an impenetrable fortress!” Mermaid Man replied. “That’s odd…he didn’t mention any friend when he spoke to us. It sounded like he came to Bikini Bottom alone.” Barnacle Boy said, perplexed. Blue Arrow visibly freezes upon hearing that. He wondered if Ragnar had been Frostiles toying with them. “Forget about it. Believe me, I know no villain could manipulate you. We’ve been getting hoax tips, so maybe it was another one of those.” Blue Arrow said, not wanting to worry them or think that they had Frostiles in their base. “This “Ragnar” may have been concerned and looking out for us. No matter the case, you know you can trust us.” Mermaid Man insisted. “It’s impressive you’ve made it this far by walking, but I’m sure your ancient legs could use a rest. I have a ride that can take you where you need to be.” Blue Arrow offered. “Sure thing, friend.” Barnacle Boy replied, fully accepting Blue Arrow as an ally. They get into his submarine cruiser nearby, and he pilots it off toward their destination. They fly through an ancient valley filled with cherry blossom trees, admiring the view. While on their path, they have a casual conversation. “So…are you and Emerald Enchantress really a thing?” Barnacle Boy asked. “No comment.” Blue Arrow replied, to which Barnacle Boy shrugs, knowing it’s not his business. “Sorry about our performance against Dirty Bubble, we were out of it, but now we’re back swinging.” Mermaid Man said. “I knew you two still had in it you. Nobody’s ever had a perfect action streak. There’s been times where I question my worth as a teammate when all I do is fire fancy arrows. I don’t control the sea, turn invisible or use any magic trick possible.” Blue Arrow said, somewhat envious. “I can attest from experience it doesn’t matter what your power is, every hero contributes something of worth in their own special way. I’m sure the team knows that.” Mermaid Man said passionately, imparting his words of wisdom. Blue Arrow is touched by this, as it means a lot to hear from the IJLSA’s founder. “What’s your syndicate history or is that personal?” Barnacle Boy asked Blue Arrow, wondering what the yakuza grunt was referring to. “When I was young and naive, I did work for them I’m not proud of. I’ve put that life behind me and only serve the side of good now. I’ve never told anyone else on the team this. I know you’ll look at me differently.” Blue Arrow admitted. “You’re still a hero to me, son. It doesn’t matter what path you took to get here, the point is you’re on the right side now. I believe anyone can change.” Mermaid Man said inspirationally, making Blue Arrow happy he could admit this to somebody. “I appreciate it. Being a hero isn’t exactly what my folks had in mind for me either, they were expecting a painter or actor. But I’m sure they’ll come around when they see the good I’ve done.” Blue Arrow said hopefully. The trio reach their destination, seeing a large shrine on top of the hill. “Are you sure you’re ready for this at your age?” Blue Arrow asked concerned. “We came this far lad, no point in turning back now.” Mermaid Man said confidently, and Barnacle Boy nods in agreement. They approach the shrine, noticing a pattern of ancient blue symbols covering it. “Alright, so do we just stand here and wait for the titan to appear?” Blue Arrow asked. Barnacle Boy reads through the notes, and sees several specific patterns are highlighted, however they are too high for the duo to reach. “If I’m interpreting this right, if you hit these spots with your arrows, it’ll awaken the titan.” Barnacle Boy said. Blue Arrow fires his arrows, which the duo then infuse with their water powers. The arrows strike the spots. The shrine glows and the ground shakes as if multiple earthquakes occurred at once. Gigantus emerges from the shrine, standing tall. A cinematic shot of Gigantus overlooking the three heroes. Butcher and several nearby townsfolk see the titan from a safe distance. The townsfolk take photos of it in awe. “Wow.” Butcher said, not having other words, and records for Edgar.. “I…didn’t think it’d be that big.” Blue Arrow said worried, not having ever faced something of this caliber before. “Believe in your abilities, we can do this!” Mermaid Man encouraged. Gigantus slowly slams its metallic hand down, as the trio runs in separate directions. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy cast an aquatic shield around the area, but the hand smashes through it. The hand smashes onto the ground, causing the trio to fall, but they get up undeterred. Blue Arrow fires explosive arrows at Gigantus, who swats them away with the other hand. The duo send water attacks at the resting hand, which only do scratches, and Gigantus lifts it up. The trio keep circling around Gigantus, desperately trying to avoid footsteps and punches. Barnacle Boy fires the Cosmic Ray, which reflects off the armor into a pillar, making it glow. This causes other pillars nearby to glow as well. The duo then feel a powerful energy from this, which surges through their bodies, giving them power boosts. They tap into their full potential, as a blue aura glows around them, allowing them to fly again. “You didn’t tell me you could do that!” Blue Arrow yelled, impressed, as he climbs a cliff to get better aims. “I didn’t know we could! I feel young again!” Mermaid Man said, happily flying and avoiding Gigantus’ hook punch. “It’s been so long since we’ve flown, I hope I still have the hang of this!” Barnacle Boy said, flying though the air and scalding Gigantus’ armor with his sulfur vision. Mermaid Man fires multiple aqua fist punches at Gigantus, who then punches him back, sending him into a mountain. Mermaid Man is unharmed due to the aura and flies back to fight. Blue Arrow fires several smoke bomb arrows, obscuring Gigantus' view, allowing the duo to deliver an onslaught. The trio continue their pattern of attacks and start to overwhelm it. Gigantus lets out a roar, as spots on its armor open up. Blue laser beams come out, as the duo fly through them and keep attacking. Blue Arrow fires more explosive arrows into the armor spots, which destroy a few of the lasers. The duo send a powerful combined water punch alongside Blue Arrow’s explosive arrows, knocking Gigantus back. The trio have worn Gigantus down enough to where it accepts defeat. It stops attacking and raises its hands. “I think we’re done here, boys!” Mermaid Man said confidently, exhausted. The duo float back down, with their power surge fading away. They breath in and out, as Blue Arrow helps them stand. “It was fun while it lasted.” Mermaid Man said, already missing flying. Recognizing their worth, Gigantus gifts Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Blue Arrow some of its powers, making their bodies glow. Gigantus then glows and turns back into the shrine, as if nothing happened. “Cool.” Blue Arrow said, feeling accomplished and stronger than he previously thought. “I have no more fears. Bring on the remaining titans, I say!” Barnacle Boy said confidently. Blue Arrow shakes the duo's hands, glad they’ve made amends and worked together well. “It’s an honor to help you two, and you even helped me learn a few things about myself. I’ll keep an eye out around here for Frostiles.” Blue Arrow said proudly. Blue Arrow transports the duo to the airport in his submarine cruiser, then go their separate ways. Blue Arrow then takes a peaceful stroll through the valley. “I told you you’d like Blue Arrow if you got to know him.” Barnacle Boy said to Mermaid Man, referencing their funeral conversation. Frostiles is hiding on a mountain nearby and laughs, reading one of the books he took from the Nordavia library. He wanted them to weaken the titan. He shoots an ice spike through Gigantus’ shattered armor, piercing its body. Before Gigantus transforms back into the shrine, an ominous icy glow begins to cover its body… Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Gigantus and Hughie -Flashback Timeline: After the flashback in chapter three -The country of Hydroko was first featured in Storm Racers. -Treasure from Pirate Legends makes a cameo as the giant leviathan serpent Barnacle Boy sees in the ocean, still alive in present day.
  10. Which SpongeBob episode is truly the best of the best? That is what our final episode tournament on SBC will decide, using the 13 winners from our past tournaments. Round 4: Match 12: Dying for Pie vs. Pizza Delivery You have until May 12th at 5pm EDT to submit your votes, and the winning episode will be crowned SBC's grand tournament champion. You can post your reasonings for why you voted for the episode as well. Whoever votes for the winning episode will also receive 500 doubloons.
  11. Forgiveness has to be earned.

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  12. Which SpongeBob episode is truly the best of the best? That is what our final episode tournament on SBC will decide, using the 13 winners from our past tournaments. Round 3: Match 10: Can You Spare a Dime? vs. Dying for Pie Match 11: Pizza Delivery vs. It's a SpongeBob Christmas! You have until May 10th at 5pm EDT to submit your votes, and then we'll move onto Round 4, the finale. You can post your reasonings for why you voted certain episodes if you wish.
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