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  1. damn, a top 10 hit already
  2. why does years before spongebob keep getting 12 views each week lol seems like a bug
  3. i think this might be the biggest spin-off in history lol
  4. SpongeCraft not working. It forced me to update to 1.12 or whatever the new version is and I didn't want to because this always happens. Not sure what to do.
  5. i died at the down under riff. i would like to remind everyone that i ran this website not too long after I wrote that spin-off, which is more horrifying than anything i wrote.
  6. where do i download it
  7. Suddenly can't get on since the update, keep getting an "An error occurred."
  8. I agree, which is why I moved it elsewhere. And it definitely was griefing, I know what I built there lmao Blue building was there on July 2nd when this photo was taken, I didn't go onto SpongeCraft on July 3rd, and then on July 4th it's completely gone and Steve is in its place. So, yes, somebody took it down.
  9. Who tore down a building and built this thing in its place?
  10. I'll try to resurrect this topic with some work I've done today in International Village -
  11. Not to be a dick, but I don't want the part of the wall that I constructed destroyed. Your part, go for it – not my original wall please.
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