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  1. damn, a top 10 hit already
  2. why does years before spongebob keep getting 12 views each week lol seems like a bug
  3. i think this might be the biggest spin-off in history lol
  4. These look like the worst views we've ever had lol
  5. Damn, views down this week.
  6. The appeal of Skodward is insane.
  7. I think it's safe to say spin-offs/lits are back to normal. 8-) Great week for the numbers!
  8. Finally the views improved tho. Hopefully it keeps up next week or else someone gon' get knifed
  9. Riff Theatre is the Katy Perry of the SpongeBoard
  10. It's nice to see that the lower half of the list finally isn't an onslaught of 1s.
  11. The date already passed, but happy birthday, SpongeBoard! By far my favorite project on SBC.
  12. it's funny because all but 3 shows on this week's list wouldn't have gotten into the list when SpongeBoard first started lol
  13. Overall it sucked lol. I think the #1 is the lowest #1 ever.
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