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  1. Fin! 140. SBCinema Film: The Truman Show Jjs is the unsuspecting star of SBCinema, a parody program filmed 24/7 through thousands of hidden cameras and broadcast to a worldwide audience. Clappy, the program's creator and executive producer, seeks to capture Jjs's authentic emotions and give audiences a relatable every The Kid. Jjs has been the star of SBCinema since he was born and Clappy officially adopted him from his Chather. As Jjs was selected from birth, Clappy claims that Jjs came to be adopted not just by the show, but by the whole "world". Jjs's hometown Community is a complete set built within an enormous dome, populated by forum members, who are actually actors, who highlight the product placements that generate revenue for The Truman Show parody. Speaking of which, today’s episode is sponsored by NordVPN. Staying safe online is an ever growing difficulty and you could be exploited by hackers. NordVPN allows you to change your IP address, making you harder to track, securing your privacy. Check out the link at the end of this finale to get 20% off for the first two months and thank you to NordVPN for sponsoring this episode. The elaborate set allows Clappy to control almost every aspect of Jjs's life, including the sponsors. To prevent Jjs from discovering his false reality, Clappy manufactures scenarios that dissuade Jjs's desire for exploration, such as what shows he chooses to binge watch, by constantly broadcasting his opinions and the opinions of his idols like Irate Gamer, Cr1TiKaL, and everyone’s favorite, Douglas Funny Walker. However, Clappy cannot predict all of Jjs's actions. During his college years, Jjs was intended to be shipped with WhoBob, but fell for an extra named Kat. Although Kat was quickly removed from The Truman Show parody before she could disclose its nature to Jjs, he continues to remember Kat, and secretly dreams of a life outside the internet walls. In the real world, Kat is a part of "Free Jjs", an activist group that seeks to cancel the parodies and have Jjs released. As SBCinema approaches its 10th anniversary, Jjs begins discovering unusual elements, such as the emote reactions falling out of the sky in front of his house and a Discord channel that precisely describes his movements. These events are punctuated by the reappearance of his Chather, who had infiltrated The Truman Show parody, with the crew believing the Chactor was somehow recast. Jjs begins questioning his life and realizes that the Cinema somehow revolves around him. WhoBob's stress from attempting to uphold the charade in the face of Jjs's growing skepticism and hostility causes their shipping to deteriorate. One day, Jjs takes WhoBob by surprise by going on an impromptu Jeopardy game, but increasingly implausible emergencies block their way. During an argument ignited by WhoBob attempting to promote another show for Jjs to watch, Jjs determines that WhoBob is a part of the conspiracy and holds WhoBob at chat point. WhoBob breaks character and is taken off the film parody. Hoping to bring Jjs back to a controllable state, Clappy re-introduces Jjs's Chather to The Truman Show parody properly, under the guise of having lost her memory after an accident. This helps the parody regain the views lead with audiences, and Jjs seems to return to his routines, except he begins sleeping in his basement. One night, Jjs secretly disappears through a makeshift tunnel in his basement, forcing Clappy to temporarily suspend the parody for the first time in its history. Audiences around the world are captivated by this unexpected event, and record numbers login to view the finale. This finale was made possible by audible. Audible is the leading provider of audio books. They have over 180,000 of audio books to choose from. Visit www.audible.com for one free audio book! This is the best place for audio books and I cannot recommend it enough. Clappy orders a community wide search for Jjs and is soon forced to "GIVE IT UP FOR DAY 260" and break the production's day-night cycle to optimize the search. Clappy discovers Jjs running away from SBC. He resumes the transmission and, unable to fetch Jjs, creates a violent storm in an attempt to capsize Jjs. After nearly losing Jjs but failing to break his spirit, Clappy ends the storm. Jjs continues to run until he hits the wall of the dome between fact and fiction. Initially horrified, Jjs discovers a nearby staircase leading to an exit door. As Jjs contemplates leaving his world, Clappy speaks directly to Jjs through a speaker system and tries to persuade him to stay, claiming that there is no more truth in the real world than in his artificial one, where he would have nothing to fear. After a moment of reflection, Jjs says his catchphrase: "welp, back to the old grind clocks out", bows to his audience and logs off. The forum members celebrate his escape, and Kat races to greet him. Clappy's supervisor JCM, in a cameo, finally ends SBCinema on a shot of the open exit door, leaving Clappy to mourn over the truth of his defeat. Jjs's fans—the viewers of SBCinema—cheer upon his successful escape and then, after transmission ceases, ask what happens next. Epilogue - SBCinema Cast Members: Where Are They Now!? -We of course start off with Jjs, now ending the SBCinema once and controlling his fate for the first time in his life. He has decided to attend law school and dreams of becoming the next Saul Goodman. -OWM has taken this opportunity to become a future jedi in training. Rumor has it that he has now adopted the last name, Skywalker. -Everyone’s favorite Chather continues to be the most beloved member of this community and hopes that everyone knows how much they love her. She also becomes a wildly successful artist. -Fred has become a one million plus subscribed YouTuber with his own series where he talks about retail music playlists…which in this writer’s opinion is a very fascinating topic because he also can’t stand what retailers choose to overplay constantly. -SBL gets picked up by a major news network and continues to produce the finest newscasting this world has ever seen. An unnamed high level network executive renames his channel to SBLNN and it becomes the number one rated news network. -OMJ, now rich from his Deathmatch royalties, purchases ROH from Tony Khan and actually gives its own weekly episodic television series. He names Luigi Primo, the Pizza Guy, the first Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. -Trophy sells his cannon…thus beating this ten year dead joke into the ground once and for all. He uses his cannon money to buyout Kirk Cousins contract, thus fixing the core of the Minnesota Vikings problems and why they will not win a Super Bowl with him at quarterback. -Katie moves to New Zealand. Need I say more? -tvguy, a famous politician, continues to ask Nuggets to get on Skype. But Nuggets is too busy topping the Billboard Hot 100 with Dinghy Freestyle. -WhoBob, also now free from the SBCinema, decides to purchase a podcast set from Amazon and launches his own podcast with WhoBro, where they talk about movies and television shows. The title is appropriately named The WhoCast Show. -And just like the above, Kylie and Kevin also top the podcast charts with their music takes. Taylor Swift regularly guest stars. -Rusty is the new owner of all Tennessee sports franchises. Although Rusty still can’t fix what is wrong with the University of Tennessee college football program. -SB&P finally figures out what the eggplant emoji on Discord stands for. -Wintermelon enters the Pokemon league and is now a league champion with his Level 100 perfect IV Arcanine. -Jelly starts up a Beatles tribute band with her family. Their tribute band becomes so big that even Paul McCartney is impressed and Jelly finally gets to meet her idol. -Fa inherits the Pittsburgh Steelers from the Rooney family. Fa's first job? Train Kenny Pickett to be the next great Steelers QB. -Steel becomes one of the biggest animation YouTubers and launches a GoFundMe to start his own cartoon. Mr. Enter gets pissed off that more contribute to Steel’s GoFundMe than they did his. -Sauce continues to live life to the fullest and is now a social media influencer with hundreds of millions of followers. Rumor has it that the her followers are divided as to whether her eyelashes are real. -Danny DeVito has officially signed on to play The Thing in Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot. -Wumbo enlisted in the MLB draft and is working his way up the minor league farm systems as a five tool prospect. The Toronto Blue Jays are going to call him up this weekend. -Ex’s redemption arch is complete christening it as one of the best arches in SBC history. As he continues to stay in touch with his friends while also going to making one of the longest running animes, Kamen Rider Kizuna. -Kieran gets the role as the re-casted Ursula in 2023's live action Little Mermaid movie. -Aya, revealing himself to be the real Jon Moxley, goes on to win the AEW heavyweight championship this coming Wednesday on Dynamite Grand Slam. -Terminoob becomes the new head of the DC Extended Universe. Finally, the 29046th time is the charm as Warner Bros Discovery merges with NBCUniversal. (This was added in last minute due to the rumors yesterday, holy shit what a trainwreck WBD is now) -4EverGreen’s next season is Total Cartoon-rama. -SOF becomes the new head of Nintendo as SOF finds a way to appease all the Nintendo die-hards by doing away with DLC add-ons and releasing fully made games at launch. For once, Nintendo fans finally are pleased with their semi-annual directs. -Hawk decides to retire early with all the money he has made from owning all those talking heads out there like Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones. -PatBack goes on to write his own television series from his own life experiences and ends up winning an Emmy for Most Outstanding Programming. -Patty being the best graphic artist in the game today, decides to get digitized and finally gets to meet Amy Rose for the first time ever. -Kat is now a world famous journalist and regularly attends award shows, but despite all the renowned fame and glamor, she still gets weak when around her husband, Charlie Puth. -Illiniguy now hosts his own Chicago based sports talk show where he has a weekly interview segment with Justin Fields. -Storm gives Titania her own show on HBO Max while it is still up and running before it becomes a hit on whatever the name of the streaming service will be when it merges with Peacock (I still can’t believe this is happening). -Someone finally becomes Somebody. Thus making this annual reoccurring joke dead. -After years of keeping the forums alive, Prez is now the head administrator of the SpongeBob Community. He is rewarded gratefully by Anthony Fantano reviewing Plaid. -Salmon and Dman team up to run for President of the United States and abolish the two-party system. Thus leading to the resolution of our political landscape. -Honest Slug becomes the new lead writer of Family Guy after Season 24. He finally puts the show out of its misery and gets applauded by the fan base everywhere. -BobCarotte becomes a professional tennis player and wins the 2023 French Open dethroning the king of the clay, Rafael Nadal. -Maroon 5 finally break up. -Teenj succeeds Kevin Feige as the new head of the MCU. His first action is to reduce the oversaturation and focus on quality instead of quantity and not treating its graphic artists and writers like shit. The MCU goes back to reliving its glory days once more. -Omair becomes a famous photographer and even after all these years, he still has a soft spot for Nutella and llamas. -70s names his first child, Prudence. -CDCB and CNF meet up and start a weekly episodic television series about classic cartoons and animation. They go on to have a huge cult following. -Mythix buys King Neptune and follows through with his Winx Club Jeopardy idea this time. -Clappy finally wraps up this overlonged epilogue and goes to have a glass of milk and eats brunch. -And last, but certainly not least. JCM, no longer in a cameo, moves into the leading man role. He watches over us all and is the hero when SBC needs him to be. Because sometimes the cameo isn’t good enough. Sometimes the cameo deserves more. Because sometimes cameos deserve to have their faith rewarded. He's the hero SBC deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll cameo him, because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. The Snark Knight.
  2. Will pull the others from the blogspot vault at some point (the 2020 best list is being a real pain in the butt that I'm just considering linking it instead), but for now, time to ring out 2021 with the first of the lists. The worst hit music of 2021. This was not a particularly good year to write the worst list. Not because of the content as a whole this year because to be honest, this was a perfectly fine year. I mean it wasn’t 2020, but it was a perfectly decent transition year. But my reasons are quite simple…does music still even matter anymore? I mean with the way the world has been for the last two years, I ask this question with all serious intent. Because the news of the world just keeps dominating the cultural zeitgeist and topic points to the point that the entertainment that use to distract us from even the worst of yesteryear feels like it is not as existent as it used to be. Even to me, an entertainment buff like myself, I feel less and less wanting to talk about movies and music as much as I use to. They feel more like a chore to me more than a great distraction. And don’t take this as me wanting to stop doing this sort of thing. Not at all. I will always be glad to discuss. But I feel with the way the world is slowly spiraling, that I more or less want to talk about what we can do as a society to turn things around or at least watch in real time every bad mistake that is being made or how incompetent our political system is. Or how even a life-saving vaccine and wanting to be a decent human being and caring for others has turned into becoming a political statement...yeah its quite easy to get pissed off at the world that we are living in. But alas, the more I focus on how fucked up the world is at the moment, the more cynical I’ve become. And I don’t want to be a cynical old man (I’m not that old I swear). I want to talk about things that make me happy. And despite music being one of the last topics on a lot of people’s minds, I’ve got to admit. This whole niche ecosystem that streaming has made music listening has in fact given us some pretty quality hit music. As the world starts to open back up again as we are learning to live with the pandemic that has turned our world upside down, we are slowly starting to see more and more of the big names come out of quarantine with new album releases and new music to bring onto us. I’m excited for the future of the music industry, even if it is not as big as it once was. I mean for god’s sake we have TWO Christmas songs as some of the 100 biggest hits of 2021. That’s a sign that for most of this year, nobody cared to release anything truly worth discussing. I mean the biggest topics of this year were about Olivia Rodrigo’s relationship drama, Morgan Wallen canceling himself right when he was about to be the biggest country music crossover star since Taylor Swift, Lil Nas X trolling conservatives with his clickbait, the power of BTS stans manipulating the charts, and a douche (Kanye) vs a turd sandwich (Drake). Compare that to 2019 where nearly every number one of that year had some sort of thought provoking controversy attached to it. I find it fitting that a good portion of this year was a lot of music that charted in 2020 over 2021 because there were barely any album bombs for a decent while. Don’t look at me. Blame Billboard’s stupid year end tracking system. But of course, we have to start this list season off with the entry that gets me my most annual hits. The worst list. And despite what I’ve said about 2021 being overall a decent 6/10 year, this is the first time in three years where I had a lot of solid contenders for the worst list. So let's not waste any more time and start things off with the dishonorable mentions. DISHONORABLE MENTIONS: Now that we got that out of the way, there is one more thing I would like to make clear before I start this list season off. Both my best and worst lists this year are going to be Top Elevens. Why eleven? Because I like to go one step further. Let's just say I have some 2020 backwash that I've already talked about a plenty that I want to make these lists as authentic as possible. I do actually have some more to say about these songs that are two years old now each so trust me when I say that it won't be tired material. Got it? Good. Now let's go crazy. We're counting down. THE TOP ELEVEN WORST HIT SONGS OF 2021 Best List coming soon. Thanks for reading SBC fam. Love you guys!
  3. Straight from the Blogspot Vault, here's my 2020 Worst List: 2020. Do I need to go any further? When my children ask me what year was the worst to live through, I’ll tell them 2020. While I had two personal highs this year in terms of buying my first house and meeting my nephew, the cultural zeitgeist was just too hard to ignore. The entire world hitting a screeching halt with a pandemic that killed millions, massive protests over social injustice that led to civil unrest, the ever-looming threats of another world war, the political divide becoming all the more toxic. And that was only the first five months of the year. I didn't even get to an overactive hurricane season, the election, and murder hornets. I’ve already let my thoughts slip through about my many MANY insights as to the events this year brought onto us and I really don’t want to sound like a broken record at this point. Because there is far too much negativity in this world. One of my friends once told me that reading this blog is like handing out a dose of serotonin to her life. And that’s what my intentions are with this blog. To bring some positivity and entertainment towards this dark timeline we are in. And that’s what I constantly aimed to do throughout this year. Give people reading a much needed break from the reality we are currently sitting through. And honestly? I have a lot of things to say about music this year. So much so that I’m considering expanding a top ten best hit songs list for the year that was 2020. 2020 may have been one of the worst years of all-time, but the one thing it had going right was the hit music of the year was some of the best we’ve gotten this century. I’m not sure if this was the direction that music was heading towards before the pandemic threw a wrench in everybody’s plans but I enjoyed so many of the minor trends that were coming whether it be the sub-trends of 80s inspired synthpop, a 2000’s nostalgia boom, emo rappers bringing rock music back, trap music starting to sound more introspective…I could go on about how many sub-genres worked this year for me that were becoming mainstream. But for as much as I loved the trends that were, and still are to an extent, emerging; reality set in. The pandemic threw a lot out the window for this year. To the point that music became one of the last topics that mattered to people in the general public. If you are reading this and are as big of a music nerd like me, you’ll know that when it came to the metrics, this was one of the weaker point differential years in popular music this year. You all want to know why this year set a new record for most number one hits in a single year? Because it was very easy to obtain. A few weeks ago in early November during one of the weeks where “Mood” by 24KGoldn & iann dior was at number one, it had the same number of points as “Heartless” by The Weeknd the year prior when that was number seventeen that charting year of 2019. You guys see my point? And quite honestly, there is a lot to explain for the three main metrics. Streaming as a whole is down by twenty percent this year over last. The radio, an already declining format of telling what’s popular in the music industry, are even further behind at understanding what’s popular due to most of their chart analysts being out of work due to the pandemic. And sales, another declining format, had to get creative with how to adapt due to the economy also being down thanks to the climate we are living in. So yeah, in a year where the music that we did get was still pretty great in a sense, music was one of the last things that mattered because there were more important topics at hand to focus on. Look I can sit here and ramble on about the music trends of this year because I didn’t even get to some of the important ones like viral trends and stan armies getting more control of these number one races, but alas, I know why you are all here and I don’t want to delay this any further. I know which content gets more views, so like tradition states, let’s start it off by talking about some of the worst music this year had to offer. And while we may have gotten some damn great music this year, we got our fair share of bad music as well. Other music critics may compare the great stuff with some of the best pop music decades like the 80s and the late 90s. However, when it comes to the bad music, I think a good comparison is 2018 where we either got a fair share of hits from problematic people, a lot of pop music on autopilot, or finding myself questioning who some of these hits are even for. But enough preamble, let's get those dishonorable mentions out of the way before tackling on that main course: Okay now that that's out of the way, let's do a proper goodbye to these last 10,000 hours and hope for a better 10,000 more. We're counting down! THE TOP TEN WORST HIT SONGS OF 2020 Thoughts One Year Later: Yeah wouldn't change a thing about any of these. At the time it was really hard to work around a glitch my blog was having where media links were not embedding, so some of the videos or photos that are in this post are different from the ones from the original, but yeah otherwise all the content is accurate. Would I make any additional changes to rankings? Honestly, outside of "Yummy" by Justin Bieber being another dishonorable mention because it truly is a spectacular trainwreck, I wouldn't change a single post from my top ten. Hate all these songs. Next up, my (yikes) Top Twenty Best Hit Songs of 2020. That one is going to be all sorts of challenging to import onto here. But looking forward to seeing what sorts of reactions that will get for those who didn't already read it.
  4. Yep. You're reading this right. I'm bringing this back from the dead. For one last hurrah. I mean after all its been ten years of these....except for last year...which you can find on my blog. cheap plug is supremely cheap...follow me But ever since I've distanced myself from SBC as far as I have, I always couldn't help but feel like my departure from sharing these was as abrupt as it was. I mean I just decided to drop everything like a fly and just moved on to do my own thing. Which has gone fairly okay-ish. My blog may not be as active as it use to be, but I've taken on a few minor writing gigs on sites like Fiverr and have had a few interviews. Still keeping at it despite not being as active as it was last year. That being said, I know where I got my start and found my passion for writing through this tight knit group of friends and I would like to thank you all by finishing up what I started with the "tenth" and final anniversary of doing these lists on here for one last time. After all, it is the holidays and we need to spread Christmas cheer and give back to our friends and loved ones. And I will be sticking to sharing this post on my blog like I did last year, but sharing it on here as well at the exact same time. So whether you chose to read my blog or SBC, the decision is up to you. But I will be sharing my 2020 lists in this thread as well to make up for some lost time on here before I get around to sharing my lists on here for 2021. So happy ten years and looking forward to sharing my year-end lists next month. And looking forward to reading yours as well if you chose to do a couple yourself.
  5. Hey I'm back for another round! 113. Big Fat Fact-Checker Film: Big Fat Liar Mythix is a compulsive liar and slacker living in the fictional city of SBC. Mythix tries to get out of his creative writing essay by making up obvious lies, but gets caught by his English teacher, Mr.Wumbo, who alerts his parents that Mythix has repeatedly shared false information and that the independent fact-checkers said the information Mythix has provided is false. He is given three hours to submit his essay or he will fail English and repeat it in summer school. Mythix uses his talent for spreading obviously fake news to write a story titled "Big Fat Fact-Checker". While riding his old bike to turn in the essay, Mythix is run over by the limousine of an arrogant Hollywood screenwriter and producer, SBL, and he convinces SBL to give him a ride. SBL is in town shooting his action comedy film Crock Blocked. During the ride, SBL admits he also tells lies and that the truth is overrated. In a rush, Mythix accidentally leaves his essay in the limo when it falls out of his backpack. SBL is inspired by the story when he reads it and decides to keep it for himself. Realizing his essay is missing, Mythix tries to explain what happened, but neither his parents nor Mr. Wumbo believe him and he is sent to summer school to repeat English. Mythix and his best friend, Homie, later discover SBL has plagiarized Mythix's essay into a fake news media propaganda when they see a trailer for it at the movie theater. During the long weekend, they fly to SBCinemaland while their parents are out of town, and Mythix and Homie sneak into SBL’s office at his eponymous studio to request that SBL confess to his parents, only for SBL to purposefully burn Mythix's essay and call security to remove them. Angered, they decide to inconvenience him until he confesses. SBL's former limo driver and struggling actor, Aquatic Nuggets, agrees to help Mythix and Homie get him back because of his own troubled history with him. They sabotage SBL through a number of pranks, like dying his skin yellow and hair pink, super gluing his headset to his ear, tricking him into going to JCM, in a cameo’s, birthday party, where JCM mistakes him for the hired clown and beats him up, and tampering the controls to his car, causing it to malfunction and play Tom MacDonald’s “Fake Woke”. SBL's car is also rear-ended by a cranky elderly woman, knocking it forward into a violent monster truck owned by a wrestler known as The Old Man Jenkins. Thinking SBL nearly hit him, The Old Man Jenkins destroys his car with his truck. SBL plans to produce Big Fat Fact-Checker with SBCinema, but Jjsthekid, the newly-appointed president of the SBCinemas, loses confidence in SBL after the critical and box office failure of his latest film Crock Blocked. Jjs declines to approve the budget for Big Fat Fact-Checker, so Mythix agrees to help SBL in exchange for his confession to his parents. With Mythix’s advice, SBL makes a successful presentation which gets the film approved by SBCinema, but SBL subsequently betrays Mythix and calls security to remove him and Homie for the second time. SBL's assistant, Cha, has grown tired of his reporting behavior and treatment of her and decides to help Mythix and Homie to expose him. They gather SBLNN's other tormented employees and devise a plan to expose him, while Mythix has his parents fly to SBCinemaland after admitting to them what he did the whole weekend. The next morning, SBL heads to the news network to begin filming Big Fat Fact-Checker, but his employees delay him through a number of mishaps. As SBL finally arrives, he encounters Mythix, who kidnaps his NFTs. Mythix flees across the studio, luring SBL to a rooftop where he retrieves his NFT and mocks Mythix for trying to make him confess, admitting his actions, arrogantly believing no one is listening or ever will, and proclaiming he will never tell the truth to anyone, believing the truth to be overrated. However, the entire conversation is revealed to have been caught on camera and is witnessed by Mythix's parents, the media, and Jjs, who immediately fires SBL for his actions. Mythix thanks SBL for teaching him an important lesson about the truth not being overrated. SBL insanely laughs, angrily threatens to get him back and furiously tries to attack him, but luckily, Mythix leaps off the building, and safely lands on a stunt cushion, where he finally regains his parents' trust. At the end of the film, SBCinema produces Big Fat Fact-Checker after SBL's firing while using the skills of people whom he had abused. The film becomes a critical and commercial success, with Mythix receiving full credit for writing his original story, pleasing his parents and Mr. Wumbo. Meanwhile, SBL declares bankruptcy and begins a new job as a birthday clown. THIS EPISODE OF SBCINEMA IS BEING DISPUTED REASON: FOR SPREADING LIES ABOUT SBLNN
  6. Share them here: For example, I am one of the few people who loathes The Smoking Peanut. I wouldn't say it's one of my least favorites of all time, but it's definitely my least favorite pre-movie episode. Yeah it has some funny lines, but more often than not, I feel the episode drags heavily.
  7. Yep you read this right. Nothing like JCMovies, I promise. This wasn't my original idea, but I figured this could be a fun side project while I finalize an actual new lit or spin-off idea. Plot: Each episode is a parody of a movie involving SBC members.
  8. So we can stop being predictable and wishing people a happy birthday in the OT Lounge, I thought we could make a separate thread just to wish people a Happy Birthday. I hope this works and makes the OT Lounge seem a bit more exciting. Anywho, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJS, TALONMALON, and SARA!!
  9. So I was watching Total Drama Island yesterday morning and I decided to give Johnny Test a shot since its on Cartoon Network so much. Wow, this show is incredibly unoriginal. It's like a mixture of Dexter's Laboratory and The Fairly Oddparents, but not funny. Someone please explain to me why this show is so popular because I just don't get it.
  10. I think if I am not mistaken it was the first episode not written by the pre-movie writers? I could be wrong, but I am pretty confident that Fear of a Krabby Patty was the last one. Anyway, this episode is okay. 5.5/10
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