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    they call me ranch
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    - The vast and wide cyberspace known as the Internet
    - Science related things (biology and life sciences are sweet)
    - Technology related things (computer technology/science, tinkering with electronics/computers, etc.)
    - Music related things (playing the trumpet and piano as well as producing and composing)
    - Dentistry (maybe I could be a dentist)
    - Language as a general concept (reading, writing, etc.)
    - SBC (obviously!)
    - SpongeBob (obviously!)

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    The Paper
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    Patrick Star

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  1. Body Colour: Yellow Headwear: Goofy Sombrero 2019 Face/Mask: n/a Neck: n/a Body/Top: Brown Sweater Bottom/Pants: Patrick Shorts Feet/Shoes: n/a Hand/Pet: Snail Pin: n/a Background: n/a
  2. sponge bob square pants?

  3. happy August! I am pretty much unpacked and settled after moving so my actual computer can be used now
  4. SpongeBob.

  5. Welcome To Bob Commons .
  6. happy July, I can't use my actual computer right now so here's this:
  7. #11: Grand Theft Auto: SBC City - 56 I'm so proud.
  8. I checked in again because the other check in was bad... Username: Rickpat Age: 8 Gender: Male Country: Canada Interests: SpongeBob, Minecraft, YouTube Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob SquarePants How you discovered SBC: Through the SpongeBob Wikia.
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