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  1. I've seen in movie theaters "Book Club: The Next Chapter" (I'll probably see just about anything with Jane Fonda in it; she's such a great Actress), and the live action version of "The Little Mermaid". Please see the topic of the latter for more of my personal insights into that movie if you're interested.
  2. I saw it; and honest thoughts? I knew going in that it was never going to hold a place in my heart like the animated original does; mostly because it was the one I grew up with, so I'm probably always going to identify that version as the "Go To Version" of "The Little Mermaid". But at the very least, it's NOT a complete shot-for-shot remake the way "The Lion King" 2019 version was. They changed the order of some sequences, removed a couple of plot holes to better explain why Ariel can't inform Eric of Ursula's plan non-verbally, and they removed one unnecessary sequence, in order to add some new sequences that better show Eric's backstory. And we also get to hear Ariel's inner thoughts at certain points in this movie while she is unable to speak. Also, BONUS points to Disney for having an African-American Queen! And Jodi Benson (original voice actress of the animated Ariel) has a cameo appearance in this movie, to! So, while this movie doesn't hold a candle (or a 'Dinglehopper') to the original animated version, it did accomplish what it set out to do. Make a version of "The Little Mermaid" for the 21st century, that will hopefully make the kids of today happy, the way the original animated version of "The Little Mermaid" did for me. I give the live action version of "The Little Mermaid" an 89/100. (Imaginary Bonus Points if you know WHY i picked 89/100). Enough said, true believers!
  3. Spongebob: "Are you sure?" Squidward: "Yes."
  4. My feelings on the "Captain Doug Quasar and Pat-Tron" segments seen on this show have been neutral, until now. Doug Quasar is a brave shark captain, but he's not without his own faults. For instance, MOST characters familiar with Patrick or most of his alternate variations, would KNOW by now that if you give a Patrick character instructions, you HAVE to be VERY specific about what you WANT him to do, or the Patrick character will find SOME way to do the wrong THING! So naturally, when Doug Quasar JUST tells Pat-Tron to push a button; instead of pushing a button to sign a Peace Treaty, Pat-Tron pushes a button to open fire on the Sentient Saladian's ship (basically giant, living, anthropomorphic salads), the Saladian's strike back and Doug Quasar really doesn't have a choice but to LEAVE with Pat-Tron, and journey to Pat-Tron's home planet, and meet HIS family! So far, Pat-Tron's version of the Star family, may be the ONLY version where their version of Squidina could LEGITIMATELY be related to Pat-Tron, as they are both robots! And the robot version of GrandPat is a Steampunk Automaton that runs on coal and water! Naturally, it would SEEM like Doug Quasar won't WANT to stay for Blorpsgiving, until a Swedish Cousin of Pat-Tron's named Inga-Tron just SUDDENLY shows up (the implausibility and "Contrived Coincidence" LAMPSHADED by Patrick, Squidina, and their OWN version of Inga)! It shows that Doug Quasar, while usually serious, is also longing to love. Given that "Futurama" and "My Life As A Teenage Robot" have ALREADY set a precedence for it), Doug Quasar falls in love with Inga. The two actually hit it off, and Doug Quasar decides to MARRY Inga! It is shown that when a robot on Pat-Tron's planet gets married, they have their head UNBOLTED from their normal body, and placed into a wedding outfit body, which is NORMAL for them! Unfortunately, they EXPECT Doug Quasar to be WILLING to do the same thing, REGARDLESS of his flesh and blood status. Thankfully, the Saladian Leader shows up to exact revenge on Doug, and winds up falling in love with Inga-Tron himself! In a case of "Opposites Attract", even though Inga-Tron's OWN analysis deems them incompatible, Inga-Tron decides to not waste a good wedding, and proceeds to marry the Saladian Leader, and put HIM through the wedding ceremony! Pat-Tron takes the opportunity to escort Doug Quasar to an escape ship, and explains that the sort of CRAZINESS his family exhibits, is the biggest reason why Pat-Tron only visits HIS family during the holidays! I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
  5. Via Netflix, I saw "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Once And Always", so nice to see some of my favorite Rangers suit up once again! In movie theaters, I saw the AWESOME "Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3", and the Docu-Drama "Big George Foreman", which shows George Foreman's rise to become the Champ, his fall and finding of religion, than his comeback to become the Oldest Holder of Heavyweight Champion Boxer of The World title in 1994 at the age of 45!
  6. I'm going to be Nintendo Switch!
  7. Who doesn't like to get awards? When Cecil and GrandPat fight over who deserves a "World's #1 Best Dad Mug", Patrick gets a GREAT idea, to host an Awards show! Since his show DOESN'T have the resources or the budget to craft a BUNCH of awards that look the same, Patrick just grabs a bunch of random objects, and paints them gold! Patrick gives an award for the best song, and the song ITSELF wins (which to be fair, was actually pretty good!) Next, is an award for the Best BITE, which ends up going to Slappy; who winds up BITING off a bit more than he can chew when he decides to take a BITE of his Carrot Award SPRAYED with Gold Paint! Thank goodness Patrick called an ambulance for him post haste! Next, is the award for the Best Segment of the Show; and in the most BIZARRE decision ever, it goes to the 3-D Stop Motion Franken Sponge segment, the WEAKEST segment of the entire series! At least they did something ACTUALLY creative this time, as Plankton-Stein manages to (sort of) turn himself, Patrick Igor, and Franken Sponge into 2-D creatures! There's an award for the Best Stunt, which unexpectedly (though pretty deservedly) goes to Patrick himself! There's even an "In Memoriam" segment, honoring either LONG dead and/or undead beings including The Flying Dutchman, Lady Zombie, The Flim Flam Brothers, Nosferatu, and an unfortunate fish named Lenny who gets hit by a falling spotlight! Unfortunately, Granny Tentacles doesn't LIKE all the Hoopla brought about by the awards show, mainly because Squidina's spotlight fish workers are "Literal Minded" when they put spotlights EVERYWHERE, including in HER house; resulting in her going BLIND from all the spotlights FOUR times! Granny Tentacles first attempts to physically HARM Patrick Star, but that only helps Patrick get the Best Stunt Award! Deciding to put a complete STOP to the show, Granny Tentacles decides to place a BOMB in the last award of the night, only to find out that she has SOMEHOW won the award for the Best Neighbor of the Show! And Granny is SO overcome with emotion, she completely FORGETS about her OWN bomb in her OWN award, turning herself, Patrick and Squidina into ghosts themselves! Thank GOODNESS for negative continuity HERE! I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
  8. Happy Birthday, Old Man Jenkins! Happy Birthday Cake!
  9. Lots of people have wishes, and the Star family is no exception. One day, when Patrick decides to do a gardening segment for his show, he LITERALLY unearths a Mandrake Root vegetable...that can TALK in rhyme! It even has a NAME, called Schmendrick! (I have to wonder if that's a reference to a character in "The Last Unicorn", who's also named Schmendrick?) In any case, he tells the Star Family that he will grant ONE wish to the member of the Star Family that becomes HIS favorite! So Cecil, Bunny, and GrandPat all struggle to wait on Schmendrick hand and ROOT to become his favorite! Patrick doesn't, because he doesn't know HOW to become Schmendrick's favorite, and Squidina is the ONLY one who is (reasonably) skeptical of Schmendrick's claims! GrandPat's wish, is to LITERALLY be left all alone, even if it DOOMED the rest of the planet! Cecil's wish is to be a FIVE Star Cook with a FULL four arms (which is actually POSSIBLE for sea stars, as they CAN have more than four arms!) Bunny wants to be a cleaning superhero with the power to clean up messes super fast! And Patrick just WISHES that he knew WHAT to wish for! Squidina TELLS Patrick point blank that Schmendrick is SCAMMING the other Star family members, so that they'll just pamper him; without him EVER intending to GRANT any of them a wish! Somehow, that gives Patrick the IDEA, that the best way to become Schmendrick's favorite, is to give him a TAN in a tanning booth! But Patrick LEAVES Schmendrick in there for too long, and accidentally BURNS him alive! However, given that Schmendrick had been USING them, the Star family decides it's completely FAIR for them to EAT his remains and NOT let good food go to waste. But Schmendrick's head MANAGES to come back to life before it is devoured, and Squidina plans to finish him off! In desperation, Schmendrick says he really WILL grant Squidina a wish IF she will let him live! Squidina decides to "Cut The Knot" by WISHING that Schmendrick had NEVER been found in the first place! To her surprise, her wish DOES get granted...only for Patrick to end up FINDING a Genie's Lamp instead! I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
  10. It's not unusual for someone to want something they don't have, and Patrick is no exception. Patrick wants a mustache the same way his Grandpa, Dad, and even his MOM have! So, Cecil decides that until such time that Patrick is able to grow one of his own; he can borrow one of ANY of the mustaches from the LONG history of the Star family; except for ONE that is of the "Dastardly Whiplash" variety! In this episode, we learn that Cecil is a firm believer of "Experience Is The Best Teacher", as Cecil doesn't even BOTHER explaining why Patrick shouldn't use the "Dastardly Whiplash" mustache (and given the track record that Patrick makes even AFTER someone tells him something and Patrick does it ANYWAYS, Cecil really isn't THAT far off!) We get to see Patrick with a "Miami Vice" mustache, a motorcycle mustache, a Theodore Roosevelt mustache, a Salvidor Dali surrealistic mustache (complete with "Persistence Of Memory" reference), and even a MOOSE Stache! Of course, Patrick INEVITABLY has to try the "Dastardly Whiplash mustache; and similar to the "Looney Tunes" cartoon short "Bugs' Bonnets", THAT mustache winds up altering Patrick's personality to be that of an old time movie villain; and Patrick kidnaps his Mother, Sister, Grandpa, Rube Goldfish, and four audience members, and ties them to the railroad tracks! Thankfully, Cecil's Mustache has "Mustache Senses", and he rushes to STOP Patrick from using a train to run those sea creatures over, but DOESN'T untie them from the tracks first, as THAT would ruin the "Rule Of Drama". Eventually, Cecil has no choice but to shave, and completely DESTROY the "Dastardly Whiplash" mustache! And, we get to find out how STRONG Cecil's mustache is, as he's able to use it to STOP the train just in the nick of time! The episode would've been a 9.9 out of 10...if Rube hadn't got HIT by another train at the last minute, which bumped it down to 9.5 out of 10. But since he's a reality warper in a show with lots of negative continuity, he'll probably turn out just fine. Enough said, true believers!
  11. "The Flower Plot" is now called "Stop And Smell The (Bomb) Flowers!"
  12. Sorry for the delay in presenting a re-run, here's the latest from "Power Rangers: Multiverse Force!" / (Cold Open) Words flash on the screen, and they say: "Coastal Falls, California. Present Day, April 1st, 2179; 4:34 P.M." From the perspective of the Thunder Rangers, the older Battle Fever Power Rangers, and everyone else, it's only been a few minutes since the main Power Rangers have entered into the Time Portal to go back in time to the 1980's. D.O.G., turns around, and he asks Omnus: "What I don't understand is, why couldn't WE have gone back in time to help Captain Retro and the others?" Omnus says: "In the first place, YOU and Krash'ir were already ALIVE back than! We couldn't run the risk of you accidentally running INTO yourselves and causing a temporal paradox!" Alpha 8 says: "And secondly, you KNOW that we need to have a Ranger presence here; just in case Queen Beryl or someone ELSE decides to start something!" Patsy says: "I highly doubt THAT'S going to happen! From MY experience, the 'MAIN characters always end up doing EVERYTHING'; and I've CERTAINLY never done enough things in MY life to qualify as a 'Main character'!" And at that moment, the alarm in the Command Center goes off! Queen Hedrian says: "Oh, why can't ANYONE ever have an 'OFF' day anymore?!" Coop groans, and he says: "PLEASE tell me that what I think IS happening; isn't happening!" Krash'ir (stuck in her Krystal form), turns on the Viewing Globe, and she says: "I'm afraid it isn't good! Some...blonde haired alien human has a gigantic squadron ATTACKING Queen Beryl's compound!" Omnus says: "That's Queen Galaxia and her cohorts! But by all rights, they shouldn't BE here at THIS time, at this place!" Coop says: "I TOLD you NOT to TELL me that!" Samson says: "Well, that's NOT going to change the fact that they are! What should we do?" (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Omnus says: "It seems like Captain Retro is contacting us! Alpha 8, patch him through immediately!" Alpha 8 says: "Yes, of course!" And Captain Retro's voice comes in, and he says: "Omnus, I'm in a bit of a situation here!" Alpha 8 says: "WE'RE in a situation in OUR time, to! Queen Beryl's PALACE is being ATTACKED!" The other Rangers hear screeching and honking in Captain Retro's reception, and Captain Retro yells: "WHAT?! By WHOM?!!!" Omnus sighs, and he says: "Queen Galaxia, summoned by Dr. Maniac himself; PURELY to secure Queen Metalia out of SPITE against his former employer!" Captain Retro says: "By all rights, Queen Galaxia SHOULDN'T be involved in this! Dr. Maniac must be planning something TRULY diabolic in relation to the Nazi realm!" Queen Hedrian says: "He's HARDLY the only interested party! I over-heard Kaolite and Villuy talking with Queen Galaxia on my PRIVATE Pirate radio! Let's you hear ANY frequency, ESPECIALLY yours! Anyways, they're SIPHONING the energy that Dr. Maniac is using from his Wormhole Creator, to create a rift to access the Nazi realm! They're GOING to get RID of all the leaders there, and infect ANY remaining Nazi's, in order to have them be POSSESSED by Youma's!" The other Rangers hear MORE screeching, and Captain Retro says: "Well, just have the Thunder Rangers deal with it until we're able to come back! Speaking of, where are the OTHER Power Rangers?! None of them have contacted me!" Alpha 8 says: "I HATE it that you're asking me that! You KNOW we get HORRIBLE Internet reception for anything that happens PRE 1981!" Captain Retro says: "Than you better hurry up and FIND someone! I have to PARK this limo!" Queen Hedrian says: "I didn't even KNOW you can drive!" Captain Retro says: "I'm NOT supposed to! I only HAVE my DRIVER'S permit, and I NEVER envisioned myself having to make my WAY, through such INSANE New York traffic! At least I've finally FOUND a parking lot! You would THINK New York City, even in 1979, would put their parking lots a LOT closer to their important BUILDINGS! At least I'll be able to park, and than I can--." But than, the other Rangers hear laser blasters over Captain Retro's reception! Captain Retro says: "Oh, GREAT! I SO didn't need THIS distraction right now! Well; guess I'll just have to do what I ALWAYS do while playing the arcade version of Cruisin' World released in 1997; drive like CRAZY!!!! I sure hope Diane picked some good DRIVING music!" And the feed between Captain Retro and the others gets cut off. D.O.G., says: "Well, Patsy; it looks like Captain Retro is counting on US, now. Looks like you're going to be a 'Main character' after all. Whatever THAT means!" Scrappy-Doo says: "That means, you'll be needing MY help to, won't you?!" Patsy says: "Well, seeing as how we're SHORT on options otherwise; we do!" Omnus says: "I'm afraid we can't just DIVE into this situation!" Queen Hedrian says: "Why ever not?!" Alpha 8 says: "For all we know, this might be what Dr. Maniac WANTS! To get rid of BOTH Queen Beryl and the Thunder Rangers in one fell swoop!" Omnus says: "And besides; I've only trained the Thunder Rangers for individual battles against monsters! They are not yet ready to fight a war for us! And Coop and Scrappy-Doo specifically, shouldn't ever HAVE to!" Coop says: "Well, we've got to do SOMETHING to protect Core Earth. Don't we? It's what BlackHawk would want us to do." Alpha 8 says: "I'm afraid that at this time, all we can do is WAIT for Queen Galaxia to FINISH attacking Queen Beryl and inevitably supplant her position! By that point, we'll have a better idea on what course of action we should take!" Queen Hedrian sighs and says: "I guess what Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sang in 1981 is true; 'The waiting IS the hardest part'!" "Back To The 1980's Part III: I Saved John Lennon!" (Dedicated to Jason David Frank and Seymour Stein). When the episode starts proper, words flash on the screen, and they say: "Mysterious Void, Unknown Location; December 31, 1979; 5:26 P.M." We see a big, blank, white void. A colorful, rainbow portal opens into the void, and Emperor Catton steps into it. He walks to the center of the void (even though since he's the only thing INSIDE of it, it's hard to tell WHERE the actual center is), and he looks up to the blank sky, and he shouts: "Chaos God Khorne, show yourself NOW!!!!" The sky darkens to a sinister black, and a red, visual image opens in the sky, and the image of Khorne, the Chaos God himself, appears in it! Khorne hisses with a sinister growl, and he says: "Well, it SEEMS like your hypothesis that Dr. Maniac would come back to YOUR time was indeed, correct! It seems like I was WISE to entrust this IMPORTANT mission to you!" Emperor Catton says: "Rest assurred, your highness; I don't take being TRAPPED in this MISERABLE Time Loop lightly! Always FORCED to live through a WHOLE decade and CHANGE, from December 31, 1979 12:00 A.M., to December 31, 1989 11:59 P.M.; always getting CLOSE to seeing a new decade, but ALWAYS sent back to where I started, all because of that STUPID technological BUG that Dr. Maniac placed within me! And WORST of all, none of the changes that I PERSONALLY make ever wind up making enough of an impact to destroy the bug on my OWN power! Luckily, with these Power Rangers running around; they should provide enough power for me to finally DESTROY the bug within me, and I can go to the Nazi Realm on YOUR behalf!" Khorne says: "And YOU think you would do BETTER ruling that realm, as opposed to Queen Galaxia?" Emperor Catton says: "First off, I DON'T even know who that is! Second, even if I did; it would be irrelevant! Once I gain control of the Nazi Realm, my powers will be GREATER than anything that Dr. Maniac could invent! If Dr. Maniac thought he could DENY me the pleasure of destroying the Power Rangers ONCE and for all, he was WRONG! I plan on repaying his little 'Gift' to me; with DECADES worth of INTEREST!" Khorne says: "Good! Just don't forget YOUR part of the bargain! You will KILL as many as you can in the Nazi Realm ONCE you arrive there! I will NEED the strength to defeat Radiguet once he arrives to try to FIGHT me!" Emperor Catton says: "Radiguet; HE'S the one you warned me about, right?" Khorne says: "The one and the same! He's no ORDINARY mortal if he can imprison T'zeen'etch, and utterly DESTROY Slaneesh! I simply can't ALLOW mortals with THAT much power to be running about, THINKING that he's STRONGER than me! Only I can decide who lives and DIES in this universe; and if YOU were to deliver the 'Coup De Grace' to Radiguet, I could see fit to making YOU the new Pleasure God of Chaos!" Emperor Catton says: "Well, that all depends on YOUR ability to destroy Radiguet; doesn't it? Don't get me wrong; becoming a Chaos God does sound like FUN and all, but there's only so much time ONE like me can have before he becomes BORED by the whole concept of 'Living Forever'. It's HIGHLY over-rated in my honest opinion! I could care LESS whether YOU survive Radiguet's onslaught or not! Just so long as I get MY revenge against Dr. Maniac, and the Power Rangers as well!" Khorne says: "Just SEE that you DO! I'd HATE to have to reveal where it is YOU truly come from! Lest you'd have anyone DISCOVER your...humiliating PAST!" Emperor Catton says: "Rest assured, there will be NO need for that! I'll make SURE your trust in bestowing me the title of 'Emperor', and the ability to absorb the energy from the changes the Power Rangers make; will see ME finally overcome Dr. Maniac ONCE and for all! We're LUCKY that Dr. Maniac is so...PREDICTABLE with his plans! Thanks to HIS brainwashing of Pinkie Pie, Lettuce, Naruto, and FireHawk; they'll waste NO time trying to interfere with MY present! Which, will fit PERFECTLY into our plans! Those Power Rangers have NO idea they are SOWING the seeds of their OWN demise!" Khorne says: "The Power Rangers are of little consequence to me. They are useful tools to us. No more, no less. When they cease to be useful, you can do what you WISH to them for all I care...provided you actually LAST that long!" Emperor Catton chuckles, and he says: "I'll make SURE of that!" Khorne's eyes narrow, and he suspiciously says: "We'll see!" And Khorne's image disappears, and the blank void turns white again. Emperor Catton sighs, and he says: "Boring conversation anyways! I still have an ACE up MY sleeve! Khorne has NO idea FireHawk isn't even BRAINWASHED! Which...will be PERFECT blackmail material...for ME! Oh, well! Time to see what Lettuce has been up to!" Emperor Catton puts his right arm forward, and he says: "Chrono Clock, ACTIVATE!!!!" And a blue, holographic clock shoots forward from his hands, and Emperor Catton says: "Chrono Clock, REWIND!!!!" And sure enough, the hands on the clock REWIND two hours, to 3:26 P.M.! Emperor Catton powers his power down, and he says: "Perfect! I MUCH prefer seeing the action from the beginning!" And Emperor Catton shouts: "Void of time, show me Miami, Florida RIGHT now!" And sure enough, a void opens up to show Lettuce (currently disguised as a human) landing IN Miami, Florida; and he's all dressed up in detective gear! Emperor Catton says: "Interesting MOVE, Dr. Maniac! What are you up to, making Lettuce into a detective?" As if to answer his question, the camera focuses in on Lettuce's actions, and words flash on the screen, and they say: "Miami, Florida; December 31, 1979; 3:26 P.M." Lettuce rubs his head and he looks around, noticing he's in some back alley, and he says: "Someone must have spiked my DRINK last night; I have no idea where I am...come to think of it; I don't even remember WHO I am! Where did I come from, and WHY am I dressed like this?!" Suddenly, a guy bursts out from one of the doors, looking (and sounding) like an older Bob Hoskins before he passed away, and he asks: "Who's making that noise out...YOU!" Lettuce points to himself, and he asks: "Who, me?" The guy says: "Yes, you! You must be the new partner that New York City sent to my department!" Lettuce asks: "New partner?" The guy says: "Look at yourself! You've got the hat, the coat, the pants, the shoes; you even have your own magnifying glass! Oh, forgive my manners! I got so caught up in YOUR appearance, I didn't even introduce myself! I'm Eddie J. Valiant! Former top Toontown Investigative Detective and friend to ALL toons! Are YOU a friend of toons?" Lettuce says: "I'm not sure if I've ever MET one...but if they were GOOD, I'd probably be friends with them! Strange, your name seems...familiar somehow. Like I've heard it SOMEWHERE before!" Eddie says: "Well, I wouldn't doubt that. My legacy IS pretty impressive! But I am getting on in years! I'm looking for someone to learn the tricks of the trade from an old master! To take my place someday! Do YOU think you've got what it takes to do the job?!" Lettuce asks: "Does it pay well?" Eddie says: "In money AND respect!" Lettuce jumps up and he says: "Than I AM your man for the job!" Eddie says: "Good, than come on in, and we can get started on OUR first case!" Lettuce says: "What case is that?" Eddie says: "Security! John Lennon and Yoko Ono are SOMEWHERE in town, and Yoko Ono has called! She's been having these 'Premonitions'. She thinks SOMEONE might try to murder John Lennon after they finish working on their latest album! Not sure who would WANT to do that, but; it's our SWORN duty to make sure NO hunch is uncalled for! We must start our work immediately!" Lettuce says: "Yes, sir!" And the two of them go inside the Police Department! The action switches to Emperor Catton's perspective, and he says: "So, a person who shouldn't ACTUALLY exist in a real timeline, does; John Lennon and Yoko Ono AREN'T where they're SUPPOSED to be, and someone is ALREADY plotting to murder John Lennon? I guess THESE changes are better than nothing! But it's NOT enough! No, no; Dr. Maniac! Let's see WHAT happens when we throw one of MY monsters into the Mix! Garbage Duck, get your STINKY butt here!" A monster warps into the void, looking like a cross between a Duck, and a garbage truck! Garbage Duck says: "My mission is to destroy whoever YOU tell me to destroy; nothing less!" Emperor Catton strokes his chin, and he says: "Good! You know Pop Legend John Lennon? I'm sure you do. Former Beatle, wears glasses; married to 'Yoko Oh No'? You will go down in history as the monster who MURDERED the legend! Make it look like an 'Accident' if you have to; but I want him dead BEFORE the next year is out! He will give you NO trouble, I promise you that! And be sure to take out ANYONE who tries to interfere with your mission; no matter WHO that is!" Garbage Duck says: "Never fear! My mission is to TAKE garbage, whatever it LOOKS like; and DESTROY it! You have my word!" And Garbage Duck warps out of the void! Emperor Catton chuckles to himself, and he says: "Dr. Maniac, you might have gotten the jump on me with YOUR technological prowess! But you will soon find out that when you give someone ENOUGH time, they can find a way to GET revenge on you! You will RUE the day that you crossed, the EMPEROR of the Cat People! Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha!" / The action shifts again, and words flash on the screen, and they say: "Outer Space, around Queen Beryl's Palace; April 1, 2179; 4:40 P.M." Kaolite is flying around in a space ship, and she says: "The operation went EXACTLY as you planned, Dr. Maniac! Queen Beryl's Youma forces were no match for OUR technological superiority!" Villuy also flies around in a space ship, and she says: "Unfortunately, the Thunder Rangers NEVER showed up! Looks like they DIDN'T take the bait!" Dr. Maniac's voice comes through over the intercom, and he says: "Lousy Omnus and Queen Hedrian! UGH; they're SMARTER than I thought! No matter, we'll simply deal with them at a later time ONCE we have control of Queen Metallia! Now, storm Queen Beryl's Palace with Queen Galaxia! The energy's of Queen Beryl and Abaddon will be a FEAST to Queen Metalia once they are consumed!" Kaolite and Villuy simultaneously say: "Sir, yes sir!" And they take their spaceships, and join the rest of Queen Galaxia's forces, as they begin landing around Queen Beryl's Palace! Inside, Queen Beryl and Abaddon are COWERING behind Queen Beryl's Throne! Abaddon says: "The strike went WORSE than we thought! Our forces didn't even lay a SCRATCH on Queen Galaxia's army!" Queen Beryl says: "This is INCONCEIVABLE! It's almost EXACTLY as though Queen Galaxia knew EXACTLY how to attack us, and how to CRIPPLE our defenses; leaving us with NOTHING! And where in the HECK are Kunzite and Zolsite when you NEED them?!" Kunzite and Zolsite appear right beside them and grab them, and they laugh as they say: "We got you RIGHT where we want you!" Abaddon yells: "TRAITORS!!!!" Kunzite says: "ONLY to you two! Not to our TRUE queen!" Queen Beryl yells: "Let us go right now, or I'll have you both DECAPITATED!!!!" Queen Galaxia says: "I'm sorry, but you no longer have ANY jurisdiction here!" And Queen Galaxia walks towards Queen Beryls' throne, flanked on both sides by Kaolite and Villuy, and preceded by a bunch of STRONGER looking Youma than the ones Queen Beryl used! Abaddon raises one of his arms, preparing to fire, only for Kaolite to say: "Spare your POINTLESS energy! Queen Galaxia's Youma have been given the Vampirus Fruit, a gift from Master Vile himself! The Vampirus Fruit BOOSTS their powers FAR above that of your AVERAGE Youma! They can take YOUR pathetic attack!" Quen Galaxia and her procession stop right in front of Queen Beryl, and Queen Galaxia effortlessly lifts Queen Beryl up by the neck! Queen Galaxia chuckles, and she says: "I'm very disappointed in you, Queen Beryl! I don't think you even DESERVE the title of 'Queen'! Dr. Maniac told me that he practically GIFT-WRAPPED the Power Rangers for you on at least two dozen occasions, and you COULDN'T even dispose of THEM!" Abaddon yells: "You LIE!!!! Dr. Maniac is DEAD!!!! Queen Beryl's Crystal Ball SHOWED us Dr. Maniac being destroyed by a combined Megazord Attack!" Villuy says: "Dr. Maniac is NOT so easily DESTROYED!!!! Or did you not NOTICE that there was a certain PLACE where Dr. Maniac put all FIVE of his Psycho Serum's?!" / And Queen Galaxia waves her hands, and replays a soundless replay of the action that happened on Planet Onyx, which Queen Hedrian manages to intercept! The Thunder Rangers, the elder Battle Fever Rangers, and Queen Beryl all see, that Dr. Maniac places all FIVE Psycho Serums into his HEAD, physically injecting ALL of the formula into his brain! Queen Hedrian says: "So THAT'S how Dr. Maniac cheated death!!!!" / Kunzite says: "As you know, Queen Beryl; the Psycho Serum can BOOST a person's defense; but it can only go SO far! However, I did some research on the matter; and if someone were to place FIVE of those Psycho Serums into his brain at the same time, his BRAIN could survive an attack that destroys the REST of his body; which was Dr. Maniac's intention ALL along!" Zolsite says: "Dr. Maniac HAD hoped to have you destroyed BEFORE he became the MARVELOUS machine that he is now! But since circumstances were beyond his control; he had to...adjust his plans. But you'd know all about that; WOULDN'T you Queen Beryl?" Queen Galaxia says: "YOU were to use the FOUR underlings you were GIVEN to your FULL benefit! One of them were DESTROYED by the Power Rangers, and another you KILLED yourself; because you SOMEHOW correctly guessed that he would turn against you! Well, you were right! And because I'd NEVER want a prediction to be WRONG, I can REVIVE anyone that YOU personally had killed; ESPECIALLY Jaedite!!!!" Queen Beryl yells: "You CAN'T!!!!" Abaddon yells: "You COULDN'T!!!!" Queen Beryl angrily says: "You wouldn't DARE!" Queen Galaxia chuckles, and she says: "Can, could, and definitely WOULD dare! By the dark arts entrusted to me by Master Vile himself, I command the Underworld, bring Jaedite BACK to life!!!!" And lightning shoots forward, and shapes itself into the Star Shape of a Necromancer, and blue flames erupt forth from it, and Jaedite rises forth from the flames! Jaedite chuckles and he says: "To quote a Thin Lizzy song; the BOYS are BACK in town! Now that I'm back with Kunzite and Zolsite, we will PROVE to you how much more efficient we are, at destroying the Power Rangers than YOU ever could have been!" Abaddon says: "You can't trust Jaedite! If he's WILLING to betray Queen Beryl, what makes you think he won't eventually TRY to betray you as well?!" Queen Galaxia mock yawns, and she says: "Oh, don't worry your UGLY little heads about that! Of course, you won't have much longer to worry about anything ANYWAYS! Your efforts to revive Queen Metallia were WOEFULLY inadequate; but your energies might be just the THING to bring Queen Metallia to FULL strength! PITY you won't be able to SEE her destroy the Power Rangers!" Queen Beryl angrily says: "How DARE you!!!!" Jaedite says: "You mean, 'How dare I?' Payback is...well to be honest; YOU, isn't it?! See you in the underworld! Oh, wait! No, I won't, because YOU won't BE there!!!!" And all Queen Beryl and Abaddon can yell is: "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" As they are zapped with electricity, and zapped into the machine being used for Queen Metallia's revival! Queen Galaxia says: "Thank you for securing me MY new throne! As a reward, I shall turn you into the TRUE Youma's, which Queen Beryl LONG denied you!" And she uses her arms to produce blackish-red energy, and gives WINGS to Jaedite, Kunzite, and Zolsite! Kunzite and Zolsite bow their heads in respect! Kunzite says: "Thank you, our TRUE Queen! We will NOT disappoint you!" Queen Galaxia says: "Oh, you WON'T! I'm SURE you won't!" Zolsite says: "Just noticing, Queen; the machine says that no new energy has been received because of the addition of Queen Beryl and Abaddon! Is the machine malfunctioning?" Kaolite says: "No doubt that Queen Beryl and Abaddon are trying to use all their resources to try to FIGHT against being absorbed! But they can't hold out forever; Queen Metallia will win in the end!" Queen Galaxia says: "Of course she will! Villuy, contact Dr. Maniac at once and tell him Phase One of the plan is complete! He should tell us how to handle the Thunder Rangers and prepare for the eventual mechanization of Core Earth!" Villuy says: "Soon, every last BEING on Core Earth will become machines; whether they WANT to be or NOT! A planet RIPE for the Youma to inhabit, with all our new machine SERVANTS at our WHIM!" / The action shifts to the Command Center, and Alpha 8 says: "So THAT'S what Dr. Maniac's true goal has been this whole time! He's WORSE than Robo Rita!" Omnus says: "I agree! You're just LUCKY Billy kept your blueprints and a back-up file of your memory so that he could rebuild you! Dr. Maniac is just like King Mondo and the Machine Empire before him! What on Core Earth could make a man like Dr. Maniac BE so sick, Sick, SICK?!" Diane raises her hand, and she says: "Omnus, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with anything; but before I became incapacitated by Ego Dracula, a man named Dr. Rick Sanchez pursued a romantic relationship with me. But, I soon found out his TRUE intentions were...less than noble." D.O.G.'s ears raise up in alarm, and he says: "Dr. Rick SANCHEZ?!!! That's the PURELY evil Rick, the man Dr. Maniac USED to be BEFORE he changed his name! My goodness, what did he do?!" Diane turns her head away, and she CRIES into the chest of Dash Drew. Shiro looks at everyone SERIOUSLY, and she says: "He TRIED to sexually ASSAULT her, in the WORST ways possible!" Dash says: "Diane told me she was able to fight him off. But; I'm not sure if Dr. Rick Sanchez took rejection very well, no matter how WELL justified it was!" Queen Hedrian shakes her head, and she says: "Hell hath no fury like a deranged psychopath DENIED his SICK, wanton fantasies!" Krash'ir/Krystal says: "And I thought some of my fellow DEMONS were evil!" Scrappy says: "Most people I know AREN'T like that! Yes, there are SOME sick people like that; but not ALL of them are! We wouldn't be able to HAVE a functioning society if there were!" Coop says: "I have NEVER been more disappointed in a villain's motive, than I am by Dr. Maniac's!" Samson says: "You SAID it! He wants to kill every last biological being on Core Earth and transform them into robots just because ONE woman wouldn't allow him to have his WAY with her?! Boo-hoo-hoo; cry me a RIVER! I had bad luck for at least five seasons...of my life, at Camp Kidney; but you don't see ME freaking out like a JERK and trying to force at least HALF of planet's population into some creepy 'Hand Maid's Tale'; un-fulfillable fantasy for no good reason!" Patsy says: "And me and the REST of the former Squirrel Scouts TRULY appreciate you for that!" Omnus says: "Agreed. Having a relationship with everybody isn't ABOUT being the smartest, the strongest, or the toughest; or being SELFISH about thinking only about what YOU want! It's about being able to CARE about someone else's needs, caring about someone else's health and safety, and trying to leave the world a better place than it was before YOU arrived! And Dr. Maniac, has done NOTHING worthy of being able to HAVE someone be in a relationship with him NOW, or EVER!" Alpha 8 says: "I'd better contact the other Rangers and find out what they're up to!" And Alpha 8 pushes the Command Center's powers to Optimum Efficiency, to communicate across the time rift! A beep is suddenly heard, and Queen Hedrian says: "We've made contact with three of the Rangers! Alpha, you know what to do!" Alpha says: "Right!" And Alpha 8 contacts the Rangers, and he says: "Rangers! Thank GOODNESS the three of YOU are safe!" StarHawk asks: "The THREE of us? Isn't everyone else safe?" Queen Hedrian winces, and she says: "Well...Yes, and no." BlackHawk asks: "What's THAT supposed to mean?!" Omnus says: "Well, from what our initial Internet scan of the area shows, which is VERY hard to come by over the land-line connection; is that all the OTHER Power Rangers bodies are SAFE, but their minds have become altered...somehow." Usagi asks: "But if THEIR minds have become altered, why haven't ours changed as well?" BlackHawk asks: "And where in the HECK are Lettuce and FireHawk?!" Queen Hedrian says: "Apparently, Lettuce and FireHawk didn't even ARRIVE in New York City at ALL! They're somewhere in Miami; as a cop and a drug dealer respectively, no doubt!" Captain Retro patches in, and he says: "That seems about right. Anyways, I think the limo's been fixed up as best as it can be, so I'm coming over to Studio 54, now!" Usagi says: "You won't have to deal with security, than; the way that I did!" Omnus says: "And you three, along with Captain Retro, were protected by your unique natures. Captain Retro, due to his connection with the Dog Deity Clifford; Usagi, with your Cosmorpher; StarHawk, thanks to your possession of the Phantom Ruby; and BlackHawk, thanks to HIS experiences of having to go through the Demon Realm when he was six!" Alpha 8 says: "As to why the other Rangers had their minds changed, we don't know that, yet! But, I promise you, that we WILL find out as soon as we can!" StarHawk says: "All right, keep us posted!" / Dan, who's been quiet until now, asks: "So, what part are we to play in this whole situation?" Omnus says: "Well, we have a puzzle; and I've seen this kind of puzzle before. The question is, how do all the pieces fit together? We've only got some of the picture figured out right now; and if we want to get the right answer, than we need to see the completed picture!" Queen Hedrian says: "I just hope that happens soon, our very present/future is at STAKE!" / The camera shifts back to Miami, Florida in the past, which is noted by words flashing on the screen which says: "Miami, Florida; December 31, 1979; 3:33 P.M." We see the inside of a recording booth, and in it, John Lennon and Yoko Ono are adding in their vocals to the pre-recorded instruments, to sing their eventual hit song: "Just Like Starting Over". John Lennon sings: "Our life together, is so precious together. We have grown - we have grown. Although our love is still special, let's take our chance and fly away somewhere alone. It's been so long since we took the time. No-one's to blame, I know time flies so quickly. But when I see you darling, it's like we both are falling in love again; it'll be just like starting over - starting over! Everyday we used to make it love. Why can't we be making love nice and easy? It's time to spread our wings and fly, don't let another day go by my love. It'll be just like starting over - starting over! Why don't we take off alone? Take a trip somewhere far, far away. We'll be together all alone again; like we used to in the early days. Well, well, darling; it's been so long since we took the time. No-one's to blame, I know time flies so quickly. But when I see you darling. It's like we both are falling in love again; it'll be just like starting over - starting over. Our life together is so precious together. We have grown - we have grown. Although our love is still special; let's take a chance and fly away somewhere...alone. Starting over! Starting over!" / And the tape recorder stops, and Yoko Ono (who sounds surprisingly LESS like Yoko Ono and more like Lucy Liu doing her best impression of Yoko Ono), says: "Well, I'd say that will be a top ten hit next year; won't it?" John Lennon says: "I'm sure it will, honey. But what I don't understand is WHY you suggested we record HERE? Why not stay in New York City, which is familiar to us?" Yoko Ono says: "Because BOTH George Harrison and I had a FRIGHTENING premonition! We DREAMED that somebody SHOT you!" John Lennon asks: "Shot me? Who would WANT to SHOOT me?!" Yoko Ono says: "If either of us KNEW that, we wouldn't have needed to hire detectives to look into the matter on such short notice! We're just lucky George Harrison was able to come on such short notice to look after Sean while we record Double Fantasy". John Lennon says: "Yeah, good old George. I was just thinking, if Double Fantasy does well; why don't I go on tour with The Beatles again?" Yoko asks: "After what YOU said about Paul in that song of yours; 'How Do You Sleep'?!" John says: "Yoko, you weren't THERE for the truly hectic days of The Beatles; always running around and straining to hear yourself over MILLIONS of girls! You know, Paul and I both DREAMED of making The Beatles into the GREATEST rock and roll band in the entire world...I just never thought we would succeed as well as we did! And...after Brian Epstein died, we allowed our egos to get in the way, and we all said and did things we wouldn't have said had we had good management to keep our egos in control. But, I don't think Paul McCartney's Wings are going to last much longer as a band. George Harrison WANTS to make a new album with the rest of us again. And Ringo? He'd be HAPPY just to drum with us again! *I mean, the 1970's have been such a DRAG, haven't they? Let's try to make the 1980's a little better! Besides, I've been INSPIRED to get back into music again thanks to The B-52's!"* Yoko Ono says: "I don't know WHAT'S so special about The B-52's; none of the women are even ASIAN, and they ONLY have the one album!" John Lennon says: "For now. I'm SURE they'll create more! Besides, it's all about the inspirational process! The Beatles 'Rubber Soul' influenced Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds', which in turn, influenced The Beatles 'Seargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'. The more we can make albums like that, the more happy it will make the rest of the world! That's what being a musician is all about, isn't it?" Yoko Ono says: "You know; you're right. And I just want to state, for the record; I NEVER intended to come between YOU and the rest of The Beatles!" John Lennon says: "Don't pay attention to the rest of the critics! You NEVER broke up The Beatles! Time broke up The Beatles, our EGOS broke up The Beatles! Really, The Beatles broke up The Beatles! And time can also put us back together!" Yoko Ono says: "I certainly would like to see that, and see you spending many more years together with me!" John Lennon says: "I certainly don't have any plans on going anywhere!" / Meanwhile, outside of the Miami, Florida recording studio; a familiar blond haired man, known as Mark David Chapman, is seen lurking outside the Miami, Florida recording studio. He has a gun, and a communications device in his ear! Suddenly Dr. Maniac speaks into the device, and his voice asks: "Are you in place?!" Mark nervously says: "Yes, but; this doesn't FEEL right! I shouldn't BE here! I should be in New York City, reading 'Catcher In The Rye', just like--." Dr. Maniac yells: "I don't CARE whatever anyone ELSE wanted you to do! I WANT John Lennon to DIE, right here and now! Besides, you WANT to impress Jodie Foster; don't you?!" Mark says: "She's STILL underage! Besides, what interest would I have in Jodie Foster?" Dr. Maniac yells: "IRRELEVANT! You want a piece of immortality? This is your ONLY way to get it! Now, have John Lennon SHOT, and FOREVER be the HEARTLESS KILLER you were BORN to be!" Garbage Duck says: "That's NOT going to happen!" Mark looks at Garbage Duck, and says: "Who, or WHAT are you?!" Garbage Duck says: "Emperor Anton WARNED me that Dr. Maniac would try to send YOU here; all because Diane Martin used John Lennon's music to INSPIRE her to beat HIM off!" Dr. Maniac screams: "Diane was rightfully MINE!!!! MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!!!! And if I CAN'T have John Lennon killed, I will KILL EVERYONE on this MISERABLE planet, and it will be ALL HER FAULT!!!! Is THAT what YOU and Emperor Anton WANT?!!!" Garbage Duck says: "That logic WON'T work on me, because even if you HAD your way with Diane Martin, something ELSE would've set YOU off with the SICK mindset YOU have! And besides, the other Power Rangers are GOING to release Emperor Anton so that he can HAVE his revenge against you, so I wouldn't count on seeing YOUR dreams fulfilled; now or EVER!!!!" Mark asks: "What does any of THIS have to do with me?!" Garbage Duck says: "Practically NOTHING! You're just a pawn in Dr. Maniac's schemes! And even if you weren't; somebody ELSE would've wanted YOU to shoot John Lennon for their OWN purposes! However, Emperor Anton won't be having that; not THIS time! And since you LIKE 'Catcher In The Rye' so much; I've got a book INSIDE of ME that I think you'll LIKE!!!!" And Garbage Duck opens his mouth, and shoots out a FLAMING copy of the book, 'Catcher In The Rye', and it shoots RIGHT through Mark David Chapman's chest! All Mark David Chapman can say is: "Somehow...in a cosmic sort of way...I think I probably DESERVE this..." And he falls over dead! Dr. Maniac, from the still function communication device yells: "Get up! Get UP!!!! Get UP, you WORTHLESS sack of meat and BONES!!!! UGH!!!! That's what I GET for entrusting a MORTAL to do SOMETHING right! Mortals can't do ANYTHING RIGHT!!!!" Garbage Duck picks up the Communications Device, and talks into it and says: "You would KNOW, wouldn't you? Seeing as you USED to be MORTAL yourself!" Dr. Maniac threateningly says: "You TELL Emperor Anton, that when I see him AGAIN; I'm going to TAKE the gun that SHOT John Lennon, and SHOVE it down HIS--!" But Dr. Maniac NEVER gets to finish his thought, because Garbage Duck BREAKS the Communications Device, and stuffs it down his throat! Garbage Duck says: "A little obsolete for my tastes, but it's STILL a good snack!" Than he hears a cop car siren, and he says: "Someone's coming! I better hide!" And Garbage Duck transforms himself, into looking like an out of service Garbage Truck! Lettuce and Eddie Valiant soon arrive at the Recording Studio, where John Lennon and Yoko Ono rush out! Yoko asks: "What was THAT sound?! It sounded like SOMETHING hit the wall!" Lettuce looks at the scene of the deposed Mark David Chapman, and he says: "I don't know WHY, but I think that guy looks FAMILIAR to me!" All four of them look at the deceased Mark David Chapman, and suddenly, John Lennon starts CRYING! Eddie asks: "John, what's wrong?" John wipes his tears, and he says: "I don't know. I'm...crying, and I don't know why." Lettuce looks at the scene, and he notices something! Lettuce says: "He had a GUN on him!" Eddie says: "Better put on my protective gloves!" He does so, and he picks up the gun, and opens it up, and it's FULLY loaded! Eddie says: "This man was intending to use this gun for SOMETHING, and I DON'T mean BIRD hunting!" Lettuce says: "But it looks like SOMEONE, or SOMETHING; got to him first!" Eddie picks up the burnt copy of 'Catcher In the Rye', and sizes it up to the hole in Mark's chest. Eddie says: "It's a PERFECT fit! Somehow, someone was able to put FIRE onto this book, and fire it at such a velocity, it shot clean THROUGH this Man's body! I don't think a SINGLE vital organ was missed!" Yoko Ono says: "EW, I guess Happiness really ISN'T a Warm Gun; is it?!" John Lennon gets disgusted, and he says: "Don't REMIND me! I can't BELIEVE I was EVER in such a mood to record THAT song, even if I DID write it!" Eddie says: "We ALL make mistakes, John. For instance, I once made a HORRIBLE mistake of hating every SINGLE toon, just because ONE of them killed my brother!" Lettuce asks: "A TOON killed your brother?! That's terrible!" Eddie sighs, and says: "Piano on the head. Funny for toons, DEADLY for humans! But, I eventually realized something. Hating an entire GROUP of people, or Toons, just because of something ONE of them did; doesn't make YOU feel any better, and it doesn't CHANGE what happened! You have to learn to make peace with what happens to you. That's the ONLY way you can move on, and become a better person, OR Toon!" Garbage Duck says: "How about becoming a BETTER piece of Garbage?!" Yoko asks: "Who SAID THAT?!!!" Garbage Duck transforms back into his monster self, and he says: "I did! Listen up! Only John Lennon NEEDS to die today! Just STEP away from him and NOBODY else gets hurt!" Eddie says: "Are you ANOTHER deranged Toon?! Judge Doom didn't scare or STOP me; you can't and won't, EITHER!!!!" Garbage Duck says: "It matters little to YOU, what I am! And maybe I CAN'T scare you, but I WILL stop you! And if not the EASY way, than it's going to be the HARD way!" Suddenly, Lettuce's communicator activates: "Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!" John Lennon asks: "Is that a WATCH?!" Yoko says: "No watch I know of makes a sound like that!" Lettuce pushes a button, and Captain Retro speaks through the communicator: "Lettuce, don't hang up!" Lettuce asks: "Who are you, WHERE are you, and how do you know MY name when I don't?!" Captain Retro says: "I don't have time to explain any of that now! You're just going to have to TRUST me! You know those bracelets you're WEARING on your arms?" Lettuce pulls back his detective shirt, and notices the Morpher he's wearing! Lettuce asks: "This ISN'T just a fashion accesory?!" Captain Retro says: "It's a morpher that will give you power! John Lennon can NOT die here and now, you have to USE your morpher to save him!" Lettuce asks: "How do I do that?" Captain Retro says: "By slapping the two bracelets together, and saying; 'It's Morphing Time, Power of Jupiter; LIGHTNING!!!!" Lettuce says: "I'll give it a shot! It's MORPHING TIME!" / Lettuce says: "Power of Jupiter, LIGHTNING!!" Lettuce notices his morphed appearance, and he says: "Wow! This feels powerful!" Eddie says: "You just CHANGED spontaneously! Are YOU a Toon, to?" Lettuce says: "I'm not sure WHAT I am! But I know that I'm GOING to SAVE John Lennon!" Garbage Duck says: "You think MORPHING is going to change anything? You'll only last five more seconds even WITH your morphed powers! That's why I didn't even BOTHER trying to attack you while you were talking! At least, this way will be MORE interesting for me! Now, why don't you worry about saving YOURSELF?! Emperor Anton says he picked up THIS spell by looking into the FUTURE, from a villain named Robo Rita, and this spell won't leave a TRACE of you behind!!!!" And Garbage Duck shoots out a VERY powerful, black beam super fast; and in slow motion, Yoko Ono reacts, and says: "Lettuce, look out!!!!" And Yoko PUSHES Lettuce out of the way, only to get HIT with the beam HERSELF, and she's pushed into the wall with the deceased Mark David Chapman, and they BOTH disintegrate into nothingness! John shouts: "NO!!!! Yoko!!!!" Eddie yells: "You're going to PAY for that!" Garbage Duck says: "Doubtful! And while I can only perform THAT spell once, I have OTHER tricks at my disposal!" Eddie says: "As a GOOD cop, I don't LIKE to use fire-arms; but since you've left me with no OTHER viable option! I WILL!!!!" And Eddie shoots his gun at Garbage Duck, but being a part truck with a super tough hide, the bullets just HARMLESSLY impact his chest, and fall off; looking really dented! Eddie says: "You didn't even dodge or FLINCH! This is WORSE than I thought!" Garbage Duck says: "And here I thought COPS were supposed to be tough! But you bombed WORSE than Ed Wood's 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'! Speaking of BOMBS..." Eddie's face blanches, and he says: "I know what's coming! Get John Lennon OUT of here!" Lettuce says: "But I--." Eddie yells: "Go, NOW!!!!" Lettuce turns to John Lennon, and he says: "RUN!!!!" And they run as fast as they can, and sure enough, Garbage Duck fires OUT a bomb, and fires it towards Eddie J. Valiant! Lettuce and John Lennon turn back to the explosion, and John Lennon asks: "WHY are so many people or THINGS trying to KILL me today?! I'm a NICE guy!" Garbage Duck walks out of the flames, and he says: "You weren't always though. The way you neglected your FIRST wife and child, BARELY spending ANY time with them? Tsk, tsk. You weren't WINNING any 'Father And/Or Husband Of The Year' Awards with them!" Lettuce angrily says: "And THAT gives YOU license to try to MURDER a man who sang 'Imagine'?! Well, why don't YOU IMAGINE me, kicking your BUTT?!!!" And suddenly, Lettuce SOMEHOW powers up even more, as a battlizer, based on his old Triceratops Power, suddenly appears around him! Omnus' voice comes over the communicator, and he asks: "How is THIS possible?! Radiguet's involvement in the Chaos Realm should've rendered Lettuce's access to his OLD Triceratops' power impossible!" Queen Hedrian says: "Because he's in the PAST! Radiguet hasn't DONE it yet, so his old Triceratops' powers can ADD onto his current powers!" Lettuce says: "I don't know who's talking, but I like what's happened! So, Garbage Duck; you like FIRE-ARMS?! Well, I like the kind of Fire Arm you ONLY have to fire ONCE! Thunder Slinger, Super CHARGE!!!!" And Garbage Duck says: "Oh, NO!!!!" And the impact hits, and Garbage Duck says: "Forgive me, Emperor Anton! John Lennon...still lives!" And Garbage Duck falls down, and explodes! Lettuce says: "Power down!" Omnus says: "Well, I'll be! Lettuce destroyed that monster all by himself!" Queen Hedrian says: "I guess all that training with Captain Retro and Windsor payed off!" Lettuce demorphs, and John Lennon says: "That was BRILLIANT! You...saved my life. I...don't know how I'm going to repay you!" Lettuce says: "You don't need to. Just...don't tell anybody I can DO that! I have to keep my identity secret! I'm...just sorry I had to USE a fire arm to save your life. It...seems kind of hypocritical." John sighs, and he says: "First off, don't worry about it. I mean, who WOULD believe me even if I TOLD anybody? And secondly, I know that wasn't ideal, but you have to do what you must in order to save the day, don't you?" Lettuce's eyes widen, and he says: "Oh, no!" Lettuce rushes back to where Eddie is, but he's VERY charred, and very burnt, and NOT in a cartoon-like manner! Lettuce yells: "Eddie! Please! Don't DIE on me Eddie! This CAN'T be the end of YOUR story...of your life!" Eddie coughs, and he says: "I...don't even have the strength to stand up! Lettuce, I don't know WHO or what you are; but you displayed tremendous courage saving John Lennon today!" Lettuce cries: "It wasn't ENOUGH! I...should've been able to save you AND Yoko Ono, to!" Eddie coughs, and he says: "Lettuce, some of don't GET to choose WHEN we leave; all we can do is to love the people we love WHEN we are together, and forgive one each other when we make mistakes! My...time may be ending. But you still have MUCH more time, to be the hero I know you can be!" Lettuce says: "What should I do?" Eddie says: "In my office, I kept a diary! Hack, cough, cough, cough! In it, I wrote down ALL the tricks and techniques a detective can use, to save the day! Some of them, are Toon techniques. So, you should hire a toon, to become your NEW partner...hack; cough, cough, cough!" Lettuce says: "Eddie, don't LEAVE me!" Eddie says: "The ones you love...will always...be in your memory. Even if you can't see us, you can always remember us. Our time together...was short, but I wouldn't change it, for...anything..." And Eddie FINALLY succumbs to his injuries, and dies. John walks forward, and he says: "I'm sorry for your loss, and mine; to." Lettuce asks: "What are you going to do? Your son, Sean; he...needs a mother." John sighs, and he says: "It won't be easy. But, maybe I can try reconciling with Cynthia. Surely she wouldn't turn Sean out. And as for me, I need a little help from my friends. And, I know YOU have friends who are looking out for YOU, to!" Lettuce says: "You're right! They MUST be friends! Otherwise, they wouldn't have helped me! And, maybe I can FIGURE a way to access those Battlizer powers again!" John says: "I'm sure you will...whatever a Battlizer, is!" Lettuce says: "That word...just felt right, to describe what it is I morphed into! You...better get back to your hotel and take care of Sean. I gotta get back to the Detective's Office! I'm going to have a VERY hard Detective's Report to fill out!" / The screen changes to a cemetary in Miami, Florida, and words flash on the screen which say: "Cemetery, in Miami, Florida; January 1, 1980; 12:57 P.M." Token caskets for the gravestones of Mark David Chapman and Yoko Ono Lennon, are lowered into their respective graves. John Lennon, Julian Lennon, Cynthia, Sean, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are in attendance at the funeral; while a procession of Toons have turned out for Eddie J. Valiant's funeral, including Roger and Jessica Rabbit. And who of ALL people, should be singing AT the funeral, except Paul McCartney?! Paul sings: "When you were young and your heart was an open book, you used to say live and let live. (You know you did, you know you did, you know you did). But if this ever changing world in which we're living, makes you give in and cry, say live and let die. (Live and let die). Live and let die, let it die. (Live and let die). You used to say live and let live. (You know you did, you know you did, you know you did). But if this ever changing world in which we're living, makes you give in and cry. Say live and let die. (Live and let die). Yeah, live and let die, let it die. (Live and let die)." Everyone claps at the song, and Paul steps off the podium, and Lettuce gets on and speaks into the microphone. Lettuce says: "First off, I'd like to thank the Toon friends of Eddie J. Valiant, for using the 'Acme Instant Hole' Traveling Service to get the other members of The Beatles here on such short notice. And...I didn't know Eddie Valiant that well. I wish I did. He was a friend to toons, a good detective, a great brother, and had a loving wife and son. And Yoko...a lot of us have said things about her that we wish we hadn't. Some of us...blamed her for the break-up of The Beatles, and that wasn't fair to her. I know...that NONE of us wished that this is what it would take for The Beatles to get back together, or that we would have to end the 1970's with such a senseless death. But if it weren't for Yoko Ono, I wouldn't be here right now. Eddie once told me that some of us don't get to choose when our time ends, or how it ends. All we can do, is to choose to love each other as long as where together. And I promise, with my new partner Bonkers D. Bobcat; we will work together to END the senseless gun violence that took away the lives of Yoko Ono, Mark David Chapman, and Eddie J. Valiant, and work together, to make a safer environment for EVERYONE! Men, women, children, Toons, Whites, Asians, African-Americans, and any other ethnicity and race out there, should be able to feel safe and secure in the freedom that America can provide. Our founding fathers, did NOT write the Second Amendment with THESE kinds of fire arms in mind! How COULD they?! Our Constitution, is a living document! And it can be changed if there's a good reason to do so! It won't be easy! But I know with all of your support, and everyone else's support; we can stop such senseless violence now, AND in the future! And THAT'S a future, I know that MOST of us want to work towards, AND live in!" And everyone cheers in applause, as Lettuce steps off the podium! Bonkers says: "That was a great speech, partner! And, I just want to say, I'm glad you hired me on such short notice!" Lettuce says: "You were the only Toon that APPLIED for the job! Sure, you don't technically HAVE the qualifications right NOW; but I KNOW we can learn them together!" Bonkers says: "Just one question, why did you say FIREARMS killed them? That's...not how they actually died!" Lettuce says: "Well, it would've been a little HARD, and a little ALARMING to tell people how they REALLY died! At least this way, they can ACCEPT how they died, and be able to move on and heal!" Bonkers asks: "What happens with John Lennon, and the other Beatles? Are they going to get back together?" Lettuce says: "I couldn't say. All I know is, the answer will be revealed in time. ONLY in time." To Be Continued... / *Actual quote attributed to John Lennon in our time line, as well.* /
  13. Via Netflix, I FINALLY saw "Minions: The Rise Of Gru"; very good music and VERY good acting performances! In movie theaters, I saw the documentaries "What The Hell Happened To Blood, Sweat, & Tears?"; and "Little Richard's I Am Everything". NEVER would've guessed the kind of trauma that Blood, Sweat, & Tears had to go through, or the emotional pain Little Richard had to go through most of his life. All three movies are good in their own way, I highly recommend watching them if you have the opportunity to do so. Enough said, true believers!
  14. While I personally disagree with Patrick taking an Invitation that wasn't really MEANT for him, it probably WAS the only way that Patrick was ever going to find out that King Neptune was holding a Ball! In order to look prestigious enough for the Ball, Patrick uses his Time Door Closet, so he and his family can go history shopping! Bunny dresses up like an Egyptian Pharaoh, Squidina looks like a Princess from the Middle Ages, Patrick looks like an aquatic version of King Louis XIV, GrandPat looks like a German Kaiser from World War I, and Cecil looks like David Lee Roth from the early 1980's! Although they certainly TRY to act the part of high society, their actions inevitably give them away! Bunny's Egyptian Head Dress Snake is ALIVE, and eats a LIVE Fur Stole! Squidina keeps TRYING to tell the Radio D.J. how to get a better sound; but BECAUSE she's only a kid, the Radio D.J. won't listen to her! Patrick won't EAT the way everyone else is eating, GrandPat is somehow ABLE to bring all the wall trophies BACK to live; since hunting them would be more interesting than merely LISTENING to the old geezers TALK about their hunting stories, and Cecil accidentally gets STUCK in a piano! Eventually Lady Upturn manages to get into the Ball and EXPOSES them...only for King Neptune to reveal that he's ACTUALLY Patrick's BIGGEST fan, and ENJOYS all of his antics! So, they decide to move the party to the Star Family's house! And, to throw Lady Upturn a bone, she DOES manage to get into this party; albeit as a plus one of Tinkle's. I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
  15. Well, it was only a matter of time before "The Patrick Star Show" (in universe), gained the recognition of some businesses in Bikini Bottom! Both Mr. Krabs and Plankton decide to advertise on their show, in order to gain more eaters! Never one to turn down money, Patrick and Squidina decide to compromise, and let Mr. Krabs and Plankton take TURNS sponsoring the show! However, Mr. Krabs and Plankton CAN'T resist taking EVERY opportunity they can to fight with each other, and sabotage each other's efforts! Mr. Krabs' space Krabby Patty adventure was pretty impressive, but Plankton's adventure with Pat the Hapless left a LOT to be desired! However, both Mr. Krabs and Plankton composed some pretty good songs (or what we got to hear of them!) However, they're so BUSY trying to make a show, they completely FORGET about their restaurants...which Patrick and Squidina decide to take advantage of! Patrick and Squidina decide to sell Jelly on Rocks for $4; and Bikini Bottom citizens are SO desperate to eat, they actually BUY them! Thankfully, Patrick actually displays some GOOD business sense; by saying that his restaurant can not be held legally responsible for broken teeth! I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
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