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  1. I've seen both Heart and Pat Benatar live in concert, and I can say with 100% honesty, that they both absolutely DESERVE to be on this list! I personally would've ranked them higher, but that's probably my 1980's bias talking. Enough said!
  2. A wild Actor appears! He uses Fanfare! It is Super Effective!
  3. Jefferson Starship's 1973 "Dragonfly" album.
  4. Via Netflix: The stop-motion animated series "Shaun The Sheep".
  5. To quote Peter Griffin from "Family Guy": "Oh my GOD! Who the H*** CARES?!!!"
  6. At the Drive In, "Wonder Woman 1984", another very good superhero movie, and via TV, a 1938 live-action movie called "Gold Is Where You Find It" (Yes, that was a REAL movie, not just a one-off gag in the "Looney Tunes" cartoon short "Daffy Duck in Hollywood").
  7. I pretty much like all dog breeds, but I'm kind of partial to sheepdogs.
  8. Happy birthday Urchees! Happy Birthday Cake!
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