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  1. I find it refreshing when the writers decide to try something different. For instance, Spongebob doesn't have a big role in this episode. I wonder who did the voice of Petunia? I kind of figured this would be another attempt to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula, but I am surprised by how much Plankton underwent "Becoming The Mask" in this episode, he ends up really liking making floral arrangements and selling them to people, even though he could've lived without Squidward's unwanted affection. In fact, Plankton SERIOUSLY thinks about calling the whole thing off, ONLY to be painfully reminded by Karen that his 'Flowers' actually contain explosives set to EXPLODE inside the Krusty Krab so that Plankton could steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula in the process! Plankton actually manages to STEAL all the flowers; only to be stopped by Squidward. And sadly, RIGHT in the middle of Squidward's declaration of love for Petunia, Plankton's plan LITERALLY explodes, and Squidward's heart is broken! Even Mr. Krabs THOUGHT that was low for Plankton to do! However, it seems that Plankton's entire plan didn't go to waste, as Plankton destroyed his old Chum Bucket, and built a brand new model that can now fire lasers, in a case of 'Came Back Strong'. If there are any more Krabby Patty Theft Attempt episodes (and there probably will be), I hope they are as creative and unique as this one. I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10 (it lost a few points due to the kids picking their noses). Enough said, true believers!
  2. There are apparently PLENTY of songs that can inspire a seahorse. Apparently, Squidward's clarinet playing CAN'T replicate a single ONE of them!
  3. I'm not sure if we should think of the pizza shaped like a heart as heart-warming, or misguided.
  4. "Ghostbuster" lasers, the deadliest thing KNOWN to ghosts!
  5. I'll use 500 Cosmic Jelly to get the Flying Pizza Collectible!
  6. They're really starting to learn how to get really expressive for Mr. Krabs' face! I hope the rest of the episode is just as good!
  7. This D.J. Cat can summon pizza in the air, your argument is invalid.
  8. He's excited to go Seahorse Riding!
  9. If you think his LANDING is impressive, just wait until you see how WELL he blasts!
  10. He likes watching fast seahorse run.
  11. Okay, I honestly had NO idea Raiden could summon a gigantic pizza!
  12. While I HAVE heard of Mr. Krabs calling Mrs. Puff 'Poppy' in the past before, I always thought that was more of an affectionate nickname. BESIDES, she DID state in "No Free Rides" that she HAS previously started a NEW Boating School with a NEW name at least ONCE before, so the name change thing isn't without basis. While the educational driving parody has already been done before, at least they justify this NEW version with Mrs. Puff saying it was a court order! Poor Squidward though, I sure hope Mrs. Puff PAID him well, because after all the injuries Spongebob intentionally and unintentionally caused him throughout this episode, Squidward will NEED the money to pay for all his medical bills! Glad to see that the writers STILL remember that Patrick CAN drive a car and has a driver's license, and the "Slow Kids Playing" gag is probably the LONGEST 'Overly Long Gag' this series has had yet! Mercifully for the viewers, the film projector BREAKS before we can find out what happens after the GIGANTIC, burly fish gets his fins on Squidward! Spongebob, than decides to provide his OWN ending, in what is probably the most "And Her Code Name Was, Mary Sue" story this series has had yet! As he shows Squidward and Mrs. Puff loving Spongebob for getting his driver's license, and all the great things he can do while driving; which, BARRING any unforeseen developments; will most likely probably NEVER happen! While this episode segment is a real improvement over "Ma And Pa's Big Hurrah", I AM getting rather tired of Spongebob always failing to get his Driver's License. It's not like THAT new development would end the series. Besides, we could USE some different story ideas! Anyways, I guess I'd give this episode segment a 7.7 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
  13. Fire more DAKKA, more DAKKA!!!!
  14. What I'm more curious about is, HOW did that PIZZA survive its fall into salty ocean water?!
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