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  1. Happy Birthday SummerKid FunPants (and anybody else having a birthday!) Happy Birthday Cake!
  2. For me, it's "Truth Or Square", but "Spongebob's Big Birthday Blowout" is a close second.
  3. Cats and water balloons...NOT a good combination!
  4. Either that's one POORLY designed hammer, one VERY well built car, or BOTH!
  5. This is either average clay models, or very, VERY low resolution CGI figures!
  6. It's AMAZING how the day just ROLLS on by like that!
  7. August is my favorite month; specifically, the second half! Of course, I'm probably biased on that, seeing as that's when I celebrate my birthday. But at least I'm HONEST about my bias (not to say that other people aren't; just not that all people are). Enough said!
  8. MAN; "Kooky Cooks" missed it by THAT much! Next time will probably be different, though. "Stuck In the Wringer" certainly deserves to be on THIS list though. I personally don't understand the logic of "Spongebob, You're Fired" being the number one pick; but I certainly can't argue with majority opinion. (Technically, I COULD, but it wouldn't make a difference!) Anyways, here's what my list looked like. A good number of my picks made it on, and some didn't. Here they are, if you're interested. / 1. "Kooky Cooks". 2. "Ink Lemonade". 3. "Boating Buddies". 4. "Good Neighbors". 5. "Little Yell
  9. I'll use 300 tickets to get the Clown Makeup, please!
  10. The ONE working 1991 Super NES/Playstation console hybrid prototype, that COULD have been released internationally if Sony didn't decide to be GREEDY jerks about ownership rights!
  11. The only thing I will say about the inclusion of "Truth Or Square", and it being SO high on this list, is that I will LITERALLY roll my eyes at ALL the people who put it on this list. "Squid Baby" IS a pretty bad episode, but I personally felt that I had already put in TOO many bad Squidward related episodes on my list, and that one just got lost in the shuffle. Of course, my BIGGEST regret is NOT putting "Ink Lemonade" on my worst list the FIRST time it was eligible. It LITERALLY came out on like the DAY the lists were to be sent in; and even though it was SO horrible, I thought that nobody w
  12. To paraphrase Yakov Schmirnoff: "In former Soviet Russia, you don't roll car; car roll YOU!"
  13. This is how sloths (the ACTUAL creatures) perceive time.
  14. Make it go ALL the way to the TOP!
  15. I wonder if it's the penguin spinning, or the iceberg he's on that's doing it?
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