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  1. I took it and here are my results: Economic Left/Right: -0.38. Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.03.
  2. BenPaz (fan since August 17th, 2017). Big Meaty Claws (fan since August 17th, 2017). Conehead (fan since August 20th, 2017). Me (fan since August 17th, 2017). SI-LLY (fan since August 17th, 2017). SquiddyFace (fan since August 17th, 2017). WhoBob (fan since August 17th, 2017).
  3. Body Color: Yellow Headwear: Detective Hat Face/Mask: N/A Neck: N/A Body/Top: Detective Coat Bottom/Pants: Patrick Shorts Feet/Shoes: N/A Hand/Pet: N/A Pin: N/A Background: N/A
  4. Did you know I just recently started watching Parks and Recreation?
  5. No, vehicles have engines. Bikes don't.
  6. A bike isn't really a vehicle, now, is it?
  7. Nothing, now... Well, there was at the time that I said that!
  8. Cool! I can't wait for this week's results!
  9. Someday, I shall be in this Guide (because I'll have finally gotten to King Neptune For A Day and will have requested a badge or two during my reign!
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