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  1. Did I expect to hear a song about a talking bike while listening to this album? No. Am I disappointed? Also no.
  2. Alright, how many of y'all have been hiding Madvillainy from me for all these years?






      also I saw your discord message. having deleting ocd bs atm so I'm happy to hear you got into MF DOOM, he's cool and one of my favorite rappers. RIP to one of the greatest to ever spit it. also hit me up with the song you were talking about yesterday and I'll respond when I can!

  3. Over the last year, I haven't been as present on SBC as I was before. There's a very clear reason for that: I've returned to activity in my good old home game of YSFlight, coming out of a more than 3-year break, and joined a little combat-oriented group called the 2nd United Combat Wing. On top of that, I was finally unbanned (after almost 6 years - sounds familiar, huh?) from the game's main community, YSFlight Headquarters, so I've been putting my time in there as well. Combine that with the fact that I haven't had much to contribute on SBC, and, well, you've got a recipe for a big ol' dead
  4. Let's set the tone in advance, shall we?
  5. Currently about 7:15am here in CST, and I'm still up. When am I gonna finally burn out? Only time will tell! EDIT: I'm clocking out now at 8:50am. That is the correct answer.
  6. I'm getting a proper microphone now, and with that, the writing of video essays shall commence! Any of y'all got something political you want me to talk about?

    1. Doofenshmirtz


      not sure what to think of.

    2. Frying the Coke

      Frying the Coke

      "Video Essay: Does Celestia Support Trans Rights?"

  7. If you're one of the people who loved this game, then you probably know that the in-game soundtrack for it was mixed down into a very flat mono sound. That translated into rips of the soundtrack, and for the longest time, the only stereo mixes we'd get of the BFBB soundtrack were the tracks that were re-used for the Truth or Square game; even BFBB Rehydrated only had what Coleslaw and I call "fake stereo". Until now, that is! Apparently, fans were able to get in contact with the original developers and soundtrack artists for BFBB, and in doing so, got hold of
  8. Because who needs efficiency when you can have fun instead?
  9. Looks like we now have somebody who's actually interesting to debate! A couple of nights, I made a response video to a guy that some of you (apparently, from "Sandalscord"?) know as DTH, aka The Man With Nothing To Offer on Youtube. He made his own video on the topic of abortion from a pro-life stance, and I felt it would be a good starting point to make my own entry into making video content. The main problem with it is that I'm absolutely horrible at organizing my thoughts in real time (probably due to some combination of ADHD and autism), and that left behind a lot of room for more argum
  10. Finally made my stunt performer debut in an old favorite game yesterday. This is where I've been over the last 8 months or so.
  11. SB meme lover? You'll fit right in, I think.
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