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  1. Round two, folks! We're back with the SBC Community Mixtape, and this time, with the introduction of themes. Basically, iterations of the Community Mixtape from here on out will have a specific theme to them, be it a genre, a time period, or maybe even an artist if they're popular enough. So, you probably guessed from the thread title what this version's theme is... Electronic music! Be it your Daft Punks, Autechres, Pendulums, Fatboy Slims, or whatever else, this Mixtape #2 is all about showcasing the wonders that were introduced to the world of music by the introduction of computers and
  2. Event's kicked back to July 17th without a sufficient minimum number of signups. I'm gonna be participating in a YSFHQ event next weekend, so it had to go back two weeks.
  3. Yes, you read that thread title right! After a very long time of doing nothing of note, we at the Royals Discord have finally decided to implement our long-frozen plan of turning the server into a hosting hub for non-forum event games here on SBC. And what game are we starting this (hopefully) line with? Ace of Spades Classic is a classic indie game from 2011 that can be best described as "Minecraft with guns", and so lightweight that it can run on a toaster (unless you choose to use the OpenSpades client, which has significantly better, Minecraft RTX-like graphics). In between
  4. Folks, ROYALCORD IS BACK IN ACTION! Details coming soon.

  5. Some episodes of S5 were the last time I can remember really enjoying SB. After that, with S6, it feels like it just took a nosedive. From what little I've seen, 10 onwards seems to have picked it back up a bit though. But hey, I'm an old bantha when it comes to SB, so ya better not take that observation as word of god.
  6. I've got a whole box sitting on a shelf where I keep special coins. That includes those engraved oval pennies you can find from machines at tourist destinations, but just as much of it is foreign currency that I've either collected myself, or gotten from other people as souvenir gifts. And my favorite part of that collection? A 1000 goldmark from pre-WWI Imperial Germany. Something of a family heirloom too - my mom's side of the family has kept them ever since they moved from Germany to the States before WWI, and I'm the latest keeper. I also have a vinyl album collection i
  7. Would you expect me of all people to jam with something like this? No? Well, until 3-4 years ago, I wouldn't either.
  8. So Stack, the same genius who convinced me to take the plunge and finally watch MLP, is now suggesting I watch The Owl House too. Yay or nay?

    1. SpongeOddFan
    2. WinterArcanine


      I've heard good things about it. I'm considering watching it actually

  9. It's here! After 2 weeks of submissions, the first SBC Community Mixtape is now locked in and ready for listening. Enjoy! SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2WH5NszdB77YSbKpOGm00L?si=ee3b2842c0a34787 YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHse4Y4IvXm294VMFKHGPN6zvXZM4bOC2 As for the MP3 download copy of the Mixtape, I'm compiling it right now, but won't be able to post it here on SBC for... uhhhh, safety reasons. If you're interested in getting the offline copy, you'll have to DM me on Discord about it.
  10. That's a wrap, folks! Expect to see the playlists posted soon.
  11. Meh. A few seconds over isn't gonna break everything lol
  12. We're getting close to 4 and a half hours now. Let's keep it coming!
  13. The Community Mixtape is still open! New deadline is Friday night, so if you want to pitch in, you still have a few days to do so.

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