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  1. SB meme lover? You'll fit right in, I think.
  2. You know those moments when you hear a new movie being announced, and the synopsis of it alone sounds dumb, probably not bearing much potential? Yeah, this thread is one of those moments. It's about a notorious hardass dude who decides to watch a cartoon made for little girls. Doesn't sound very promising, does it? Well... this might get a bit personal. So sit back and enjoy the story! When the infamous brony movement hit SBC in 2011 (mind you, a time when I was nowhere near as progressive-minded as now), I was, to say the least, baffled from wondering why a bunch of men had decided to embrace MLP, of all things. Without stopping to hear their reasoning out, my 11-year-old self thought it was best to take a stand of "masculinity" (*vomits*) against brony-ism. Only it didn't stop after that - I spent the show's entire 8 years of running trying to avoid it, and continued even after it had ended, still as stubborn as ever to try and not look "uncool." A total 9 years of baseless aversion. Then, everything changed 4 months ago, when a new development hit me. My friend Stack asked me why I was so opposed to ever giving FIM a chance, but this time, I admitted to her point blank that I didn't really know why beyond projecting the "girl show ghetto" stigma onto it. She told me what FIM was actually like, but I still wasn't quite sold on it, even despite getting a solid dozen recommendations from other friends to watch the show. Then Stack sent me this article written by the creator, Lauren Faust. It blew my mind to hear that Faust took a similar approach to MLP that I've spent the past several years planning to do with My Life as a Teenage Robot. Most of all, it was the ending of the article that really struck me: It was at this point in early August that my curiosity was finally piqued, so I decided to download the first season of FIM and give it a shot. Now (as of the making of this post) my avatar everywhere is Rainbow Dash. I think you can already tell how it ended. I went into FIM not really knowing what to expect, but I figured that it would be at least decent. Through Stack, I knew who the main characters were, but that was about it... and as it turns out, the characterization is everything in this series. Three seasons in now, I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the writers added so much nuance not only to the Mane Six, but even to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and other recurring characters. What do we get out of the Mane Six? Twilight: initially antisocial and sometimes neurotic, but a natural leader; Pinkie: incredibly hyperactive and friendly, sometimes to an outright damaging degree; Applejack: sensible, but painfully honest; Rainbow: somewhat arrogant and brash as hell, with a very clear facade of "coolness" that eventually starts breaking down (sound familiar?); Rarity, who balances occasional vanity with serious generosity; and Fluttershy, an animal lover with severe self-esteem issues that slowly fall by the wayside. I have a sort of test for determining my judgements of character-driven shows: take note of the characters' personality traits when they're introduced, then compare them with their traits some length of character development later. (Things like My Hero Academia fail that test.) With the possible exception of Applejack, all of the Mane Six see either character development or expansion of their existing personalities (see: Pinkie), and to a lesser extent, the same goes for the CMC. To illustrate how much all of this matters to me: I just finished season 3, and got to witness Twilight's transformation into an alicorn. It gave me the same feeling of pure joy that I had upon seeing Aang finally realize his destiny in the series finale of Avatar, the cartoon that still remains my absolute favorite to this day. To come within striking distance of Avatar in my book is an insane feat! As much as this is ostensibly a show made for little girls, there's only one way that really stands out to me (in a writing sense, not an aesthetic one), and it's still something that can go over well for people of any age: the life lessons that most episodes are centered around. I went into watching completely unaware that these were present, and came out of it taking them to heart. In a weird way, it makes me feel really stupid for not watching the show when it was running, because I could've done well to hear the lessons it had to offer when I was still a kid. "Family Appreciation Day" is a great example of this, as when it comes to my last two remaining grandparents, I only learned to really value what they had to offer in their last years (they passed in 2017 and 2019, both in their 80s). On more than one occasion, it's also gotten comically meta for me, with "Read It and Weep" being the standout instance. Tell me, after reading what I've said so far, does this sound familiar? The "don't knock it 'till you've tried it" lesson this episode is all about is really the moral of the story behind my adventure into the world of FIM. I went in not expecting much, and got something that's burned a permanent place in my heart right next to Avatar, by way of putting a good smile on my face every time I see it... and that's coming from a guy who usually is pretty stoic when it comes to media. In short, this sums up my thoughts. My thoughts are always mathematical like that. Maybe I could divide them for my next review. Or add them. Add a LOOOOOT of them. Or maybe subtract them? (Now you see why I don't write reviews. This thread took 5 hours, and this mess is the best I got. Hope you enjoyed reading though!)
  3. I've been looking for something like this for a while now, and here it is. This man is like if Lenny Kravitz was actually a great guitarist.
  4. Hi, welcome to Cartoon Opinions on Wheels, I'm your friendly neighborhood brony. How may I help you?
  5. ...I'm an egghead. @SpongeOddFan
  6. A supremely underrated album.
  7. First thoughts 7 episodes into FIM: "How the hell did I avoid watching this for so long? I love it!"

  8. I'm now at the level of boredom where I'm legit considering MLP FIM a watch for the first time. Yeah. Why not?

    1. Dracula Phineas

      Dracula Phineas

      Whoa wasn't expecting to see that comimg.

    2. PatBack
    3. Renegade the Unicorn
  9. SBC peeps, weigh in: is this me? https://i.imgur.com/mpWItOa.png

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      The correct answer: no, because I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning.

    2. E.V.I.L.


      Oh my god I completely forgot about how I used to try to annoy you with AiRpLaNeS or the airplanes in general

  10. So, it's now March 2020, and it's looking like our next election will be a standoff between Donald "Take Out Their Families" Trump and Joe "I Have No Empathy" Biden. Personally, I'd rather give the Green Party a boost than ever grace either of these two with a vote. What does everyone else say to that?
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