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  1. Get a little fright, get a little inspired, give a little HEE-HEE-HEE!
  2. Now that's what I call synergy with SBCer humor!
  3. Putting this one on play after I... you know what? On second thought, just don't ask why.
  4. Been up all night obsessively monitoring the progress of Hurricane Ida, so I guess this was a good night to have this event. Clockin' out at 6:47am Central.
  5. 16 years to the date that Hurricane Katrina tore my home state to shreds, now another, even stronger monster in Ida is knocking at my door. Let's hope FEMA has their act together this time!
  6. I call dibs on Central time! EDIT @ 7:56am: Alright, this is where I'm officially clocking out. Been up all night and then some laying down some groundwork for YSRIAT, and my brain's not having it anymore, so it's time to shut off for now.
  7. This track from the late 70s, the late 90s song that sampled it, or the late 2000s song that sampled the sample? You decide.
  8. @SpongeOddFan, for a bit of a celebration of recent events, I'd like to present something that I put together over the last 30 or so hours specifically for you: On the Wings of Pride!
  9. Alright! I haven't checked this thread at all since I started it. Time to update the OP.
  10. Round two, folks! We're back with the SBC Community Mixtape, and this time, with the introduction of themes. Basically, iterations of the Community Mixtape from here on out will have a specific theme to them, be it a genre, a time period, or maybe even an artist if they're popular enough. So, you probably guessed from the thread title what this version's theme is... Electronic music! Be it your Daft Punks, Autechres, Pendulums, Fatboy Slims, or whatever else, this Mixtape #2 is all about showcasing the wonders that were introduced to the world of music by the introduction of computers and synth technology. The rules for submissions are mostly the same as last name, but since I'm expecting this might end up with longer songs than usual, let's re-post the rules from the first Mixtape with a slight change: Length limits per person: you have a total of 30 minutes worth of songs to play with, up from 28 in the last round. The flexibility of how many tracks this allows you to submit remains the same. (This site is great for calculating the times.) Joke/troll entries can and most likely will be excluded. Try to make sure that what you're submitting is available (i.e. not copyright-blocked) on both YT and Spotify. No repeat entries (can't submit the same thing as somebody else). If possible, try to make your submissions with a Spotify playlist. That makes the process of building the master playlist a lot faster. Most of all: have fun with it! To start off, the submission deadline is set for midnight on July 31, next Saturday, though we can kick it back if we feel more submission time is needed. With all of that said, let's get going!
  11. Event's kicked back to July 17th without a sufficient minimum number of signups. I'm gonna be participating in a YSFHQ event next weekend, so it had to go back two weeks.
  12. Yes, you read that thread title right! After a very long time of doing nothing of note, we at the Royals Discord have finally decided to implement our long-frozen plan of turning the server into a hosting hub for non-forum event games here on SBC. And what game are we starting this (hopefully) line with? Ace of Spades Classic is a classic indie game from 2011 that can be best described as "Minecraft with guns", and so lightweight that it can run on a toaster (unless you choose to use the OpenSpades client, which has significantly better, Minecraft RTX-like graphics). In between fighting the other team, you can shape the landscape to your advantage with the great power of digging and building, be it to make fortifications or, say, put obstacles in your enemy's path. It's quite a unique and enjoyable game, so what better way to enjoy it than to bring peeps from SBC together for it? At 1600 UTC (9AM Pacific <-> noon Eastern) on Saturday, July 17, we're set to kick off (what I hope will become) a series of gaming events based on the Royals server in the form of Green vs. Blue (GvB) - the inaugural Ace of Spades competition on SBC. The idea is simple: across three rounds of Capture the Flag, we'll see which team has what it takes to capture the most flags. My personal bet may be on Blue, but what do I know, eh? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AOS CLASSIC (When you're running the installer, make sure to pick the 0.75 version to install, as this is the one we'll be using.) TO SIGN UP TO PLAY: Leave a reply below with the following questions answered: -In-Game Nickname? -Green/Blue or Either? -Are you on the Royals Discord? -What is your time zone? (If I leave a like your post, that means you're signed up.) PLAYERS: GREEN TEAM: RDQuil BLUE TEAM: HawkbitAlpha dman
  13. Folks, ROYALCORD IS BACK IN ACTION! Details coming soon.

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