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  1. Can’t believe we let a top 50 best tier episode (Boating Buddies) enter the bottom 25. We need to do better smh
  2. The full episode is out on YouTube so I watched it there. It was about as mediocre as I expected and the animation looked just as bad as it was in the other clips and such. When the rest of the episodes show up online i will definitely be finishing them though. Maybe out of some sort of weird obligation because this wasn’t a great first impression. I hope the show goes wackier like it’s expected to.
  3. Genuinely not like completely terrible. The writing feels like typical SpongeBob writing. The animation direction is clearly trying to have like tons of wacky faces which kind of stays true to the direction the modern show is going in. The only real problem is the horrific lighting on the models in outdoor scenes that makes it look like a PS2 game at its worst. The animation feels very inconsistent but the rest of this sneak peek is the definition of "fine". It just feels like a less fun version of the modern show.
  4. Boating Buddies might be a top 50 episode of the entire series. Yes I have devolved to this point.
  5. The Mets aren't rebuilding. Its more like their rebuild has completed and their young core is ready to fight to actually make the playoffs. Especially with hopefully big free agency moves coming up to bolster the team's talents. Anyway the Mets are my favorite team.
  6. Concept seems fine. It shouldn’t be a terrible show if it has a good writing crew behind it. If it’s just 13 episodes and being helmed by the main crew it will probably be the equivalent of half a season and shorten one of the main seasons like kamp koral is doing.
  7. Holy shit this is fucking great.
  8. Narrator: This isn’t a meme show (well actually it kinda is). It is the story about a cave with no birth name but has liked going by the name Dave. Now let’s go back to the past. ...700 years ago... King Neptune: I’m really fucking bored im gonna go make a cave. But he’s fucking magic. He shall be small… yet grow to be huge. He will someday become an important figure of history. But for now, He shall be known as a lowly rock. Episode 1: The Time Shall Pass *650 years later* A view of Jellyfish fields is seen. It has very lush grass and a sunrise is seen. A cave is
  9. how did i miss this artisan-ness
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