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SpongeCraft Frontiers


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Can you feel that?
You better hold on.
This one's about to get rocky.


Nearly four years ago, we waved goodbye to SpongeCraft, our classic creative Minecraft server, after several years of operating as our flagship gaming hub.

Now, after nearly a year in the works... SpongeCraft is returning with a vengeance, and in a form like never before.




In this game of survival, players will take a nearly 500-foot leap of faith directly into the world of the Frontierlands, a diverse, rich land of unusual formations and proportions. After making their way out of the Landing, it will be up to players and their skills to survive, thrive, and improvise in this uncharted world of pillars, mountains, and plains.


Just as with classic SpongeCraft before it, Frontiers will be operating for the foreseeable future using the 1.12.2 1.14.4 version of Minecraft, with ViaVersion allowing it to be backwards-compatible with newer clients. Also keeping with tradition, this is an offline server, meaning that players without Minecraft accounts will be able to join in on the adventure as well!

We will officially hold the grand opening to the Frontiers tomorrow, July 4th, at 8:00 PM Eastern time. We hope you will be there to begin a new journey into the unknown!

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Due to recurring appearances by some uninvited strangers, we've now switched SCF over to whitelist mode. This means that, if you're a new player joining the server, you'll need to let us server ops (me, sbl, OWM, jjs, or DG) know, and tell us your in-game name so that we can let you in.

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SpongeCraft Frontiers has been updated to Minecraft Java 1.14! Not the biggest jump ever, but this allows us to bring in some new features while retaining enough optimization for players. I hope y'all will find this to be a welcome announcement!

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