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  1. Favorite It's Always Sunny episode(s)?
  2. Rumor has it I'm starring in this too btw
  3. Supreme Court my ass

  4. I’m not afraid of death. What can death bring that I haven’t faced? I’ve lived; life is the worst. Listen to me, I’m a philosopher. Joe, you must do this. You must must must.

  5. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/joker-2-lady-gaga-joaquin-phoenix-todd-phillips-in-musical-1235154135/
  6. any of you cool kids played the hottest game of the year yet
  7. graggle simpson is a true hero

    1. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman

      Truly one of the characters of our time

  8. Do you love rum ham?
  9. film of the year material
  10. On the surface, Memorial Day honors those who have fallen in the line of duty. Down here, we honor people who fall asleep in long lines!

  11. my goofy ahh uncle

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