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  1. Welcome to SBC. Have a fun! been a hot minute since i've seen you around
  2. The "study of Wumbology" and "study of Wumbo" are actually synonymous terms, but the problem comes when you find that it's hard to study Wumbo because we don't know where Wumbo lives. A shame...
  3. Let's have the entire forum collaborate to put together what our SpongeBob season would look like. We start at 1a. Then we do 1b, then move on to 2a+b, making our own episodes as we go. If you're going to make a special episode that takes up a whole number, make it clear and obvious. You have to write a description, but they can be as short as a single sentence if you want. Here's an example: Episode 1a: "Krust of the Krab" - Mr. Krabs gets too krusty and cannot exit his shell, it is up to SpongeBob and Squidward to free him. Have fun!
  4. I still kinda wish she was crushed in an industrial press. #6:
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