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  1. I hate pizza but I'll play anyway
  2. So um....what if all or almost all of my submissions aren't gonna be on spotify
  3. Are you my long lost brother
  4. Sonic will never be contacted by aliens
  5. Now that gen 9 has been out for a bit, I figured it was a good time to make this thread. Out of the 3 Gen 9 starters, which did you choose? Or alternatively, if you haven't played it, which would you choose, or is your favorite of the three? Sprigatito: Fuecoco: Quaxly:
  6. Sounds like a fun idea until you find out your starter choices are Weedle, Metapod, and Sunkern
  7. So recently, I was reading TVTropes and saw this: This is a very serious issue. As it turned out, Mr Krabs has mutilated Squidward's genitals by cutting them off. This is horrifying, as Squidward has done nothing wrong and deserves to have genitals. Mr Krabs probably cut them off for work purposes, or even just because he likes doing genital mutilation (just like he loves commiting genocide). In my opinion, Mr Krabs should be arrested for this, and be required to pay Squidward's hospital bills. He cannot be allowed to get away with this. What do you guys think about Squidward's genital mutilation?
  8. I have no fucking idea, my computer and the thing the sound actually comes out of each have seperate volume settings so its constantly changing on each. Plus, some stuff is far louder than others and that makes me change my volume settings too.
  9. Guess every season has to have a terrible episode. Who the fuck thought an episode about disgusting burping was a good idea??? The episode's actually funny when there's no burping, but the burping is the entire second half of the episode so it just ruins the whole thing. This is easily in my bottom 10
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