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  1. We all know Wyoming doesn't exist, but I personally believe that Delaware also doesn't exist. I know this is not a popular opinion, but as a southeastern Pennsylvanian who has literally been to Delaware before, there is simply no way it exists. It's literally just a small section of the country that you barely even notice on maps. You never hear about something from Delaware, you never hear about something happening in a city in Delaware, you never hear about a physical thing in Delaware like a beach or a mountain, you never hear ANYTHING about it! You never see someone say they've from Delawa
  2. donut conquerer pixel shades if I don't already have them
  3. The Fish Bowl and season 9a are kinda chose to overhated category. Patrick was a jerk but I think its redeemable at the end.
  4. Wow wtf, did not expect sbyf to be #1. I'm one of the five who didn't it on their list lol. It's a perfectly okay episode. Weiner guy getting run over was hilarious Wringer was on my list though. Very boring episode, and that scene with the bottomites telling Spongebob he's the problem is awful.
  5. Ink Lemonade was on my list. Such a bad episode, one of the few "squid abuse" episodes that I actually dislike. It's annoying, gross, very uncomfortable considering its torturing squidward so patrick can sell his body fluids for others to drink.... the animation is really good, but it doesn't save the episode in the slightest. Squid Baby has literally every flaw I mentioned above but five times worse and without anything good. Its extremely annoying, very gross (why do we need to watch squidward poop in a diaper???) every character here is awful (besides squidward), the ending mak
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