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  1. I have no fucking idea, my computer and the thing the sound actually comes out of each have seperate volume settings so its constantly changing on each. Plus, some stuff is far louder than others and that makes me change my volume settings too.
  2. Guess every season has to have a terrible episode. Who the fuck thought an episode about disgusting burping was a good idea??? The episode's actually funny when there's no burping, but the burping is the entire second half of the episode so it just ruins the whole thing. This is easily in my bottom 10
  3. Since so much of sbc is into Owl House now, might as well have an owl house weekly poll My favorite character is King
  4. Big Sister Sam returns in this episode 10/10
  5. Rewatched this episode recently, and honestly, this episode is really funny. I mean the gross close ups are awful (were the maggots really necessary?), but everything else is really funny. Like Spongebob literally fell in love with a fucking krabby patty. And he murders a bunch of essentially birds over it. That's fucking hilarious.
  6. Update: The new Lavender role color is also allowed in the cool color club!
  7. Brews a potion that causes discord to go down
  8. tfw this is genuinely one of the best episodes of s12 completely unironically and it will never get to air or get officially released because of covid. Thank you trudeau for leaking it in Canada
  9. Makes potion using a textbook that totally doesn't have notes written by a "half blood prince" or something, why would you think that??? heheh...
  10. wait I didn't see new england originally, that's my vote for the actual uk ones though I go with scotland, never been anywhere in the uk (well unless you count turks and caicos) but scotland seems the coolest
  11. I don't like rap either, the main thing I like about music is the actual music and rapping doesn't have that, its just the lyrics, and the lyrics are always really weird to say the least.
  12. No, I'm an Arcanine. Are you Squidward? ...thats ok take your time
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