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  1. spinach slaps the most but honorable runners-up are green onions/leeks and broccoli
  2. Top 100 Songs of the Decade: 60-41 Will post in increments of 10 from here on out.
  3. Honestly? I liked this decade. Not life-wise, we ain't gonna talk about that, but music-wise? I honestly feel like in the near future, this decade, particularly the second half, is gonna be known for a lot of damn good music. I really grew into my own as a music nerd this decade, and I'm more than happy. Therefore, I got a Top 100 Songs of the Decade! Am I gonna discuss every single one in depth? Hahahahaha fuck that. To start, I'll give you guys #100 to #81 with quick blurbs for each one. Quick blurbs I think will be my way of doing this up until the #40 point, when I'll start getting more in depth. I think that's apt to start! (loose 1 song per artist clearly)
  4. #3 and #1 broke my heart, but I forgive you cuz you put Lean Back on the list.
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