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  1. 28. "Happiness is just a suction cup away." Squidville, 137 points 10 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #1's @CakeCup@E.V.I.L.) (+19) Squidville experiences a bonkers jump, earns two number ones, yet still cannot make it into the top half. It's like The Paper's situation but not quite as bad, but it still goes to show how competitive this lsit is getting. This episode's only previous appearances were in 2015 and 2018, but this year's position is easily the highest of the three years. Sometimes, I just totally draw a blank on why an episode jumps really high, but with this one, I think it just fits the SBC zeitgeist. We're all fucking sad and dissatisfied with our lives, and Squidward in this episode is just a great performance. I didn't put it on my own list, but it was a very painful cut. This episode is painfully relatable, yet it's also morbidly funny. 27. "Now go save the world or you're fired!" Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V, 142 points 10 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #2 @almy) (-12) This is another unfortunate one. A regular in the top 50 and, besides 2013, a regular in the top 20, has fallen out. Despite the fall, the fifth Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy installation reigns supreme as SBC's favorite MM&BB episode. There were certainly good ones beforehand, but this one lives up to what you expect from an episode based on superheroes. It's packed to the brim with action and suspense, has more than its fair share of comedy and gags (as the image above shows), and you get a really heartwarming resolution. While it's not my favorite MM&BB episode (that actually goes to #6), I can see why so many have such fondness for this one.
  2. 30. "No matter how much I may beg, and plead, and cry, don't give that paper back to me ever." The Paper, 127 points 11 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #1's @SI-LLY @sbl) (NEW) And here it is, guys! The very last absolute debut on the list, having not appeared even in Honorable Mentions in 2018, making it the biggest absolute debut by a pretty big margin. The episode had a weird history, showing up in both 2015 and 2016, falling off the list completely last year, and jumping back in higher than ever. It also represents the insane turnout for the list, as this is the first instance an episode has ended up in bottom half of the list despite having multiple #1's. Yeah, this is an anomaly for the ages. I can see why the love for the episode shot up, during a season 1 binge I did ages ago, it became one of my favorites. It's almost like an exercise done by the writers in how interesting they can make an episode out of such a mundane concept, and they succeed with flying colors. It's one of the funniest episodes of season 1, and a worthwhile watch. 29. "Whoa-ho, Mr. Krabs. I didn't know your had heat vision." Imitation Krabs, 136 points 10 out of 44 points (Highest Rank #2 @PEPSI✭MAN) (-9) A rather unfortunate drop, innit? Outside of an outlier position at #47 in 2013, Imitation Krabs hovered right below the top 20 since 2015 until it finally hit the top 20 last year. Sadly, this year, it dropped at its lowest position since 2013. It's also the first drop in a while on the list. The fact that it's still in the top 30 is a good thing though, because this is a great episode. All 3 main characters are at their funniest here. It's a bit of a shame that it's been overshadowed by its sister episode. Y'all probably know what I mean.
  3. https://autofyrsto.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/music-survey-of-60-questions/ Basically, just answer these questions. 1. What are you listening to right now? I'm listening to "What I Got" by Sublime right now. I'm listening to it for the first time ever after being recommended it by Wumbo in xat. 2. What songs make you sad? "Good Riddance" by Green Day used to really feel me back in like 5th grade. Other than that, songs don't really sadden me. Sure, I can get chills from sad songs like Gary Jules' version of "Mad World" but that doesn't really make me 'sad.' 3. What is the most annoying song in the world? "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings stabs me in the brain whenever I have to hear it. Anyone who actually likes that song isn't someone I want to meet. 4. What is your favorite band in the world? Pink Floyd for sure. Not gonna lie, I probably prefer The Wall over Dark Side of the Moon, actually. Both albums are just about perfect, regardless. Close runners-up are Animal Collective and Ween. And Tool. 5. Your newly discovered band is? I heard Mastodon's Crack the Skye for the first time recently and I am very eager to listen to more of them. Prog metal can't fail me. 6. Best female voice? The two that pop up in my head immediately are Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith. <3 7. Best male voice? This one's really tough. I guess I'll go for a heavily pitch-shifted Dean Ween. 8. Music type you find yourself listen to the most? It's not really my favorite genre by any means, but I catch myself listening to alt rock the most, mainly because alt rock songs usually pop up the most on YouTube sidebars which is usually my method of average music listening. 9. What do you listen to hype you up? If we mean bands, Tool, man. Especially "Stinkfist" and "The Grudge." For individual songs, "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys has got to be my #1. 10. What do you listen to when you want to calm down? Sufjan Stevens calms me down just about instantly. I love the guy's voice, and he is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist. 11. Last gig/concert you went to? I don't really go to concerts, yet I want to. I remember checking out a free outdoors America concert for like 5 minutes while riding my bike around downtown, they suck. 12. Band you find yourself listening to the most right now? I love Gotye, and Gotye loves me. 13. Most hated band? I don't dwell on shit I hate as much as I did just a year ago, but if I had to choose, I cannot stand Creed even a bit. 14. Song that makes you think? A broad question, but that award probably goes to "Atlas" by Battles. It's not for the lyrical matter as the lyrics aren't even close to having any meaning let alone understandability, but the musical composition of the song is so weird and complicated that I can't help but listen to the song in layers over and over again. Amazing song regardless. 15. Band you think the world should love as much as you do? God, I wish the mainstream public loved Battles' weirdo brand of complicated mathrock as much as I do. 16. Coolest music video? I absolutely love the video to "Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers. It fucks my mind in multiple ways, and I guarantee it will do the same for you or your money back. 17. Music video with the most babe watch? I don't really watch videos for the sexuality, but I guess "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy. You know, an upright sex scene and all. 18. What would you play in the bedroom to spice things up? "Spread Eagle Across the Block" by Death Grips. This question is irrelevant to me, I can't help but make a joke answer. 19. Can you play a musical instrument? I've been playing the saxophone since 6th grade, and I'm trying to teach myself guitar, but it isn't doing too well for me. 20. Ever been in a mosh pit? Nah, don't really want to. 21. Are you in a band? Not now, but I hope I can in the future. 22. Ever dated a musician? Uhhh, no. 23. Do you wish that you were a musician? Holy Christ yes. I'm 14 tho so I'd suck now. 24. Best chick band you know of? I don't think I've really listened to a chick band yet. I guess TLC are pretty cool. 25. Last song that you heard on the radio? Silento's "Watch Me". Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggghhhhh. 26. What do you think of classical music? Not my thing at all. I remember going through Steve Reich's minimalist Music for 18 Musicians and it was pretty good. Not something I'd listen to again, though. 27. What do you think of country music? Modern country music is fucking terrible, I never really listened to any country outside of that. 28. What do you think of death metal? Not my thing, either. The only metal genre that I've had good experience with so far is prog metal. 29. Last big band you saw live? I never really saw a popular band in concert. 30. Are you a groupie? Hell no. 31. Do you listen to music in foreign languages? I grew up listening to Balkan turbo-folk and had about no experience otherwise until I was ten. I adore Sigur Ros and I love myself some krautrock like Neu! and Can when it comes to other foreign-language stuff. 32. What famous musician would you like to "spend the night with"? Not really anyone, not too sexual of a person. Probably Florence Welch or something. 33. Worst concert moment? Haven't been to enough ones to say anything here. 34. Funny concert moment? ^ 35. Sad concert moment? ^ 36. Best local act you can think of? I don't really pay attention to those kinds of things. 37. If you were a musical instrument, what would you be? Saxophone. Not just because I play it. It's also because I am loud and I can be very irritating when I'm not controlled well. 38. Do you listen to the radio? Eh, no. 39. Do you watch music TV? That's a thing? Jokes aside, I watch crappy music videos on MTV in the morning before I go to school, and I really fucking love the list things on VH1. 40. Do you follow the music charts like the top 40? Not as much as I used to, but I still do it quite a bit. 41. Have you met any famous musicians? I've met a handful of famous Balkan turbo-folk musicians, but not anyone you guys would care about. 42. Are any of your friends/family musicians? Not really. 43. Song that best describes your feelings right now? I'm in a super neutral mood at midnight when I posted this so no song really describes me at the moment. 44. Song that describes you life? "Mad World" by Gary Jules. Yeah, I'm edgy. 45. Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to? Not really. I don't pay attention to that. 46. Does a musician’s physical attractiveness play a role in the music that you listen to? Christ, no. If that were a factor, I would not be such a fan of Sufjan. 47. What famous musician do you want to marry? Jonsi from Sigur Ros. <33333 48. Favorite movie soundtrack? Pulp Fiction. 49. Any musician pet peeves? When an instrument in a song feels out of place. Always gets to me. 50. What do your parents listen to? A lot of Balkan music, but they apparently listened to stuff like Bowie and Pink Floyd when they were younger despite having barely a comprehension of the English language. 51. What are you listening to right NOW? Beck's "Girl." Definitely one of his better songs despite being more commercial and less weird like his older stuff. 52. Do you wear band t-shirts? I wish I did, but no. 53. Do you cook to music? I don't even cook. 54. Do you sing in the toiler? Uhhhhh.............. no. Go ahead and answer them yourself
  4. Ah, OMJ. You're great at picking some of the stupidest things that have happened on SBM.
  5. This lit and this episode is hilarious. BTW, why did you make me Bad Reviews Halibut?
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