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  1. Episode 9: : Wow SpongeBob, I didn't you realize you had such good connections! : I sure do, and I am more than happy to help you out, Mini Squid! You know... I wasn't a fan of you taking over at first, but you've been doing such an amazing job and Squidward is making more money than ever! Thank you, Mini Squiddy. : No problem at all, SpongeBob. I knew you two would come around to the idea. I'm gonna go and call the number you gave me now. I just hope he has the time to be our guest for the next episode. : Oh trust me Mini Squid, he'll have time.
  2. 28. "Happiness is just a suction cup away." Squidville, 137 points 10 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #1's @CakeCup@E.V.I.L.) (+19) Squidville experiences a bonkers jump, earns two number ones, yet still cannot make it into the top half. It's like The Paper's situation but not quite as bad, but it still goes to show how competitive this lsit is getting. This episode's only previous appearances were in 2015 and 2018, but this year's position is easily the highest of the three years. Sometimes, I just totally draw a blank on why an episode jumps really high, but with this one, I think it
  3. 30. "No matter how much I may beg, and plead, and cry, don't give that paper back to me ever." The Paper, 127 points 11 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #1's @SI-LLY @sbl) (NEW) And here it is, guys! The very last absolute debut on the list, having not appeared even in Honorable Mentions in 2018, making it the biggest absolute debut by a pretty big margin. The episode had a weird history, showing up in both 2015 and 2016, falling off the list completely last year, and jumping back in higher than ever. It also represents the insane turnout for the list, as this is the first instance an epi
  4. Episode 8: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles! : Welcome back to the show, impressively patient audience! After yet another hiatus, we cleaned up the mess that those alternate universe clone freaks created. : The blood was our doing, though! Dalalahahahhahajaskf : We are now ready to continue the program, though, and we hope to continue for real this time. Let's go back to the usual and start with the news! Just last week, Bikini Bottom's mayor was caught in a very serious scandal fo- : Uh, Squidward? : Must you interrupt me, SpongeBob? Can w
  5. Do you ever struggle to figure out why you don't like an episode? Or do you just like needlessly categorizing things like I do? Well look no further! Thanks to help from SBCord, the BADDLI Scale is a list of SIX criteria that can make for a shitty episode. I don't mean elements of a bad episode necessarily (i.e. bad writing, bad characters), but moreso the feeling you get on WHY it is bad. You'll see what I mean as I run through the six and offer some examples. Boring Does a crappy episode put you to sleep? Do you want to change the channel to something more interesting? Think Gullible Pa
  6. Also, remember to smash that mothafuckin' FOLLOW button so you don't miss out on the last 3 episodes. They will be a doozy.
  7. @Kotarou? @OWM @DarknessDG @sbl Thanks to these people for helping write this episode. Episode 7: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles! : Welcome back to the show, dear audience! During the last installation of Squidward Chat, the void paralyzed both me and SpongeBob for days and we had to go to the hospital! : I still can't see in my left eye, Squidward. Dahahahahaha! : Yes, after that incident, we decided to move Patrick far, far away. Hopefully, we won't need him for the time being. : Now onto the news! As you can see, some int
  8. Episode 6: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles! : Welcome back, viewers! For those who missed the previous installation of Squidward Chat, SpongeBob and I got sent into an existential crisis with our guest. All I hope for is for that to not happen again, but then again, anything is too much to ask with this show. : You said it, Squid! : Before we get to our extra-special guest, I have a huge piece of news that I'm sure every Bikini Bottomite needs to know... Bikini Bottom is getting a spin-off! : Wait, it is? : It sure is! Thanks to my connec
  9. Episode 5: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles! : Greetings after a long hiatus, viewers! Thank you for being so patient. So very, very patient. : God is dead, Squidward. : rimshot : He sure is, SpongeBob! As a matter of fact, that's a good segue into our news portion of the show! The most important event that happened recently was that our literal creator, Stephen Hillenburg, died of ALS on November 26, 2018. A tragic, painful death for a man who technically should be beyond our comprehension. : When has this show ever made logical sense, Squid
  10. Episode 4: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles!  : Hello again, welcome to another episode of Squidward Chat with Yours T. Ruly! So the last episode was a disaster, but SpongeBob managed to... uh, get us a promising guest today that you all will love. We'll get to that later, but for now, the news! : rimshot : ...I didn't make a joke. : The news these days is already a joke. : rimshot : Ahem, anyway, the most important event that happened this week is that the mayor of Bikini Bottom and the mayor of New Kelp City have had a press confere
  11. Episode 3: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles! : Hello viewers, I am back from a brief hiatus after, uh, trying to make this episode the very best it can be! Along with me, I also have my loyal servan- I mean, executive producer SpongeBob. You all loved him in previous episodes, and he's still here to provide obnoxious laughs when need be. : I haven't been able to laugh in days, Squidward. : Oh SpongeBob, you card! Anyways, on to the news! As corruption runs amok in the streets in New Kelp City, the Ocean Cup has providing a boost in tourism for them,
  12. Squidward Chat! With your h- ... -end credits start playing-
  13. Episode 2: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles! : Welcome again to Squidward Chat, with yours truly doing the talking once more. We have a lot in store today, as we have more news and a very special guest that my new production crew- : Hi! : -managed to get on our show thanks to popular demand by our newfound fanbase! In even better news, we have hired a house band to do music for us! Please welcome, the Bird Br- : Uhhh, Squidward? : Yes? : I couldn't get the Bird Brains on the show. : Why's that? : They can't come down here, t
  14. We'll see if Squidward's production team can find a way to get Jackie Chan underwater without accidentally drowning him.
  15. Episode 1: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles! : Welcome back, loyal viewers! I hope you didn't miss me too much when I was gone! -audience stays silent- : W-well anyway, I managed to send enough angry emails that we actually have a special guest today! Or at least as special as we can get in this town, am I right? -crickets- : I hope that one day, I can get an actual studio audience that isn't just SpongeBob and Patrick sitting in lawn chairs behind the camera. : You're doing great, Squidward! : zzz
  16. Squidward: Greetings, viewers! My name is Squidward Tentacles and welcome to the first episode of Squidward Chat! Today, I'm honored to introduce our special guest... S: Well, It's a start...
  17. https://autofyrsto.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/music-survey-of-60-questions/ Basically, just answer these questions. 1. What are you listening to right now? I'm listening to "What I Got" by Sublime right now. I'm listening to it for the first time ever after being recommended it by Wumbo in xat. 2. What songs make you sad? "Good Riddance" by Green Day used to really feel me back in like 5th grade. Other than that, songs don't really sadden me. Sure, I can get chills from sad songs like Gary Jules' version of "Mad World" but that doesn't really make me 'sad.' 3. What is the most annoying so
  18. How obvlious could you possibly be? "Disagree"? They killed and tortured MILLIONS OF JEWS. They sexually harassed them, let them starve, let them burn in firey chambers, and you're saying that doing something like this is fine because the person who made it wasn't being explicit? Pull your head out of your ass, dude. You should be able to see what's wrong with this.
  19. Move to Colorado then check again
  20. Ah, OMJ. You're great at picking some of the stupidest things that have happened on SBM.
  21. That was a pretty magical adventure. It'll actually be kind of refreshing when we go back to riffing small didn't-even-try lits that were completely forgotten because of how badly written they were.
  22. Show screenshots of cool creations made in "SpongeCraftia" here! Like the second floor!
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