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  1. I think the CG looks pretty bad but I'm really happy that they're still able to do a lot of goofy off model expressions. and kevin the sea cucumber being there is just awesome
  2. Flaming Lips and Weezer are the only bands I could see Steve wanting in the movie
  3. my friend boarded on it in early 2019
  4. I liked Sponge out of water. The characterization's a little off and the live action parts feel like a knockoff Smurfs, but the 2d scenes are the closest thing we've gotten to the pre movie era IMO
  5. i look forward to watching obligatory pop culture references and a random snoop dogg musical number in 4k detail
  6. nick has the legal right to do whatever they want, no one is dismissing that. people are debating if the show's creator would've liked the idea or not. That's a different question. Gravity Falls ended 5 years ago, why would it win the KCAs now?
  7. Because SBC is attached to Spongebob and there's valid concerns about whether or not Spongebob's creator would've approved of it or not. It's not just KK being a cheap cash-in on a megahit, it's that there's evidence pointing to it fundamentally violating the IP
  8. I have no idea why Nickelodeon keeps consistently releasing allegedly unfinished footage of the show. KK already has a negative reputation online why would they promote low quality footage of it? I hope it will be good- I believe the crew wants to make as good a show as they can given the circumstances, and SOOW and SOTR have shown Spongebob can work pretty well in CG- but everything I've seen so far doesn't make me very optimistic. That footage looked like a PS2 game. I can't understate how bad it looked. If Vince and Dave are right that it looks a lot better with the full rez, final textures, and color scheme I'll happily eat crow, but right now I just don't know.
  9. I agree with a lot of your points. A lot of nice, talented people working on nuSpongebob, and the poses and expressions are fantastic, but the tone (to at least me) comes off as a neutered Ren and Stimpy. The writing, tone, characterization don't really feel Spongebob to me. I agree with you that it being cartoony isn't inherently bad- you correctly pointed out shows like Rocko were a big influence on SB.
  10. Makes sense. It's probably a little insensitive considering COVID
  11. Nah it was all in good fun. Was joking too.
  12. Hey don't rub on the wound lol. I was looking forward to the movie for years
  13. this is really an aside so I'll keep this as a separate post, but I feel like this is the kind of movie Viacom wanted the first two movies to be. Constant pop culture references and celebrities, an overuse of pop music, computer animation. This is the kind of movie Steve and the others (mostly) resisted. I don't know what went on, but I wonder if Viacom saw Steve's passing as an excuse to continually milk the franchise even more.
  14. I didn't like it. I adored the animation- the lighting is absolutely beautiful and I'm still floored that they bothered to keep Spongebob animated on 2's and include smears. The art direction is extremely faithful to the series. I still think 2d animation for the underwater scenes would've been preferable, but I think we lost that battle a while ago. I liked a lot of the references to the series and the various cameos and easter eggs. I thought some of the jokes were really funny, and in some scenes Sponge and Pat had a degree of maturity and wit not seen in the series since Hillenburg stopped showrunning.... but that's about it. The plot was a complete mess, with an incoherent live action sequence in the middle. Story structure was thrown to the wayside and for the first time in a SpongeBob movie i can honestly say I got the impression the writers didn't care very much. The Kamp Koral segments were cute, and aside from the whole debate on if Steve would've approved of it or not (there's a lot of post-revisionism going on), they just felt shoehorned in. They could've wove them into the story into a far more natural way. Some of the humor was really funny! But about half of the jokes really didn't land, and there's a weird reliance on pop culture references (and references to Skype, Facetime) that feel.... decidedly un-Spongebob, part of the IP's appeal is a sense of timelessness.' That's not even getting into the overuse of pop music. I have nothing against these songs, and Weezer's 'Take on Me' cover was cute, but again... it feels decidedly un-Spongebob.Steve notoriously resisted the use of pop music in the original movie and only included bands he was a fan of in it's soundtrack, so this feels like a betrayal. Ultimately, I think this movie was a massive disappointment. Since the announcement of the switch to computer animation, and the Kamp Koral spin-off, I went in with low expectations, but I was hopeful. The animation was way better than I expected and the first trailer was okay. But I was still let down. This movie ends with a dedication to Steve and I found myself questioning if it really felt like a faithful extension of the show. This is the first time a piece of Spongebob movie has felt like someone's interpretation of the series, rather than something that naturally exists within it. I think it's time for me to admit to myself that this franchise is no longer for me. I love the art and expressions in the newer, Vincent run episodes, but aside from that they ring hollow for me. I think what appealed to me about Spongebob has long since gone. I honestly think Viacom should've taken Steve's passing as a bit of an omen. They may think SpongeBob can be their MCU, but the series's characters and dynamics only work bouncing off of eachother. It's a very tight, creatively-restricting universe. I really don't think Spongebob is like Looney Tunes or Scooby Doo, it's a singular personal vision.
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