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  1. Could we update the "DA CONTROLS 2.0" with some more wacky stuff?
  2. lol i thought all my stuff was gonna be erased ?
  3. For some reason I get a "cannot connect to sever" message for the past two days, have you guys turned it off of what? I use Minecraft, if it's up, is there anything I could do.
  4. I use Minecraft, I got 1.9 woking the Launcher was corrupted, but I get disconnected when I use 1.8.9
  5. 1.8.9 insta disconnects me from it, 1.9 my game crashes
  6. Once I can forgive out where my .minecraft folder is, I'll post some of my cool stuff
  7. Lazertag needs to be a thing, I can decorate the arena with cakes and stuff.
  8. The loomynati have infected the server help me and my m8s defeat the sp00ky Ogre worshippers
  9. Some type of mayorship to over look cities and countries
  10. The SC TV World is where you suggest TV shows I make out lines and we build the city or area where it takes place! If you have a reccomendation suggest here
  11. You can't even do that in regular SC or MC lol
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