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  2. sorry for the late response, ocd as usual anyway i appreciate the positive message! i need to break the fear and habit of not drawing and just straight up learn at a comfortable pace and DO.
  3. you guys legit deserve a break from all of these scummy members in the past couple years. I'm angry to hear about what happened today. I hope things get better from here and I hope everyone's been doing well besides of the recent event JJS told me about. :(

  4. 1995 was 25 years ago. 20 years after, I called it one of the best years of the ‘90s. Where did the times come, where did they go? Do I really think this year is bad? Nah, there’s still a few dancey songs on the list that give the year its positivity. Is it one of the best years though? That’s the question I asked myself after listening to the worst songs this year offered. While this year did have a side that provides classics from the mid-‘90s everyone will still remember, it does combat that with an unhealthy amount of boring songs I doubt ‘90s kids won’t bother to remember. And if you’re reading this list right now, you know what we’re dealing with here. FRED'S BOTTOM 10 HIT SONGS OF 1995
  5. 11a. "Spongemue" SpongeBob goes to his parent's house one day to the find it covered in litter and his parents dead. But worst of all, the SquarePants family heirloom has been stolen! SpongeBob forsakes his pacifist ways and sets out on a quest for revenge, collecting capsule toys and racing forklifts along the way.
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  7. No sexists and incels allowed on SBC from this point forward!


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  10. Chapter 10: Hiding Out With his mother, Paula, having returned home from the grocery store, Wally knew he had to hide his new interdimensional friends, especially the one who needed water in order to survive. Thankfully, Wally knew just what they could do. He had Ollie and Dean drag Rook into his house, and with stealth and precision, they were able to sneak past Paula and head upstairs into the bathroom. They placed Rook in the shower, and Wally plugged the drain before turning on the water. The shower filled up like an aquarium fish tank, allowing Rook to float inside. Rook pressed his face against the glass door in order to observe his surroundings. “This is quite strange.” A loofa floated by him and he curiously examined it. He then spotted a bar of soap sitting on a small shelf and he curiously picked it up and stuck it in his mouth, only to spit it out in disgust due to how awful it tasted. He spotted Wally on the other side of the glass, watching him. To Wally, it felt like he was watching a human-sized fish swim around in a tank. “Sorry, Rook,” a remorseful Wally said, hoping Rook could hear him from inside the tank. “This is just a temporary solution until I can get you back home.” He took a moment to write down some notes in his notepad. Sitting on the toilet seat, Ollie jokingly asked, “Do you have to, Hewitt? He makes a great pet.” “Not funny, Ollie.” An unamused Dean said while leaning against the sink. He looked towards Wally and stated, “Sending him back is probably the right choice, Wally. He can’t even survive here.” “Excuse me!” Rook’s voice called out from inside the shower. He looked displeased as he stared at them from the other side of the glass. “You are talking about what you want to do with me, but you are not asking me what I want to do with me.” Wally, Ollie, and Dean shared a glance, realizing that Rook obviously did not want to go home just yet. They secretly wanted him to stay as well, but knew that there was no possible way he could stay without having to keep him inside a tank the whole time. “We’re sorry, Rook.” Dean sincerely apologized, “We’re just doing what we think is best for you. We did bring you here by total accident.” “Wally did it.” Ollie bluntly stated while pointing at Wally, who was not amused. Rook, however, was unconvinced. Frowning in dismay, he showed them the glowing tattoo on the back of his right hand. This caused the water inside the shower to move slightly. Before they knew it, water from inside the shower dropped onto Wally and Dean, drenching them. Ollie couldn’t help but snort and laugh in amusement. “I like this guy already.” Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and Paula called from outside, “Wally, are you in there?” Panic swept over Wally’s face and he rushed to the door. He slightly opened it to see his mother standing there. “Hey, Mom.” He nervously greeted. “What’s going on in there?” Paula asked until she noticed his clothes and hair were damp. “Why are you all wet?” “I’m just…” Wally struggled to come up with an excuse to prevent her from finding out what he’d been up to, until he managed to come up with a convincing lie, “…brushing my teeth.” Thankfully, Paula believed the lie and informed him, “Your friend, Nina, is here to see you.” Wally’s eyes widened in panic as soon as he remembered his best friend, Nina, who he hasn’t seen since yesterday and hadn’t even told her that he got the watch working or that it was capable of creating portals to other dimensions. He wasn’t even sure how he was going to explain the interdimensional beings he brought back with him. Not wanting to arouse suspicion, Wally told his mother, “I’ll be right there.” After Paula left, Wally quickly dried his hair with a hand towel and decided to go downstairs and see Nina. Before he does, Ollie took a moment to tease Wally, “Ooooh! Who’s Nina?” Wally gritted his teeth in annoyance and responded, “Just keep an eye on Rook till I get back.” He shut the bathroom door behind him and ran downstairs. He opened the front door to find Nina standing there. “There you are, Wally.” an exasperated Nina said. “Where have you been all day?” “Oh, uh…” Wally nervously answered, “I was just on one of my expeditions. Kinda short notice.” Even though she found it strange that Wally would go out on an adventure without asking her to come along for help, Nina decided not to question him about it and chose to tell him her reason for coming over. “Anyway, I think I know a way you can break open that watch. There’s a monster truck rally coming to town next week and-” Before she can finish, Wally shouted, “NO! I mean...that won’t be necessary. I’m kinda over the watch now.” A confused Nina pointed to his wrist. “Then why are you wearing it?” Wally looked at his left wrist to notice that he was still wearing the interdimensional portal watch, which he had been doing since he got it working. But then, a splash was heard from upstairs, which Wally assumed was coming from the bathroom where he was hiding the interdimensional visitors. “What’s that noise?” Nina curiously asked, “It sounds like it’s coming from the bathroom.” Thinking quickly, Wally came up with the excuse, “Oh, that’s just my mom potty training Dale.” Nina knew that could not have been true given how she has met Wally’s baby brother. “But he’s one.” She pointed out. With a nervous grin, Wally responded, “He’s very advanced. Runs in the family. Sorry, gotta go.” He quickly slammed the door in her face and rushed upstairs. Still standing on the porch, Nina was perplexed with the way Wally was acting. She was prepared to go confront him about it, but looked down and noticed that Wally had dropped his notepad, which he always used to catalogue an adventure. She picked it up and curiously read its contents. When Wally reached the bathroom door, he stopped just before opening it to see water leaking out from underneath. Wondering what was going on in the bathroom, he slowly opened the door, only to be met with a small wave of water. When he went inside, he saw the shower door open, water all over the floor, and Ollie, Dean, and Rook lying on the wet floor. Wally was appalled by the mess they made. “Guys, what are you doing?” Wally asked in dismay, “My mom’s gonna kill me!” Sitting up, Ollie spits out some water and angrily pointed to Rook. “Ask him.” Rook paid no attention to the trouble he had caused and was shakily trying to stand up without falling over. Once he gained his balance, he picked up a wet hand towel from the floor. “I am sorry, Wally.” Rook said. “I wish to try out my land legs.” He started to have trouble breathing again. He looked at the dripping wet hand towel he was holding. Getting an idea, he wrapped the soaking wet towel around his neck so that it was covering his gills. When he inhaled, he happily realized that he could now breathe without being submerged in water. Before he could continue celebrating, something of interest caught his eye. “Ooh, what is that?” Rook giddily asked before rushing over to the bathroom sink. He turned the knobs until water came out of the faucet. He pumped some liquid soap out of a dispenser, which also fascinated him to no end. Rook spotted the nearby toilet and rushed over to it in excitement, lifting the lid to see nothing but water in the bowl. “Kovero, this place has everything.” Rook said as he poked the toilet paper like a curious child. While Rook still explored human toiletries, Wally, Ollie, and Dean still believed this place was not safe for someone like Rook. “Uh, Wally?” Dean quietly said. “Don’t you think it’s time Rook went home?” “You’re probably right.” Wally agreed before holding up his watch. However, Rook had overheard them and spun around in alarm while yanking a long string of toilet paper over his body. “Ohas!” he cried out in dread, “You cannot do that yet! I am having too much fun!” “Just do it, Wally.” Ollie urged while ignoring Rook’s pleas, “Turn on the portal.” Before Wally had a chance to turn on his watch, a panicked Rook lifted both his hand up, which made water from both the sink and the toilet levitate in the air. Realizing what Rook was intending to do, all three boys could only look on in dread. “Tell me he’s not.” Dean said. From out in the hallway, a SPLASH was heard. The bathroom door swung open and Rook ran out, rushing down the stairs and escaping out of the house. Ollie emerged from the bathroom, enraged at being soaked with both sink and toilet water. Ollie shook his fists and shouted, “I take back what I said about liking that guy!” Wally and Dean emerged from the bathroom, just as angry, but much calmer than Ollie. “We have to go after him.” Wally insisted, “He’s in a foreign world. He may not last long.” But Dean mentioned, “You two lasted pretty well in Overville.” Ollie smirked and gestured to Wally. “But you should’ve seen how lost this guy was in Sparkle Sity.” “Can we focus here please?!” an annoyed Wally shouted. He quickly calmed down and instructed, “Ollie and I can search for Rook from the ground. Dean, you should search from the sky. Can you do it?” “Leave it to me.” A confident Dean answered. He snapped his fingers and transforms himself into his alter-ego, D. Evil. He shrugged and asked, “I mean, how much trouble can a fish kid get into?” Rook had left Wally’s neighborhood and wandered all the way into town. He went into an alley and saw a garbage can full of trash. He slowly moved towards it like a curious puppy and peered inside, staring at its contents with fascination. “This is what holds garbage?” Rook asked. “Why does Father always say it ends up in the ocean?” Before Rook could see what kind of garbage people on dry land throw away, a Meow was heard. Rook turned around and was startled to see a cat in front of him. He fell back against the trashcan and knocked it down, spilling the contents. Rook had never seen a cat before. “One of the creatures that inhabits dry land.” Rook said until his eyes sparkled in admiration. “It has so much hair!” Rook reached out to pet the cat. Feeling threatened, the cat hissed viciously at him. Not expecting this reaction, Rook screamed in alarm and bolted up, running out of the alley and far away from the terrifying land creature. After leaving the alley, Rook stopped and marveled at the town’s buildings, trees, and people who go about their business. He had lived under the ocean his whole life and the only knowledge he had of the surface world were historical records, which he enjoyed looking through in his spare time. Seeing it with his own eyes felt almost like a dream to Rook. “How have I not seen this before?” Rook asked himself, enraptured by the sights. Suddenly, two skateboarders rode right past Rook, nearly knocking him over. Rather than being annoyed, he just watched with interest as they rode off. Then something else caught Rook’s eye. “Ooh, what is that?” he excitedly asked before running off. He stopped in the middle of the street and examined a manhole. Bending down to get a closer look, he saw no visible way of opening the cover. “A secret passageway. I thought only the palace had these.” He put an ear close to the surface and heard the sound of sewer water. “I do hear water underneath.” Since Rook was sitting in the middle of the street and not paying attention to anything around him, he failed to notice an oncoming car. He heard a car horn and turned his head to see a car coming directly towards him. Rook screamed and raised his arms up while his tattoos glowed. The manhole and a large stream of sewer water shot up between Rook and the car. The car swerved and caused the other cars behind it to collide. Rook backed up, seeing the damage he caused and felt remorse for what he had done. However, his guilt was short-lived when something else caught his eye. “Ooh, what is that?” Rook excitedly asked before running off in a random direction.
  11. Katniss

    Ask the Kat

    why are you shouting, Danny Devito? me when I think about watching a movie or a tv show sometimes Ben should’ve asked Ron
  12. Happy Birthday, Aquatic Konquest! Happy Birthday cake!
  13. Body Colour: Yellow Headwear: Goofy Sombrero 2019 Face/Mask: n/a Neck: n/a Body/Top: Brown Sweater Bottom/Pants: Patrick Shorts Feet/Shoes: n/a Hand/Pet: Snail Pin: n/a Background: n/a
  14. Our mystery event, going from Aug 14th to Aug 29th.
  15. (Credit goes to Local for this logo) This is our August event winner, the idea of which crafted by @4EverGreen in the submission thread. As the title suggests, this is a noir mystery event. This enigmatic event will begin August 14th and conclude August 29th. Throughout, there will be a giant overarching mystery centered around our Whodunnit game, with a new spin to it. Every event and activity we hold will be semi-connected to the Whodunnit mystery. You will be able to win clues and hints from other events, pointing you in the right direction of this caper's culprit. Here's what to expect from the event: Whodunnit?: The main course of this event. Use your detective skills to figure out one of our most perplexing cases yet! A seemingly cheerful party at Goofy Goober's ends up going very south... Mystery with a Twistery: The second main course of this event, a roleplaying game directly connected to the Whodunnit and taking place in the aftermath. Participate in scavenger hunts, trivia questions and more; whoever wins in the end will get the ultimate clue directing them to the culprit. SpongeBob Pictionary: There will be two games on August 15th and 22nd that will count for this event! Put your detective skills to good use by deciphering mystery drawings! Arcade Tournaments: Grind out arcade high scores in JCM's new flash game additions and win yourself some clues! Cards Against Humanity: Solve the mystery of whose card is the funniest as CAH returns once more! iFish: 15 new detective themed items will be designed by Patty and Cha. You can also use these new items to submit your fish for an iFish costume contest! SBC Music Parties: Take a break from detective work and jam out on OWM's cytube every Friday night during the event! (Though, perhaps the mystery will continue here too...) Minigame - Magnifying Mystery: Use your magnifying glasses to analyze classified documents and you may earn some clues! To keep up the mystery theme though, there may be more surprises in store! You'll just have to look for them and be patient like any detective...
  16. sponge bob square pants?

  17. welp i'm back i guess 

  18. Happy birthday @Aquatic Konquest!
  19. Can't believe I'm 20 now. But at least I've been able to drink for a good couple years already cuz I'm craving a drink to celebrate. 

  20. First thoughts 7 episodes into FIM: "How the hell did I avoid watching this for so long? I love it!"

  21. Recently, I posted "A Dead Eye for an Eye", I guess signifying my return to writing spinoffs of the SpongeBob variety. It's been a good while since I churned one of those out. I intended for it to be sort of a one-shot, but I guess I'd now consider it to be more of a pilot. I left it off pretty open enough to expand on it more if there's any interest. It was a little project that was kinda years in the making. Been wanting to write a western story ever since I wrote that Pest of the West episode for Skodwarde, but didn't really get around to it til now. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Hope you'll get a kick out of it! In continuation to my last post on this thread, "Megalo Don" will also keep up the tradition of SpongeBob-themed spinoffs. To show you just to what extent, I've prepared a sneak preview in the spoiler tag down below!
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