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  2. My feelings are hurt, to say the least. This will probably be the weirdest thing I ever post here. I said in my recent post in this topic, that i joined a religious social group. I get that a lot of people here more than likely aren't religious in any way and I completely respect that. But I'm still going to talk about this situation, because it's just weird. This isn't actually any complaint about the religion or church itself, but more about a person at this place. So I'm going to this place about three times a week. There's this guy that works there and this may be in my head, but I feel like he hardcore is scared of me. If we're in a group setting (I do things with these people outside of the church environment too), he seems to avoid even looking at me. He'll speak to me, but doesn't seem to be able to hold a decent conversation. He'll speak to everyone in our friend group perfectly fine, and I can barely get him to say anything. I have almost everyone's number, including his. I tried asking him if I did anything to upset him and that there was a reason why I thought that. I kept it short, but honest. Im not somebody who is afraid to apologize when I'm in the wrong. I pretty much just got a no basically. Now here's the part that hurt me in a way. So one of the groups I'm in is only for people in their 20s. He runs it, because he's in his 20s. Everybody is around the same age, which is why we get along so well. I really don't want anyone judging this next part, but I've decided that I want to go through with doing the water baptism. Of course, he's the one that runs that. I decided not to bring it up to him, but to someone else. Nothing came out of it, so I brought it up to two friends tonight who mentioned it to him. He eventually walks up to me and he's asking me things about it that I don't really understand, but for only like ten seconds. He quickly walks off and I don't see him again. After we all leave this church tonight, we went to this fast food restaurant and for some reason he decided to sit right beside me. I tried talking to him, but he was giving very small responses. If he's afraid of me, that's whatever I guess. But this water baptism is very important to me and it's also really hard for me and I have questions. Honestly, I feel like I'll eventually just back out of it because I can't get answers. There's a lot more to this that I'm leaving out here. And I mean a lot. I can't imagine what tf this fear is of me, but I have a lot more people there that do care about me and don't make me feel unimportant in certain settings at this church. This is literally just an online journal entry for me. I would have posted this on SBM, but I'm more familiar with you guys and so I felt more comfortable posting it here.
  3. ...I...I will NEVER understand why people have so much HATE for "Truth Or Square"! Okay, FINE! Maybe some of the special WAS wasted potential and the "Patchy" segments not really needed, but let's see YOU write a one hour special and do better!...Oh, wait! You'd have to actually HAVE your own show to write one, first! Go ahead, I can WAIT to hear who actually HAS one and can back it up with proof! As for "Ink Lemonade", I have always FELT like it was bottom tier from the first time that I ever saw it aired! The only reason why I ranked it number 11 on my list is because I KNEW the episode was going to make bottom tier regardless of where I put it on my list, and there were a number of episodes that I wanted to TRY to get onto this list because I felt like they really deserve to be on this list!
  4. Ink Lemonade was an episode I called incredible on SBM back when it first premiered maybe out of a sense of contrarianism but I do genuinely think the episode is "not that bad". It's not necessarily "great" or maybe even "good" but it's perfectly fine and has sick animation here and there. Just crazy visuals that help enhance the episode. It's maybe like Bottom 200 or something but def not bottom 5 of the entire show. It's maybe like a bottom 20 post sequel episode?
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  6. Gonna review one episode of the week. Everyone should watch Face/Off-Model episode. It's such a creative ep with lots of great jokes. It's a hilarious way to mock off-model character designs in animation. I fucking died at Steven Universe off-model joke. I loved jokes about all the faces of Patrick in each timeline. Easter Bunny side plot was godly with tying into the ep's plot. It was funny to see the audience hate off-model Patrick and disregard him except Slappy. And I couldn't have seen the twist at the end coming with our Patrick and off-model Patrick actually switching places in time (it was even hinted with infinite number sign joke they did a few mins ago). This episode was really strong and shows how much creativity The Patrick Star Show has, especially in terms of meta commentary. Hats off to creators. They have done an outstanding job. Grade: A
  7. IMO: Truth or Square is not only an amazing episode, but is actually my favorite episode of the series. Truth or Square being on this list at all, let alone all the way down at #6 is easily the thing I disagree with most. I'm glad to see it at least avoided bottom 5 though. I thought it was gonna be like 4th. I don't want to go any further in depth about this episode just in case it's on the best list, because I'd rather do an actual writing then. If it doesn't make it, maybe I'll do a writing for this after the best list is finished. Ink Lemonade was in my bottom 10. This is another gross episode; between all the ink nosebleeds or whatever, the bandaid scene, and the ending scene with spiders coming out of Squidward's mouth, this episode is really disgusting. Thank god this episode is post sequel, because imagine how it'd be like if it was in post movie. This is some of the worst Squidward has ever been through, but none of it is actually funny, and is instead just kinda gross. Squidward doesn't even do anything wrong either, so it just ends up being a rare instance where "Squidward tortue" is an actual flaw; its neither funny or justified, so I just end up feeling bad for him. What makes it even worse is that after going through the haunted house or whatever it was, he doesn't even seem to be bothered at all by all of this, which makes no sense. It's just bad writing. This episode also has no funny jokes; besides the gross stuff, the other jokes are mostly just characters screaming and stuff, making this also a rare episode where "too wacky" is a real flaw. Overall, this is just a terrible episode and deserves to be down here. It says a lot that this episode got a bottom 10 placement with a single day of existence before submissions ended back in 2018.
  8. 6. Sigh, remember the day Sandy and I got maaarrrrriiiiiiiied? Truth or Square - 199 points 9 of 21 lists (Highest ranking #1, @Less_SpongeBob @Honest Slug) (-1) Season: 6 Writers: Luke Brookshier, Nate Cash, Steven Banks, Paul Tibbitt Plot: During a Krusty Krab anniversary celebration, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs accidentally get locked in the freezer. The first of my many complains about TOS is...why did this even need to be TV movie if you're going to add extremely boring Patchy segments for about half the episode??? Good thing there is a 22-minute version that skips the Patchy segments (and the episode doesn't change at all) but the SpongeBob segments are not any better. Most of the flashbacks by themselves are not bad but the episode itself is just filler, filler and more filler...they are just sitting there in the vents and there is a flashback every 10 minutes which is surrounded by unnecessary or stupid scenes. This episode is also soooo lazy with reused animation (exact same footage of Plankton falling in the vents 3 times) and voice recordings (OWIE OW OW). Speaking of Plankton why the fuck is he even there? He contributes nothing and could easily be removed from this episode and not change a thing. This doesn't even feel like a special at all, just filler dragged out for 50 whole minutes. Also, what does eleventy-seventy even mean??? Couldn't they have used an existing number??? 5. Source? We love the source! Ink Lemonade - 217 points 12 of 21 lists (Highest ranking #1, @OWM) (-1) Season: 11 Writer: Kaz Plot: Patrick's lemonade stand is unsuccessful until he gets a secret ingredient from Squidward. Ah yes, the first post-sequel episode on this bottom list and it's pretty low at #5. During this good era I was surprised to see such a horrible episode, I couldn't believe it at first. I remember when we used to joke about Time of the Month but the actual thing killed the meme for me. Only thing I can praise about this episode is the top notch animation but the rest is just uncomfortable to watch. Why did they come up with the idea of Squidward's ink being an ingredient for lemonade? And most importantly, why is this episode so uncharacteristically gross? Did we really need to see Patrick's internal organs or spiders coming out of Squidward's mouth? I don't like to use the term "Squidward torture" unironically but here it's unfortunately nearly true. We have a 2 minute sequence of Patrick scaring Squidward to death for the sole purpose of getting his ink. I get some people find enjoyment out of it but this is just not for me.
  9. "Smooth Jazz At Bikini Bottom"...I don't know WHY this episode is so high up on this list, it's one of the most boring, most NOTHING episode segments that I can personally THINK of! To quote someone from an "Animaniacs" special: "Congratulations, you just discovered the cure for Insomnia!" As for "Pets Or Pests"...maybe the Baby Worms DID look a little ugly, but in my personal way of thinking, that alone is NOT enough reason for me to put it on my worst list, especially since there are SO many other cartoons (and some of it actually INTENDED for kids to see) that have gotten away with depicting SO much uglier! If something is both mean-spirited AND ugly, that would be my personal number one choice for the Worst "Spongebob Squarepants" episode ever! That's all I want to say for now. Enough said, true believers!
  10. I decided against submitting Pet or Pests this year because while I felt it was bad I felt no passion for putting it on my list. It's not an undeserved placement to be in the bottom 10
  11. I said I don't want any damn vegetables.

  12. Last week
  13. Smoothe Jazz is a bad episode. It wasn't on my list, but it's in my bottom 30. The big problem is Patrick's role. All he does is just eat everything, which is the cause of most of the conflict in the episode, and its just annoying. It also makes no sense that the crowd loved Patrick either. In general, there's barely any jokes in the episode. Honestly don't have much else to say. Funnily enough, Pet or Pests is in the exact same spot I put it on my list. This episode is one of the most boring episodes of the entire series, and Has zero jokes throughout the entire episode, or really anything good at all. It's one of the ugliest and grossest episodes of the entire series as well, the worms are all disgusting, and I don't know why we needed to see Mrs Wormsley giving birth. Larry not knowing Spongebob makes no sense, and Spongebob ringing Mrs Puff's doorbell for like 45 seconds is the most obvious filler in the entire series. This episode is terrible and deserves to be this low on the list.
  14. 8. Two words, SpongeBob... "na" "chos" Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom - 185 points 11 of 21 lists (Highest ranking #5, @CakeCup @dmandagiraffe @Coffee_lover) (+2) Season: 8 Writers: Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Richard Pursel Plot: SpongeBob and Squidward attend Kelpy G's concert. I'm kinda surprised this episode made the bottom 10 (and even jumped 2 places) even when I took Smoothe out of my bottom 15. Like many episodes on this list, I hate it but not enough to warrant a bottom 15. However, this is one of the worst examples of wasted potential because SpongeBob and Squidward attending a concert together was a cool idea but the final product is such a mess. Tbh the first half isn't that bad but I'd say it's still boring. The 2nd half, or to be exact, when Patrick appeared is when it all went more downhill than it was. What was the point of him popping up there if he doesn't even care about Kelpy G, just nachos? Of course, he has to eat SpongeBob and Squidward's backstage passes because hahahaha it's funny!!! laugh!!! Then Squidward gets all the bad luck in the world as he loses his seat and gets kicked out of the concert. I wish this episode ended better for Squidward like him playing his clarinet on stage with Kelpy G or something. 7. This town is getting too rough for me. Pet or Pests - 188 points 10 of 21 lists (Highest ranking #1, @CakeCup) (-1) Season: 6 Writers: Aaron Springer, Richard Pursel Plot: SpongeBob adopts a stray worm who gives birth to worm babies overnight. This episode used to be my worst episode for the longest time but it's still the #1 ugliest episode in the entire show. The animation AND writing were at their absolute low here. I haven't complained about the animation itself in my past reviews because most of s6-9a doesn't look good and I would repeat myself so I bring this complain to this ep that represents more the ugliness than everything. The combination of ugly animation and gross-out is the last thing I want not only in SpongeBob but also for any other shows. How can you make baby worms that ugly? Why is there a puking worms running gag? Of course, the writing has countless flaws like slow dialogue, Larry not knowing (or pretending not to know which would be very rude from him) SpongeBob and wanting to eat the worms, the dreaded doorbell gag that goes on for literally 30 seconds, the lame "old country" joke, and too many to count. This episode was made with literally every single flaw of middle post-movie.
  15. Honestly, I actually like Choir Boys. The throat clearing gag sucks, but the rest of the episode is genuinely funny. Spongebob drilling a pothole to launch Squidward into jellyfish to force him to listen to Spongebob sing is hilarious. Especially since he also says "What a lucky break, now I have a captive audience" and then "Squidward can you keep it down please?" as he's yelling in pain from being stung by jellyfish, its so fucking funny. Spongejesus is also funny. You Don't Know Sponge was #6 on my list, its so bad. The fact that Patrick, SpongeBob's best friend, can't even remember what Spongebob's shape is, is just absurd. Patrick is dumb, but this just makes him a terrible friend. He even says "It's like we're not friends at all!". Spongebob is rightfully sad about this, and Sandy's response is that this is a good thing, because not knowing your friends makes the relationship interesting??? What???? How does that make any sense whatsoever. Why WOULDN'T you wanna know stuff about your friends? And especially considering Patrick didn't seem to know ANYTHING about SpongeBob at all, this is a really fucking dumb statement. Guess friendships are only good if you don't actually know them! Screw you guys, I already know you guys so the friendship is no longer interesting. I'm switching to the sb wikia instead, I don't know them at all so it's a healthier friendship. Also this episode is boring af, I forgot about all these things back in 2019 and still had it on my bottom 25 just for being boring as hell. I don't remember there being any jokes either, so this episode is just empty except for the really shitty stuff.
  16. Breakfast...even PATRICK knows it's the most important meal of the day!
  17. Actually, "Too Many Patricks" aired earlier today WITH "Tatoo Hullabaloo".
  18. "Choir Boys" is another one of those episodes that's too boring and too pointless to remember from my perspective...and oddly enough, I'm not exactly sure on how I feel about "You Don't Know Sponge". I half don't like it, and I also half don't care about it. Plankton would probably serve it as Chum if he could, but that's probably ALL the episode segment is really GOOD for!
  19. Now let's continue the countdown and start the bottom 10 episodes!!! Are you ready? 10. What a lucky break! Now I have a captive audience! Choir Boys - 165 points 9 of 21 lists (Highest ranking #2, @CakeCup) (-3) Season: 6 Writers: Aaron Springer, Richard Pursel Plot: SpongeBob wants to join the choir that Squidward participates in. This episode dropped 3 places but it didn't leave the bottom 10, which I'm not surprised because a few people here don't hate it as much anymore or even like it while there is still a group that still hates it. Springer's episodes (especially in season 6) tend to have a particular funnibad humor but here it just doesn't hit. We begin with a extremely boring first minutes where SpongeBob is...bored laying on the floor. Then the rest of the episode is StalkerBob that is not even funny. After asking if he can go to the choir with him and getting a negative response he still follows him everywhere, just because he wants to show how he sings and convince him to go with him??? It would have been better if it focused more on SpongeBob practicing for the choir and surprise Squidward there, instead of annoying him with his singing. Apart from "SpongeJesus", this episode has absolutely nothing to praise. 9. You don't need to know everything about your best friend. That's what keeps the friendship interesting! You Don't Know Sponge - 171 points 9 of 21 lists (Highest ranking #1, @ThePickleMan) (+10) Season: 7 Writers: Luke Brookshier, Nate Cash, Derek Iversen Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick take a quiz on each other, which threatens their friendship. Thank god YDKS jumped 10 places because this is legit rock bottom for this show and it absolutely deserves a bottom 10 spot. I have a million questions about this episode but this one of them: Why were they taking that friendship test in the Krusty Krab? Why does everything in S7 have to take place there? Ok let's get to the real shit...Patrick is dumb but NOT to the extent of not even knowing if SpongeBob is a boy or a girl. Of course, he answers all these basic questions wrong and when Squidward sees the results he answers "It's like we're not friends at all?", huh????? When he gets SpongeBob's ice cream flavour wrong and the latter cries he and Lou treat him like he's in the wrong??? This left me out of words about how extremely out of character he was. Also Sandy is pretty useless at helping SpongeBob by telling him the less you know him the more interesting friendship it is, this makes zero sense...and when SB cries again she calls him a cry-baby like he's in the wrong? Wtf is wrong with everyone's characterization? After Patrick shops with Larry for some reason he gives SB Groucho glasses and he answers "you do know me, best friend", I don't think that makes sense at all either after all that happened earlier...
  20. Plankton doing that to Krabs would have been hilarious cuz Plankton's the villain after all
  21. Monday, May 20th: 4:00pm EST: Tattoo Hullabaloo (35B): Bunny loses a tattoo. 4:15pm EST: Too Many Patricks (36A): Patrick hires more Patricks to perform at birthday parties. Tuesday, May 21st: 4:00pm EST: Much Tufo About Nothing (36B): Pat-Thos shares a Hamdonian tale of love and pork products. Tuesday, May 22nd: 4:00pm EST: Face Off/Model (37A): Patrick wakes up off-model. Thursday, May 23rd: 4:00pm EST: 5 Star Restaurant (37B): The Star family works at the Krusty Krab.
  22. Finally starting to watch "Smiling Friends" from episodes I've recorded on my DVR, I've watched the first three so far. It's looking pretty good so far.
  23. I'm starting to watch this series now. I'm only a few episodes in (I've got the other episodes that have premiered on DVR), but it looks really interesting from what I've seen so far!
  24. I wasn't even AWARE that some OTHER people were NOT hating "One Coarse Meal" as much as they used to; but for me, I cannot understand how ANYONE could HONESTLY defend that episode segment! Mr. Krabs LITERALLY tried to terrorize Plankton to the point where he TRIED to honestly KILL himself! If Plankton ever tried to do THAT to Mr. Krabs, people would be SCREAMING from the top of a freaking mountain on how WRONG that is; so I am NOT going to stand for such hypocrisy, which is why I made it my number two pick! "Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy", made my list because at number nine...who in their right MIND would make an episode about Sandy being able to remove her fur, have it STOLEN by Plankton (in one of his WORST attempts to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula EVER) and Sandy somehow going to jail for running around without her fur, even though that WASN'T even her fault! "Clash Of Triton" made my list at number eight, because a concept that SHOULD'VE revolved around King Neptune's Birthday, instead revolves around King Neptune punishing Triton for liking the surface world; and by the time Spongebob and Patrick find him, he's become SO jaded he goes on a RAMPAGE against the surface world, and neither King Neptune or Triton get punished for their actions by ANYONE! "Are You Happy Now?; The Splinter; Waiting; Face-Freeze"; and "Big Sister Sam" all barely missed making my list; and I'm REALLY surprised "House Sitting For Sandy" made this list, as it's another too boring to really care about episode in my books. As for the other dishonorable mentions, most of them I'm not sure why ANYONE would hate them enough to put them on their lists. Anyways, we're finally getting to the top (of the bottom) ten! Be prepared for just about anything!
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