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    It’s been fine
  3. Congrats to SOF, who won for the Buddies!
  4. Yesss my brother got me and him tickets to see the blackpink movie!!

  5. how's your weekend?
  6. I recently saw the Documentary movie "Summer of Soul" at a movie theater. It's a very good movie featuring a LOT of good music, and I highly recommend watching it if you haven't done so already!
  7. Happy Birthday, Josh the Trash! Happy Birthday Cake!
  8. Still playing "Dragonball Xenoverse 2" for the Nintendo Switch. It's AMAZING how jam-packed with different things that game HAS!
  9. While this plot has been done before (such as the "Dexter's Laboratory" segment "Ice Cream Scream", it's actually pretty funny how "The Patrick Star Show" is able to put its own spin on it. I feel that the writers (such as Kaz), have been WAITING for a show like this for a LONG time, because it feels like they're able to cut loose and come up with story lines that wouldn't have been possible for any other show! It sure was interesting to see the throwback black and white flashback sequence, and I'm surprised that they were even able to MENTION a Speakeasy within a cartoon! (Granted, it was a S
  10. It's amazing how "The Patrick Star Show" is able to find a conflict within a situation that most people think probably wouldn't think possible. The simple act of one character wanting to go one way, and one character wanting to go the other way, but they need to pass the other character to do so. One must wonder how Patrick and Grandpat where able to get SO many random characters onto their side for the stair conflict! And I think it's perfect that, since this IS a Kid's show, and they couldn't EXACTLY have Patrick and Grandpat wielding swords, they instead fought each other with bread sticks!
  11. No matter how HARD you try, you will NEVER be able to actually go THIS fast!
  12. I know what you mean. "The Camping Episode" and "Pranks A Lot" definitely made my list, and I'm surprised that "Pranks A Lot" ACTUALLY climbed up HIGHER on the Honorable Mentions. Could've sworn it was higher, but that's neither here nor there. In any case, I can't wait to see which episodes make it to the top of the list. Enough said, true believers!
  13. I swear 90% of the list is like "these episodes are great, they deserve to be this high! it didn't make my list though" I'm sure everyone else can relate
  14. The second wiki write-off for the SBC Grand Prix will be tonight at 7pm EDT. Whoever edits our wiki the most within 30 minutes will receive 1,000 doubloons and a point for their team.
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    well if you ever go on a 15-hour drive then that’s perfect
  16. Welcome to round 3. No more diving into two this time. The big leads are here. Round 3: Match 1: Something's in the Kitchen with Sandy vs Whelk Attack Match 2: The Abrasive Side vs The Great Patty Caper Match 3: I Heart Dancing vs Tunnel of Glove Match 4: Back to the Past vs Kracked Krabs Match 5: Earworm vs The Curse of the Hex Match 6: The Curse of Bikini Bottom vs Squidward in Clarineland Match 7: The Bad Guy Club for Villains vs SpongeBob's Big Stand Match 8: The Inside Job vs Buried in Time You have until July 29th 10 AM EST to vote. Choos
  17. WINNERS: Match 1: Whelk Attack Match 2: The Great Patty Caper Match 3: Tunnel of Glove Match 4: Kracked Krabs Match 5: The Curse of the Hex Match 6: Squidward in Clarinetland Match 7: SpongeBob's Big Stand Match 8: Buried in Time
  18. The Camping Episode didn't make my list but it is still a very funny episode. I love the dynamic between SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward. The jokes hit and the twist and turns are amazing. Squidward totally got what he deserved here. Christmas Who is probably forever in my top 10. It's such a joyful special that warms my heart. This is one of the best things Squidward has ever done. Giving up all of his stuff to make SpongeBob happy. What a great episode. My favorite special ever.
  19. Hey, guys - apologies for not being here so long; just been busy with trying to figure out Cakewalk so my music can take off.

    1. 4EverGreen


      Well, I'm just glad you're all right. And if you ever plan to take off for seven months again, could you at least give us a two week warning, so we'll know you're just taking a break? Please and thank you in advance!

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    I have made my roadtrip spotify playlist, even though it is 15 hours long I cannot get myself to trim it?
  21. Katniss

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    they’re icons I love how Millicent is getting closer to Freddie too
  22. 42. Gary and Mark (Gary & Spot) Gary and Mark [The event begins the night in a bikini.] Sand: Neighboring Wild Her old friend Cindy Gal and Bikini are finally a historical reality It was a long day and all the germs of the city were ready to release the grass [Fred is shown brushing his teeth and Debbie talks to Richard about his baby while he sleeps.] Where: Hello! [The scene goes to SpongeBob's house, where SpongeBob and Gary are getting ready to sleep.] Sand: Even SpongeBob and Gary look good with their tired heads Kanrin: Lee Po bea
  23. You raced 20 miles! Try again in 2 hours! You raced 60 miles! Try again in 9 hours!
  24. Congrats to Slug, who won for the Buddies!
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