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  1. This wasn't as good as Say Aww but it was still a pretty great ep for s13. Patrick becoming a mailman has an actual interesting potential with it and I'm glad the ep used it to its fullest. Jokes were so good here. Squidward's mail yeeting SpongeBob and Patrick away, the whole sequence of Patrick trying to deliver Kevin his jury duty mail only for him to realize it was to Bubble Bass (his cameos of dodging got a chuckle out of me), "i thought all trucks were girls", Old Man Jenkins (won't accept Walker name no sir) getting all kinds of mail like his house being evicted etc. The climax of bunch of mailpeople chasing SpongeBob and Patrick was joyful and it ending with them being delivered to jail was a good punchline to end. It's a good ep and i think it's nice to see a Pat ep written by someone who isn't Kaz for an exchange. No offensive to him but I liked a different writer talking Patrick this time. Grade: A-
  2. One of the best of s13. Plankton episodes get more and more creative everyday. The plot was just pure horror-ish monster movie vibe and I loved every single moment of it. The plot literally kicking off with Plankton being eaten and then ending it with Plankton shrugging off what he did with giving people free Glove World times. I really loved how unpredictable this episode got and the robot getting a job at Glove World as a literally toilet ride for people was just funny. The episode was full of action with good stakes and I enjoyed the climax paying off with that Plankton is strong af with carring multiple prople. What a wild episode. Grade: A
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Much better than the okayish first
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    The Batman

    Best Batman movie since The Dark Knight give all awards to Paul Dano right now
  5. Actual good sequel to the classic. I wish it had more creepiness than what the episode offered but I enjoyed the cat and mouse chase between SpongeBob and Squidward vs the rock bottomie. The premise is not so different than 20000 Patties and I think that ep had more interesting jokes and concept but I liked what the episode provided here. SpongeBob and Squidward dynamic was so cool here. It was fun seeing Squidward not being bothered by SpongeBob for once. The ending with them making Mr. Krabs pay out of his pocket for Krabby Patty was a nice ending for both. I enjoyed this episode enough. Grade: B+
  6. Shockingly better than previous Narwhal ep. Narlene and Pearl dynamic surprisingly worked for me, mainly because they had different personalities than each other that they bounced each other off so well. The pacing was extremely solid here. And the jokes were pretty good. Sky scrapper, master carp and the meta joke about characters being in a tv show were some of the highlights. Climax was good and I liked seeing Pearl being protective of Narlene. The little subplot of SpongeBob and Nobby was entertaining as well. It's not such a special episode but it's a good and less forced kamp koral crossover. Grade: B+
  7. Season 13 has been getting better and better with episodes like this and Big Bad Bubble Bass. I fucking loved the creativity of this episode exploring POV of characters who were annoyed by SpongeBob. It already felt like a much better version of Gone. My favorite has to be Mrs. Puff's story which was animation feast. I loved seeing the horror track coming back this time around in that. But other stories were so much fun too. Plankton's SpongeFly story was pure hilarity and nonsensical in a good way. Dynamite toilet paper? Always good for blowing up Bikini Bottom. Bubble Bass' story was like a reverse Pickles which Bubble Bass didn't require perfection but SpongeBob kept insisted. And Squidward's story taking place at the moment was so cleverly done with Patrick being added to mix. Of course everything goes sideways when SpongeBob and Patrick blow up Squidward's house and rest of members of the club had no place to share their thoughts on SpongeBob except SpongeBob's own house which was such a good irony. I loved the gag of SpongeBob presenting himself that they can use him as stress ball lol. It made me sad Squidward had to suffer at the end but I thought it worked in the context of the episode because SpongeBob always ruins Squidward's day and Squidward making a club about it only for it to blow up in his face was a good twist. What can I say more? This episode was one of the best episodes of post-sequel era. Grade: A
  8. No mistake, this is the funniest Bubble Bass episode since Pickles. I was cracking up the entire time. The whole fairy tale aspect worked like a charm. Bubble Bass going through so much length to have the toy was hilarity but what made me lost it was the whole summoning sequence SpongeBob and Patrick pulled which was insanity and I fucking laughed at it. I enjoyed couple of other things like "scumbob" line which I'm sure Pieguy is having a blast lol, Squidward's house being Sponge proof or Bubble Bass being a toy inspector that every toy he inspected blew up in his face. I loved the karma of Bubble Bass finally getting the toy but in a real terrible shape. In the end, he fixed the toy which is bittersweet. I enjoyed how it ended with Karen yeeting away when Squidward was upset his insurance couldn't cover the damage. What a fantastic episode overall. Grade: A
  9. Oddly enough, this episode felt like Patty Hype redux with a little of Best Frenemies and Chocolate With Nuts instead of Greasy Buffoons and as someone who considers Patty Hype as one of the best episodes, this episode had enough uniqueness to differentiate from it and I loved it. Mr. Krabs and Plankton dynamic here was top notch and I loved that there was no backstabbing or formula stealing or them competing against each other. They started a business and got successful until it blew in their faces. Mr. Krabs and Plankton going from business partners to friends again was so nice to see. The episode's humor was nice and the song they put here was amusing to see. I can't think of anything wrong with this one tbh and it already cemented itself as my favorite s13 episode so far. More stuff like this please. Grade: A
  10. UPDATE: Unless there will pull out the ep from the air, it's gonna premiere on Friday, April 29th at 7:00pm ET/PT Nick better not mess with us
  11. Pretty loud and crazy in certain aspects like a typical post-sequel but I enjoyed this. The premise of Puff replacing herself with a potato was a cool idea and the ep was non-stop action with excellent animation. While the episode did not make me laugh too much, I really enjoyed Mrs. Puff's antics here. Her pulling a heist on submarine, watching the wrestling show and becoming a wrestler named TUFF, all enjoyable. This was Danny Giovannini's first episode on the main show and he did so good here. I'm glad we are getting new writers on board soon. This was overall a fun and action-packed ep. Grade: B+
  12. this is what mrs puff deserves after trying to eat spongebob. becoming a food.
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