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  1. One of the best TV shows i have ever seen this year. Top notch talent coming from Hader and Berg. The show knows how to make you laugh and give you anxiety at the same time. It's a must watch. Also
  2. Andor and Mob Psycho 100 fucking destroying you on the same day is a huge accomplishment. thanks for amazing wednesdays

  3. Bros (2022) Really funny and sexy gay male movie
  4. This was a fun companion to Squidferatu. There isn't too much to say about this one except that humor was on point and I loved the art style of vampire vet. It looked so unique and cool. SpongeBob's cameo here was a delight to see. That's all I can say. It's a fun episode. Grade: B+
  5. I loved this episode so much. It really felt like celebrating classic horror movies SpongeBob style. I loved the art style of this episode, design of Nosferatu's town looked so different and unique from the usual SpongeBob art style. Animators did a fantastic job capturing the creepy feeling of it. The episode was very exciting to watch with non-stop cat and mouse chase between SpongeBob and Squidward vs Nosferatu and Slappy. Speaking of Slappy, I really loved him here. He felt threatening and creepy here but still had his comedic timing. I loved the twist of this episode which was that Nosferatu was chasing SpongeBob and Squidward to return Squidward's mail and it turned out to be a garlic. Good comedic twist I would say. The humor of this episode was great. I laughed at Squidward spraying the mailman with urchin poison, SpongeBob throwing ketchup at Squidward, Wooden Stake pun and so on. I had worries of this episode being fan pandering but it turned out way better than I expected. It's worth a watch. Grade: A
  6. best live-action show fr
  7. alright folks, your next poll!
  8. girl shut the fuck up you have never been so wrong in your life
  9. thank fuck. that site no longer can torture people
  10. Why be afraid? Public domain is a good thing. Disney deserves nothing Anyway we are tuning in for this
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