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  1. are we still doing boomer check? I have been here for 10 years now
  2. Thanksgiving is upon us and no better time than to do this poll. What's your favorite bird that can't fly? You don't have to eat them to answer this question, you can just admire how beautiful these animals are. So which bird are you picking?
  3. Another discord malfunction issues, lovely

  4. we don't celebrate xmas but after thanksgiving would be the correct answer for me
  5. Funniest Member: Cha, OWM, Wumbo, jjs, Katie Kindest Member: Ex, Kat, Cha, Katie, Meko Spongiest Member: Meko, Winter, Salmon, Carrotte Best Gamer: Meko, Dman, Winter, Cha, Hawk Show Stopper: Kevin, Kat, Clappy, jjs, OMJ Geekiest Band Geek: Kat, Wumbo, Clappy, Kevin, Prez Most Artistic Member: Cha, Nugs, Steel, Katie, Kieran Sportiest Member: illiniguy, Trophy, Clappy Honorary Staff Member: OWM and Hawk Honorary Member: Meko and kevin
  6. Talk to Me It left me speechless, such a good horror movie
  7. Ghost Rider but Agents of SHIELD version
  8. Our Flag Means Death Doom Patrol both are doing excellent
  9. American Horror Story: NYC It left me speechless, amazing work surprisingly
  10. Having everyone who worked on the animation industry to be paid well
  11. I wanted to put SpongeBob in 00s section cuz that's when it really thrived as a show and 90s only cover a small fraction of the show. I hope it made sense
  12. Welcome to another weekly poll. This week's poll is which era of Nickelodeon is your favorite! It's no surprise that we all grew up with Nickelodeon, so it was a good idea to highlight each era of the show and find out what makes them unique in their own way. So which one do you have the most fondness? Explain more in depth in why you choose one of these eras in this thread If you wanna.
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