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  1. I'm going away until 2025. Sorry for sudden decision. Everything went shit. Sorry for everything 

    1. WhoBibbles


      My mom is angry at me for doing a shit job at my thesis (rightfully so) and she wanted me to delete my discord account which i couldnt go through with. So im logging off internet for a long time until i can sort this out. If anyone wants to contact me, i'll try to log in here with google private on my phone but other than that, i cant visit discord or here. If i dont properly come back in 2025, let me just say that imma miss every one of you. Its been a ride. Sorry im gonna miss our 15th anniversary too. You all mean so much to me. Until then, bye

    2. WhoBibbles


      UPDATE: anyone who isnt on discord, i sorted things out for now, so im gonna stay here but gonna be more discreet about it. Sorry for making people worried about me. I hope everything works out in the end

  2. Witness with your eyes. The age of superheroes. First discovered in the 30s, before World War II began and ever since then they have been a phenomenon. Becoming more and more popular in pop culture. Uniting people with the tales they have been reading and identifying with or dividing people due to their disagreements and their takes. One thing is for certain, you can never have more brain rot than superhero comics fans. But what about the SpongeBob Community? What happens If they run a comic book industry? What surprises await you, the reader? What if…? Episode 6: What if...SBC was a superhero comic industry? We are on Earth-G7 and the year is 2009. terminoob, a person who cherished comic books for a long time, was frustrated by tv.com admin’s bad takes on superheroes. They were vile creatures who thought superheroes were IP machines meant to be consumed. They gave no thought to the stories people have been telling with them, they’ll read anything even if it’s the most fanservicey, mid, garbage and uninspired comics ever. Terminoob knew that the sad reality of Marvel and DC comics was that if you create a character, you can never own them forever and the fans of those comics will never give thought to creators who made those characters. As frustrated as he was, an idea hit him. Inspired by the pioneers of Image Comics, he decided to make a company that will have superheroes but unlike Marvel and DC, he’ll give the creators opportunity to own the characters and never fuck them over. So he decided to create his company: Super Buddies Comics. And he took those who were banned from tv.com and made them come up with whatever ridiculous characters they can think of. Among the creatives, there was Clappy who created Claplad, a superhero whose power is based on clapping with two hands and creating massive sound waves to crush mountains. Then there is Wumbo who decided to create a superhero called Cherry Cheesecake Man! The character who makes cherry cheesecake bombs and fights supervillain yahoos. Katniss makes a character called Taco Woman, the character who shoots tacos with her bow and delivers a feasty attack on bad guys. Prez creates a character called Music Crusher, the character with the ability to disrupt villains’ plans with music and harmony. These are all wonderful ideas and they did extremely well at tales. Reaching top 10 charts every month and ruining Marvel and DC’s success with no mercy whatsoever. Everything was going smoothly until a dark day awaited these creators. Year 2019 and terminoob realized that movie studios wanted to adapt those comics, therefore he got greedy and decided to scheme the creators with signing contracts that have invisible inks (truly a villainy move), robbing them off from getting residuals from movie money. The creators realized this scummy move but they couldn’t do anything about it due to contracts. So they had another plan at hand. Make a deal with the actual devil to prevent terminoob from getting the money they deserved, so the devil made sure terminoob cannot fuck them over anymore but what creators weren’t aware of that the devil pretty much erased everyone’s memories of the superhero comics they have made, taking the ownership of those characters away from them, leaving the creators with a big gap they cannot remember. With that bargain ending up badly, things cannot get any worse RIGHT? But noooo. Year 2024 and the devil took the superheroes away from the creators and he took Super Buddies Comics as a whole and changed its name into Satan’s Bargaining Chips, a new comic company that will fuck over any creators who wanna write and draw those characters even crueler than Marvel and DC. Crueler than terminoob’s reign. There you go, the reader. I hope you learned something today. The lesson that should be taken is not that corporations are evil and will exploit you at any chance. It’s that making a deal with a devil is truly an idiotic move!!! What the fuck were they thinking?!!!
  3. the title says it all. Gotta keep those teeth clean!
  4. The SpongeBob Community, it is a forum that emerged from the ashes of tv.com. It’s a group of friends old and new. Once dedicating their time to appreciate the beloved cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants, now it’s a found family sharing their common interests beyond the realms of the cartoon. If I told you that years ago SBC was meant to merge with another SpongeBob fandom group called Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, would you believe me? Of course you wouldn’t. It’s a wild idea that never came to pass. Thankfully so but what would have happened If the staff of SBC had agreed to merge with ESB and it eventually had become an unstoppable consuming product? Find out in today’s episode of SBC What If’s… Episode 3: What If… SBC was owned by a corporation? We are on Earth-46853 and the year is 2013. SBC and ESB had an agreement of merging both places which eventually became The SpongeBob Universe. It was a scary idea that would require both forums adapting to each other’s environment and oh boy they adapted so fast, adapting into never ending arguments and drama but instead of this driving away the members, it eventually got bigger and bigger. Drama became about dragging the conversations, becoming an endless cycle of disagreement and distrust but oh boy members of SBC and ESB got into it. They had a kick out of trashing each other. Somehow SBC never matured because of dealing with ESB’s members and they realized they couldn’t contain all this drama in one big place. Year 2022 and Morbius movie was upon us. Sony decided to make an official Morbius discord server in anticipation of the movie. Reminder to those who read this tale, the movie was never gonna be successful…until SBU decided to raid the server and started trolling the members. It got so out of hand that it was time to shut down the server once and for all but one person who saw an opportunity in all of this chaos and that was Jared Leto, the guy who played Morbius himself. His evil nature decided that “wouldn’t it be the best if you guys could just own SBU?”. He offered it to Sony and Sony took it into consideration. Eventually Sony bought SBU but ESB members of SBU decided this is not gonna work at all, so they all fled and Sony realized that, deciding to eliminate ESB’s accounts once and for all. And they did it alright. Eventually all that was left was SBC members who saw the horrors of it and decided to stay on Sony's leash. Therefore Sony turned SBC into their new IP, a forum that is useful for everyone. But the problem was Sony owning a forum called SpongeBob Community and Paramount did not take this lightly. They decided that merging both companies was the wise option, so they sued Sony that if they don't hand over SBC property to them, they’ll own the entire company. Sony, scared shitless, decided to merge with Paramount and what became in the end was Sonymount company and with that, SBC took off. Year 2036 and SBC members realized that they are unable to age or change because Sonymount decided that the forum should become a forever place with members stuck in a status quo, unable to change, grow and learn. It resulted in them fighting each other over nothing that drove the franchise forward. As years passed by, Sonymount decided to convert every single company under their thumb so that it reached global status. Year 2070, everyone in the world became part of the SBC machine. Governments were dismantled, all that was left was Sonymount claiming rulership over the Earth, insistenting everyone to contribute to the SBC machine. Using everyone’s precious time to feed into capitalism. Merchandises were being made, everyone’s wealth got ruined in a second. Now everyone’s the slave of the forever cycle of discussing SpongeBob and exploiting original members of SBC’s souls so bad, Sonymount decided to turn them into AI generated members that will engage with the world. Year 2104 and the world got turned into an AI hell. Everyone got converted into robots that would feed the machine. Everyone lost, especially SBC members who realized that there’s no way of getting out of this mess. Until they came to the conclusion that 95 years passed by since the creation of SBC. And that meant one thing: Public Domain. The machine that is Sonymount realized that SBC can be freely used by everyone in the world, therefore breaking the cycle and freeing the original members of SBC as well as the rest of the world from the purgatory. Sonymount fell as the world was free from being slaves of the machine and everyone was free to do whatever they wanted. What original SBC members decided was that their time had passed and it was the moment they all accepted the sweet relief of death. They aged up so fast after forced immortality was over. The original members passed away and got the taste of peace for the first time ever.
  5. You finally got your answer sonicjordan. you can be at peace.
  6. Purple is my favorite drink
  7. fuck I'm excited for another SpongeBob movie, what has the world become
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