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  1. Top 10 moments taken before disaster todays episode was fantastic tho
  2. Bad Batch was good, but some of the editing feels off. Sometimes there are fights with no music for long periods of time, and there are some places where the editing gets wonky (in Unfinished Business, they did a weird cut of Trench's monologue of Anakin being a jedi, but I could still hear part of the next sentence, maybe it was intentional? Don't know why they didn't just let him say the whole line that was in the reels). On the Wings of Keerdaks is only 15 minutes for some odd reason. They cut out a scene, but they could have done something like in A Distant Echo with a new scene to compensate. Past editing complaints, I liked the episodes well enough. Unfinished Business was easily the best episode that reminded me of the old days with large-scale battles and stuff. Wasn't the best arc, but it was still fun. Hopefully the Ashoka arc is going to be godtier.
  3. You can tell the quality of this primary by the fact that people aren't voting for Bernie based on the fact of what a few of his followers (who probably aren't even old enough to vote) do on Twitter.
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