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  1. Airplanes are my one true love, though I have mixed feelings about these majestic machines. One on hand, they are incredibly fast and make it so easy to travel across and between continents. The views of the world from 30,000 feet up are the most beautiful I've ever witnessed. On the other hand, the level of disorientation I experience after travelling by air is INTENSE! It's so odd, I even went through a two-year period (2019-2021) where I fully believed there must be some sort of sorcery involved with "air travel." I was able to revert my beliefs by reading about airplanes and how they work, as well as using (gulp) flight simulators to pilot my own simulated flights and finally wrap my head around the whole thing. I would love love love to get a pilot's license someday just to prove to any ounce of doubt I have left that it's a completely real and legit mode of transportation that complies with the laws of physics!
  2. i like my music as quiet as possible, which is probably a sensory thing since i have SPD. loud noises put me ON EDGE however not so quiet that i can't hear it over other noises. usually I keep it 20-30%. in my ideal little world volume would be lower but in reality there are lots of distractions to drown out! whoever said 85-100% is a psycho loony!
  3. i said GIFTS bcoz i was thinking of all the candy and goody things i get for easter! i know candy counts as food but i don't love easter candy and would never buy any of it for myself, HOWEVER when i get it as a gift it's super meaningful and fills me with LOVE<3!
  4. today marks 10 YEARS since i joined SBC!!!!


    i know i haven’t been the most active member here for a loooooong while, but this website really changed my WHOLE life! I never would be as happy as i am right now without the relationships i built from SBC, and even without the friends, going back to a community i’ve been a part of for so long feels like coming home. when I joined here, i was a sad little girl with selective mutism who had no friends because she couldn’t talk to anyone else her age. i turned to the internet to make friends and after being a member of two other forums that shut down, I decided to join SBC! Now here I am 10 years later, in college, past overcoming my greatest anxiety, and making a nice little life for myself and i STILL keep coming back here! i do truly love this little slice of the internet and i’m hoping to become more active again, this place is the best! It is such an amazing thing that this site has prevailed all these years and that so many of the people who welcomed me here on my first day are still active in this community. i haven’t forgotten any of you guys. here is to many more decades! long live ooooooofy and long live The SpongeBob Community!!!! :squilliam2::squilliam2::squilliam2:

  5. Snow is magical! I love the sound of snowflakes falling on my roof and windows. It also makes the world a little brighter :)
  6. I have been to Mexico, Canada, and Japan!!!!! Mexico and Japan are pretty cool places but i would have to be paid to willingly go back to Canada, I am convinced they do not consume mac n cheese in that country as none of the restaurants I went to served it. even JAPAN had mac n cheese places.
  7. a photo from my biology textbook that i love very much it is an otter eating a crab!
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