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  1. Are You Happy Now? (which i’m not atm): Oh....god....THIS...is just.....I can’t even believe this was put into a show like SpongeBob....Not only is it the worst S8 episode but its perhaps my least favorite episode of the ENTIRE show..seeing Squidward put through this state of sadness is not comfortable, funny, amusing and at all.....its painful and depressing for all the wrong reasons. The beginning is nothing but unfunny slapsticks of Squidward getting hurt for the sake of cartoon comedy which truly frustrates me, all he wants is a happy memory but nope...we get stuff like A BOW LAUNCHI
  2. Hatsune Miku animated series hype!

  3. Len Kagamine as a Vocaloid is just as overrated as much as Hatsune Miku is....while don’t get me wrong he’s nowhere near bad (fairly good mostly), I never can stand and get the appeal of his voice when its super high pitched in some songs. Wacky Workbench Zone from Sonic CD is actually great and fun Dragon Ball Super is more pathetic and worse than what DBGT is
  4. Omg this is ? Keep up the godly work!
  5. Spin-offs and Lits that have ended or on a hiatus could still be popular enough to be on the board lol
  6. SpingeBill's Adventure is #12
  7. SpingeBill's Adventure is #10, Nice!
  8. Cool! Mr. Krabs Treasure Adventure! is number #12
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