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  1. …I don’t even know what to say about this old trash opinion but at least I finally figured out how abysmal this entire special is now…. Seriously what can I say about this entire episode? Not only is it one of the worst specials but it’s also one of my least favorite episodes of the entire series. It revolves around SpongeBob being fired for a nickel and finding a new job. Yes he’s fired for A NICKEL…because for some reason Krabs is so cheap that he cares more for a single nickle than his own employee. It doesn’t even make sense…why would he fire him for a nickel if SpongeBob is the main reason why his restaurant is successful??? (and pretty much where he gets his nickels). Don’t get me starting on the crying/depressedbob moments…they drag on and on and ON…it’s like an eternity of obnoxious nonsense. Patrick is in here just to make the pacing and whole episode feel even slower and dead. Dear lord the entire “funemployment” scene feels so dead of creativity and jokeless…even episodes like Free Samples, Waiting and Move it or Lose It have more purpose than this entire 6-9 minute slog of unfunny, buncha nothing “funemployment” scenes. Also gotta love ya Sandy, nice feeding innocent “freeloaders” toxic food which is clearly not out of character for ya. Sadly it doesn’t get any better from there as SpongeBob finally decides to find a new job…HOWEVER he can’t make anything else but Krabby Patties so therefore he gets fired four times in a row with the same thing happening over and over again…it’s not funny…it’s beyond repetitive and lazy…the show can do so much better than this. But after all of this complete utter nonsense, he returns home and makes yummy snail food for Gary which…has really nothing to do with what happens in the episode. It’s like the whole purpose for that moment was to fill up time or the writers were burning out of ideas at that point. I don’t even know what to say except this entire scene is just nothing. What comes after is no better either as SpongeBob gets kidnapped by all of the restaurant owners he worked for…it’s not funny, it still feels repetitive and I don’t even get the whole point of why they want to outright kidnap SB to work for them like this. Finally someone in a Krabby Patty outfit (disguised as Squidward) beats up all of the owners and saves SpongeBob but….who would’ve guessed it….the Krusty Krab was a complete mess without SpongeBob…what a totally original and clever ending! Everything about this episode is entirely recycled to the point where even the title is similar to a certain S4 episode. It’s completely unoriginal, drags out way too long, half of it feels disconnected, pacing is absolutely horrendous, really unfunny and the ending is probably the most predictable thing you’ll ever in SpongeBob’s history. To think that this was the finale for the post-movie era…all I can say is that i’m glad that the show went into a hiatus so that we can never experience a horrendous seahorse pile of a special like this ever again. Rating: 0/10 (Bottom 5)
  2. 8/10 In “Ghost Host”, There was originally gonna be a scene where a fake Mr. Krabs gets trapped into a painting as Squidward watches the entire spooky situation. This was cut due to time.
  3. Get freaky on a friday night yeah!

  4. “New Digs” is now called “Krusty Move In”
  5. “Larry the Floor Manager” is now called “Larry’s in Charge Now”
  6. Is Wunschpunsch actually really good or no?

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Nothing groundbreaking but the characters are fun, the dynamics/dialogue is fun, animation is neat, still love it

    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      also english dub is fucking killer. rick jones and harry hill fucking nail maurizio/bubonic and jacob. everyone else on the show (kathleen fee as tyrannia, vlasta vrana as maggot, joana noyes as auntie noah) are good too. some of the best canadian dubbing in the business.

  7. Wintermelon43: Growlithe is a toptier pokemon Patty Rose: I despise the Sonic series but Amy is perfection Honest Slug: Luigi’s Mansion is one of the coolest Mario games RDSP: Evangelion is one cool anime Magic: Go Deigo Go is a fun show Aya: Monika is best Doki Doki Kieran: Sora was the best Smash announcement ever made Myself: Pico is most based FNF character
  8. 4EverGreen: Kooky Cooks is one amazing episode Patty Rose: Dreamcast Sonic games are awesome Wintermelon43: I hate Arcanine RDSP: Luxray is a bad pokemon Magic: Lucario is fantastic Carotte: Moving Bubble Bass is perfection Myself: Doki Doki Literature Club is trash
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