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  1. Unironically it’s probably the best pinball related game i’ve ever played. It even has this amazing dialogue:
  2. Thanks for following me! I followed you as thanks.

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      No problem

  3. Here’s some of mine for the playlist: You’re My Hero - Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You Sonic Boom - Sonic CD US Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie
  4. Because ISaved Your Life is simply an absolute masterpiece and Truth or Square is complete dumpster fire that must be forgotten.
  5. Are You Happy Now? (which i’m not atm): Oh....god....THIS...is just.....I can’t even believe this was put into a show like SpongeBob....Not only is it the worst S8 episode but its perhaps my least favorite episode of the ENTIRE show..seeing Squidward put through this state of sadness is not comfortable, funny, amusing and at all.....its painful and depressing for all the wrong reasons. The beginning is nothing but unfunny slapsticks of Squidward getting hurt for the sake of cartoon comedy which truly frustrates me, all he wants is a happy memory but nope...we get stuff like A BOW LAUNCHING IN HIS EYE or his sculpture (which doesn’t even look bad at all) getting burned in a museum. How is this funny? like good gosh....Also don’t get me started on the entire middle scenes with stuff like SQUIDWARD STICKING HIS HEAD IN THE OVEN or What looks like Squidward is outright about to HANG HIMSELF...I just....were these suppose to be jokes? Because I can’t see how this is funny at all. I was seriously disturbed when watching this on rewatch. Oh and SpongeBob as he is just here for “HAHA SB IS TOO OBLIVIOUS, ISN'T THAT FUNNY” which completely bothers me. I do not understand how they thought his wacky behavior would help Squidward out...its just rather really annoying and unbearable to watch. BUT the #1 main reason why I also despise this episode is because THAT ENDING......THIS....THIS....THIS....so you’re telling me Squidward was depressed for two weeks straight and then has the nerve to say “I don’t want a happiest memory” LIKE MAKE UP YOUR MIND...somehow this isn’t as bad as what comes next....its also the fact that he went outright insane and ripped a bunch of SB maches and apparently THAT’S HIS HAPPIEST MEMORY.....What could I even say.....Not to mention that last epic quote of “He’s so handsome”...like bruh...this ending is literally one of the worst things i’ve ever seen in SB. This episode is sick....disgusting, truly unfunny, painful and outright insulting. At this point, it easily lands as my #1 worst episode of the whole show because no SB episode had make me feel this legit uncomfortable and disgusted in every way possible. Ranking: F— (?/10): Worst Episode of the Entire Series Planet of the Jellyfish: After the horrendous dumpster fire that was AYHN...we actually get a really interesting and fun episode. POTJ is one of my favorites of S8 and unlike most of the season. This one actually has an interesting plot going with it. I love the jellien leader and his zombie-like replicated monster designs, as well as the eerie creepiness of these creatures. While not a truly funny episode. It still has fairly great comedy moments such as HOLD THE MAYONAISE!, Sandy tickling SpongeBob scene, SpongeBob’s Spatula for some reason being captured in ice (I mean how is that even possible ?) and especially that 11 minutes time card gag. Many S8 episodes are either so bland or so badly written that they’re just not worth coming back to in anyway, but this episode is one of the exceptions. Fun plot, awesome story, great comedy and an epic monster concept. Overall one of the best episodes in Season 8. Ranking: B+ (8.5/10)
  6. Hatsune Miku animated series hype!

  7. Len Kagamine as a Vocaloid is just as overrated as much as Hatsune Miku is....while don’t get me wrong he’s nowhere near bad (fairly good mostly), I never can stand and get the appeal of his voice when its super high pitched in some songs. Wacky Workbench Zone from Sonic CD is actually great and fun Dragon Ball Super is more pathetic and worse than what DBGT is
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