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  1. Sweet, TMT made the top 10!
  2. Wooo, #5 and #13! Not a bad week.
  3. Still in the top 10! Not bad...
  4. Whoa, The Glass got the same number of views as Skodwarde... But yay, I'm on the top 5.
  5. Revealed on November 24, no less
  6. *unable to comment due to massive sliming*
  7. Need... update... now.... Gotta see if I placed anywhere this time.
  8. Whoa wait a second. Nyeh Squidward is the 6th most viewed spin-off of the week on the DAY I posted it? Jeez.... Thanks for the views, guys!
  9. Used Napkin: Splendid. I have risen four slots higher than the previous time.
  10. Used Napkin: I bestow my thanks upon those of you whose dedicated viewership brought me to the top 25.
  11. A minor character most well known for his appearance in "Pickles" and more recently in "Plankton's Good Eye." Discuss!
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