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  1. Hey, I've actually been doing something. I started this mini-project back in June, but I never bothered to make a thread until now. Why now and not sooner (or later)? Because I want to actually remain committed to this, and I've been slacking off quite a bit. My goal for now is to just draw the original 151, but maybe I'll get more ambitious later down the road. I hope I'm doing an okay job. Generally, I spent two days on a Pokemon, and either I redraw it a few times before I'm satisfied or I use an eraser. Today I was doing Dugtrio. This dude is not fun to draw. I'm gonna start with Meowth tomorrow since my art is pretty meh and I don't want to upload everything from before. Some "highlights" attached tho.
  2. 7 hits the "sweet" spot between 6's shoehorned gross-out and 8's blandness, without having either 6's traces of energy or 8's relative consistency. So 7 is easily the winner. There's only a handful of episodes here worth salvaging, if that.
  3. Waiting and House Sittin' for Sandy were both nigh unwatchable but Sittin' edges out Waiting because it's an entire 11 minute episode. Like seriously, these episodes are as sterile as piss. No Spongebob episode has the right to be this boring and mind-numbing (in the bad sense at least), but I guess that's an inevitability when the show's been running for this long and the writers' ideas are this stretched out.
  4. I could revel in the entire gamut of cliches to articulate what an impact this man has left, both in his creations and in his signature kindness. I could mention how this one television show has united every single member of this website: without it, we would never be bundled in a warm cozy community. I could throw in some anecdotes about the magnitude of influence the series imprinted on me in my formative years, how it shaped me and my personality in their explicit and more subtle aspects. But I'll eschew all conventions just to say this. Thank you, Hillenburg. Thank you for delivering your message of optimism and creativity through this cartoon. You have brought a profusion of joy to children around the world. Rich kid, poor kid, everyone is tethered to a web of intimacy through the exchange of SpongeBob quotes and moments. You have molded an entire generation in a way some claim is harmful to young attention spans, but I personally believe is a positive force in this universe. You were there when we laughed; you were there when we cried. But every time life brings the most buoyant souls down to hollow depths, we can always be assured a temporary escape into a colorful, vibrant world inhabited by an anthropomorphic sponge living in a pineapple under the sea who, at his best, is the embodiment of love. Perhaps I might be exaggerating. There may be bad episodes, bad seasons, bad eras of the show. Some would argue that it hasn't been good for over a decade. But those fond memories that have been left by the best episodes will remain there forever. Thank you, Hillenburg, I don't know what my childhood would be without you. god i'm so pretentious
  5. Happy birthday @President Squidward, you're an adult now! Keep drawing
  6. Graveyard Shift portrays an excellent dynamic between SpongeBob and Squidward that is the lodestar of many of the show's best offerings. The episode progresses from the basic premise to a more creepy, sinister vibe gracefully, taking full advantage of the night-time setting. The smaller details, from the desolation to the mist, really allow the atmosphere to shine. Everything is established for Squidward's tale of the Hash-Slinging Slasher to flourish organically. There's been episodes where the plot goes from trivial to full-blown insanity, but here that progression is very subtle. Squidward getting wrapped up in his own narrative is hilarious, as is how Spongebob's paranoia rubs off on him. Like a lot of earlier episodes, there isn't much objective to really critique, just that it delivers the story in such a great, funny, and original way, that its simplicity is overshadowed by the quality of the duo's interactions. I wish I could talk in more detail but it's been a while since I've seen it. The newer episodes could really learn from this straightforward method of storytelling. Quintessential Spongebob.
  7. tmw you sense that something is happening behind your back but you don't know if it's legit or just paranoia

  8. Ignore that, take two. Kick.
  9. How can I make amends

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