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  1. 7 hits the "sweet" spot between 6's shoehorned gross-out and 8's blandness, without having either 6's traces of energy or 8's relative consistency. So 7 is easily the winner. There's only a handful of episodes here worth salvaging, if that.
  2. Both episodes seem to have a conflicting backstory involving Mr. Krabs. In the former, he has always been a moderately rich trickster; whereas in the latter, he lived a poor childhood (hence him discovering money in barely grade school). Normally, this situation would not be such a problem. But the two episodes are supposed to be "informative". So, bluntly, which one do you prefer? Personally, the Friend or Foe one is much more realistic, and for a show like Spongebob, that's a plus. Krusty Krab Training Video's one of the series' finest, on the other hand. Still, realism in Spongebob. Let
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