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  1. September was one of the few months I felt I had my shit together, though these past few months have actually been ok too.
  2. Hey, I've actually been doing something. I started this mini-project back in June, but I never bothered to make a thread until now. Why now and not sooner (or later)? Because I want to actually remain committed to this, and I've been slacking off quite a bit. My goal for now is to just draw the original 151, but maybe I'll get more ambitious later down the road. I hope I'm doing an okay job. Generally, I spent two days on a Pokemon, and either I redraw it a few times before I'm satisfied or I use an eraser. Today I was doing Dugtrio. This dude is not fun to draw. I'm gonna start with Meowth tomorrow since my art is pretty meh and I don't want to upload everything from before. Some "highlights" attached tho.
  3. 7 hits the "sweet" spot between 6's shoehorned gross-out and 8's blandness, without having either 6's traces of energy or 8's relative consistency. So 7 is easily the winner. There's only a handful of episodes here worth salvaging, if that.
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