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  1. Updated the original post, because Hooky's premiere date was outdated. As it turns out, the episode originally aired on February 23, 2001 as a standalone U-Pick option. This is backed up by newspaper listings from February 23 including the episode as a candidate, and a VHS recording my friend owns from the actual broadcast. He recently was able to extract the XDS data from the recording's closed captions, confirming the air date beyond a shadow of a doubt. Mermaidman and Barnacleboy II's premiere date is still the same -- March 3, 2001.
  2. 6/10 "Once Bitten" originally had a scene with Mr. Krabs selling Krabby Patties to the snail infectees, claiming it was a "home remedy" that would cure their disease in 6 to 8 hours. This was cut for time.
  3. Real bittersweet seeing the site go. TV.com was the first real online social media I ever had where I was actively part of a community. Also I guess there's no harm in admitting now that my password there was... password. Seriously. Your guess is as good as mine how my account was never compromised. But I always found that hilarious.
  4. 6/10 "The Pink Purloiner" originally had a sea bear mistake Confess-a-Bear for its young and scare Patrick away. The sea bear was to go off with Confess-a-Bear, with SpongeBob still talking as Confess-a-Bear and making the sea bear think its kid was a genius. This was changed for being off topic.
  5. Make up your own deleted scene from a SpongeBob episode and rate others' imaginary scenes as well. They can be as realistic or as silly as you wish. "Doing Time" - Originally the elderly memoir writer crumpled up his work after it got soaked and threw it at Old Man Jenkins in anger. This was cut for encouraging children to waste paper.
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