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  1. I totally forgot about this episode until just now. Anyway, I thought it was pretty decent, but not the best. 7.5/10 What are your thoughts on this episode?
  2. What do you think about this episode? I thought it was kinda boring. =/ 4.5/10
  3. I didn't see a thread for this episode, so I'll make one. Amazing episode & one of my personal favorites. 10/10 Discuss.
  4. I thought it was pretty good. #4:
  5. "Spongebob made me a gift? Pfft, it's probably a krabby patty, or an old jellyfish net, or (goofy voice) his favorite underpants!"(I think that's how the quote goes) That's my favorite quote. xP Oh, and the song "Spongebob's First Christmas" was awsome! Overall, a great holiday episode! Discuss.
  6. Ehh, not that great a episode =/
  7. Meh, it was an ok episode. C-
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