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  1. The end is nigh. We have finally reached, after nearly seven years, the final one of these lists! Unless I decide to make one for 2020. Anything's possible for this year. But yes, as far as my retro-retrospectives go, this is it. 1968! After this, we are done. …So what do we do now? I don’t think 1968 was particularly great or bad. There are certainly great and bad songs, and we'll get to 'em, but the year as a whole kind of falls into the middle of all the years I've covered thus far. So that's what we're ending on. Yippee. All right, let's start off with… Wumbo's Bottom 10 Hits of 1968

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  3. 2009 Just Dance: Good song! Can see why it got popular and launched Gaga into the mainstream. Colby O'Donis remains as dull and annoying as ever, though. Love Story: It's just a bit too on the nose to directly lift your love story from Romeo and Juliet. Of course, Taylor Swift was like 9 at the time, so I guess I can let it slide. You Belong with Me: Now, see, this is how you do a teenage love song! With cliches and mean-girl bullshit... wait. Oh well, it's catchy as hell and cute enough. I Love College: This song smells. 21 Guns: Back when Green Day didn't completely lose their edge and songwriting skills. I remember jamming to this back in the day and I think it still holds up decently well. 1978 Night Fever: Let's be real, anything but "Stayin' Alive" looks like a disappointment from these guys. But this one's okay. Love is Like Oxygen: Not one of Sweet's better songs to be honest, but it's decent. Disco Inferno: aw yiss Come Sail Away: Huge fan of this one, and not sorry about it. All that 70s cheese prepared in just the right way. Copacabana: Eh The Name of the Game: Passable. ABBA has done better. 1988 Never Gonna Give You Up: This song has been memed so hard it's difficult to judge it objectively at all. I think it's probably good? Rick Astley is a pretty great singer regardless. Pour Some Sugar on Me: The perfect kind of goofy song that Def Leppard pulls off well. Man in the Mirror: Another great Michael song. Only wish he'd actually taken the advice in the song. Kokomo: ugggghhhhh Nothin' but a Good Time: Poison is one of those bands that is so much worse than you remember. Like a bargain bin Motley Crue. This isn't their worst song, but like a lot of their work, it is utterly disposable.
  4. Hey y'all! So I've been locked out of SBC for like 6 months now, but I'm back! In the meantime I've been posting my Hot 100 reviews on my blog. If you don't read it or didn't even know I had one, here's a rundown of what you missed: Bottom hits of 2009 Top hits of 2009 Bottom hits of 1978 Top hits of 1978 Bottom hits of 1988 Top hits of 1988 Whew! That's a lot. And that also leaves me with only one year left to go: 1968 Now, I could continue posting this one on my blog, like I have been for the past several months. But it is my final list, after years of doing this crazy task. So I figure I'd better go back to where I started from, and post it here! Hoping to have the lists out sometime this month, but deadlines have never been my strong suit with the project, so we'll see! Thank you to everyone who continued to give a crap.
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  6. i like the part where i told ren to shut up
  7. haha see we have fun here don't we
  8. I've seen worse but yeah huge letdown
  9. So glad that the views are coming back!
  10. I came, I saw, I came again. :')
  11. Crying hard. That was fantastic in so many ways.
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