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  1. And we are live! I'm really sorry about the wait- a lot of unexpected stuff got in my way but I finally started working on this list. And with that I have our first entry. "Sweet And Sour Squid" Season 8 E5A Written by: Aaron Springer, Mr. Lawrence Plankton befriends Squidward in an attempt to get the secret formula, and must compliment Squid's music- while knowing just how bad it is. A lot of these episodes I haven't seen in years, and this one is no stranger to that. So when I rewatched this episode, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I e
  2. Okay y'all- sorry about the wait (week after I posted this was rough- summer job didn't work out but I'm starting another soon) and I feel bad for not starting later but I can affirm that it will be starting soon (probably this weekend). Sorry about the wait!
  3. I'm on summer break and with me being on summer break I'm looking for things to keep me occupied- and since recently JJS reached out to me with my list of the top 25 worst Spongebob episodes from a long time ago for this year's list, I thought it would be a fun little project for me to reevaluate the list because it's so old and to be honest, I barely remember most of the episodes on the list. I almost feel like some of the placements are remnants of edgy middle school me just hating random episodes for very minor reasons, and I think it'd be fun to reevaluate this list, decide what actually d
  4. Demon Slayer is so overrated and I feel like I'm the one person in the world who wasn't completely head over heels with Mugen Train. I don't dislike either, I still enjoyed both for the most part, but they are far from my favorites. As someone who really enjoys shonen/manga, I really love Dragon Ball, FMA, One Piece, My Hero Academia, etc. I even like series like Fairy Tail and Bleach which a lot of people shit on, so I was kinda expecting Demon Slayer to be a slam dunk for me in terms of enjoying it; especially considering how much I've enjoyed some of the more recent shonen I've read like Ju
  5. "Rosy Jack World" // The Frogs
  6. I think a lot of the backlash against James Rolfe is super overblown and silly. Yeah his content now isn't anywhere as good as it once was and I know he doesn't write his own scripts anymore, but he's also raising two very young children. He just sounds creatively burnt out mostly and hasn't done anything problematic besides that (The Ghostbusters thing was just a giant misunderstanding), and we live in the golden age of YouTubers being exposed as groomers/pedos/etc, so if that's the worst Rolfe has done is be a bit lazy, so be it. To me, a lot of his detractors just seem like angry people who
  7. It's been a long time since an update, so I guess there's no time like the present to give one. 

    I don't wanna jinx myself but I think 2021 might finally be the year I turn things around. I have therapy every week and I'm finally really starting to feel the positive effects of it- I'm no longer quite as lonely, angry, and my moods have been a lot better. But more than that, I'm finally starting to actually break out of my shell. I'm still pretty anxious in new social situations, but nowhere as bad as it was even a year ago when it gave me borderline anxiety attack levels of anxiety.

    The thing I realized is I was fine approaching people as a kid, before middle and high school, which IDK if I've opened up about it much on here, but both absolutely wrecked my self-esteem, which in turn wrecked my social skills. I blamed it on Aspergers for so long which is part of it but the fear of rejection is what it really was. I was so scared to share my interests IRL for so long and it's no longer like that because I know realize I'm no longer around judgmental and fake people who treated me like dead weight. Those people still exist at my school, sure- but I'm not associated with any of them. I'm also a college radio DJ now, so I've joined an on campus community where I feel supported and respected for the first time in years. 

    Part of me honestly doesn't know what to say. Not even a year ago, even last semester, if I had a way to off myself without hurting myself or my loved ones, I would've done it without thinking twice. Emerging adulthood and depression can suck, y'all. But it's better now. Me and my roommate are getting our own place next semester, and really, the meat of it is I'm breaking out of my shell for what truly feels like the first time. Far gone are the ham-fisted middle school days of trying to talk to girls and failing. I just want to thank everyone, be it IRL or here, for longing with me. It's been a rough transition from edgy "I hate everything" 2015 me on here to a more mature, adult me now. I've got a long way to go but I can do it. I'm worth it, and I can make it. I'm not perfect but no one is. I've got a lot of growing to do but everyone does, and I've been working on said process right now. I really don't want to jinx myself but I think things are finally turning around.

    I want everyone struggling who is reading this to know I stand by you and that stuff does get better. It's said ad nauseam at this point that it's kinda lost a lot of it's meaning, but god darn it, it's something I believe in. I don't want to dictate what is mentally healthy/therapeutic for everyone but therapy is really making a massively positive impact in my life. I also got my vaccine yesterday which is pretty cool, and I've been working out recently and I'm starting to lose a bit of weight and am starting to feel a bit better about my body. I'm tired of letting people push me around, and I'm ready to stand up for myself if said stuff happens. I have my bad days, but things are noticeably better than they were even 4 months ago. I'm still not super super active but that's mostly as I'm juggling college. I just wanted to say that I've been doing a lot better, and I hope you guys are doing well, and if you're not, I want you to know I have your back and that stuff does get a lot better.



  8. "My Michelle" // Guns N' Roses
  9. Sorry not sorry but the ICarly cinematic universe >>>>> any superhero thing ever
  10. I didn't really realize it until the other day but the main reason I'm interested in it is despite it being a multimillion dollar industry, porn is pretty much barely documented at all. Which is weird, because it's a decently well-known genre that almost all of us are aware of. And a lot of these films, mainly in the late 60's-70's played important roles in the sexual revolution and film history in general in regards to exploitation/more experimental/underground cinema but these films just really were never documented thoroughly. A lot of the industry is shrouded in mystery and kinda lost to t
  11. Weezer are the most inconsistent band in history but I do recommend checking out both Everything Will Be Alright In The End and The White Album if you haven't- they're both very solid records that were a great return to form that they unfortunately pretty much blew straight out the window. Sigh....
  12. god damn it finally after like seven years of waiting I'm really excited for both. The open world Pokemon games seems really cool and Gen 4 was the gen I grew up with so I've been waiting for these remakes for a long time. Hoping that they'll fix the issue of like the 3 Fire lines that are in the original Diamond/Pearl but I'm picking Chimchar because that was who I picked first and I love my fire starters so I guess it doesn't effect me too too much. Hoping to see some Unova/Galar/Alola/Kalos pokemon in the game but with the Dexit stuff idk if we'll see that. Still happy to have my Gen 4
  13. I'm halfway done with the second season of Close Enough since it came out yesterday and I can't emphasize how much of a treat this show is. I don't wanna get depressing but watching Regular Show all the time is one of the few happy memories I have from my preteen years and it's a pretty great feeling watching Regular Show as a kid and now watching this as an adult (even though I'm only 19 and ofc not facing stuff like marriage or raising a child). A spiritual successor without censors is just what this needed to be and I think it really delivers. 

  14. Just tried the new McDonald's chicken sandwich, literally the most forgettable chicken sandwich ever lmao, Popeyes and Chick Fil A would be ashamed

    1. Wumbo


      For me, it is the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich.

    2. CyanideFishbone


      Actual facts McChickens rule and no one can convince me otherwise

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