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  1. Hi! I would like to sign up: Nickname: RDQuil Team: idc lol Royals Discord: eeyup Timezone: EST
  2. It took me long enough but I think I've finally outgrown Spongebob lmao

  3. Tough call, but coffee's been beating out tea for me lately. The taste grew on me over time.
  4. I know I'm a little late, but happy 11th anniversary to the website that's always been home to me, even if I haven't always been there for it.
  5. Literally why. This cartoon should've been left in the 90s. There's no way this show would work today, especially considering that it's in the hands of Comedy Central, who I'm sure would exploit it the same way John K. exploited the higher rating that the APC got and make an actively nauseating experience.
  6. College starts back up in 25 or so days. I am not ready for this.

  7. Gonna put this in the nicest way I can; I am not looking forwards to this. Spongebob does not feel like the sort of show that would need spinoffs. It's just not the show's style to pull such stunts. If anything, this is probably the most blatant cash grab Nickelodeon has done with the show in years. Hey kids! Do you want your favorite cartoon to turn into a soulless money machine that the greedy corporate executives at Viacom milk for all it's worth? Even if the argument that it already has become a soulless cash-grab can be made, this is probably the biggest example of such practices in recen
  8. You're welcome! Season 2's gonna be good, I can tell already.
  9. Well, I have about nothing else to do in SC, so... Sign me up.
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