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  1. This is an idea I have had since we did the best Simpsons list I thought why not do the show about the Simpsons and not the obviously superior Family Guy.But for real I will do top 40 Family Guy episodes.The idea is to rank your top 20 of The show into one review.Whether your favorite is a classic or season 20 episode rules 1 rank your top 20 family guy episodes 2 deadline will be august 3rd to give people enough time to rewatch or watch some new episodes if you need an extension i may change it 3 you can dm me by discord or by sbc with your list either site is fine
  2. Squidward themed spinoff where after eating magic beans he farts so hard he turns into an even dumber version of patrick and now its just spongebob season 6 but with 2 patricks instead of obe
  3. squidward spongebob patrick and mr krabs get trapped in a freezer where patrick goes insane and scares squidward for ink which he turns into lemonade then they use the ink to escape the vents
  4. i have a few https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0rFH8FuaDJnPhWGuvmnDNk?si=a596c8c495a74cb1
  5. dragonball gt is the only dragonball show i like now i feel it had the best pacing and stories and characterization in the franchise while dbz even without the actual filler still feels super padded and the filler is literally the only actually good parts of it (besides history of trunks and parts of the android and cell arcs and parts of the buu arc and parts of super and only parts of the og dragonball)
  6. i'll spoil some of my top 25 by showing what episodes make it if we make at least 10 from it on this list i shall post my top 25 monster who came to bikini bottom and restraining spongebob are on my top 50 we are 2/10ths of our goal my thoughts on each episode cent of money:pretty funny and the sb parts are the funniest and i love how mr krabs gets punished by being injured and losing every penny he made spectacular monster who came to bikini bottom:a pretty heartwarming episode i love the friendship the monster and patrick get and how they even move in with eachother in the mountain and how we get a payoff to the ice machine joke which was hilarious i also love how patrick and the monster treat a snow globe like its the most wonderful thing in the world its also funny how the monster destroys the houses spectacular episode battle of bikini bottom:a super mega disgusting episode with only 1 good joke thats at the literal start of the episode thats super sad also patrick in it is awful in this episode and i 100 percent root for spongebob the fact he is so disgusting and refuses to wash his hands makes me root against him so much i really hate the character whos gross for grossness (cough lana from loud house whos the second worst character from that show cough) easily the third worst patrick appearance the only worse ones being birthday blowout and ink lemonade 0/10 rubbish episode sun bleached:pretty funny even though i hate how it treats tanning booths like a good thing 9/10 amazing restraining spongebob:well it started funny at the start it got even better once patrick made it and i love how sweet it is squidward unrestrained sb and restrained patrick since sb saved him and how patrick talks to a button and how he annoys squidward spectacular breath of fresh squidward:i hate how out of character spongebob is this is a terrible role reversal episode and honestly kind of regret hating on squid baby since i love it again and it works far better as a role reversal 0/10 rubbish
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