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  1. Hi, I am working for a kitchen images blog for my client. The client is asking to redesign product images and add a transparent look to each product. Which is the best version to edit images in a transparent way?

    best electric smoker?


    1. Old Man Jenkins

      Old Man Jenkins


    2. Cha



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    see if you know me
  2. ooooh shaggy scooby doo get a clue
  3. looks with a 100 foot magnifying glass
  4. 11b the moth returns the moth from night light returns and schemes to get rid of everything that makes light in bikini bottom teleivisions lightbulbs for example
  5. i don't know i hate both their designs but part of my hatred for wobbuffet is from the anime so if we're gonna go not based off that the title of worst goes to greninja
  6. 11a ink lemonade 2 squidward's ink takes over all of bikini bottom and bans all spongebob episodes but this and ink lemonade from ever airing on tv again
  7. does it have to be spongebob themed edit i was told it can be stuff others would like i'd like to go for a general animation theme i'd call the event responginated (a pun on the movie reanimated which features a boy seeing cartoons and was spunoff into a show called out of jimmy's head) skin ideas basically any show thats been popular on sbc or mixes like crossovers or something or a surprise of something features ifish could be based on animated stuff we could have a quiz based on stuff like locations in shows or trying to guess the title of an episode or something other quiz related for pictonary we could also theme it around stuff for the event we could also do a scavenger hunt to find a bunch of random items that were featured in shows
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