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  1. Couple eps behind so I'll be brief this time: KBBB sux but I think it missed my list this time. Lacking in funny and in any merit of watching WhoBob WhatPants is also bad, probably the first episode in order I really don't like. Outside of a couple sight gags and maybe mildly funny lines there's nothing good to really come back to. Didn't make my list though. YM&M was an easy contender for my list. Such a bad episode. Sometimes criticisms of Patrick being insufferable are overblown, but not here. Hard pressed to find anything to enjoy about what amounts to two oversized toddlers fighting over a toy. Summer Job is so bad bro. Should have stuck this on my list. 11 minutes straight of pure dead air. There's another episode I hope makes the list that's even worse in this regard though. OCM is not that bad. Plankton being driven nearly to suicide was kind of wtf and Spongebob backstabbing him at the end was insidious but the opening scene was genuinely one of the best sequences in the entirety of season 7. I don't think this episode is much more than mid in the long run. Also Wacky Bucks is one of the few actually funny jokes this season pulled off. SitKwS easily made my list. Nothing funny about it, just pure tedium and poorly written background fish. Nothing good to write about this one.
  2. The Main Drain is one I really can't write much about -- either I've forgotten most of it out of apathy, or it really does have that much to say about it. I remember it being incredibly slow and meandering though. The twist ending was stupid too but I remember the rest of the episode being much worse overall. Now, as for Squid's Visit... I am a contrarian with this one too lol. I actually find it really funny, outside of the scene early on with Spongebob crying which was forced and unnecessary. I find most of the stupid situations and Spongebob's latently deranged behaviour absolutely hilarious. Once again, this one's a matter of my own personal taste and sense of humour, so I get why it isn't viewed so well by most. Personally, I find this to be a highlight of what was otherwise a mediocre season.
  3. "Electric Eye" - Judas Priest
  4. I see these two episodes are having a mid-off. Little Yellow Book is incredibly boring and, as stated in the main post, confusingly written. To this day it is still uncertain why exactly the Bikini Bottomites decide laughing at Spongebob's diary is wrong -- just moments before they were having a blast mocking him for its contents. I can't bring myself to feel much for this one anymore, but I certainly can't vouch for it being any good. If you knew me years ago, you may have known A Pal for Gary to be my least favourite episode of the show. It holds this spot no longer; in fact, I don't feel too strongly one way or another anymore. This doesn't excuse it, however, from being a poorly-written mess with few redeeming qualities. I think the plot could have worked if Spongebob weren't written to be so dense and oblivious to Gary's fear, especially in the climax where Puffy Fluffy has morphed into a horrific monster. That design is really fucking rad tbh, I feel like it would have been killer anywhere other than Spongebob lol. There are breaks in the poor writing that prevent me from putting this lower, but it's certainly not a favourite either way. I heard the network screwed with this one a lot, so I can't really fault the writers for some of this episode's slip-ups (looking at you Mr. Enter).
  5. Xenogears, something I've picked up and put off for far too long and need to actually finish lol. Goddamn this game is long
  6. Oh no, now I have to give my opinion on Fungus Among Us I'm going to be honest, I actually like this episode; I can understand why people wouldn't, though. It's got this weird atmosphere, and a lot of the comedy hinges on grossout (which I can't feel too grossed out by, seeing as how it looks more cartoonish than, take for instance, half the grossout in Seasons 6 and 7). It's right up my alley in terms of comedy, and I think my enjoyment of this one is very subjective on that account. There's another episode I'm sure will show up down the line that I hold similar sentiments to, get ready for that scorching-hot take. AS FOR Rodeo Daze though, this one absolutely made my bottom 15. I debated whether it would fit on here, but upon introspection, yeah, this deserves a bottom spot for sure. Talk about a slog -- absolutely nothing happens for most of the episode's runtime. The plot is incredibly stupid too; I don't get why Spongebob decides he has to gather the entire town together to "save" Sandy from something she surely can handle herself. I think the plot would be funnier if it didn't take so long meandering and were written by the not-dead-inside (no shade to the writers though, I suspect they were all burnt out by this period of the show). It's really just a stupid, vapid episode. Also the animation suuuuuuuucks. The screenshot of the "Poor CGI" is just one example, but it gets worse when they actually go to Texas and everyone becomes flat stock images. Reeks of low budget to me, but I can't verify one way or another. Bad episode.
  7. Emerging from the dirt to give my two cents: Demolition Doofus is, admittedly, not an episode I can really bring myself to hate anymore. For Season 8 standards, I'd almost even consider it good. It's not exactly the most compelling story out there, mind you, but for what it's worth I'd watch it over half of the garbage in this season. Mrs. Puff having an actual, justifiable reason to hate Spongebob's guts was something I appreciated on my latest watch through, when before I'd have probably detracted it for the same reason. Plus, I felt the pacing was better here than in other episodes this season which moved slower than molasses, and the comedy was decent enough. I still wouldn't call it one of the greats though. Trenchbillies, on the other hand, I cannot extend the same praises to. There's little to this episode outside of it being gross and sloggishly-paced. I think this one almost made my list, but I discounted it since the other episodes I listed were worse. Definitely not an episode I'd want to return to. A SquarePants Family Vacation earned my top spot, and I'm disappointed to see it so low lol. I really don't care for this cartoon in the same way I used to, so I can't say I feel too strongly about most of the episodes that show up here or later on the list. However, this episode was easily the most dreadful to sit through; there's nothing to write home about with it, the writing is pure garbage, there's clearly not enough content to warrant 22 minutes of this slop, and Jesus Christ will you please stop singing that god-awful song. The, as one specific Spongebob reviewer who I don't feel like naming right now said, "calm and relaxing atmosphere" does not hold my attention. Good sleep aid, I guess. And as for Slide Whistle Stooges, I found this one mildly annoying but not outright awful. There's not much I can actually say about this one, because most of it is just Spongebob and Patrick chasing Squidward around with slide whistles. Really not much you could write about that, I'd reckon. Skippable episode, but nowhere near the bottom of the barrel in my opinion. Also the "baby assaulter" scene was absolutely out of pocket, it gets a laugh out of me when little else in this episode does. That's about all I can say I enjoy about this one though.
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