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  1. The review will be made into four separate parts. The first part will be available on my Wordpress blog (via link on my sig or through the link to the review provided on Discord) on that very day while I will post it to SBC a day later.
  2. Every episode of Fairly OddParents Season 4 reviewed rated:
  3. After leaving this project on a fence for such a long while, and thinking about what I should do with it now, I've ultimately decided what I should do. Due to my lack of motivation to continue it, which had especially transpired from Butch's recent attitude, which involves a combination of his inflated ego, his poor communication with his critics, & his own fans, his detestable Christian beliefs (specifically his and his wife's claims that autism is a curable disease that God can cure, on top of neurological disorders like bipolar and PTSD) and as well as his poor handling with his debacle with an artist named Kuro, all while blocking people on Twitter left and right, refusing to admit he has made mistakes and to hold himself accountable for them...it pains for me to say that that it's best that I put Old Yeller down for now. Butch's recent attitude has been hitting me hard, not because I feel offended by his views or his behavior in general, but because I don't see much of a point now to give him any ounce of support when he advocates for "curing autism" and therefore doesn't support a community of people that want to be understood for their neurological difference, and not a neurological illness - a community of people that I, myself, am part of. It makes me feel sick to my stomach that the guy who created two animated shows I grew up watching and loving (FOP and DP), would be like this. It should also be telling that I haven't made a new season review since April of 2018, aside from a full-fledged review of Channel Chasers last year. With the discontinuation of this project, I can at least focus on other, more important things than have to worry about finishing the next review. Now, don't think of this project discontinuation as a way of me saying like I hate FOP now. I still hold FOP close to me as I tend to separate the art from the artist, but when my moral compass tells me that I wouldn't feel comfortable continuing this review project like normal even during Butch's current disposition, as I'd feel like it would be giving Butch some means of support, I knew what what would be best for this project. Also, for those who were wondering what would become of my other reviewing project that I was keeping secret, if I continued my FOP review project, I would've also originally started doing one for Butch's other series, Danny Phantom. For reasons already made clear, I now can't make plans for that anymore. However, I at least have a compromise in mind to make up for this project's discontinuation. Once a month, I'll at least share my ratings for every episode per season, along with my rating for the particular season. There will be no commentary whatsoever when I post the ratings/rankings, but I'll be open to questions on certain episodes if anyone has some. But for now, my original plans for this project are officially done. Peace out, and Chemist Bob says autism rights.
  4. (for the misinformed, VGM is short for 'video game music') Here's what I got to share so far, starting with my favorite music from SuperSponge: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (although there's only one track I'd recommend from it) : Battle for Bikini Bottom: SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (the game): Lights, Camera, Pants!: Feel to free to add to the list of recommendations if any of you have any.
  5. The newest MLP series since Friendship is Magic ended last year. For those who live in Canada, it got released there, while the U.S. has no confirmed premiere date yet, but it's already expected to come out in the States later this year.
  6. eh, why not 1. What are you listening to right now? What's been on my mind to play right now as I'm writing this, which is "Found Out About You" by Gin Blossoms. 2. What songs make you sad? Hard to say. Depending on my mood, I might find myself getting a little emotional on a certain song. Anything with a symphonic/orchestral style would usually do it for me. 3. What is the most annoying song in the world? It's really hard for me to pin down on one these days. There are a good several, scattered songs that have annoyed me. What usually aggravates me so much these days is "Mama Said" by Lukas Graham, and if I'm going to be very predictable, a sizeable chunk of songs by AJR will also do that. 4. What is your favorite band in the world? Muse, as it's still been (sees thread post date) even after 5 years since I've said this. 5. Your newly discovered band is? I'd say...HOKO. They have a song on the alternative airplay chart right now, which very much sounds like a 2 1/2 minute template for an easy alternative radio hit ("OK OK"). In other words, it's not a good discovery, but it's something. 6. Best female voice? Once again, hard for me to pin down to just one. Patti Smith, Lauren Mayberry, Florence Welch, Mariah Carey, and Kelly Clarkson are usually up there for me. 7. Best male voice? David Bowie, hands down. 8. Music type you find yourself listen to the most? Alternative anything, but also old and new synthpop & new wave. 9. What do you listen to hype you up? Good old fashioned punk rock or pop punk. 10. What do you listen to when you want to calm down? "You Need to Calm Down" by Taylor Swift...jk, the music I listen to, to calm myself down, always comes naturally for me, as long as it's music I enjoy. 11. Last gig/concert you went to? No answer, haven't been to a concert or gig before. 12. Band you find yourself listening to the most right now? Right now, The Killers. Since I've first heard their two recent singles, I still can't seem to get enough of them ("Caution" and "My Own Soul's Warning.") 13. Most hated band? I can't bring myself to have one absolute worst band. I have several, while names like AJR, Theory of a Deadman, Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, Train, Sam Hunt, and Lil Dicky have mostly gotten under my skin lately. 14. Song that makes you think? My best answer would be any song from Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends album. 15. Band you think the world should love as much as you do? In terms of groups, Aly & AJ. They've made some very serviceable teen pop in the past, and they're making really good synthpop music now. It's a shame their comeback got so easily overshadowed by that of the Jonas Brothers. In terms of singular artists, Jon Bellion. He's an indie pop artist that really tries to set himself apart from other artists of his type and he usually knows what he's doing most of the time. I recommend listening to The Human Condition. Good album. 16. Coolest music video? Most Gorillaz videos in general, but I prefer those from their first two albums most. (Also the fan-made Rhinestone Eyes vid.) 17. Music video with the most babe watch? At the top of my mind, there's "Nice for What" by Drake and "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles. 18. What would you play in the bedroom to spice things up? "Sexual Healing" or "Let's Get It On," both by Marvin Gaye. I remember very well that this was my original answer the first time I took this survey, and I don't see myself changing it. 19. Can you play a musical instrument? I've tried playing drums once, and I feel like going back to them again. If only I had the time and money for drums. 20. Ever been in a mosh pit? No answer. 21. Are you in a band? Nope. 22. Ever dated a musician? You know the old saying "don't idolize/meet your heroes?" I'm sticking to that advise I'm imposed on myself for quite a long time. 23. Do you wish that you were a musician? I've had the impulse of being a musician later in life on a near-regular basis, but I tend to try and control this impulse since I already know my place. 24. Best chick band you know of? In hip-hop, TLC is the obvious answer. In pop, Little Mix, as far as my experiences with girl groups of more than two ppl go. The Go-Go's, however, is THE chick band that appeals to me most, and it also applies to rock or rock-adjacent groups. 25. Last song that you heard on the radio? Doin' Time by Sublime, which I heard being played on a classic rock station yesterday. 26. What do you think of classical music? Disney's Fantasia made me appreciate it, but when it comes to enjoying it, I can't say that I do, as I hardly ever see myself going out of my way to listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, etc. 27. What do you think of country music? I grew up listening to it for nearly ten years of my childhood. It's got its hits, but it also has its misses. 28. What do you think of death metal? Can't really form much of an opinion on this since I've barely heard death metal in my life. 29. Last big [artist] you saw live? In-person, or on TV/on streaming? Either way, I don't have an answer. 30. Are you a groupie? Nope. 31. Do you listen to music in foreign languages? I've tried listening to some Latin pop music. I've also listened to Belgian hip hop and electronic artist Stromae, whose sophomore album I find to be underrated. 32. What famous musician would you like to "spend the night with"? Same answer as for question #22. 33. Worst concert moment? 34. Funny concert moment? 35. Sad concert moment? No answer. 36. Best local act you can think of? I can't say. I prefer to keep info about my whereabouts all to myself. 37. If you were a musical instrument, what would you be? There's a saying where people are described as "marching to the beat of their own drum," and as someone on the autism spectrum, I feel like that kind of person, so my answer would be the drum. 38. Do you listen to the radio? As someone who perceives certain radio trends on a weekly basis, I tend to avoid it. 39. Do you watch music TV? Rarely. I just stick to listening to what I want and making my own musical discoveries online. 40. Do you follow the music charts like the top 40? Right now, I just follow the Hot 100 and the alternative airplay charts. 41. Have you met any famous musicians? Nope. 42. Are any of your friends/family musicians? Some. 43. Song that best describes your feelings right now? "Hard Times" by Paramore. It's not always in my feelings, but it's been a mood for me very often since 2017. 44. Song that describes you life? Oddly enough, and based on what I'm thinking about right now, "Never Seen the Rain" by Tones And I, which describes a life with ups and downs, and as well as the desire to stop stagnating on one's goals, which is what I'm dealing with right now. 45. Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to? I've memorized all the names of the members for The Beatles, Green Day, and on a sadder note, One Direction. 46. Does a musician’s physical attractiveness play a role in the music that you listen to? Not really. 47. What famous musician do you want to marry? This is something I'd have to think more on. Otherwise, I don't have an answer for this. 48. Favorite movie soundtrack? Purple Rain, which I'm very confident can't be topped. 49. Any musician pet peeves? I have quite a few. 1) Musicians either wasting their talents or being overconfident in the performances they're lacking in (think of acts like AJR or Lukas Graham as an example of the latter). 2) Songs that give off a "I know you're moving on but what about MY feelings, huh!?" kind of vibe. 3) Songs in which the artists paint themselves as a victim way too much with little feelings of self-recovery. 4) "Concern-trolling" songwriting and subject matter. 50. What do your parents listen to? My estranged father is into classic rock, while my mother is into Eagles and most country music. 51. What are you listening to right NOW? "Acquiesce" by Oasis. 52. Do you wear band t-shirts? All I have right now is a Gorillaz shirt. 53. Do you cook to music? 1) I don't live by myself right now, and I tend to be reluctant to express my varied taste in music all across the house, including the kitchen (on top of the fact that each person I'm living with right now have their own different taste). 2} I need to stay focused when I cook, so it's best for me that I don't turn on music for this everyday thing. 54. Do you sing in the toiler? still not going to forget this silly typo. With all seriousness though, I don't think any self-respecting person would sing in the crapper.
  7. It's good to see another one these from you since I do miss them. If you may, I'd like to know your thoughts on: Ebony and Ivory Kids in America Shake It Up I Love Rock 'n' Roll Harden My Heart Make a Move on Me
  8. "Do you see yourself being active in 5 years?" *sees year this thread was posted again* Well...
  9. oh wow I can't believe I forgot to edit that out after this year's april's fools came and went Already fixed it myself though.
  10. It's going to be cliche for me to say this, but they're not dead. They're just not popular for the time being. And I'm aware you've been done with writing spin-offs/lits ages ago, the solution to the inactivity and lack of popularity should be clear, as Wumbo once put it: want spin-offs/lits to be written? Write them. Want them to be read? Read them. I'm speaking as someone who's been slow in finishing his own projects, but I am in the middle of finishing an episode for one of my projects, so I am doing what I can to keep the business moving. As long as the SpongeBoard isn't giving us mass 1's in viewership count like it did in 2014, it's safe for me to say that there is still a pulse in the spin-off/lit forum, which I am grateful for.
  11. You don't need no education On the reviewer we've all outgrown The sarcastic, egotistical internet reviewer Critic, I just can't leave him alone Nostalgia Critic! The Wall was an all time low! All in all, it's just another sign to his downfall But all in all, could it be the worst of them all? This idea of mine has been in the back of my mind for a few months. After the disaster that was NC's review of "The Wall," now seems like a good time to get this project started. So yeah, I'm actually going to be doing this. Why? ...So you don't have to. This project is set to talk about the worst of the worst of Doug Walker, a.k.a. Nostalgia Critic's reviewing career. Although I had been religiously avoiding him for a while, this review will require for me to revisit some of NC's reviews as well as take a look at a good chunk of ones that I feel would benefit towards this project. After this project comes and goes, this will certainly be my swan song to the critic. So far, I can't tell you when I will be able to get my review written. However, I have thought of a best possible release day, which would be on November 30th this year, which is the 40th anniversary of, what else, Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album. So, until then...be on a lookout for this countdown.
  12. Due to the removal of blogs, I'll continue writing reviews for this topic as well as reposting anything important I've made that was originally from my blog. The type of reviews I write out vary, so each post I make will clarify the subject of that review with these labels: Animation TV & Movies Music Rant I'm going to start things off with what is essentially the last entry that I ever made on my old blog: Music Originally posted: April 5th, 2019 I am making myself another return to music reviews this month. While I am still in process of finishing the last half to my review of 2018’s year-end Hot 100, there’s also two other things that I’ve been meaning to do. First of all, I’m doing another ranking of a chart’s calendar year, specifically from the Alternative Songs chart, where I rank every song that charted during the 52-week period. I have been chosen a random year ranging from 2000-2009 and it will be… 2008 Yep, after covering 2018’s Alternative Songs chart in Claps’ respective Best of/Worst of Entertainment thread, I am going 10 years back from that. What will make the impeding review interesting is that I’ve cited a few times that 2008 was one of the weaker years for the alternative chart…but I could be wrong. My final standing towards the year for the Alternative Songs chart will be revealed once I get my review for it out sometime this month. In the meantime, here’s where I reveal the second thing that I’m going to be doing, and once again, it has to do with the alternative chart. While I wait out the retrospective review and rankings, I’m going to take another look at the Alternative Songs top 20 in its current form. Dissecting at this week’s top 20…well, what can I say? It’s pretty much more of the same mixed bag as the previous top 20 that I’ve talked on. By more of the same, I also mean that “broken” by lovelytheband is still on the chart’s top 10 (currently #7) like from when I last talked about the chart’s top 20 sine the previous year. Because I have absolutely nothing of worth to say about the song at the moment, I will exclude it from my rankings and replace it with what’s currently the chart’s #21, which is “Over My Head” by Judah & The Lion. With nothing much else to add, let’s dive right into this top 20… Spring 2019 Alternative Songs Top 20 Ranked (w/o “broken”) Week of 04/06/2019
  13. Because blogs have been removed from SBC, I have no other option than to migrate this review series from my blog to a thread of its own. It begins with the Oh! Yeah Cartoons era before I work my way all down to Season 10. While I post the rest of what I've made, I am making plans to complete my Season 4 review before the end of the month (although I can't guarantee). Originally posted: December 10th, 2017 You've read the title and now you're all probably asking yourselves, "why? Why are you going to watch every single episode of a show that plummeted in quality since Season 7/8/9/10?" See, no matter how awful the current state of FOP is in these days, I still consider myself a fan of this show. The show that I loved ever since holds so much nostalgic value for me and FOP is a part of why I've wanted to get into the animation industry myself, much like SpongeBob. I'm also going to give all my respect to Butch Hartman when it's due. Like I've already said once, forget all that I've said when I blamed the show's decline on him when all my blame goes to his current writing team. Speaking of which, I'm not going to say names during my reviews, even when I get to the later seasons like seasons 9 and 10, because I'm not the kind of guy who curses out the people who wrote my least favorite episodes. Some of my criticisms for certain episodes will sound harsh, but I'm still going to make myself sound fair towards them. Unrelated to this post, don't worry about my Top 10 Phineas & Ferb episodes list, I'm going to get back to it after this. I was planning to get it out by August but something bad came up during the timeframe I was going to write it up, which is why I put it on hold for such a while. And yes, I'm technically ripping off PieGuy's Every SpongeBob Episode Reviewed format, but I felt like someone was gonna have to do this kind of thing with The Fairly OddParents. No one has done it yet, so why not that I do it right now? Hoping that you guys won't pull a Vailskibum on me and call this review series a rip-off on point, I'm going to start up my reviews with the short series of episodes that started it all: a series of shorts that some fans have collectively called "Season 0," otherwise known as the Oh Yeah! Cartoons years. Before I begin, here's the ranking system: "Excellent" = Solid 10/10. I absolutely enjoyed and appreciated this episode. "Great" = Ranges from 8 or a 9 out of 10. I really liked this episode. "Good" = A 7/10. Not quite up there, but I found this episode pleasant enough. "Okay" = A strong 6/10. This already speaks for itself. "Meh" = Ranges from a strong 5 to a light 6 out of 10. I found this episode mediocre at best, but not too detestable either. "Scum" = Or should I say..."Fairly ScumParents episode." Hahaha no. "Scum" is only up my alley. Operates at a 2-4/10. I loathed this episode. "Irredeemable" = A solid 1/10. Not only have I really despised this episode, but I would treat it as a cautionary tale and convince fellow viewers to avoid it at all costs. "The Fairly OddParents" - For those who don't know, The Fairly OddParents had its start as a series of 10 short episodes for Oh Yeah! Cartoons. This was the series that clicked with Nickelodeon right away before it officially premiered in 2001. The show first debuted from the variety series on September 4, 1998, which makes the show slightly older than SpongeBob SquarePants by that technicality. This short in question is exactly how the main story of FOP starts. Timmy is left at home with Vicky babysitting him one day. He wants Vicky to stop pushing him around and for his parents to return home from the movies soon enough before he unexpectedly meets his fairy godparents to help grant his wishes whenever he feels miserable. So, the main question about this episode is: what do I think about? Is it such a classic start? It would definitely be a classic if I give this an "Excellent" rating, but re-watching this episode, I feel weirded out towards some bits. One thing you'll all tell me right away is Cosmo's voice, which sounds deep in comparison to what Cosmo's voice has sounded like since such a long time, or Timmy's voice originally being provided by the late Mary Kay Bergman. Those two things considered, the weirdest thing, however, is that FOP's Oh Yeah Cartoons' art style feels very simple in comparison to the successful show. This style that Butch went for makes me feel like the show is taking place during the 60's or 70's because the short feels like it was made during that time period, not that I'm saying it's a bad thing, but it's what gives 1998's FOP that unique feel. When it comes to the story, the first half is great. As for the latter half, it's basically nothing more than Timmy's fairies giving Vicky a taste of her own medicine. Some of the slapstick from those scenes are pretty creative, but I wouldn't really consider this a classic introduction to the then-show. So, I feel this short is deserving of this ranking: Great. "Too Many Timmys!" - In this episode, Vicky lies to Timmy's parents that her back is not feeling very well and they leave Timmy alone with her and to take care of her while they go to the plunger festival. Of course, this means that Timmy has to do everything that Vicky asks for him to do. Already knowing that he doesn't want to handle it, Timmy wishes up 44 1/2 clones of himself. Likewise with the past short episode, it's a simple concept with a simple story, but I really got some entertainment from this one. I liked the tiny Timmy clone, and I also really liked the scene with the barbershop quartet of Timmys, and the one bit where Vicky sees another Timmy clone while holding onto another. It's a simple yet entertaining comedic episode that warrants this ranking: Great. "Where's the Wand?" - Want to know a little something funny about this episode? When Nickelodeon used to re-aired these older episodes to promote the Crimson Chin and Cleft webtoons, this particular episode never re-aired and so I never heard of this episode until I discovered on the Internet that there was another Oh Yeah! Cartoons short of FOP that I never saw. Anyways, this episode starts off with Timmy's parents coming home after Vicky babysits Timmy. Vicky was getting ready for a costume party at her school. In the meantime, Timmy is playing pirates with his fairies until Timmy knocks Wanda's wand out of the window, eventually landing in the emergency costume supplies that Vicky was carrying over to the party. This prompts for Timmy and his fairies to try and get the wand back as they fear what Vicky could do with the wand's magic. The final result is a pretty typical episode where hilarity ensues, but there was a lot of funny moments here and there, like Timmy and his fairies heading to the dance in form of a pumpkin coach, the dull-sounding German band, and the parents' continuing involvement with mundane stuff (i.e. going to a sprinkler foundation meeting), likewise in the last episode I talked about. Great. "Party of Three!" - Once again we have another episode dealing with Vicky coming over to babysit Timmy, but in this short, Timmy tries to prove his parents that he can take care of himself at home. Timmy's parents trust him and tell Vicky otherwise that she doesn't need to babysit him now, and so Timmy decides to poof up a party in the Turner household for that occasion. Vicky then decides to spy on Timmy to see if he really is doing good by himself and instantly notices that Timmy is having a party in his house. Candace- I mean, Vicky sees this as an opportunity to bust Timmy and convince his parents to come home to prove that Timmy is reckless by himself, only for them to come to Timmy acting well-behaved and all and for Vicky to end up wasting their time. The episode doesn't have a happy end, as it ends with Timmy's parents noticing Timmy's poor dental hygiene, prompting for his parents to depend on Vicky to continue taking care of him. Despite that, I think this episode cemented FOP as a soon-to-be hit for Nickelodeon, because there was a lot of good jokes in the short, and for the most part, it was really fun to watch, even at this time. The ending can feel a bit like a cop-out, but it was an unusual and reasonable way to stick to the status quo. As for the jokes, I really like the emergencies gag. One joke that struck me the most was this line: "What is this fascination with my fanny?" In short, it's a charming and mostly entertaining episode that I think moves beyond the "Great" rating. In other words... Excellent. "The Fairy Flu!" - Timmy gets invited to Tootie's birthday party, but he's not all happy about it because Tootie has a massive crush on him and she's Vicky's little sister. In the meantime, Cosmo has been sneezing a lot, creating a discharge of unusual fairy magic in the process. As it turns out, Cosmo has the Fairy Flu. Eventually, regardless of what kind of trouble Cosmo may cause while he's sick, Timmy goes to Tootie's party before Wanda eventually catches the same flu and Timmy has to cure his two fairies in the guise of balloons. In the end, Timmy gives Cosmo and Wanda sauerkraut in order to cure the flu before they manage to turn Vicky back to normal. Unfortunately, Timmy gets sick due to his sauerkraut allergy, thus allowing for Vicky to watch him and for Tootie to take care of him. Again, it's not a very sweet ending, but regardless, the episode was still very entertaining. Some of the jokes I found pretty funny was Timmy's house being sent to space, Tootie opening up the door to see Timmy having a toilet for a head, the gag with the distressed clown at the party, and the one bit with Vicky explaining the party rules only to turn into a frog. It's a funny, well-written episode, if not one of the absolute best due to the ending. Great. "The Temp!" - Halfway through the shorts and we get an episode that focuses more on Timmy and his fairies and a lot less on Vicky. In "The Temp!", Timmy is assigned a temporary fairy godparent while Cosmo and Wanda renew their godparent licenses at the Godparent Academy with Jorgen. Timmy's temp eventually arrives, who happens to be an elf whose only kind of magic is the ability to make toys. Eventually, the elf, Jeff, proves more to be a lousy replacement when he can't meet most of Timmy's demands. The two subplots with the academy and the temp go on until Timmy's room catches on fire. Before Cosmo and Wanda could wish the fire to be put out, Santa Claus arrives to find Jeff, who happened to have had stowed away from the North Pole before the episode ends with Timmy's room back to normal and Cosmo doing an impression of Jorgen. Yeah...you can tell by my need to summarize that I didn't remember this episode so well, let alone enjoy it. It's still an alright episode, but it has its flaws, like the two subplots that just don't add as much interesting. I did like the concept though and I feel there could've been more ground to cover for it. Okay. "The Zappys!" - In this short episode, Timmy's fairies get nominated for a Zappy award and so the trio attends the ceremony hosted by a fairy version of Billy Crystal. Meanwhile, Timmy's buck tooth becomes loose and fears that he'll lose it for good. At the awards ceremony, Jorgen constantly forces Billy Crystal Ball to give him every Zappy that he's nominated for due to every fairy in Fairy World being afraid of him. In the last award presented, Timmy tells the audience why he loves his godparents so much, that it makes Billy Crystal Ball refuse giving the award to Jorgen and to give it to Cosmo and Wanda. Jorgen tries to take the Zappy from Timmy, but when that happens, Timmy's buck tooth falls out after getting hit by the Zappy, causing the Tooth Fairy, one of the most famed fairies in Fairy World, to appear at the awards show. Because Jorgen is in a relationship with the Tooth Fairy, he gets nervous and ends up trying to make up to Timmy after angering the Tooth Fairy for knocking his teeth out by giving him his own pair of teeth. Final thoughts, there were some very good moments in this episode. Some of the jokes that really got me was the one scene with Jorgen threatening Billy Crystal Ball to start the ceremony without skimming through his jokes, and the little freakout from the Tooth Fairy about showing up in public without her makeup. However, the best moment in this short episode was Timmy explaining why he loves his fairies so much. It's also one of those moments that strongly defined FOP for what it was, but other than that, there was also the bit where Cosmo and Wanda tell Timmy that they didn't care about winning their award and care more about spending time with their godchild, that moment in which is equally as heartwarming. So yeah, it's very pleasant and enjoyable for a short episode. Excellent. "Scout's Honor" - Here's a little interesting fact coming from me, this particular short episode was my first exposure to The Fairly OddParents in general. I was interested in the concept that this pitch for a show was going on and thought it could catch on at some point. I don't remember exactly when I came across this, but I was right. FOP would eventually be greenlit and become one of Nickelodeon's most successful shows. Anyways, "Scout's Honor" deals with Timmy trying to earn a Squirrel Scouts badge for capturing a mythical creature. Pretty interesting to note, Timmy denies help from use of fairy magic through his Squirrel Scouts knowledge by citing a passage from his handbook. Meanwhile, Vicky, camp counselor of the Cream Puffs scouts, attempts to scare Timmy by pretending to be Bigfoot. As for some of my other thoughts on the episode, I thought it was good, there was a sizeable amount of good jokes like the spiritual Bigfoot joke, and Vicky blackmailing the Cream Puffs with their report cards. (the scene in particular that shows that someone apparently failed in Lunch.) I also liked just how knowledge and dedicated Timmy is as a Squirrel Scout, as it serves as an unintentional way of proving that Timmy is very talented in something whereas the later show would write Timmy's character as someone who's good at such things like perfect attendance and what else. Because of these moments, this short episode barely attains an 8/10 rating for me. Great. "The Really Bad Day!" - I'm going to make this one brief since I barely remember much from this short episode. In this episode, it's Cosmo's turn to be "bad," due to a tradition where a certain fairy has to be bad for a certain amount of time. However, Cosmo is not very good at being bad, and so Timmy uses fairy magic to enlist Genghis Khan to help Cosmo to be bad before he becomes bad enough to devise a plan to blow up the Earth. I think there could've been more done with the main concept, but in retrospect, I found this episode slightly more enjoyable than "The Temp!" The episode also ends in a fairly light note, which is decent enough, but at the end of the day, it's still alright in my eyes. Okay. "Super Humor" - Last episode from Oh Yeah! Cartoons, and interestingly enough, it premiered at the same time that the official show did. I really like the main concept with Timmy trying a variety of superpowers only to notice that they have their own pitfalls. What really got to me was when Timmy becomes Turbo Timmy and wishes up a villain before wishing for super vision to find its weak spots, and the wish ends up being parental supervision. I have to admit, this was one joke that really flew past me when I was younger. When it comes to the other jokes, there isn't much I can say. Otherwise, "Super Humor" is decent at best. Good. And that's all of them. For an EP-sized season - a series of shorts from Oh Yeah! Cartoons, no less, my final thoughts on this unofficial seasons is that it's a really great one. Great. It's filled with some really good charm, wit, and some of the shorts are forgotten gems when it comes to the series in general. Now, because this is a short season, I'm going to break them down to my top three, with my third favorite being "The Fairy Flu!": an interesting premise with a good amount of wit that barely missed the excellent tier. Second place is "Party of Three!": an episode I remember enjoying during my youth and still enjoy to this day. Lastly, my choice for the best Oh Yeah! Cartoons short for FOP is undoubtedly "The Zappys!" Humorous and heartwarming all the same. As for my worst...I don't have a bottom three, and there isn't even a short that I could consider as such. However, just to pick one that I've enjoyed the least, that honor would go to "The Temp!" That's 10 down and...283 episodes/segments from the main show to go. It's a long road ahead for me, and it's also going to be a long road before I touch down on the first episode that I gave a "Scum" rating.
  14. Steel’s Bottom 25 SpongeBob Episodes (#25-#11) I’ve been promising you guys this for a long time. These are not the worst of the worst, but these are 25 episodes of SpongeBob that I couldn’t stand. It should already be too obvious to point out, but this is my opinion alone. My list is a mix of episodes that are mostly well-despised, with some that are well-loved, and a good chunk that I feel is under the radar. After letting down that dispute from the thread for SBC’s Top 50 episodes easy, I’ll generously add that my list is open for criticism. I did a top 20 countdown list before in 2012, but please take it for granted because my opinions have changed a lot since and back then I was trying to be like the Nostalgia Critic, just like anyone else at that time. This list will be condensed to two separate parts so I can save myself some time to make a well-thought, organized rant on my new #1. Anyways, let’s start with the first candidate, scraping at the very bottom of the list… That wraps up my first 15 choices for my bottom 25. Because I have a lot to say for some of my biggest choices, I have to separate the countdown into two parts. The last half of it will come sooner than later, so don’t worry, it won’t be out after too long.
  15. Whoa, #1? It's been a long while since one of my spin-offs have reached that.
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