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  1. 47. Entantzoko! (My Leg!) Entantzoko! [The episode starts with a flashing TV on the screen. The screen starts at Mrs. Puff's Rose School. SpongeBob supports the ship at the lighthouse, Mrs. Puff explodes. The lighthouse spins and falls at Fred's feet.] Freddie: Entantzoko! [antenna ear; then Fredit (Catalan detected word for 'cold') appears on the screen in the circus where he is pushed around the old man's wheelchair as he moves his legs] .../ Aah! Entantzoko! [then the screen shows Fred's weight and his weight breaks his leg] .../ Entantzoko!
  2. here I am once again

  3. 46. Remove the narrow S-triline (Slide Whistle Stooges) Remove the narrow S-triline [I woke up and went to the bathroom and every time I used a brush, I heard whiskey flowing and started washing] squid: Hum? No problem, do you hear anything? .../ Oh, the smell of morning water fills [This happens when you wake up again when you hear him leaning over to sit on the newspaper and pouring poison] .../ Hum? You must hear it [Whistle when the bag moves and the newspaper comes out] .../ What is that sound? .../ Oh, it must have been Gazette,
  4. Ghost Story – an excerpt from “Anchor” “Aye, Shark Bait,” the captain spoke. “You’ve lasted long as my hostage and as my errand boy. You’re a grown man after all, so I suppose ye aren’t lily-livered to hear a pirate’s tale that’s passed on from one to another. This one tale that I have to share with ye is indeed a ghost story, the kind that most seafaring folks wouldn’t live to tell.” “If it’s just some ghost story, then what is there for me to fear?” Newman asked. “These kinds of tales are cautionary, Shark Bait,” Sea Wolf responded. “If you’re not daunted by these stori
  5. Me: Finish one of your one-shot stories and your The Wall riffs.
    Also me: Gets sidetracked by a convo on Discord about DaBaby.

    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      me, except with my superhero stories.

  6. 45. Hardened sponge (The Sponge Who Could Fly) French storyteller: Less than a week after SpongeBob's unpublished series was found under this table in Nickelodeon Studios. Everyone in the world is looking forward to this time. SpongeBob loses SquarePants Street Manila, president of the fan club Spongebob SquarePants in the current malicious series; I'm from California. Oh: Error! It is not correct! The children are here Different: Wow! Spicy! Spicy! Oh! Did you know that it is not always safe? .../ Hi what? What are you doing here Oh: These are just some of the
  7. Lovely golf weather today.

  9. Word count for the twelfth hour: Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm: Episode 6: 3,924 words Total word count: 3,924 words
  10. Word count for the first hour: Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm: Episode 6: 295 words Total word count: 295 words
  11. Will take place on a Sunday, or two days from now in my timezone. How this one will work is that I won't have a set timeslot until I actually do get something started. Once I do, that will my first hour and like before, I will only post the first hour and last hour writing count for the period.
  12. 44. Sports? (Sportz?) Sports? [Movie rights to movable property. Review Linux holds a pile of junk outside its door. Then throw it in the pool. ] Alien monsters: Wow! [Send an ISO combination by email and drag a paving box. ] .../ What is this? Diary: It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Alien monsters: Find out who owns it. The other side can say the same. Both: Yes. Diary: Hey, it's open Alien monsters: Isn't it? Diary: Yes. Alien monsters: Yes. Ha-ha-mess here! Diary: Let me know that! But how di
  13. Half-Life 3 confirmed.

    trust me, i'm a wizard

  14. say whatever happened to high guardian spice

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