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  1. o h no not me planning stuff out and looking through both the cartoon and the official comics for research- 🥴

  2. aaa thank you ;u; that means a lot to me!! I really wanna post more for sure especially since I actually do have an idea on where I wanna take this thing hopefully it's all good
  3. So you know how I said I wanted to make a comic but I was too anxiety ridden to do it??? Well- Do you ever just make something on impulse and just put so much work into it that you kinda have to just run with it now??? W E L L UH THIS HAPPENED AND I FIGURED I SHOULD PROBABLY MAKE A TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR IF I DO CONTINUE- High Quality Stitched Together Version:
  4. Oh boy almost 2 am!!!

    Time to think about things I'd like to do one day like make a spongebob fan comic for the hell of it or something but then don't act on it bc whenever I start something procrastination takes hold and then also general anxiety about posting it

  5. image_2021-03-26_010519.png.481e7ec8505ca6e8b327245e84e56de8.png

    i've been up for two days and my pen pressure is gone i think this is a sign i need to not be awake-

  6. Some more art bc it's been a w h i l e. Dreaded Patrick of course, Sneaky Hermit, aaaaaaand for wild fun SpongeBill from one of the spongebob comics. also bonus thing that isn't exactly drawn art but I don't know where to put it so I'm just attaching it here like a moron, but I made a little cover of downtown bikini bottom from yellow avengers and later on I might make a little animated video attached to it bc that would fun. I've done it before with Mrs. Puff's boating school before too- actually let me post that too-
  7. THANK YOU!!! Gosh time sure does fly fast.
  8. unknown.png

    mentally, I'm here-

  9. Yaaaaaa! It's been too long tbh! I've really missed doing silly doodles of DP and others!
  10. Oh? What's this? Art after years of absence? Hi I'm back, and I'm super tired, it's almost 5 am and I've lost control of my life! HERE'S SOME DOODLES! Also my shiny new icon!
  11. Just wanted to post some horrible, but fun-to-do doodles right now. Might even post something actually decent later. Some are from my Tumblr, which are pretty old,but others are fairly new. new stuff: older doodles:
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