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  1. I decided to get this cool application called Rainmeter, since it allows me to customize my desktop.
  2. Decided to retake the political compass test, and these are my results: Looks like I made quite the voyage ever since 2019.
  3. I prefer hot bean water to hot leaf water.
  4. Your Shoe's Untied: 7/10 Squid's Day Off: 9/10 Something Smells: 9/10 Bossy Boots: 6/10 Big Pink Loser: 9/10 Bubble Buddy: 7/10 Dying for Pie: 10/10 Imitation Krabs: 9/10 Wormy: 9/10 Patty Hype: 9/10 Grandma's Kisses: 8/10 Squidville: 10/10 Prehibernation Week: 8/10 Life of Crime: 9/10 Christmas Who?: 10/10 Survival of the Idiots: 9/10 Dumped: 4/10 No Free Rides: 9/10 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: 8/10 MM/BB III: 10/10 Squirrel Jokes: 8/10 Pressure: 9/10 The Smoking Peanut: 8/10 Shanghaied: 9/10 Gary Takes a Bath: 7/10 Welcome to the Chum Bucket: 9/10 Frankendoodle: 9/10 The Secret Box: 9/10 Band Geeks: 10/10 Graveyard Shift: 10/10 Krusty Love: 9/10 Procrastination: 10/10 I'm with Stupid: 7/10 Sailor Mouth: 9/10 Artist Unknown: 9/10 Jellyfish Hunter: 7/10 The Fry Cook Games: 8/10 Squid on Strike: 9/10 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: 7/10 Top 5: 5. Procrastination 4. Band Geeks 3. Dying for Pie 2. Christmas Who? 1. Squidville Honorable mentions: Graveyard Shift, MM/BB III, Frankendoodle The, uhh...least excellent 5: 5. Jellyfish Hunter 4. Your Shoe's Untied 3. Bubble Buddy 2. Bossy Boots 1. Dumped "dis"Honorable mentions: Gary Takes a Bath
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