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  1. For a second, reading this title made me think that the site was shutting down.
  2. Ho boy, 2020 has been quite the year. Musically speaking, it was a very enlightening experience for myself, given the multitudes of artists and genres I’ve listened to. If you look at my 2019 Top 100, you’ll see I had a very narrow range of artists and taste. But 2020, oh look out, we still have ⅗ of the same artists in my top 5. 5.) Prince In 2019 I listened to every album Prince ever released. This essentially made him my number-one artist of the year and subsequently, the decade. Around the anniversary of his death was the only time I heavily relistened to his work. Subsequently,
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb-ajY8M6gI&t=200s I sat through like forty minutes of this and it boggles me how much this guy relies on jokes to prove his point. I'm 90% certain this is ironic.
  4. This show was at its best when it was still trying to replicate the writing of the pre-movie seasons (Season 4/9B). Anytime the writers ward off this path and try to do their own things, SpongeBob isn't SpongeBob, just some B-grade cartoon that happens to have the SpongeBob aesthetics/characters.
  5. Walking Contradiction- Green Day
  6. I'd love a Squidward spin-off, particularly a prequel series (Believe it or not, even though I loathe the concept of Kamp Koral), it'd be interesting to see Squidward in his high school days with Squilliam, etc. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if this spinoff is terrible, considering its conception derives from prosperity of a franchise, rather than a genuine artistic drive.
  7. Animation isn't horrible, but the 2D of SoOW was so beautiful, it's a crime they aren't making a 2D film because it's not as "commerically profitable" as CGI films. Load of garbage. Still, the animators work with what they have, and the film has a better style than the cheaper CGI of SoOW. I don't mind the animation as much as I thought I would, it's surprisingly colorful, expressive, sort of reminds of the Peanuts Movie. The story line...eh.... Have You Seen This Snail? And the jokes are lame. I don't expect Pre-Movie-level jokes, for god's sake, the pre-movie era ended over fi
  8. How the hell is this still a thing after 3 years.
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