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  1. Stuck in the Wringer: Ah, it's the episode that made me want to turn the Bikini Bottomites into sashimi. Patrick himself was completely incompetent, as he did absolutely nothing to help SpongeBob; in fact, he was an active liability. If I had a friend that treated me like Patrick treated SpongeBob in this episode, I would never speak to them again. To add insult to injury, SpongeBob was the one that was lambasted by the Bikini Bottomites. The entertainment value wasn't there, the story felt aimless, and the ending was a spork stab in the heart. SpongeBob, You're Fired: Wait, I used to fin
  2. Truth or Square: It's meh for me. Most of the segments felt like a bunch of DVD extras cobbled together without any coherence, but I actually liked some of them, like the alternate theme songs (even though Unreal Estate did a better job), the vintage Krusty Krab commercial, and the wedding scene. The Patchy scenes were just a cheap tactic to force as many celebrity cameos as possible without having a good reason to do so. A Day like This was definitely the best part of the episode, if I have to be honest. I can see why it's such a polarizing episode; some people found it to be disappointing fo
  3. I'll post some more of my thoughts. 24-10: Dishonorable mentions: 10-6
  4. Even though I didn't add my list this year, I might as well explain some of my opinions
  5. I love all dog breeds, but I'm partial to pomeranians. ngl, I'm actually more of a cat person myself, hehehe.
  6. I decided to get this cool application called Rainmeter, since it allows me to customize my desktop.
  7. Decided to retake the political compass test, and these are my results: Looks like I made quite the voyage ever since 2019.
  8. I prefer hot bean water to hot leaf water.
  9. Ah, this episode. An episode so controversial, that some people consider it both the worst special AND the worst episode of all time, while others consider it middling or good. Back in 2016, I claimed that this episode was overhated, but as I started to look at my old review, I realized that this episode had quite a few noteworthy problems that I have failed to address back then. One thing that really stood out like an ugly wart was the reference to unemployment. Truth be told, I never took that into account back then, but it really annoyed me when Patrick thought that being unemployed is
  10. Accidents will Happen: 4/10 The Other Patty: 6/10 Drive Thru: 8/10 The Hot Shot: 8/10 A Friendly Game: 7/10 Sentimental Sponge: 4/10 Frozen Face-Off!: 8/10 Squidward's School for Grown Ups: 5/10 Oral Report: 3/10 Sweet and Sour Squid: 7/10 The Googly Artiste: 5/10 A SquarePants Family Vacation: 4/10 Patrick's Staycation: 3/10 Walking the Plankton: 7/10 Mooncation: 8/10 Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation: 7/10 Ghoul Fools: 8/10 Mermaidman Begins: 8/10 Plankton's Good Eye: 6/10 Barnacle Face: 7/10 Pet Si
  11. Tentacle Vision: 7/10 I Dancing: 6/10 Growth Spout: 7/10 Stuck in the Wringer: 1/10 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy: 2/10 The Inside Job: 7/10 Model Sponge: 5/10 Greasy Buffoons: 5/10 Keep Bikini Bottom Full of Garbage: 3/10 A Pal for G4ry: 2/10 Yours, Mine, and Mine: 2/10 Kracked Krabs: 8/10 The Curse of Bikini Bottom: 6/10 Squidward in Clarinetland: 8/10 SpongeBob's Last Stand: 7/10 Back to the Past: 9/10 The Bad Guy Club for Villains: 6/10 A Day Without Tears: 4/10 Summer Job: 1/10 One Coar
  12. Friend or Foe?: 9/10 The Original Fry Cook: 6/10 (Nothing really stood out to me besides the flashback scene. Sorry guys) Night Light: 5/10 Rise and Shine: 8/10 Waiting: 3/10 Fungus Among Us: 2/10 Spy Buddies: 8/10 Boat Smarts: 5/10 (Discount version of Krusty Krab Training video. Moving on.) Good Ol' Whatshisname: 5/10 New Digs: 8/10 Krabs a la Mode: 9/10 Roller Cowards: 9/10 Bucket Sweet Bucket: 7/10 To Love a Patty: 2/10 Breath of Fresh Squidward: 6/10 Money Talks: 8/10 SpongeBob vs. the Patty Gadget: 9/10
  13. Fear of a Krabby Patty: 9/10 Shell of a Man: 8/10 The Lost Mattress: 9/10 Krabs vs. Plankton: 8/10 Have you Seen this Snail?: 10/10 Skill Crane: 9/10 Good Neighbors: 4/10 Selling Out: 7/10 Funny Pants: 5/10 Dunces and Dragons: 9/10 MM/BB VI: The Motion Picture: 8/10 (sorry, melon) Enemy In-Law: 7/10 Patrick SmartPants: 9/10 SquidBob TentaclePants: 6/10 Krusty Towers: 9/10 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: 9/10 Chimps Ahoy: 7/10 Ghost Host: 5/10 Whale of a Birthday: 7/10 Karate Island: 6/10 All that Glitt
  14. Your Shoe's Untied: 7/10 Squid's Day Off: 9/10 Something Smells: 9/10 Bossy Boots: 6/10 Big Pink Loser: 9/10 Bubble Buddy: 7/10 Dying for Pie: 10/10 Imitation Krabs: 9/10 Wormy: 9/10 Patty Hype: 9/10 Grandma's Kisses: 8/10 Squidville: 10/10 Prehibernation Week: 8/10 Life of Crime: 9/10 Christmas Who?: 10/10 Survival of the Idiots: 9/10 Dumped: 4/10 No Free Rides: 9/10 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: 8/10 MM/BB III: 10/10 Squirrel Jokes: 8/10 Pressure: 9/10 The Smoking Peanut: 8/10 Shan
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