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  1. sexy and I know it won’t be the last #1 lmfao will get..
  2. Alright boys, here it is. Came up with the idea well before all of the recent news, don’t hate
  3. cmon, the great pyramid took 20 years to build, you can’t rush work
  4. Might’ve had a shot at #1 if Roll Credits was up for the full week. o_O
  5. Peak spot for 406. Let’s see if it can hit the podium sometime.
  6. Weird to think that this is over. Good work everyone throughout the years.
  7. Comparatively, I didn't riff much, but I still had fun. Thanks.
  8. Good riffs. I'd want to see a drawing of Mr. N's monster form.
  9. #6 isn't too shabby, if I do say so myself.
  10. Heh, wow. I could riff an episode if there are any spots
  11. ey cool I could riggity riff maybe
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