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  1. sexy and I know it won’t be the last #1 lmfao will get..
  2. Might’ve had a shot at #1 if Roll Credits was up for the full week. o_O
  3. Peak spot for 406. Let’s see if it can hit the podium sometime.
  4. #6 isn't too shabby, if I do say so myself.
  5. 8 and 12 Second grade MMM would be proud.
  6. now THAT'S a boost in views.
  7. YEAH, TOP 3 Okay, I really get to work on writing if I want to stay there, hmm
  8. Writing the beginning that big probably won't do anything. :| This is great, though
  9. STILL ON THE TOP 10 BUT JUST BARELY Ha, a good amount of riffing theater views probably came from me trying to read the entire show cause I hadn't glanced at it much before. XP
  10. I'm here to see what the hubbub is about ...not bad, actually
  11. One spot lower, but TSR is still doing good.
  12. Lucky 13. Nice way to get back into the spinoff/lit community
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