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  1. Jeez, this is hard because I rarely, if ever, watch movies. I guess the last good movie I watched was Lethal Weapon 2, which my dad's been putting on every single day lol, so I'm starting to get tired of it. Great, and funny, buddy-cop action movie from the late 80s starring (unfortunately) Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Speaking of the 80s, the last time I disliked a movie I saw was Ready Player One. Now, the movie itself isn't that bad--the story and characters were not my thing, personally, but the VFX were pretty damn good, and I enjoyed the Shining sequence a bit--but what I never understood is why the people in this world chose to immerse themselves in this virtual 80s pop culture treasure hunt instead of, idk, actually breaking out of the Oasis and *doing something* about the apocalyptic world they live in in the "real world." I understand that there is a rebel group who does that in the story and the main story arc is the characters doing just what I described, but it all seems so hollow with the worship of 80s pop culture throughout the whole thing. The fact that the future in Ready Player One--specifically the Oasis parts of it--is one people actually want is super depressing to me. Sorry for the ramble, lol.
  2. The Open Window Maniac was certainly ahead of his time when it comes to interrupting perfectly good meals at restaurants by way of breaking and entering. A true inspiration to all maniacs everywhere. Eh, doing okay lol. Feeling a bit more tired than normal, though that's probably because my body's adjusting to the estradiol I'm taking.
  3. Yeah, I'm bored. Should probably be doing homework for college rn, but nah. Will do my best to maintain this thread, but y'all gotta. ask. QUESTIONS!
  4. SBManiac


    I'm proud to say that I never effin' liked them, since I always thought the SB sample in "I'm Ready" was clunky, awkward, and low-key obnoxious. Why they've had any modicum of success is beyond me lel.
  5. While there are three funk classics here (y'all can guess which ones), I decided to go a bit left-field with my other two picks, which is why Mancunian post-punk band A Certain Ratio and Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar are on here, to show the influence of funk on genres where you might not expect it. Also, the fact that no one had chosen a James Brown song yet is just criminal. Anyway, here's my picks:
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