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  1. Despite what your first impression might be from the title, this game is completely different than the "Rank 5 Episodes" game I started. In this game, you simply choose 5 random episodes (ANY 5) and give them a score out of 10. I'll start. Chocolate With Nuts: 11/10 A Pal for Gary: 0/10 Born to Be Wild: 5/10 Battle of Bikini Bottom: 6/10 Ink Lemonade: 0.5/10 So, the next poster will now pick their own 5 episodes and rate them on a _/10 scale. Have fun everybody!
  2. As you may have gathered from the title, this is the exact opposite of the Episode Consistency game. Here, you name an episode from a season, and then the next poster names an episode from the following season that is the complete, or is nearly the complete, opposite in quality from the previous episode. We'll keep going, and once we get to Season 11 it just starts over with a random episode that you pick from Season 1 (Yes, I'm changing this particular rule to make the game a little bit easier). I'll start. My first choice is: SB-129 (So pick an episode opposite in quality from Season 2)
  3. When this show finally ends (Heaven knows when that will be LOL!), what do you think would be a good way for this show to go out? I'm intersted to hear your thoughts on what the finale episode should be like, be cause this is also something I've pondered from time to time. (Also, FTR this could be the last topic I make on here for a while LOL!).
  4. Easily Season 4's worst episode, and one of the worst episodes in general. SpongeBob cries so much in this episode and it is EAR-BLEEDING annoying! Plus the episode barely has any substance and the humor it attempts falls completely flat! SpongeBob himself perfectly sums up this episode: "All That Glitters is not gold". 1.5/10
  5. Since I already did a thread for the first bad and terrible episodes, why not do the same for good and awesome episodes? First Good Episode IMO: Help Wanted First Awesome Episode IMO: Ripped Pants Same rules apply here. What are your opinions?
  6. No, this isn't one of those boring stereotypical "least favorite episode" threads, this is just a thread where you list, what is in your opinion, the first bad episode of the show to air, and then the first terrible episode to air. It goes like this. First bad episode to air IMO: Krabby Land (I disliked I'm With Stupid and Jellyfish Hunter, but this episode was the first one I hated and the only episode from pre-movie that I can consider to be bad). First terrible episode to air IMO: Good Neighbors (Very bad episode that's the first one I'd rate below a 3 or even a 3.5). What's
  7. Before I state what this topic is about, I just want to preface this by saying that this thread is in no way meant to bash others' opinions. No matter how weird, bizarre or unusual one's opinions may be, I still say we should all do our best not to flat out bash them because people are entitled to their subjective opinions. With that out of the way, the purpose of this topic is to state what you consider to be the oddest or most unusual opinion you've ever seen or heard when it comes to SpongeBob, in your own opinion of course. For me, I actually have 4 picks, 3 from the same user.
  8. Here, the objective is to pit two episodes between a SpongeBob episode and an episode of another random cartoon of your choosing and pick your favorite between the two. To start off, choose between: Pressure or Tom's Rhinoplasty?
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