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    Watch you sleeping,then eat you like a man.
    the man-----> ?
    You--> O-<-< =l
    bed--> !====! / \

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    Chinese Taiwan (or just Taiwan)
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    Crismas who? Karen's virus
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    noggin (Patrick's hand)

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  1. I made a small trashy animation on youtube https://youtu.be/mLjIDTF_PzI
  2. Are you a squid? If so, are you tasty?
  3. how I feel when I accidentally shot Patrick in deep sea sharpshooter
  4. ¯\(°_o)/¯guess I can make some shitty arts if I wants to
  5. I think the writers will try to write the spin-off show as bad as possible, so Nick will cancel it.
  6. Good thing they most likely not going to air this thing in my country cause they don't air spongebob here anymore
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