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    Watch you sleeping,then eat you like a man.
    the man-----> ?
    You--> O-<-< =l
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    Crismas who? Karen's virus
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  1. I made a small trashy animation on youtube https://youtu.be/mLjIDTF_PzI
  2. Are you a squid? If so, are you tasty?
  3. how I feel when I accidentally shot Patrick in deep sea sharpshooter
  4. Can I have something to eat?
  5. Time to bring out the big gun _________ /' /| / / |_ / / //| /_________/ ////| | _ _ | 8o////| | /'// )_ | 8///| |/ // // ) | 8o///| / // // //,| / 8//| / // // /// | / 8//| / // // ///__|/ 8//| /.(_)// /// | 8///| (_)' `(_)//| | 8////|___________ (_) /_\ (_)'| | 8/////////////// (_) \"/ (_)'|_| 8///////////// (_)._.(_) d' Hb 8oooooooopb' `(_)' d' H`b d' `b`b d' H `b d' `b `b d' `b
  6. Kinda sad cause the croba.....stuff virus which is killing people from mainland now been located a bit at Taiwan,and I'm coughing recently so I really hope I ain't sick,I mean...I'm too young for the virus to kill me easily,I just hope I won't infect anyone else.
  7. …_…|..__________ __________, , ……/ `—___________—- _____|] …../_==o;;;;;;;;__ _____.:/ …..), —.(_(__) / ….// (..) ), —-” …//___// ..//___//
  8. Day 4,I think I found something,its a...snowman,no,not quite a snowman,more like the mixture of sticks and gule,and there is a name tag on it,"sticky"huh? sounds like a nice name,wait a second........isn't this the name I named for my snowman like two days ago.......,huh,it looks like there is a journal over there. *reads journal while flashbacks* Day 1,Dear journal(yeah I know this is not a dairy)it has been 12365 seconds since my owner,josh the trash threw me as a snowball on the snowball throw festival,I have changed quite a lot since then,I built my own kingdom down these weird ice(s?) anyway, I just wanna tell my owner I am fine,and I forgive whatever he did to me. Day 2,appearently there is something strange going on here,my sticky people keeps disparing, and there are gifts keep coming out of nowhere,things has gotten worse since the 13111seconds I left him,oh what do I do Josh? Day 3,I......saw something.........something terrible,hey if anyone is watching this in the future remember to never get back here!stay away from here you heard me! I...I am going to freeze these floating ice(s?) into icebergs,nobody will ever know what happened. *flashback ends* What?Sticky, what are you trying to say? Or is it oh no He means the monster. Monster:that right it's me, the monster>: D! Me:crap! I tries to swim up to the top of the icebergs.....but the monster keeps drags me down with his several arms and legs, maybe this is the end.............. Aw crap,I guess I would never going to get the end of cristmas. Wait......I think I just heard something......it's sounds like Sticky? Sticky:no matter what is coming to us, do not afraid of it,instead smile and face it,the best way to overcome your fear is to face it! Come on aw lì gey! ...what just happened? I woke up on the top of iceberg after hearing that,it's currently December 25th ,was it a dream? I don't know, I just wish people ain't stupid enough to visit that place again.
  9. Guys I just wrote a lots of words but my phone went out of power,so now I chose to give up writing those crap on iceberg hop,I am just gonna say hop.
  10. Guys remember when I said that my country/not a country don't snow? Welp, that doesn't stop me from building a snowman tho,i made one with stickers and gules! How? With magic of course! I am gonna call him...Sticky! Sticky is now my best friend : D And considering we are at the snowball throw festival, I think it's the perfect time to show him to you guys! Sticky:josh the trash is my best friend! Me:AHHHHH IT'S A LIVE! *trhows Sticky at the target*
  11. So you probably thinks that I am a guy who likes to play games with rules huh? Welp,SIKE!>:D I stole half of the gifts and hid them under the icebergs form the iceberg hop! Where nobody can found! Not even me! Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha how smart I am! Oh wait...I can't even find it? Fool Fool Fool! what kind of fool am I? >:\ one with several arms and legs?maybe. But now I gotta find those gifts by myself! Uhhh......is someone throwing snowballs at me?underwater? Ah sh*gets hit by snowballs*
  12. Day 3,I....I found something....it looks like gifts and.....it's kinda sticky tho,huh looks like all the gifts we took from sneaky Santa ends up at the same place,what has happened to snowcember 2019,why are you hiding these horrible things under these icebergs? Welp guess I have to go deeper in order to find out. Oh...wait,I am already on the bottom of it,huh,guess I just ganna follow the sticky tracks left by these gifts.
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